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 Post subject: Chalcidius - Plato's Savior, The Man of Mystery
PostPosted: Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:20 am 
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Chalcidius preserved Plato's works into Latin ca.350.aD. His real identity remains an enigma of which my best guess is that he may also have been the famous St.Augustine. Not only were they concurrent to each other, but also were in Syracuse, Italy where Plato appears to have written his works The Timaeus and Critias while imprisoned by The Betrayer, King Dionysios of Syracuse, Italy.

What led me to believe in this theory, was upon a close examination of the original latin documents in Oxfords Bodleian section of the Selden cupboard containing MS Digby 23 slides of Chalcidius' Timaeus. Chalcidius made the error of writing the latin word Angostos for a straite with the word Augostos. Perhaps he may have been thinking of the Augustus Mare or Sea of Rome on it's western shore, or he may have intentionly did that to provide us with a clue of the author's identity. I have not gathered enough evidence to altar it to proof, but the idea is fascinating.

I believe that Chalcidius may have looked upon Plato's original notes kept in a library of Syracuse by some noble family or only for initiate eyes.

Unfortunately, we have no record of who preserved the Critias that came after The Timaeus, as far as intelligable at this time.

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 Post subject: Re: Chalcidius - Plato's Savior, The Man of Mystery
PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:39 am 
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May be a little long, but the more you read the smarter you get!
I did revise and add more of which only forked tongues will deny!
By their denials you shall know them!

The Palermo Stone sSTA of Aegyptos Coverup.


The Secret of Mylo, the 10th Missing Book of Erodotus' 9 Greek Muses.



In Memory of the Earth's Greatest Master of Art Boris Vallejo.



The Risen Arms for Umans is AU or UA and not KA! Notice the Snake is a J or DJ (of JA) while the Serpent if F (PH) for PHanes lucifer? 1 vs 8 = 9.

The rope for TH is also TSH. The Bee is Bity and not bat. A laying calf not seen here, is ii, the bull is Ka. A is a Falcon or outstretched forearm. The I is pronounced as J in Egyptian. D-JA-NNA and D JE-NNA are names for Mountains of Africa and Asia. OF JA just like the DJET Pillar and Abu Simbels' Temple of JAO!

There are 9 visible kings top row Palermo Stone. This is what you see; note the “fishes” or something “fishy is going on here”!

The third row may be the story of MerNeit as we see an R and T visible. The Second Row shows Twins being born. (saddles)

In truth her name was NeitAMEN just as Menes was MinAMEN in memory of our True God Creator JA MN and His Wife!


From right to left you are told; ____-pu(pw); Seka(Sk'); Khayu(H'-yw); Teyew (Tyw); Thesh (Ts); Ne"heb (N-"hb); Wazenez (W'd-'nd); Mekh (Mh); ____-a. 9 visible kings of 14.

(Narmer is disguised as WaZeneZ or the 7th from right.) *The stone is read from right to left, Seka (Sekau) would be the oldest king mentioned. The z in Wazenez can also be dj. Right PHoeniXian WeiZAman? They read from right to left or towards the faces of figures. In all there would definitely have been 14 kings or a few more in that row.

The 3rd king from the visible left or the 7th from the right rests on what looks like the NARMER name with a you’re told, Chisel for Mr and a Catfish for NAR. Here he is disguised as Wadjenes. In truth it's not the plant fo WA but actualy a cow's leg hidden or KA. You'll observe this n the inverted color picture below. The Fish is also KA and the Chisel is actualy a Bull's leg thus KA KA for Narmer.

Clearly we see the fish and something above that they tell you is a plant for WA but in reality is a "hidden" Bull's Leg that compliments the Narmer Palette’s HATHOR HEADS. The bull’s leg most likely means KA since Kau is drawn by a Bull . Or like the Romantic term of VAKA (vaca), for Cow or KArne / Carne meaning "Meat" like the KArnAK altered Temple.

After the Flood of Atlantis II or around 3250.bC for Hathor’s rampage of Destruction for RA and SeKAm.t the blood thirsty Ob Harlots of human sacrifices and murders, KANAR or KAKA came along from Upper Egypt’s Kom Ombo Koptic states (cop, police), with KhenYA’s YArubahVoodoo Mandrake in the Mole Hole Fire magic of their MaZZAi wizards from the VULCANS of PHANES RIFT VALLEY, where satan's original home on this Earth was as seen in the Google Earth pictures in my Garden of Avila Page. Until he moved to Israel and the Golan Heights where the Vultures await their next meal having been warned 7 days in advance. Such is the 7 days of satan's law for our Creation or the 7 laws of RAbbi Hillel the demon worshipper of eZrAs! The Wheel of the Cat in Golan heights being a Satanic Ritual Center for the Gnols and Magnols (Og and Magog) of Phanes Lucifer. Freemason Gilians of Gaedoa and Hiram the "FURNISher and not the architect as satan was.
The Pillars of JoAb and boAZ being the 1 vs the 8, the black and white Battle between JA our True God and satan ZA with it's Ob Harlot twins of two Cow's tails /tales!

Thus they learned the SECRET (sSTA) of the H-Am-Duat and RA’s Journey through Egypt and to Atlantis Amenti in Nun’s realm of the Atlantic Ocean. As they also did the YARUBA VOODOS of Khenya. Yaruba or Yoruba is one of the fonts or languages installed on your Computers of 8 and programming Hebron languges of YA for billing the masses through the Gates of Hell and the Jobes daughters of the Stevedores! Draughtsmen or collectors of hearts and souls for the BArKeep!!! Thus Alcohol and Drugs are you're weaknesses! Moderation in All Things!

Nun is Neptune from Atlantis replaced by Egypt astray from Libya. SEKER is a Horus headed Subjugation of Atlantis, better still ZAKAU with the two Ob Harlots separated of itself. Hathor and Horus of the Mount of Heru and Meru (sun's course altered by our shifts), the Hermaphrodite Serpent of Obsidian Vulcans. The Sun was replaced by RA or the Golden Orus for the Black Horus where it was born A NEW in Atlantis or Amenti at SEKER’s Horus Headed Realm. Seker from Orion that is for the truth of the Warrior Sign and the NEWER 2 Pyramids of khufu and khafre and Menkaure. Only two for that blood ritual family where khafre took over from khufu's middle pyramid. The Great and The Red Are in Truth the Atlantean Twin Pyramids built by Maerea and JA MN's MiNd, that is why the Great DOES NOT fit into the overall GiZA plan. Just draw a square around the 6 Satellite Pyramids to realize this fact, just as the TWO LIONS (sHePHinXes) of Aket’s Rosetau horizon were also moved from the circular Canal of Sakkara and the Delta Nile. As it was for the TWIN Memnon Colossal’s of God and His Goddess and Abu Simbel, KArnAK or Luxor Temples to also have been moved. The same for the reworked and hidden heiroglyphs of our true histories as the fallen plaster's of Abydos show a highly advanced Atlantean civilization like today but yet more! Every 10,000 years we are advanced and 50,000 years ago is the truer start of our modern civilizations. 250,000 years ago our brains according to scientists, developed their Apex of knowledge. Thus we were quite capable of anything since then, where at least 8 solar cycles of 26,000 years have passed! Where are our hidden truths and their cities lost?

Suppressed, altered or not found as you will see here proven. Thus the term for Altar as a Change within the realms of Light and Fire! Altar or Atar or Ara like Arabians, means fire, heat, desert, scorching. Thus GOLD is highly PriZed.

Here you see the "Masonic Square Purpose" of the Six Satellite Pyramids of Khufu and Khafre who altered Giza for Orion! The Atlantean Built Great being hidden and the Lion of Atlantis known as the Sphinx having been moved from it's position of Rosetta or Rosetau at Saqqarra. The Twin Red and the other MISSING SPHINX to border the other side of the Oval Canal exactly as on Atlantis of Neptune's Atlantic Ocean. The Sun was greeted at Rosetta, Egypt by the Memnon statues of God and His Wife.


Then the Sun went home to Atlantis in the Ocean and was born ANEW and FREE of SINS. That is until Seker KAKA altered it into RA! Ra simply means King!
Or why a Lion statue is missing northwest of the Red Pyramid as my photo shows.

