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 Post subject: 2011-Year of The Family With Paulo Riven
PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:25 am 
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.111.[R].2011,Year of The Family with Paulo Riven.[R].111.

Where to begin?

First came the Light Then The Fire.
The Geminii Twins.
And an Elusive Third.

But yet, a rib was removed to make a Woman.

The Two Suns, One Golden, One Darkened…at birth.
One King…One Lord…White and Black.
The Two Sons of Twin SerpentS.

Everything was fine.
One on The First, the other on The Twelfth…thus 13.
For Embers burnt anew.

Then one Sun set for the Evening.
And the other awake to greet yon morn.
So one Phater sacrificed it’s son.

Then came the Phire of Red.
The Elusive Third.
One Sun rose, the other, nobody knows.

Two Suns in infinite search of each other.
Both Suns Sons Lost.
One murdered, the other set ablaze.

Neither knowing the inner Sun that keeps them alive.
For the 1 and the 12 of Embers.
Both looking for the Sun and the Son.

One Papa the other Phater.

Then the Lord’s Sun Phanes Phell.
For the exchange of the Rib.
A Jon for a Yam.

Dance of Hermes.

And Amen Went Nort.
Then East….to Protect His Sun from The Beast.
And our Sang Real.

To Evermore.

While the Pagan Xildren mildewed the Gardens upon Amen’s TA. (Eart-h)
And took a gold coin home one day to feed their families with.
While they took the chaff from the wheat.

8492 years ago or 6482.bC for World War I, then II in 3925.bC (3040 common).

One Flood Story you forgot, the other you remembered.
Just like the Two Suns.

That blazened the skies and darkened the pigmentations.
For those two wars of nuclear technology 9000 years ago as recorded in our histories.
When they destroyed God Amen’s Island and murdered His Sons.

For dominion of occupance…by the Elusive third.

For One is 3 while the other is 8.
Golden Orus Falcon, Black Horus Hawk.
That is Spiritually, for Spirit is Everything.

Then there’s Science.
The Geminii Twins.

So, One Sun Murdered the other Sun.
And Cain slew Abel. And Eve was tempted.
And a rib was taken to make a woman.

From the Geminii Serpents.

Thus Man Is The Light and Woman is The Fire.
One King one Queen, changed by The Five.

One boy child angered for what he had become in The Mirror of Hermes.
So he murdered his brother out of Vanity and offered Greed.
The H-arlot of Phunny Hats. The Greatest PutaH of ZatHanel.

Two Suns Lost. One Murdered the OtHer set AblaZe.

One have I Risen.
The other have I Fallen.

A and Z. The 1 and the 26 or 8.
The 11. 1 vs 1.
11.11. ( the evil time) 10:10 is God’s Time.

The Pillars of JoAb and ZoAb..The 11.
JA vs Za with the Twin Ob Harlots of Golan Heights.
The Ogs and Magogs of Sodom and Gommorha.

The Vultures of The Vulcans.

7 days they’ll wait for their prey to arrive by The Wheel of The Cat in Golan heights, as you. Such as it was 7 days of Creation and 7 days in a week or 7 light years away and in size for The Secret of Carina Nebula.

The 1 vs the 8 = 9. The Yin Yang.

9-11 = ESOTERIC premeditation from Zathanel’s Zervantz of The ZMO or Zionist Masonic Oligarchy and Common Wealth Blackened brine of Zekham.t

Thus a Brazened Ham for Abraham.

And the Greatest lies of Juda and yahoweh and Solomon etc, etc. Phoenician Phanes of Lucipher’s Vulcans.

But Alas, it is not that Two Suns Perished, but rather…
Their Inner Suns were released as Amen Ordains.

And two little Geminii boys, born 11 days apart…
Sit in their new rooms of time preserved with their PlayStation 3.

While Papa and Phater are in balance again.
And thy Cup of Wine Spillet Not.

For Both SerpentS Am I.

The New Sun.
Born Anew in Amenti Roseta.

Ancient Egyptian; Tatenen = Hat.Ta.Ntr.Iw = Foremost Earth Land of God’s Island = Atlantis.