Obviously you can see the statues were moved as they lean over their bases. They may have been Orbs or Heads topped by Orbs originally and re-sculpted into Pharaohs. AS WE SEE HERE AT ABU SIMBEL'S JA'S TEMPLE when it was buried and IA, JA or JAO for the Orb on His Head. IA also became disguised as IAH the Egyptian Pre-Dynastic Moon God. JAinism is our oldest Religion worshipped by millions prior to the Bible as JOVE also portrays for Europe and still alive in INDIA for the "footprint" of Adam on their Mountain alike God's footprint in our Garden of Avila, Tansania! The Forgotten Island of our Second Origins. Wonder what is written on top? Was that also altered?


Now for the Proof in the Pudding of Why they hid JA MN as AMEN (the hidden one) who was also known as MIN. And also how RANUB became RA's SON. The truer Atlantean head wear being reflected on either side by the twins.

Now if you look at JAO's ABU SIMBEL Temple that was moved aside of all the other things they moved around like the Giant Seated Statues of Pharaohs in saqqara of MEMNON or sphinxes.(The figures aren't centered but hang over the edge of their bases.)

You'll notice a figure in a rectangular vertical niche with a giant Orb above his head.


This is where Ranub became a SUN GOD of RA and RA was born into the Egyptian Myth. It is clearly not a sun for they would have drawn the rays like Aten. I wouldn't say it's a Moon either because no craters or land areas are etched. Just a smooth ball or Orbis, just like the Atlantean Orbis Dragon Claw ships of TarXien, Malta where Calypso the Goddess of Atlantis was highly prized even unto the time of the Christ known as Jesus (HE_ZEUS), but in truth his name was JASA or JA's Son.

Here's the catch. This is how they also hid JA as in the pre-dynastic Moon God IAH or JAH and where that idea came from.

In truth it is simply the "SEED" or “ORB” of life, the planets and our Creation, thus He is a true figure of A CREATOR GOD ONLY and not a sun god or a moon god but the Atlantean God JA MN. We know this because the Egyptian Moon God was IA or JA. I AM remember? Or AMEN or IA as in UA for Most Praised of the Sky. Like the Arabian Allah also means “most high” or the Semitic Alhym for “most powerful”. Just like Budd-AH or Ba-AL also carry the Letter A as our Countries Names do. AHYM means I AM in hebrew as moses learned for exodus. The letters A and M being hidden by the HY just like they hid Avila with HavilaH for Edem or Eden. Eve means night or darkness while she was named LIFE in the Septuagint! From Life we get the term for Wife!

Revelations even tells you that they called upon the name of GOD as AMEN! Just like all the JASA's where one became known as Jesus also did! They disguised the true meaning of AMEN from you! In other words “the hidden one so be it!”.

This was their motto for ZAXAU or Zaka, satan YaHruBAH Zathanel HatuptaH who destroyed our Earth, twice. Not God! The letter Y signifying a Twin birth of a Vagina on top of a PHallus! Thus the Hermaphrodite from the blue one eyed Reptillian Orion sector was summoned in KhenYAH!

Now we know beyond doubt that our histories are being rewritten or altered through the times. Some by then, some by now. The Greek Myths are all disguised and moved around and their writers became “Hellanized" with the H or pHANEcian Hebrew VULCANS of HE_RA the hermaphrodite of Hathor and Horus. Phanes of course having been Lucifer or Zatan or Zakau. The Cow with the Two Tails / Tales of the Ob Harlot Twins being TempTion and Con-Temption. A Truth With A Lie just as your H-oly bible or H-eavan and H-ell in one book of H-ebrus who gave you the false god YA-H. An imitation of JA. Always a J (Jay), never an I or a Y. Learn to speak! The H being our Twin Pillars of Umans and MN and WMN H_arnessed and H_armed by the Chains of KAin! Thus you have hospitals, homes,horrors,hurt,harlots, homos,etc.

The Phoenician myths also disguise the Greek Truth since after all they subjugated them too and “HellaniZed” them, gave them their dark ages of prior, during and after 800.bC as evidence for theirs "slaughterous eXpansions" of wheel carts of MelKHArt Geryon!

Thus the wise Philosopher’s of Greece and Italy preserved the Truth of the Vulcan Secret Society for us to know by their 9 Greek Muses Names and reversed into a hidden Latin Message as My Secret of Mylo revealed for us all, and the 10th hidden and lost book of Mylo. The Atlantean Era and the truth about our 10 Twin Kings observed by every Tribal Nation or even the patriarch biblical disguises of Adomonite Steel of Cains Chains!

Upon closer examination of the Palermo Stone, we do in fact see a papyrus plant for “ I ” rather than a folded clothe for “S” as Seka. Who had a reason to change all this. Seker or Zakha itself the Horus Head. The U or Risen Arms is not Ka it's AU! The Bull also means KA as the Fish symbols also can! Someone Re-worked this stone! If you look close you'll notice that a Bull's leg is visible for Narmer. See the rectangular shape of the meat drawn down over the leg? The oKArinKA fishes meaning KA, thus KA KA or Kanar can also be termed.

The name right side of Narmer is Neit-AMEN. The T or breadloaf being covered by the square! Left of Narmer is MIN-AMEN! The Scepter meaning MIN or AMEN. The bird being M. If you look close at third from right, that is actually a snake for J or DJ, thus Djeru. Second is GDJii or Gadjeros alike Gadeiros the twin King to Atlas. GD means GREAT as in the Bull or Cow's ear and the symbol below being either a seated calf for "ii" or a Goat for DR or Djr. IAU or JAO the first visible king alike to the Abu Simbel temple figure being Atlas or the JAPETOS and Clymene of Greek myths or JApeth, a son of Noa's Ark and one of the 8's disguise! Atlas means Foremost king as Atlantis means Foremost Earthland of God's Island. Atlantean meaning Foremost of the Earthland peoples. You and I.


The name reads IAU or JAU / JAO. Not KA for the risen arms glyph because it means UMANS not H-umans H-erded by Zakha.
In other words UA (oo-ah) that means,sky or most high from Linear A and older Atlantean,our parent Alphabet for Englis-h or AEnglis.
The Letter "A" being God's person or 1st letter, and not BAAL-ePH or aleph as a COW of ZAKHA!

Meaning AMEN as God's Name for JA MN or IA-MN or I AM!!!. Thus our True Creator is A or 1 Allways.


Study these letters closely and see if you get the secret message in them! Notice the M is a Pyramid with outstetched arms like MN's Twin Pyramids?

I'll give you a hint. The A is a Millenium Falcon! Notice that Pa or PaPa is a Cross with an extra line? (God took his own Rib!) and Qa or Queen is little egg on top of a pedestal with outstretched arms of twins being boys and girls! The ca "from here" being the Encircled Cross of our Creator while Ci is Spirituality. The J for JA being alike to the Djet Pillar of Egypt for OF JAO! N being the Temple of Neptune. R being the Throne for our King or RA. D or DA or "From or Form" being the landing base. T or Ta for Earth being the Towns and civilizations. Wa or Away meaning God left to return on His Millenium Falcon to Evermore beyond the North Star! Linear A being our Root Language groups from the Atlantean Azilian Aterian 12,000 (thousand) year old WRITINGS of Iberia and NW Africa! SOLOEIS! Linear A is still hidden and suppressed today and a beautiful language of God's Divine Wisdom where all you have to do is ADD GOD"S letter A to every other to speak and understand! PaPa, Mama,Caca,Va or Go or VIA like by way of. As noticed the Z for ZHA is drawn by the evil Egyptian AnKHA PIN! For God knew of their coming and greatest of our betraYAls! See DE the pyramid lifting off or DEparting? Are our Atlantean Twin Pyramids Spaceships buried in Stone? I wonder! As Above So Below!

Another Great Riven Secret!


There are no followers of horus (hoo hoo owls,hot,holy) in Egypt but in truth only Followers of AMEN as the Double Falcons clearly portray God and His Wife. Do we dare go against reality as in this lesson of our truths and why evil arose through Egypt as RA?

And why the Phoenicians of Phanes and Pharaohs still rule the world today as the Vulcans of yesterday with their evils of Zakau (satan) as the ZMO. The followers of H or 8 the entwined serpent of an Hermaphrodite "it" for the Egyptain term of pHather pHanes of ptaH and ZAkau Narmer Kakau? Where upon once Papa was and is proper? Then after KAKA Narmer and QA'A came RA worship, suntemples and Za's son RANUB or Raneb ca.2700.bC, just as it always was for Zakau in disguise as Nathanel the Prophet with his son ZAnub to David and solomon to build the temple of it's worship in the RED cedar trees of Libanus where Osiris was found in Phoenicia. And who came before Ranub? KAU KAU or Qa'Qa.

Whereas the Narmer glyph of a cow's leg and a fish reads Kanar or kaXak as kau kau (two cow's) and the OXyrinKus fish of Egypt.(probably Okarinka, thus KA.) Because Maerea,like Atlantis, did not slaughter or eat cows. They preserved some as sacred like a White Cow and others as a good dietary source of whole natural cow for Milk, cheese and fermentation to make yeast for bread or gelatins. Critias or the "hebrew judges" as it means in Latin's top secret language, told you that Atlanteans sacrificed and worshipped bulls and that they mixed their oaths in a cup of bulls blood mixed with their own blood and poured it on the pillars of Atlantis.

Not true, just symbolic of what they did to Atlantis Island and God's Creation for their Secret of the Two Tales of Zakau, the Egyptian Ankh.

When they tilted and flooded our Earth with their evil master summoned by WiZards of YAhrubah (ZWO_ZMO) as the Twin Pyramid Earth Axis show for the Great and the Red. Or seker's favorite field of Zakkara as Rosetau. The Flower of Deception for a truth and a lie of thorns upon The Christ's Head of JASA or JA's Son. After all that evil energy was 7 light years in size, thus their 7 laws of KHA-reation or you're 7 day week-lings!

So more or less we have a good idea of this Narmer Character and how he literally "walked into" Egypt as the chosen one of Zaka after it was destroyed alike Atlantis and the final war near 3250.bC, although 885 years are missing. Catch 22.

The first visible king we realize is IAU and not SeKa, the second king they tell us is Kayu and it is GaDjr. The Cow or Bull's ear meaning GD just as in Phoenica's animal body part or Greatness, since they help us to survive and are strong! The artist rendition draws a calf while either as a Goat is DR or DJR. DR or DJR /dir means goat in Phoenician Semitic or “of Ja’s rams”. Much as The Atlantean twin King to Atlas, Gadeiros also means Great in Goats / cattle or the Greek Eumelus for “rich in sheep”. In any case, if it is a calf for DR or a ram for "ii" could be used for Gadiir. Definitely the Atlantean Gadeiros preserved before Atlas as JAO or Japet. Son of Calypos or Cleito who is probably before on the list and why we see "pu or Po" visible. Just as Malta and the TArXiens preserved her unto Christ's death at Zero for your deceptions!


This compliments the next king on the stone as DJERU. The artist rendition drew a fish for KA and kayu where we know the fish as Nar like Narmer. Proving that the Fish also means KA! Then that should say Naryu according to the artist and "scholars". DJERU is drawn if you look closely with the snake for DJ as the hieroglyphs on top show you and the bird is ru or rw, thus Djeru. The "blackened stone" of course being revised and covered up!

From right to left you are told; ____-pu(pw); Seka(Sk'); Khayu(H'-yw); Teyew (Tyw); Thesh (Ts); Ne"heb (N-"hb); Wazenez (W'd-'nd); Mekh (Mh); ____-a. 9 visible kings of 14.

Next is “th, tj or sh for the rope symbol and a rectangle that could be “sh” or “min”. So Theshi, Tjeshi or Sheshi is possible. Or Themin, Tjemin or Shemin or Thiamen. Sort of like Themis of the Greeks. Thesh seems to be the most common approach. It could even be Thini like the Uni of the Etruscans and Thinis of Upper Egypt, perhaps the Atlantean Ampheres. Most notably Shetaii or Tjetaii who was known as SET. In all probability Tsheti or Seti! No doubt!

NEXT is EVAEMON the Queen or “favorite / foremost / fortunate Woman”. NEIT. !!! That’s Right!
The Libyan Atlantean of the Delta Maerea on the right side blocking Narmer!

If you look real close, you’ll see that the “ T “ symbol is covered, while the “ N “ or water sign is clearly visible! The hard to read glyph right of the covered T looks a falcon with a scepter meaning AMEN or M also. In actuality the altered glyph at right is the AMENTI palette or tunnel symbol for AMEN! They altered that glyph next to the T.

So NEITAMEN is her name and even if it was the sideways A or agricultural tool for reaping grain known as “mr” (mur) for Beloved of Maerea. So MereNeith as she was also known by and listed as a Wife of MENES! Clearly the T or bread loaf or TA for an island as Earth stands out like a sore thumb of dumb on the Palermo Stone! Her real name being NeitAmen as Menes was also MenAmen.

These images are inverted color so you can see like an X-Ray or should I say Z-Ray! They're hard to notice on the blackened "revised stone"!

Clearly there is a square patch visible on the T or bread loaf glyph!
The Symbol what they think is Wadj is also actually a KA sound just like the Fish. It was modified into a plant for Wadi rather than the Bull's leg it is.
KA KA! Just like the Bull's leg can also be disguised as a chisel in disguise of Mr!

Evidently this "narmer catfish character" was placed between Menes and Neit!

RIGHT TO LEFT WITH PAULO RIVEN; #RU/W/U (Calypso) : IAU(JAO) : GADJR : DJRU : TSHETI (Seti) : NEITAMEN : [narmer (kanar) KAKA - Cain] : MENAMEN / MeNeS THE ATLANTEAN : (the scepter is an M for MIN as the bird also is an M > Atlantean Mneseus (MNoan)

And Cain Slew Able and Narmer Slew Menes and Horus slew Set who slew Osiris and sent his polluted body upriver to Libanus and AbraHam slew many and Solomon built Libanus with Zathanel the Pro-Phet and it’s son, Zanub, the Judas Mask. Then came the bib-a-Al of truth and lies. One path up or one path down. Chaldeans reading the Heavens of Orion with their Broad-Arses and Blackened Square Heads of Black Suns for Zakau and the ZMO of YAH. (he he of not so risen arms). Socrates was a great Mind of MneMosyne! AleXander you Remember!


BRAVO! Coup de Etat! Truth of Great Kings and Queens of ATLANTIS! He probably tried to say he was Merener in imitation of Menes.!
Narmer then posed himself off as Menes!!! Thus Menes Mysteriously Disappeared and so did Osiris by TsheTi! (Ampheres) Truth of the Twin Tales. !!!

IRON BUTTERFLY you could say, because if you were playing the EgyptIAn game of Senet, Narmer can't move. He's blocked on either side by Atlanteans!!!

If MENES was ruling the unified two lands of Atlantean Egypt for the Delta, and NARMER invaded from Upper Egypt....


Just as it was in pre-dynastic Egypt for the Double Falcons or a Falcon holding a scepter. You Guardians of Egypt's ZAHI HAWASS or they disguised it as the two opposite arrows with a line for MIN on the palettes, as if two serpent tails with an ANKHOR PIN!


Or “fish hooked” Min you could say, right Catfish of Oxen’s smelly Uterus of Narmer Zakau of Hathor as seen on their standards of Upper egypt for the stomach of a cow and Anubis! (Ranub! satan's son as a jackal!) No wonder the jackals of egypt and crocodiles go insane by 6 Draconian laws when Sirius rises and the other animals are afraid of their night shadows of eve!

They made Menes out to look Nubian from Upper Egypt and Thinis as his statues are shown “by scholars” and in truth you are looking at NARMER who looks just like Qa'a, Ranub, Sneferu and Khufu and HebrON for RA!!! Sneferu or "Serpent of Blood" being the thrice born hermaphrodite! These hermaphrodites must be in the Rothchild BAeUR's family bloodlines and probably 5 as girls and 5 as boys! Apparently Hitler is a rothchild bloodline as his mother was a maid servant to the rothchilds in Venus Lucifer's realm! (isis veiled). Therefore the commonwealth crowns of nations are chained to the Unicorn or the Red Dragons of Red Hats of Easter Island and Egypt! Just like Prince Charles or the Darkened Dragon also is chained to the Black or Red Dragon! Thus his mother became Eli-ZA-Beth for Lordess of The House of Satan, usurper of the Crown of England by the Rothchilds who stole britains gold and money from King William for their fake wars as throughout our histories unto 9:11 and Iraq while they push for Iran, North Korea and then China, the final goal already stained since China has Reuters their also! Boards of Corruption for the fortune 500 companies and governments of our Earth! Fake identities and resumes!

MIN always WILL BE Egypt’s FOREMOST GOD as AMEN or JA MN like MENES the true Atlantean King of the two lands of TAIW or Earth Islands for the Nile.

Either way NARMER is trapped in the middle on the Senet Board.

Next Question.