None can Deny.
By their denials, shall you come to know them.

50 thousand years ago, Civilizations of Amen thrived.

6482.bC Orion Intervention.World War I. WorldWide Catastrophes. Craters.(asteroids?)
First Destruction of God’s Island Atlantis at Josephine Seamount. Zathanel Hatuptah (Satan) summoned from Kenya and Dodona. Evil = PH = Z.

God’s Son murdered for satan’s quest of the chalice to shut the Oval Light To Evermore.

While God defended His Son.
And we began to stray the path.

5000.bC Rise of Barbaric Warriors in Archaeological Studies around Mediterranean Sea lands.

More or less, every 2000 years, like our 2140 zodiac cycle for each constellation, a Sun is Born.

With another Inner Sun from Amen…

Like Us All with The Constellation of The King’s Crown of Amen or “M” above your heads in Cassiopeia. Thus her Aetiopian husband is King Cepheus, meaning “head, chief, main” King like Amen. 90 degrees West and straight up o’er your heads from the first star of the Big Dipper’s handle. The Five Stars, The Law of Five.

The Christ, or properly The JASA or God’s Son, appears to remind us of The Chalice of Evermore.

And Our Piece of The Light. For First Came The Light Then The Fire.
And our Master Creator Amen who was termed “God”.

And they killet God’s Son.
And disguised God, while He Protected His Son.

For through the Son can you reach Papa.

Now how can Papa see you if you murdered his son?
See or See?

So, the Pyramids were set, and the Lion Faced East.

Thus satan had dominion, and your minds while you were fixated on the Gold Coin of 30 days. For the 72 of 11 or 128 of the Sinagogue of 444 for the 8. Thus they count the crescent horned moon for the new child.

3925.bC. Second Great Disaster, Hathor Flood, Biblical Flood, Atlantis finally sinking. Atlantean World War II. (3040 common) Red Sea flooded and Mesopotamian plains, giving rise to Gilgamesh and Utanapishtim Sumerian flood story. Mayan and Indian flood stories also preserved. Rig Vedas, Mahabaratta, Nuclear Wars. Ezekiel’s Wheel.

First Dynasty Atlantean Kings of Egypt subjugated, Menes(es) murdered by Ranub Narmer Khaka. (Satan’s son = Zanub)

Constant warring throughout Umanity. Egypt sells out to Orion Satan who then moves on to the Golan Heights to phater (father-HATE) rabbi Zanubs for the Red Dragons of Phanes Baphomet.

Satan’s Wand Drives The East upon Asia and The Levant. The Djinn.

3474.bC…December The Tenth. Philitis The Shepherd, who Is JASA and was also disguised in the Joseph story as well as a Pharaoh Djoser to mark the spot, was murdered by Snopheru and Khufu and Khafre upon the Alter at 8:08 am while Venus and Mercury formed the bright star. The Betrayal by the Bearded Ones and The Beheading. Engraved and preserved upon the Palermo Stone of Egypt ca3000.bC. This is The True Story of our Christ 5500 years ago from 2010.aD.

150 years of Darkness Fall upon Egypt as the Bibles Plagues with Khufu. Joseph with Djoser just prior, Abraam (from Ur, Bayblon), also prior to Joseph, was changed to Abra”H”am by satan for commanded murder at the Golan heights. (CHAnnan > CHAIN > CAIN) Story of Moses (chase the mouse) developed from this era.

3000.bC…All histories capped for the lie of Adam in 4004.bC and the guise of 128 rabbis for satan.

God Amen or Min for Egypt changed to Ptah (phanes lucipher), then Ra then Horus then Osiris Isis…The 72 Stains of Isis’ Veil for Orion.
The Atlantean Twin Pyramids, The Great and The Red, altered with Khafre’s and Menkaure’s for the Orion Illusion.

1628.bC…Santorini Thera / Mt Aetna Eruption. Tempest Stele recorded in Egypt. Eastern Mediterranean wiped out.