Why do they confuse Narmer with Menes when clearly here we see that Narmer was in fact a separate person from Upper Egypt!

Why does the Narmer Palette look like Menes barefoot behind his daughter Tejati on the LOWER Egyptian side? Clearly we see the Bull heads on the top as a Hathor agent of KHA or ZHA satan.


Notice the Lower Egyptian Double Falcons as the smaller guys while the upper egyptian symbols of a stomach and anubis are taller guys?

Both these artifacts are from the Atlantean War and dated around 3250.bC. The Knife shows the Tarxiens of Malta with their Dragon Claw Orbis (egg) ships battling Arabians with the long clothe to one side, or eastern delta tribes of Edem.

The full picture below we see the 10 Fallen Royal Crowned Kings of AMEN! DOUBLE FALCONS!

See the bird with hook under him above the boat? AMIN. The little bird on the cage symbolizes trouble or bad as in BA or Baal (bird can't get in). Narmer is really Kaka or Twin Bull Headed.

Notice the Bull ruining the 3rd District of Maerea Libya Delta Nile below right of the palette. It has 3 stones you can't miss knowing it's Maerea!

The Twin Lion Kings of Atlantis are being harnessed for the worship of RA as ZA and ON, the Sun cities of Heliopolis, Herakles, Hermes, Heirophants of PHANES! The Og and Magog for Mesopotamia! This is a Commemorative Palette to Atlantis and Amen. The King is barefoot paying a feigned respect while the Scepter of AMEN is being held and not striking TJET, Menes’ real daughter and not Narmer’s. Notice her hand is turned behind her while the other is pointing to Narmer. Dead giveaway aside of the other facts disclosed by Secret Scribes of HeRa’s Iron Chains of Khain who altered our histories as they still do today! Watch out for the bearded ones with mites of AL-ZA. Now you know the meaning of a tied beard.

HAt – He RA as a BaKau or Bad Spirit of Dual Natures (The Serpent Tempted Eve, Cow of Two Tails.) Was ZA or satan as drawn by the Egyptian Ankh in Linear A. Linear A, our parent Alphabet and native tongue, holds a Secret of God within the very symbols themselves! When it was PAPA and became PHATER or HATER of the Spirit of ZA as in “IT” for Egyptian Father, such was the case of the Rotten Corn God’s with their MaiZe of Phorked Tongues of Pharaohs, Phoenecians, Phrygians and Hellenes and Funny Hats of Zathanel Hatuptah, the Whore of Black Hats of Hathor! Hat of a Puta > Whore.

Better known as Zakau, Zatiman or Zatan as it also was for the Word of TERIZA to be written upon the waist of Narmer for his terrors of terrorism by the ZA families that still continues today as the New World Order in disguise of the Zionist World Order and the PHREE MAZAns. What I call the Zionist Masonic Oligarchy, the greatest Evil that ever lived from the Orion Sector of ZAKAU!

A place where Millenium Falcons dare not singe their Wings of AEONS! Hathor split off again from it’s Hermaphrodite bloodlines into Ra and Osiris and Isis (Isis Veiled). Worshippers of Sirius towards Orion’s Warrior Cry of “thou shalt be put to death”. Deny everything! Thus as you all are and your parents are and their parents are, or as you’re Xildren become, in truth it’s all because of those ZMO and ZAKAU! Ze cow of ze two Horns and Two Tails for the Hebron to count the New Moon by when the Horns first appear as a crescent moon!

It Get's Better! Narmer is trapped by God's Divine Wisdom!

More Phoenician Pharaoh coverups! Obviously Narmer should not be before Menes since for the fact he was a usurper and subjugator traitor and betrayer of Atlanteans who built Egypt and made it what it is today! You are looking at Atlanteans "Z-Modified in Egypt!

Giant Colossal Statues? Alien looking? Atlanteans! Highest Wisdom of This Planet! For from them, we came to be of AMEN as in our prayers to remind us by God’s Divine Wisdom!

I'll further have proven that point with God Himself In Egypt as seen on the Abu Simbel Temple of JAO above. PROVEN as JA MN! Just like they chose PHilae to move temples to also for that island of the Nile!

So what happened? Either Narmer's workers altered or revised the Palermo stone AND the Narmer Palette, or someone else did and Narmer has to do with Hathor or HAt hor. Foremost of Horeb or Hera. Considering the great destruction by evil, Narmer mudering Menes and becoming ruler and changing everything, our God JA being altered, then obviously Narmer was a part of that evil family of Phanes from Upper Egypt and Khenya.

There is no way that Narmer should be "trapped" in the Palermo Stone! He could NOT have been the king before Menes. Why?

Remember that Menes "mysteriously" disappeared? Then they hid God JA MN or AMEN or MIN and Osiris, Isis, Horus and Anubis became known, while Set was blamed for murdering Osiris and Osiris' body washed up under the Cedar Red Trees of Lebanon or Libanus. Secret of the 72 betrayers with Osiris (Ausir and Aset), the 72 ZIN agog RA-bbis, the 72 Virgins of Isis Veiled for Islam and Muslims and the number 9 of God for God was the 1 bothered by the 8 – Hathor, who ruined His Earth and Blamed Him for it as Yahweh, ZAKAU in Disguise!

ESPECIALLY after KA KA and RANUB! Raneb or Ranub as in RA'S SON started to worship himself and altered the Leadership of Egypt into Ra, Osiris and Isis from Hathor and Horus or Narmer. Raneb was the first to use the Ra title cartouche and fashion himself as a sun god of Atlantean Abu Simbels IA or JA Temple with the Seed or ORB over His Head. NePHerKAU-RA (Huni, snoferu's phater) comes after, but of then Snoferu, the Blackened Blood of Brine, the hermaphrodite thrice born as Narmer KAKAU. SNF means Blood in Egyptian, just like his phater was a cannibal satanist and Khufu was an evil and wicked pharaoh as the westcar papyrus tells you and the people who would rather praise Philitis The Shepherd (JASA before Jesus who was murdered by Snoferu on Dec.10th, 8:08am, 3474.bC)

Narmer already started this downfall of Egypt into sin by slaughtering the Arusha (abu roash) and Saqqarra districts of Egypt and by.......

........MURDERING MENES!!!.......

That's why he's trapped and is next to Menes on the Palermo stone, just as scholars are “confused” about them! Or are they?
The Narmer Palette is a Commemorative Palette to Menes who is one of the 10 fallen kings of Atlantean Aeons of Atlantis!

No need to hide, it's been ALL revealed and the Original City Of Atlantis Clearly Found in Josephine as my NOAA US NAVY Ocean Google map proves without a doubt!



Question is! WILL THE TRUTH be brought to the Surface? Or Denied as usual for forked tongues of baal's Crows or suppressed another 5500 years! Zzzzzzz.

After All 2,580 years have passed since Solon and our Truth of Atlantis preserved by Plato became known. Just as the Truth of our Sacred Book (bible) with Our True God of AMEN also IS!

The Narmer palette was found over a 100 years ago and released just last year or so. Pretty long time for the ZMO to hold on to that just like our Atlantean records you hold on to from the Lions. More Phoenician Pharaoh Coverups?

The Two Twin Atlantean Pyramids just like at Josephine, and Seker's Realm of the AM-DUAT, mark the oval canal. This was in memory of Seker's realm who is "SUPPOSEDLY" the first visible King on the right with the Risen Arms of Umans,shu,Atlas or hehheh that god of many with risen arms. The spelling is SKA that would be SEKA,Saka or Seker of the AM-Duat proving his Atlantean connection with Menes and Ja Mn. This is what's known as Rosetau or the entrance into the underworld for Ra's Journey WEST to the Atlantic. In truth the entrance way to Atlantis Island.As Ra the sun also passed through seker's pyramids of Atlantis Island in the underworld of the Atlantic Ocean, so too he arose to greet Rosetau of Saqqara and pass through the Twin Atlantean Pyramids there in Egypt of the Great and the Red!

Rosetau is also reflected in Sakkara where Saqqarra comes from Saka, the king "falsified" on the Palermo Stone as of Atlantis or Seker! This is why the Twin Pyramids of the Great and the Red stand as they do bordering Saqqara with the Delta as Seker's realm with the primordial hill and encircling canal.
A sphinx is missing by the Red as my photo shows. The offset of those true North South Axial Pyramids should tell us the earthshift of the recent 2 floods or disasters at 3250 and 6482.bC. Such as it also destroyed the island of Atlantis and flooded the known world back then.

It Get's Better.

Clearly all the concrete evidence is in place, including the lost city of Atlantis at Josephine / Torres Seamount!
Notice the Bull name also given to the Torres ridge some 1000 miles long?

The cover ups are nothing new since the Atlantean kingdom lost control by the intervention, or how everything else changed for the worse and the Ramses kings, like Khufu, intermarried with Persia, Phoenicia and Babylon or SITON the new Bibleos of Phoenician Phanes worshippers of Hebron from Khufu and Snoferu and Ranub and Narmer and Satan Zathanel Hatuptah ZAHK-KHAZ.

The anchored Pin of Min or the Egyptian AnKHA of the Cross Turned In Upon Itself like a trapped 8 of hermaphrodite entwined serpents of Zaka-baal. Thus the Hermaphrodite Black Iron Double Eagles with HeRA’s Chains of KHAin stained Egypt from KHAnyaH and KHAnaans and KHEM.t the cancer, spread upon the two lands of Atlantean TAIW in deceit of AMEN and Our Double Falcons of God and His Wife!

Today those same Black Double Hermaphrodite Eagles are your ZMO of ASH KE NAZI-ON German Jewish followers of ZA whose ground they worship and whose stones they bang their blackened square heads on like ZA-HAidiots of ZIONISM!

Then the only descent kings left for Egypt was the two Ahmose kings. The first or Ahmose I drove the Phoenician Hyksos out of Egypt and Ahmose II told the truth about Egypt and it's history with Atlantis. FACTS. Ahmose II was an Atlantean Libyan.


The Exodus or the simple migration of Hebrews out of Egypt was in Khufu's time,for the hebrons are of khufu's bloodlines.

And AbraHam before him around 2971.bC. The Flood being around 3250.bC. Joseph was with Pharaoh Djoser prior to Khufu as the Sehel Stele testifies to that they deny as myth! In that time of Djoser, it was forbidden for Egyptians to eat at a table with KHAnaanites of Babylon or Phoenicia. As Joseph himself said and cried in silence when he saw his youngest brother.

The 150 year curse of khufu were the plagues of the bible. Khufu is Uphu as His Father, the IT was also Snoferu, which means Blood in Egyptian that is drawn by the windpipe, heart, the serpent and the BAD little Bird of BA as on the Narmer Palette! Now you know why NePHAREus became vanities of dual natures. Or beauty of RA being a Union of the Fire and Light as a new Evil upon our Earth.

Countless of Sacrifices, satanic rituals, and wars just as they still do today for the past 5500 years as the ZMO of Obsidian Hearts of HeRA or is that SHE – RA like SHEOL for Hell of Hebron.

As you can see PHATER for Father, has HATE in it! Just as the H or 8th letter was “anchored” to Umans!

We don’t say H-Umbilical cord do we?

Philitis The Shepherd (Phoenician disguised name) or JASA the son prior to the next JASA or JA's SON being Jesus. (Phoenician-He-Ra Zeus or HeZeus, thus the Greeks became HellaniZed), was also upon Egypt until they did to Him as they did to Jesus following in Satanic Rituals of the Pentagram for the Hexagram of Zolomon’s Ztar and the Egyptian Qabbaala of the HAM-DUAT of AbraHam, the Brazened Hamleg of ZAKAU! As JASA JESUS himself spoke of in John 8 of the New TesTaMENt for the disguise of Yahweh Zakau. KA KA or QA'A may have even been Abra'am after Narmer before he was changed to AbraHam for committing murder for satan!

Evil Dark Rituals of neither the Fire or the Light Kingdoms or the White Gods and the Dark Lords of Daemons and not Demons for that is evil in itself of the ZMO or the One Eyed Blue skinned hermaphrodite Reptillians of Orion! Thus most of you were all led into RUINS OF KHAin! Now do you understand your life and their lives before you or why God is Dog and Live is Evil? Or we suffer so much for their SINS and NOT OF OURSELVES! Think closely about the words you speak or read!

All is Forgiven and Preserved for you who are worthy of AMEN but never to those of the ZMO! They are P-HATED VILE DISGUST OF BLACKENED BRINE OF BROKEN ORACLES!

Now for the Proof in the Pudding of Why they hid JA MN as AMEN (the hidden one) who was also known as MIN. And also how RANUB became RA's SON.

Now if you look at the Abu Simbel Temple, aside of all the other things they moved around like the Giant Seated Statues of Pharaohs in saqqara of MEMNON or sphinxes.(The figures aren't centered but hang over the edge of their bases.)

You'll notice a figure in a rectangular vertical niche with a giant Orb above his head.

This is where Ranub became a SUN GOD of RA and RA was born into the Egyptian Myth. It is clearly not a sun for they would have drawn the rays like Aten. I wouldn't say it's a Moon either because no craters or land areas are etched. Just a smooth ball.

Here's the catch. This is how they also hid JA as the Moon God IAH or JAH and where that idea came from.

In truth it is simply the "SEED" of life, the planets and our Creation, thus He is a true figure of GOD ONLY and not a sun god or a moon god but the Atlantean God JA MN.

And God never Sacrifices or slays any living thing nor did He ever destroy our Earth nor ask for any BLOOD OFFERINGS as the Sun Worshippers do like the infected Aztecs of Jaguar Paw! They of ZHAKHAU destroyed your Earth. Not once but Twice and Murdered God’s Sons as we know for a fact they did for ELIZA and ELEAZAR of EZEKIELS Iron Wheel of EZRA”S 7 days of HILLELS NAZI LAWS for The ZMO! We know this because the Egyptian Moon God was IA or JA.

I AM remember? Or AMEN.

Revelations even tells you that they called upon the name of GOD as AMEN! Just like all the JASA's or Jesus also did!

They disguised the true meaning of AMEN from you! The hidden one, so be it! But not the TRUE NAME that It is in Meaning of MneMosyne or Mensa Brains of Neutron Principles as JA MN! A Name of True Meaning and not a titular of the 99 other attempts!

These Egyptians of Upper Egypt and KHAnum or KHOM OMBO are the connection to Khenyah and the voodoo mandrake in the mole hole maZZai warriors of evils.

The flood happens, Atlantean rule and 10 kings memorized on the Menes (narmer) palette, Narmer takes over with Hathor and Horus, then Qa'Qa then Ranub turns them into Osiris, Isis and Horus. Then Huni praising himself as the new God image of Hermaphrodite vanities of NEPHERKHA_RA the evil KHAnnibal Satanist and His Son’s of Sin, Snoferu, Khufu and Khafre. Menkaure was forgiven and the curse finally ended the 150 years of plagues and temple closures by the wicked ones of blood sacrifices and sun worshipers. Raneb started the Sun temples ca.2700.bC just prior khufu.

He also started the sacrificial Goat Worshipping of Mendes. = Phanes Lucifer and Baphomet. Passed on to khufu and through to the Ramses kings. That is why Akhenaton wanted to revert to the Sunworship of Aten. Akhenaton was a hermaphrodite like Snoferu. Many times you'll notice his woman like appearance and breasts and strange looking elongated head of Reptilian Blue Bloods or the Hermaphrodites from Orion Sector. Just like the Hebrews with their Yom Kippur Goat's Horn of Azazel who they set free into the woods with their evils while they slaughter the innocent lamb! FACTS! And what did Solomon kill his brother Adonais for? For taking the goats horn of oil off of the altar in his temple of satan and for getting his mother to ask for a woman's hand in marriage of his father's david's friendship! Adonais, his mother and all of Joppa knew that Adonais being the elder was the next king! But Satan saw otherwise just as solomon ordered a priest to be killed and his blood shed in that temple of the unholies! Christianing the temple the satanic way I see? FACT. Then the house of horrors of hooley's woods were built in Lebanus with chains, iron webs, flesh hooks, pits of molten lava by the Freemason hero of Gilean Gadaeons, the Hiram of Tyre.

He never was the architect of the temple, just the interior "bloodsmith". Satan was the architect as Nathanel the Prophet with it's son Zanub!

You can see why freemasons worship baphomet who is perched with it's breasts showing, an arm risen to God with "SOLVE" or separte tatooed and the other pointing down with "COAGULA" or join satan.!!! FACT. Would you go to a church if you saw baphomet symbols or statues on the alterway? I think not, therefore I AM! (agree to disagree!).

This in Egypt became Heliopolis or On. Og and Og Magog for Phoenicia and Mesopotamia.