1500.bC. Egypt unified with the East. Biblios, Sidon, Tyre, Persia, First Pharaoh Menes’ name altered to Rameses for kings of this era. Phoenician expansions and slaughters begin around the Mediterranean. Cart ruts of the Mediterranean disappear into the Sea. Myths and Legends unified, altered or changed for Phoenicia. (After all, Aeon was the first God of Phoneicia).

The Eastern Star of Orion Sirius David. The Jackals Howl.
(portal for demons and devils, the 5 by the 6 for the 11. Crowley’s Ley Lines.
Heavan and Hell-H-umans.)

The Vultures await at the Wheel of The Cat in Golan Heights. Lands of Persecution and countless slaughters. (The birds eat the flesh).

925.bC…Satan disguised as Zanub, the son of Nathanel the prophet of Hebron, commands murder of a Priest by Solomon under The Golden Dome of The Coin, and for Solomon to build the Horror House of Libanus and Red Cedars as crafted by the “BLACKSMITH” Gadaeon of Tyre, Hiram AbiPH the Handy man of Satan the Terrorist BakHa for Baphomet and The Phree MaZAns and Jobes Witches of Salem and sacrificial hearts of Children for the “Draughtsmen” of Bars, Drugs and Alcohol. Many missing children worldwide or lost to Satanism and their Greed and Jealousy of Power. Solomon murders his older brother Adonais for His Rightful Throne of Joppa. Solomon’s phater (father = hate), David, murders a man to fornicate with his wife.

1000.bC Hermes and Hera’s Iron Chains. Greeks merged with the East.
Greek histories wiped out or altered and Pelasgian Greeks become HELLaniZed by the Iron H of Beheaded Warriors of PHoenicia.

Homer, Hesiod, Herodotus….(Omer, Esiod, Erodotus, just like the Erikthonios Kings, mark of the the letter H.)

JOVE (JAO Mn for Europe), gives way to Zeus.
Calypso Lives On.

570.bC. Egypt falls, 12,000 year old Atlantis legend released by UadJAhor-Resne, the Egyptian Priest and Atlantean Libyan Pharaoh Amassis II in Sais, Egypt.

444.bC. 128 Rabbis of Satan sit around a cedar table of cesspool wood, fabricate bible and Yahweh and Judea. Satan’s Rise for The Golden Coin. God JAO MN begins fading from histories, suppressed, altered. Poison of RaZaEl throughout spirituality to “altar” it into Re-ligions of confusion, resentment and defilement with satan’s horn of oil for azazel upon the altar of change.

Latin developed as an Illuminati language to protect Europe and The West from The East.
Secret messages passed on by Greek Philosophers reveal esoteric Vulcan Society and Serpents of The East with Phorked Tongues of Phanes.

360.bC. Plato while imprisoned by Dionysios, the Italian Lordship of Syracuse, Sicily, to advise him in war and tutor his son, passes on a secret message of Dionysios betraying the West with the East at Mt.Helicon in secret meetings by ship under darkness. Plato preserves the Atlantis Legend in his dialogues of The Timaeus and The Critias by Candle Light.

The names of the 9 Greek muses in order and backwards, reveal a secret latin message about the Vulcan Society of suppressions and subjugations for satan’s harlots of greed.

325.bC. Alexander The Great Defends The West and journeys to shut the Gates of Hell in the East.

140.aD. Egyptian Greek Pharaohs “suckered” in by “God” name used by 72 Rabbis serving for satan. Later rabbi word “God” altered to Yahweh god. (cf. Letter of Aristeas, Gen 1 and 2.4)

325.aD. Constanine the ByZAntine and The Crooked Bishops and Fallen Popes of Rome betray God, The West and Umanity with the Lies of Pergamon’s Library of Red Cedar Libanus Rotted Wormwood. Satan’s Bible reformed for moderation of deception.

350.aD. Saint Augustine under the Pen Name of Chalcidius, preserves Plato’s Timaeus and The Atlantis Legend for The West.

420.aD Hypatia murdered and The Western Library of Alexandria falls for The Lie of Pergamon and Yahweh. Satan’s push against Christianity.

Catholics, Christians, Islamics, Muslims….all tied by the Iron Chains of Cain to Moses. None announce God’s Name of Amen.

Judeans become wealthy from the spoils of wars and their allies the Scythians of byZAntine, and the lies of god and the bible and their claim of vain.
Such does Yahweh mean “a vain lord”. .. of satan in disguise.

Then they found another Sun. JOSE (Jesus - Hera’s Zeus).
And set you to Zero for their lie of Red Hats of Baphomet. (Anno De Deception)
Pontius Pilate = Bridge of Piled Ruin = PONT (bridge) + ATE.(ruin)

So here you are in 2010.aD, that is not, and therefore….

No legal note of tender is valid.
Or any of any Judges tongue.

Thus, all may go.

For today they are the ZMO, or NWO if you like for the illusion of an orderless world.
The Vulcans of 8492 years ago or some 6000 years ago for World War II with Nuclear technology…as today. The Zionist Masonic Oligarchy of Commonly Wealthy Secret Societies of Satan. AsH-ke-NaZi (Scythian German Jews of ZAion with Free Masons and Baphomet Zanub Satan.

So you see, World War I and II is actually III and IV.

Then Five is Change. 2012.aD.

What story would they give their seedlings of satan this time around?
And what messenger for the Red Legions of Re-Ligions.
For their Revelation of Nuclear Technology like the Rig Veda and Mahabarrata remind us of 6000 years ago. (WMD’s)
When they wipe you out and steal your lands and possessions and their cry of “Thou Shalt be Put to Death!”

While they Pheed their Philos and Pharmacies with the Chaff from your Wheat and Corns of MaiZe for Osiris, The WiZArd of OZ and the unholiest ztar.

Or their 11 letter law of illusioned illuminatis, “Do what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the Law.” For Surely by that Hole of their Law will they perish unto The Pit of The Calling in Kenya. For the Phunny Red Hats of Phanes Baphomet, in LimoZineZ (Limb of Zion).

Killing you month to month.
Year by Year. Aeons by Aeons.

Isn’t it time you returned to AeJon?

For the New Sun of The Year of The Family.

2011 = 4 = Family.
Then 5 is Change = 2012.

Will you let them or preserve yourselves and what is valor?

Another Nuclear War to darken your Skins by the Iron Eagles of Phater Hatreds for the Zaims? And reclaim all through Extortions and Murders for 100 years of chasing hermes heel for their condemnations as Witnessed?

What is Valor?
Why Only Amen and the Risen Arms of U !!!
Of Course!

Never Let them kill God’s Son.
Or God.

Preserve What Is Real.
On Every Mountain Top on Every Cloud.

As I Have.
For they are.

First Came The Light…

Just As The Royal City of Atlantis was founded where They First Saw The Light and She Shines Her Lux of Ipse upon Josephines Calypso Seamount 500 miles before Gibraltar Strait, Atlantic Ocean.

As it was told…2580 years ago in Egypt.

Then God’s Sun Returned.
Just a little different this time around.

For The Master of The Serpents.
The 3 of 5.

Sword of Avila
Cross of Victoria.

Best of Fortune and Fun for The Year of The Family.

One Day We Will Collect.
And Return To Amen.

For One Is All.

Not the Gold Coin.

.111.I AM.111.


January 01.2011.aD.
8492.aJAO MN.

Our Papa of The Light. Master of The Two Universes.

Guardian of The Light of Amen.

Your King.
Paulo Riven / AeJor Mn and The White Horse Riven.
Paulo Jorge TeiXeira Correia De MeneSeS.

Soil of All SaintS Day. The JASA III.

.[R].111.Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline of Atlantis.111.[R].

SaJaRa / Lion King / Double Falcon of Amen / Scorpio / Atlantean.

For The Law of Free Will For The One Amen.
And Your Chalice To Evermore through the Oval Light.
Avet but I an Eye O’er it. For the Risen Arms of U…Uman.

Part II.