Re-baal-lious of our true God who later was disguised as yahweh as JA-hweh or Jehova, a female name or elohim.

(Ja is male, Je is female like Sa or Se for boy, girl.) Haveh means ruins, goats, shovels, vanities, etc in hebrew. Their original name in Genesis 1:1 was simply Elohim or ALHYM, then in Genesis 2:4 they called God YHWH ALHYM for LORD god! FACT.

72 times, Ptolemy questioned the 72 followers of horus Rabbis, and 72 times they praised him with vanities and only the name ALHYM for God. For they knew not God's name or did deniably as written in The Letter of Aristeas. Thus The Library of Alexander fell to the lies of Pergamon and Satan's new seat in the Golan Heights and his Temple of Solomon. Hypatia was murdered and the Christians persecuted as they still do today for the Catholics alike also. When their Rabbis are far, far worse than anything they can blame upon God's Real Children!

Their rabbis today are murderers, millionaires, drug dealers, pimps, abusers, pedophiles and anything else you can think of they are! FACT google it! Meanwhile their German Jewish Media control of TEll the Evils of Zion makes sure the christians and catholics are smeared all over the news, in part set up by them just like our terrorist attacks of the Mossad for the Rothchild Burgermasters of Rotten Cow Shit!


All phanes lucifer worship in disguise. Thus ZHA-euZ or ZEUS arose and the Greeks became Hellanized of HE_RA and ZHAba HEHE-US (sabazaeus) and their histories "mysteriously lost" after the Phoenician invasions around and prior to Homer, or should I say Omer like Esiod or Erodotus or the Erichthonios Kings from Deukalion? They're posed off as the "friendly phoenicians" who "expanded" the Mediterranean, while in truth they slaughtered everyone and stole their lands just as they did for your world wars. Why do you think the Cart ruts of Malta disappear into the sea for the Geryon herder of satan's phoenicians and their Carts of Melkart Heracules?


Narmer is on the Narmer Palette. That is Menes' daughter Tejat in front, not Narmer's! The girl is pointing to Narmer and her hand behind her back is turned away from him! Just as Any girl or daughter would do to a ZMO PHATEr of RA and Zionists! Just watch the movie the girl with the dragon tattoo to understand that sick mentality of Zionists!

These people of the 3rd Nome of Libya, part of the Atlantean District of Maerea or Lower Egypt itself, were forced to make this palette.

Evidence clearly proven by Menes' daughter Tejat.!

The 3rd Nome of Libya was also known as AMU or AMENT!

The Roman coins write; Libya, Haukratitis, Mareotis and Alexandria! (Prof.Petrie)

The Roman writers scribe; Momemphis, MAREIA, Naukratis, Nitriotis and Alexandreia! (Prof.Petrie)

The 3rd nome is represented as the LEG of Osiris..thus MR or what they call a chisel is actually a calf's leg! The chisel for them has other meaning as we know.

MR means "beloved" in Egypt or beloved of MAEREA.


Turin Canon II, 11 - III

Turin Canon II, 11 - III

II,11: Menes (Narmer)

II,12: Iteti (Aha)

II,13: Iti (Djer)

II,15: Itiui (Djet)

II,16: Semti (Den)

II,17: Merbiapen (Anedjib) 74 years

II,18: Semsem (Semerkhet) 72 years

II,19: Kebehu (Qa'a) 63 years

II,20: Baw-Netjer (Hotepsekhemwi) 95 years

II,21: Kakaw (Reneb)

II,22: Banetjer (Ninetjer) 95 years

II,23: Unknown name, 54 years - may be Peribsen/Sekhemib

II,24: Sened, 70? Years

II,25: Aaka (?), possibly Neferkare

III,1: Neferkasokar (?) 8 years 3 months

III,2: /erased/, 1 year 8 months, 4 days (or 8 years 4 months)

III,3: Bebti (Khasekhemwi), 27 years, 2 months, 1 day; his lifetime being 40 + X

III,4: Nebka, 19 years

III,5: Djoser-it (Netjerikhet), 19 years 1 month

III,6: Djoser-ti (Sekhemkhet) 6 years

III,7: /erased/ (Khaba?) 6 years

III,8: Huni, 24 years

III,9: Snofru, 24 years

III,10: Kheops, 23 years

III,11: Djedefre, 8 years

III,12: Khefren, ? years

III,13: Bakare (?), ? years

III,14: Mykerinos, 18 years (possibly 28)

Manetho's list;

1st Dynasty........2nd Dynasty.....3rd Dynasty........4th Dynasty......5th Dynasty.............











Abydos king list.
Found on walls of The Temple of Seti I at Abydos, Egypt.
Hatshepsut, Akhenaten, Smenkhkare, Tutankhamen, Ay -not on list?

First Dynasty









Second Dynasty

9 Bedjau



12 Wadjnas

13 Sendi


third dynasty


16-netjerykhet djoser

17 teti

18 sedjes

19 neferkara

fourth dynasty

20 sneferu

21 khufu

22 djedefre

23 khafra

24 menkaura

25 shepseskaf

fifth dynasty

26 userkaf

27 sahure

28 kakai

29 neferefre

30 nyuserre

31 menkauhor

32 djedkare

33 unas

1st Dynasty..........c.3100-2890 BCE

Menes (Hor-Aha)


Wadj (Djet)





2nd Dynasty..........c.2890-2686 BCE






3rd Dynasty..........c.2686-2613 BCE

Sanakhte (Nebka) (c.2688-2668)

Djoser (c.2668-2649)

Sekhemkhet (Djoser Teti) (c.2649-2641)

Khaba (c.2641-2637)

Huni (c.2637-2613)

4th Dynasty..........c.2613-2494 BCE

Snofru (c.2613-2589)

Khufu (Cheops) (c.2585-2566)

Djedefre (c.2566-2558)

Khafre (Rekhaf) (c.2558-2532)

Menkaure (Mykerinos) (c.2532-2514)

Shepseskaf (c.2514-2494)

Seker The Falcon headed Lord, stands between two wings (Double Falcons) in the center of a rectangular oval canal with lions on either side (sphinxes).
Above Seker is Calypso's (Cleito) hill (primordial mound) topped off by a female head looking to the East. Calypso also became related with Cybele. Both of Course from Leucippe or Maat,the All Mother of Atlantis. They in turn passed on to Diana, Athena and Neith then later hathor Isis Ishtar. Above the hill is a tunnel, tombstone or palette with a Falcon on either side meaning AMEN or AMENTI for the Double Falcons of AMEN and NEIT. (God and Goddess).


Now when we see in pre-dynastic Egypt the Falcon hieroglyph on top of a shrine holding the SCEPTER and the palette symbol next to it or a tunnel this means AMENTI for Amen and Neith and also Rosetau for the entranceway through the underground tunnel to reach AMENTI during Ra's voyage of the Sun in the Am-Duat. Rosetau is the 4th field while AMENTI is the 5th field.

Number 5 just as Atlantis I also had 5 magical mountains alike to Tansania or Atlantis II.

Double Falcons, Double Atlantis, Twins, Eritea, Erithea = Geminii Secret.

Now Rosetau is fashioned the same way in Egypt as Saqqara that came from Seker's realm of Amenti. Recall the large Circular River flowing around in Egypt in a rectangular Circle at Saqqara in the Map above of Marerea showing Herakleopolis.

That is to GREET the SUN between the Two Twin Pryamids, while the underworld or Atlantis I was where the SUN WENT HOME and was born anew and purified of it's sins to rise for the next day. That is until ZHAKAU ZEKER got a hold of it to exchange the Golden Orus for a Black Horus of RA.

Click on this image for a large detailed view of underneath the sphinx, apparently from a masonic paper around 1930. ... ostau3.gif

The AM-Duat must be the ritual of exchanging The SUN or THE SON.Golden Orus for a Black Horus. The Sun itself has a black and opposite sun in the darkness from the light of it's creation that "burnt" a shadow like Nuclear energy, you can say. Perhaps this ritual may also be carried out on Easter Island for the "RED HATS" of ngorongoro script considering the Second Garden of Avila in Tansania is next to the ngorogoro crate and serengetti plains at the Olkarein gorge. Christ's death is worshipped at Easter!