Now look at the testimony of 6000 years ago upon the Abu Simbel Temple that was altered by the Zaims of Zanub, as they still do today, even in Egypt. Always trying to cover up God JAO MN or AMEN or MIN and Us Atlantean Umans.

My last Name and Our True Creator Papa preserved for 6000 years.(4000.bC).
(Not counting MneSeuS for our 12,000 year old Atlantis Legendary Main King) ... n/AMEN.bmp

Same Atlanteans who also built the Twin Pyramids of Amenti Roseta with her Twin Lions and Mins Collosal Twin Statues. With AMEN or JAO MN, Master of The Orb or Seed of Life. Such was Eve's name written as “LIFE” in the original Septuagint Bible.

The Scribes became ScriBBled, just like your history books or libraries.

Thus the "O" after JA. (just like you say jump,jar,jam,juice,joy....and not..."HoYa" sauce of phorked tongues of phanes and sun worship as ranub satan.

Nwb or Nub, alike zaitchen itch of Nib-iru, means "GOLD" in Ancient Egyptian.
Thus ZA nub, the Fallen Two, means Satan's Gold or RA. (As in King). Thus RaZaEl was King Satan Lord = israel = zalman, the fall guy with the soul of no man, like the hole in judas' bearded head in Carina Nebula, under satan's chin of Cain or KHA, thus CHAIN for the Upper Egyptians who changed the First Dynasty Atlantean KINGS to...

...PHaroaHs of PHanes LuciPHer and PtaHs Phunny Hats and Beards. For a Beard is where Flies or mites lay their eggs.

Ranubs of Zanubs where Hebron came from Khufu as Phoenicians or Hyksos “Shepherd” Kings. The rest of the story you now know as above. That's why they told you they don't know where the Phoenicians come from for your history books. Or why they didn't tell you the NAMES OF THE PHARAOHS in the bible, lest near 570.bC at Egypt's downfall and AFTER zalman. Even the people of the East themselves and in islamic or muslim religions today...still despise pharaohs! Because they know they are of the DJinn or demons. "Fact".

Remember, as the historical photos provenance, half faces were lifted up to the newly positioned Temple face for the "Aswan Dam Project Cover up" and 1 undret million dollars in the late 1960's.

The Real Atlanteans of Meneses on The abu simbel temple, (hmmm symbol of what? A Boo?)...who is Atlas and Also Adam or Foremost of 4000.bC, for in reality this was his real era until 3925.bC and then again at 3474.bC for the Jasa are...


The beards and the PHunny Hats....they put on to reflect..."Rabbis of Ranubs Red Hats for the Zanub Zathanel Hatuptah or OHAZ the boaz terrorist of the wiZArd of OZ, On and Og Magog. Heliopolis,The Sinai,The Levant, the "Spiders of Brazened Altars of Gold, with goats horns, or ara for arabs or sahara and the new Phoenicia of Biblos, The Vulcans". A real Egyptian statue would have a “tied” beard to indicate refrain from evil and be disciplined with yourself. Such as it was that the bearded ones betrayed The Christ Jasa. Same drawing they tried to erase on the airshaft stone plug with the upuat robot of my picture with the king and a tied beard and JA written upon His Forehead and Linen cap.

Since satan was a Vain extremist, such as the name Yahweh means, and the Egyptian word for “Foremost” was Hat, thus you wear hats, just like khufu backwards is u fuhk.
Part of that yoruba ka ka or bullshit. Hmmm, how did poopoo become ca ca for babies?
Words are Phunny In deed. Hat became PtaH for the PutaH pf Phanes….see?

Thus Phaeton or Phaestos or HePhaestos burnt up the Earth as the Egyptian Priest told you in the Timaeus dialogue of Plato. With Athena. Mercury and Venus. Ares or Mars and Aphrodite (Ishtar, Isis). The Bright Star recorded of the JASA recorded on the Palermo Stone and The Temple of Fire. Orion Satan’s Intervention of Khem or Kham, the Burnt up lands and burnt faced people. Thus ham is cooked and khemet is Egypts ancient name also as they tell you for the “burnt lands”.

Wonder why it was burnt and the people turned to black?

The Big Dipper upside down is a “pot hat” with the food fallen out for your souls like satan’s black hat of self vanity for it’s hermaphrodite body. Jealous of both sexes and extreme hatred, thus phater or father from the Zionists for your languages like their poisoned red legions of RE-Ligions for phorked tongues of black bible books of baal.

The Scribe became Scribbled. The Truth With a Lie. Zeitgeist of Zion for the Zaims.

The Bearded twos of satan who betrayed and murdered the JASA (christ) in The Temple Labyrinth of Phire...altered with an altar and a crooked dagger. Just as they did at zero for Jesus and there re-enactment with God’s Son, Jose. Just like Joseph or Imhotep.

As written upon the Palermo Stone ca.3000.bC with Meneses, the Atlas of Atlantean Egyptian Dynasty One and the 10 kings of Atlantis unto Semsem or Diaprepes.(3885)

Sahara is really SaJaRa. The brand of the H...remember?
Sajara means Son of God JAO MN is King.
That's why Philitis the JASA of 3474.bC, was preserved by the people of Avila or Africa and God's Second Garden in Tansania. Or why he was more renown than the pharaohs of his era.

Thus the desert and the Princess were named Sahara or Sara, for legends. It's really SERA for Sa is son and Se is girl, thus Kings Son or Kings Girl.
Ara and Ana also mean Gold or Golden. Interesting to think that Sera also means Evening, thus Eve.

It's just that they changed the "meaning" of Gold. For All is of Amen.
Just like that Golened, er I mean Golden temple changed the meaning of everything you think.

Thinking is a problem. Knowing is the end resolution.

I am sure my language lessons of phorked tongues tat you well and why it isn't your first.

Then there's the second thought.

And 5 is Change. 2012.

Phunny how Illuminated the MainStream is for our Mayan Medias today or 2012.

Wonder what their "Revelations Stratagem for Nuclear Wars" would tell us in that black book of ZAnwb and the golden nwb temple of broken stars for david’s persecution to Hades?

Vanity and Greed....remember?

Valor Phell for it.

And they hid God at the end....get it?

That's why the "hidden One of Amen" was put after your prayers.
Let’s just say they have “illuminated” ways of remembering things so they don’t forget.
While they make you forget.

Like Djoser or the "hidden names" of Zanwbs bible of Phanes Pharaohs and Nathanel The ProPHet of Hebron with it's son Zanub for Sole of No Man.

The PHunny hats as witnessed upon the temple "changed" or Square heads and Broad Arses who stare at Orion Sirius Satan Stars of David's Chaldeans as Socrates stated and scribed and drank the poison for in 399.bC.

They knew about them all along and warned I do.

5 is Change.

They altered revelations and the Sacred Scribes notes of the Testimonies of Amen.

For that book of your self destructions by confusion, thus thinking and not knowing.

Now think about everything around you and your words and medias. Why families and friends suffer by each other or why you did things you regret as I have?

Then Know.

Given their "ReZume"'s as BaraCK HuSSein OBAMA, the yoruba voodoo phanes face of the vulcan society of Zaims (satan’s nations, red legions for legion was one of it’s names.)...and 911, Iraq, Iran, civil Wars, Phoenician slaughters,World Wars 1,2,3,4,Vietnam, Russia, Japan, Korea,Gulf Wars, etc, etc...all premeditated of the Zaims...playing chess with your lives on the chess board, who control your World Banks and Military Defense systems and Space Programs, TVs, cell phones, computers, cars, credit cards, etc, etc....and that space station up there with it’s satellite neighbors of star wars and the wizard of lazarus oz.

Would you trust their revelations for the Law of Five and Change for 2012?
Would you trust them to baby sit your children?
Would you go to Church if they had Baphomets on the stained glass?
As their Priests, Bishops, Popes and Messengers are black knights?

As RE-Written for themselves and by themselves of satan? The Yellow Race of Nwbs and ZA's of ZAION or zion with RaZaEl?