This is the missing labyrinth Temple of saqqarra where our previous to Jesus, JASA was ritualy murdered upon the altar. The very spot where today stands a water tower ironicaly! This temple was dismantled and moved some 5000 miles from Egypt and reassembled. An exact duplicate is still visible at the Pompeii pillar of Alexandria as my website shows. The temple in my mysterean page shows The Son on top a broken altar with a Sun overhead. I found it on a far away island after revealing the Garden of Avila. JASA or Philitis the Shepherd was murdered Dec.10th, 3474.bC at 8:08am by Snoferu. Same day as Black Horus' birthday who also visited Aleister Crowley the satanist and occultist towards our time, that is Black Horus. That is why 885 years are missing from Egypt's records and why they reverted to the Solar Calendar's of Ranubs Sun Temples. Mercury and Venus formed the bright star while Jupiter was overhead in Draco and the Crux or Cross upside down upon the horizon just like the crooked dagger upon JASA!! God's Son! Jesus was a replicated and staged act of The Sun Ritual of The Pentagram or the ABRAHAM_DUAT! That is why they are called Hamites!

Thus we find babboons, snakes, serpents, Anubis, hathor, demons and other unholies in the spells of the voyage of RA.

For RA or Sun Worship is EVIL since RANUB initiated it ca.2700.bC or at the end of the first Dynasty. He was the first to use the Ra cartouche and enstated the satanic Goat worship of Mendes. (Azazel-Hebrews -Yom kippur-blowing the ram's horn of evil war cries).

What this means is that Saqqara and Lower Egypt,the truer Aegyptians and Atlanteans alike of AMENTI,was fashioned as ROSETAU to Greet the Sun. The Twin Atlantean Pyramids the Great and The Red would have bordered the rectangular oval canal as Seker's realm or Atlantis. On either side of the Canal the TWIN LIONS (Aket-horizon) would have been placed facing East to GREET the SUN!


A field in the Am-Duat is mentioned as being 220 measures long by 300 measures wide.

Earth equatorial circumference = 40,075 km / 24,901 miles / 24 = 1037.5 mph

12,450.5 miles = night or day travel

The Sun would travel at 1037.5 mph.!!

Each field = 1037.5 miles / 220 measures = 4.72 miles per measure.

300 = 1,416 miles (Kerma, Sudan to Inegol, Turkey)

Roughly Azores Islands to Cape Verde.

A field would be 1037.5 miles long by 1,416 miles wide beginning at the Sphinxes head.

4th field reaches Rastau = 3,112.50 miles from Giza Rastau.

The 5th field is known as Amentet,where the 4th and 5th fields would make up the area and location of Atlantis Island being 300 measures wide by 440 measures long or 1,416 miles wide by 2075 long that is outlined by the yellow square.

Note the proximity of Rastau's entrance to my Josephine/Torre location for the Royal City before the Straites. The box should move up slightly to position with Josephine since the Sun travels northwardly then southerly around there. An almost perfect match of provenance!

While at the Center of the Canal towards the Sun would have been placed the Colossal Statues of MEMNON. (Giant Seated Double Falcon Kings as seen on the homepage of my website)

The Cross inside the Circle comes from Atlantis I and it's Canal.

The Bridges over the harbors being 100ft wide were placed North, South and WEST while the canal faced East that formed the cross inside of the Royal City.

The canal "birthed" the first new lands of our migrations for Europe and Africa. This is why Neanderthals appear 1 million - 700,000 years ago in Europe at the SAME TIME as of those in Nubia forming the earlier Upper Egypian Tribes. Adverse to our Out of Africa beliefs that actually was the Second Garden of Avila's Creation in Tansania.Or Atlantis II.

The image of Cybele herself as a seamount in the Atlantic below the Azores shows her outstretched arm pointing towards Africa as seen in my earliest Empire of Atlantis Map. People also notice this from Airplanes flying over the Atlantic today! I recall one of it's seamounts being the Atlantis Mastiff and the other the Great Meteor seamount if I stand correct. Most of what I type is from memory or MNEMOSYNE since I am a MN. Her other hand behind her (the box at left) looks like the Fleure de lis. She was a multi-breasted Goddess of Birth. A Grand Mother you could say!

Fortunately for Us, our True God left His name on top of the Atlantean Great Pyramid to remind us of the Lies of Phanes and our True Garden in Tansania and His image on the Airshaft Stone Plug!

Yellow Picassa filtered color for the pyramid and red filter color by Picassa for the stone shaft. As usual, I just outline what I see as a SEER!

Evermore we find out the Truth of ZA and The ZMO TERIZA’s or Terrorists of our Planet for 5500 years for their master plan to empower their 7 LIGHT YEAR SIZED 7 Days of Ezra’a Creation of the Ezekiel Hillel Lie of the Hill of Hitler and the NaZi ke NaSi Dark princes of Obsidian Hearts of Hebron and I - ZA-RA-EL, the LiZArds of WiZArds for self persecutions upon themselves in the Eye of Our True God JA MN!!!

A Plan as JASA himself said Unto You when he Called upon His Papas Name of AMEN! And Then that Greatest of Mankind spoke Next…











Your Colossal Memnon in Pre-Dynastic Egypt!


AMEN (JA MN) FALCON TEMPLE; The Orion ONE EYED Cylcopedians placing the "KHA" Ladder to Replace the Falcon for the KHAWK of Narmer ZHAKAU. ZHAtans (Satan - ZHA (fallen spirit - KA) TAN (Earth beings),thus satan the her-ma-PHrodite of One Eyed Laws of Evil. The Plant is UPSIDE DOWN as MesKHeTA or ruin of AMENS land.Thus the emphasis on the M or MR as in Maerea,Menes,AMEN or nar-MR where Mr was symbolized by their Chisel or a Calf's leg meaning KHAU. Thus KHANAR or KHAUKHAU for the oKHArinKHA fish being presented as a STINKING betrayal of AMEN our True God and His Wife!

Notice the One Eyed Orion Alien "STABBING" the woman for a satanic blood ritual to withdraw her blood into a PHAIL?

The WILTED Reeds or plant, should be upright meaning "UA" or "MOST HIGH RISEN LANDS OF AMEN AND TAJARU,the Delta Nile and Saqqara. Arusha alike Abu Roash is also a name of a district for the Garden of Avila in Tansania! That is why Djedefre, Khufu's son left for Abu Roash to try to build his own Pyramid (prevented and destroyed by his father Uphu, because He knew the TRUTH of their Evils as you yourselves do!

Below that frame they seat "THE HORNED BULL" of ruins and destructions for the term TERIZA upon the waist of satan for "TERRORIST" or "Ruined Earth of satan! The Goose is dropping the "MAGIC ORBS" of wi-ZHA-rds that were used and came from KHANYA (kenya) rift valley where the Orions of Satan,the ZMO and the "Rothchild / Burgs" (Ashkenazi German Jewish financiers) call their home and dominion of satan.(Rothchild Giraffe Estate,Kenya). There we see the 3 headed beast,the dark seal,satan beheaded by the flaming sword and the pit with the image of the fallen dark angel,satan itself NEXT TO THE PIT in BLACK with it's HAT of WHORES of HATHOR the bull of destruction for MAERA, AMEN and MENES!

It began falling January 12th,2006.aD and fireballs appeared over India! The year after I revealed our True Second Garden of Avila in Tansania,the rains once again returned after and 8 year drought!


Above the Memnon statues you have the little bird of BA or BAAL (Al means SUn,Bad Sun,Son),and the two lands being H-armed! They're announcing a Temple to HATHOR (H-H,horeb,hathor,hermphrodite evil spirit) or Foremost of HOR-RORS upon US (Horus). HAt or the seated lion means Foremost that would be in front of the Bird and the rope just visible at bottom right like on the HAT TA TAJERU (foremost of Tajeru = Egypt's Delta) that we see in the Menes Label of Neit's Temple with the Ships and a voyage to TAJERU next to my woman's drawing as Calypso below right! The Truth Just IS!

It's HAt.ta.Tjru (HAt = Lion,TA = Cross in a circle for Earthland or District (NT or NTR for Goddess and God). The bird is "A",the rope is TJ. The steps are missing in this one as noted from above and the X or T in the circle. Nt means district in Egypt or Neit or Neter for God in Egyptian.

Evermore,Tajeru or Ajeru like Abu Roash (ruined by Hebron evils), or Arusha of Tansania and the Garden of Avila are acceptable terms for Maerea's beloved!

The bottom shows 6,000 people slaughtered or hung from the branch above? 6 and threescore 6 - 666 Servants of satan the 888. 6 is also satan's phater who is not evil like satan who became a demon and not a daemon or wisdom of the Lord of Darkness who coincides with the King of the Light, JA MN. First came the light, then the fire!