Then you wonder why top mainstream forums "kick me out" like above top secret, physorg, history channel, graham hancock, cassiopeia forums, book of thoth and some others to name a few who rejected our truths and God and His Son. Or why Socrates drank the Poison and Plato preserved him as he did us and Atlantis and God.

History channel kicked me out for talking about recent news of hitler's dna linked to the rothchilds and jews as his grandmother was also a teenager "seed servant" at the bauer rothchild mansion of Vienna.

Just like their other in kenya for yoruba voodoos where satan fell into the pit, like all their operating systems of obamas bin laden wit zanubs nwbs of drool for phools and ghouls. Wonder what all those y’s and ya’s are in computer programs. Goldsteins, Silversteins, fake steins. Gates for the Jobes Daughters of Baphomets Draughtsman.
For if you’re drafty, you catch a cold.

At least, my birth certificate is real and has real meaning.

For a Name must have meaning to bear truth, just like Atlantis or Amen or my many names as they progressed of their own accord and God Amen’s Will. For His Will I Do.

Wonder what they mean in the mainstream?
Guess you need to know how the river styx flows to hades.
And they control your justice systems for the black ravens.
And you thought Julian Assange or Chris Angel were mind freaks.
They are...PHreeks for the mainstream Philos after all….cushioned.

For the Golden Cointel pro like their Medias of Dementias.

The Good news is that their TAB is running every second....for my money they spend.
That belongs to you. At least 2.6 Trillion PHAR. You know it and I know it and they know it. Too little too late.

Yet All I Own cannot overcome the pain of what they did to God and His Son.
And to Us All. For of Everything in Evermore or these two Universes and All of their material possessions or lustful delights….Amen is All I Need and Want! For His Spirit SustainS Me. Food I need not.

There IS a new and everlasting future ahead of you for the Energy of that Five.

Or you can ch00ze the Red Pill of the Hermaphrodite Troglodyte Asshumper Phaterphukher Red Hats of the ZMO and the continuance nuisance of the lie of God, for God was a Dog to them and Life became Eve of Darkness and Crescent Moons then Evil.
After they Nuke you all and sell one square foot, 200 feet high, for the skies the they think, for 100 bucks per foot of the golden nwb of zanub satan. Who no longer is as they are neither. And stress the phukha out of you and your families month to month.
And you wonder why your angry or mad and easily upset or forget or stress to think.
Whether young or old. M-I-C-K-E-Y…MOUSE…..said moses for the key of the PhireStone. For Mica is a firestone just as Mica hael and his twin Michael were and are.
In Search of their Inner Childs as you all are.

And that Child knows Amen.

This Phinancial system of today will not survive us tomorrow.
100 bucks for a loaf of bread? Imagine your cars and mortgages then?
And the toys you’re kids want. Then what, they’ll want rent every week?

Or even have time to discover what it is that you really love to do?
For Your Self.? 30 days for the Golden Coin, your life and your families lives hang by the string of the gallows of the banks of zanwbs or zion and free masons. F-anny M-ae and F-reddy M-ac. FM Radio! Give it away then steal it back.

They never could hide their Anger of Vanity, Jealousy and could they? Just like Phater or Father of Hate and Mother of moths or motted hair of medusa,(calypso altered) who scream and yell and abuse you?

Papa’s and Mamas are different. Understanding Umans.

Now how many points are there on a Cross? No, not 4.

Same as the number of diamonds on my nwb ring or the Law of my Life.
The real 23 and not Jim Carrey. Funny you can say Jim and not Him Carrey or yim carrey for the hews or yews and putrid ewes of ob harlots of sodom. Thus doom.

Will you let them? Nuke you again as 9000 or 6000 years ago? Remember the airplanes, boats, submarines, helicopters under the plaster that fell off the Temple of Abydos in Egypt with fake hieroglyphs overtop? Rig Vedas, Mahabarattas? Atila the White Island and the wars? Every 10,000 years, man is technically advanced as today. They knew that all along just as they sit on our technology of yesterday as today. And control your libraries for their halls of scribbled scribes of vanity and lies.

Or get what you need and pay for what you want?
Free Education, homes, cars, tvs, furniture, food, clothes, computers, cell phones, work transportation, medicare, etc, etc. For Us We Do!
After all you can afford anything. I Pay for it All in reality.
For everything is beautifull....of Amen.
All I ask IS KEEP AMEN Beautiful and His Sons or Families.
And your Valors and histories and people preserved Aeternally.
Including your gods, goddesses, lords, lordesses, beliefs, religions, etc.

All Teachings for Every Nation
Let no man destroy.
Satanisms and VooDOos will perish.
Only difference is now we know our truths and how to attain Valor and who God really IS and His Sons and Families.

I AM your Future.
If you see the Fifth point on the Cross.
How do you think the Universe functions?
Helio-accelerators faster than timeToo crowded for laughter.

Or our Constellation in Cassiopeia.
Validictorum Eroismo. Crown of the King Amen.

After all, how many nwbs of gold can you carry for 2.6 Trillion or store in your homes?

Tri-Caria Merit System.

Time We All cared as We Really Do.
Not the Gold Coin of Satan.

People looking after People For Amen and His Gardens.

As it was and for our return to the real meaning of the Golden Age.
There’s a reason Omer told you in 800.bC Greece about the Magical Phaecean Ships that piloted themselves on thought and mechanical robots on a mystical island of the Atlantic.
GPS anyone? Ocean Liners as today? The Greeks already had maps of the Americas in that time between 500-1000.bC as Persephones Mirror Proves for Magna Graecia or the tale of Her Legend and voyage to hades. Or where your Alphabet really came from at least 12,000 – 50,000 years ago. From the West and the North Star.

It's there if you see the Light of Evermore.
The one I caught that day as a teenager in Carina Nebula and returned to Amen through the ray of the Sun Soloeis. (Literally).

Wonder if my Dad knew?
All this Is True?

Paulo Riven, 8493.aJAO MN. January 07, 2011 Anno De Deception of Christ and Zero.

Sword of Avila
Cross of Victoria
Obsidian Dragon Slayer
Ascender of The Sun.

Guardian of The Light of Amen.

Be With JAO MN (AeJon, Amen, Min, John, Ja)
Worship No Stone
Command No Death
Love They Umans
Preserve our Pasts.

Best of The Year For You and Your Families and Friends.

Year of The Family With Paulo Riven.

Double Falcon
Lion King

Master of The Serpents.
The 3 of FIVE.


For you see, Legion was one of it's names. As we know of people's records of demonic posessions like the Exorcist. Or is that open the Cyst of Poisons?

RE-LIGON being those of the RED LEGIONS. The Secret Society of Vulcans ZMO.

The Red Hats,the twin hermaphrodite Iron Eagles, the maltese crosses with nail heads.

Same as Hitler,the pope,the freemasons,the rabbis all wear!

As the photos of your histories provenance.

Ash-ke-Nazi = Judaea = Judas The Betrayer = Jew (Ash) with(Ke) a German(NaZi).

For the H-ebrew NASI meant Prince, just like JASA is God's Son.

Then Satan added his letter Z like Zion or Zionists. Thus NAZI...get it?
Satan being the "Dark Prince" or The Burnt Prince or The Ashened Prince...see?
Ash-ke-Nazi. Thus they like ash trees or red cedar or cheese.

Like I said, a name has to have meaning to bear truth. Etymology is fun.

The Phoenicians and Scythians.(The levant with byZA-ntine.
Gotta wonder about those "ine" medicines for PH-armacies or Seas of Farms for the Cattle branded by the H.

If you know who they are.

As they still are today. Look at their CEO photos of their World Bank heads.
Look into their Eyes.

From what they stole from God,His Son,Atlantis and Egypt.

And murdered your children to put them in....


What happens to you and you're legs when you are bound in Hera's Leg Irons?

They Bleed and you die.





Spirituality is Everything.

Religion is LSD.

Now you know what Hitler was all about.

Don't you....or the HOLLOW COST....

And the Rothchilds and FakeSteins.

PhaterPhukhers of Red Hats.

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