Left of the count,you notice the reed plant as nswt for the delta and Narmer's name! (KHAKHA-like the CRAP IN YOUR PANTS That they are full of!) The floating island with a temple of 3 doors shows that they came from above and from The Orion Sector (3 starred belt) where the blue reptilian one eyed cyclopes of hermaphrodite demons came from! Thus the two signs or "11" at the bottom as the evil "duality" demons and not Dae-mons! And Eve who was named
Life in the Septuagint,became tempted by the serpent for the garden's symoblism as we see in the top row a woman being satanicaly murdered for Sun worship of the phallen Zon. EVE means NIGHT DARKNESS!

The apple was poisoned to drug her and capture her, rape her to mix the seed of Orion and satan and then killed her! Probably Neit,Mene's wife! But they kept Tejati for breeding. Tejati escaped to the Island of Crete (MN-OANS),and is buried there as written in the Linear A Script also tells of our Truths! Just as our True God JA or His Son JASA, is written many times in Linear A, the "hidden alphabet of our origins" from the 12,000 year old Azilian, Aterian, Aleutian Atlantean alphabet for English where Linear B came from!

Long Live JA MN our GOD and HIS WIFE and Their Island of Atlantis where we ALL CAME FROM!

Long Live Calypso and our Ten Lion Kings of Wisdom and our Truths!

The Secret of Mylo and The Books of Herodotus by Riven. 2006.aD. (8488aJA.)
9:05 PM 1/12/2006

Herodotus of Halicarnassus.


Book 1) Clio

Book 2) Euterpe

Book 3) Thalia

Book 4) Melpomene

Book 5) Terpsichore

Book 6) Erato

Book 7) Polymnia

Book 8) Urania

Book 9) Calliope

Book 10) Where is it? Someone has it.

Herodotus was writing in the era of memory of the 10 Kings (after 1500.bC,Deukalion), and he definitely was not writing about the Ennead....

Please return the book to us,It belongs to Man and Woman.You can no longer hide the lies.

The Secret of the Books of Herodotus by Riven.



Epo- illa- caina- rua- in- mylo- potare- ero- h(ae)cis- pretene- moplema(Mopsus)- ila- hete- pretueo - ilc.

Epic by that way fallen (Vulcan?)to waste/sorrow into this MYLO > Mysian/ drunken wanderer with his faults, to lie before the Oracle broken Secret Society greatly prized here.

Translated with Cassell's New Latin Dictionary, 1959 edition....from Ja.
By SaJaRa Riven Jan 12,2006.aD (8488aJA.)

RETURN THE 10TH BOOK OF MYLO....Please, it is a piece of our History, along with the Books of Alexandria....Thankyou.

And Calypso Cried That Day When Ulysses Poseidon left Atlantis and away from His Truths of Origin like Gilgamesh when he went looking for Utnapishtim on Atlantis! And Calypso’ Heart Cried for MAEREA her Beloved of TAJERU the FOREMOST LION of Earth!

The name Lower right in the Menes label is HAt.TA.TJERU. (nt or niwt can also be used for the x as a locale or city).
Atlantis in Egyptian was HAt.TA.NTR.Iw or Foremost Earthland of God's Island. ATATANTA. (no L's yet) We see the Neith Temple and the Falcon with the Scepter of Min and the Rosetau tunnel symbol. The Apis bull is being transferred to Geb's lands and the Island of the Pillars next to the calf and TA for IW or Island. Neptune's Libyan symbol prevailant!!! TAjeru or TaJARA became God's Island lands in the Delta of Maerea from ATANTA. ... _Riven.JPG ...

Thus T-ru-T(h) is spelled with the Two T's of T-emp-T-ion and Con-TempTion, or TesTament and ConTesTament. Our Twin Pillars of Umans! Never,ever H-Umans.

We don't say H-Umbilical Cord do we?

H = 8. Z = 26 = 8. 33 = 8 (faced together for the phreemasons) 9 /3 = 3 = Good. 3/9 =.3333 = EVIL.
The 8 is an entwined hermaphrodite Serpent of no escape! (Draw an 8 it has no exit! -Trapped like the ANKH PIN OF MIN!)


INSIDE THE CANAL JUST AS THE PLAIN OF ATLANTIS HAD WITH THE PRIMORDIAL MOUND OF CALYPSO CLEITO. As seen above in the ritual of the KHA-M-DUAT Journey of RA picture!!! Pay Attention it's Free! The 5 pointed Star you draw is actualy the letter A of God crossed out!

The Zeal of ZHA-AL-DEMON (solomon) star of IZ-RA-EL (ZA King of God's or Razael the Demon of aZAzel and the satanic horn of the YHAM KHAPURR blow cry for the "TERIZADOR 11" of Narmer of Augustus stains of Pontius Pilate (bridge of ruins) for "thou shalt be put to death and sacrificed for satan! 9:11 (God vs Satan)
remembered as the Twin Towers "purposeful ZMO TeriZA destruction "occurred during the "blowing of aZAzel's Horn" on Yom Kippur of Sept-EMBER (7th Ember of
the 7 laws of Rabbi Hillel). 11 is also their Law of "Duality" or "Do what thy WILT shalt be the HOLE of the Law" for satanists and freemasons who also have
11 degrees on either side of the SQUARE for their WORSHIP OF PHANES BAPHOMET and their separation from God to join that thing below in exchange for 75 years
of shortened breathe and condemned souls of riches,perversions,murders and lusts!

The israel star of david,the murderer and adulterer is the result of the Ritual of the Satanic Pentagram of Aleister Crows Ley lines where the 5 starred pentagram changes into the six six six pointed star hexagram of JA MN's Pyramid upsided down for a demon portal of Orion's One Eyed Satanist's! It is meant to "draw and trap" as they also did the demon itself!

You can witness this demonic power for yourselves by placing 3 rectangular lengthwise mirrors inside of a toilet paper roll just like the one my exes 7 year old brought home from school one day aside of the White Voodoo doll made out of a rotten apple and an egyptian ankh pipe cleaner under the apple. WITH ELIZA WRITTEN ON IT! Eli ZA Beth = Lordess of Satan's House! Eliza was the mother of Eleazar (Razael/israel) the head of the RA-bbi-baALs who MURDERED JASA THE CHRIST known as Jesus with the Same satanic ritual as mentioned for the eXchange of the 3 by the 5 for the 8! Jesus died for THEIR ZINS of MURDER AND BLOOD SACRIFICES and NOT EVER for you to feel GUILTY!!! Thus you preference of burials in a hexagram coffin as inside of that defiled and blasphemed star of hell!!!

Thus ZERO to your Calendars of AD or AFTER DECEPTION!!!

As they of the Saturnian Crows Ley Lines (Crowley) still do as your ZMO GO_VEX_RUINS_UPON_AMENS_EARTH (Government) today after 5500 years and 8492 years that was destined for 13:13 or 8888,being 2406.aD.
Everything evil pre-meditated by them and forked upon your tongues of education and entertainment and the fabrics of you're beings as Umans alterd to H-Umans! Foods,clothes,music,words,justice,defence,intel,EVERYTHING!

Why do you think all religions are corrupted where they hide within themselves and they dress the priests and nuns in Black of RA-BYE BYE U FUHKS OF YAHOWEH! WHOREs OF THE WAY OF SATAN!

Thus as you understood the bible more, the more you HATED god like their PHATERS OF HATREDS!
For God is not God! We Know not this name of Dog!


For our modern terms and for our Future into Aquarius, AEJON MN is acceptible because He is the MASTER OF AEONS from the White Kingdom of EVENOMORE! OR Darkness cannot enter God's Kingdom!

Evermore, Evanor,the Papa of Atlantis is remembered as Ouranos of the West and the North Star!

.....Paradise of the Millenium Falcon Voyage to Eart as the Linear A letters themselves tell you!....

.111.[R]. N0w U-fu-hK's 0f ZHA and YHA are PINNED in eXCHange f0r 0ur True Cr0ss inside the Circle 0f C0ntinu-amen Aeternaly for Aeons![R].111.

Just as you're master is no more and sealed in The Pit of the Calling in Khenyah where you of the ZMO shall find your kind's eternal suffering upon your death beds of blackened clothes of ZA! Check out my Garden of Avila if you need proof!

Nice SpaceX Dragon Station of LaZArus Death rays you have up there ZMO for your master plan that will fail. For JA MN is no match for you or satan as PROVEN! To think you had us all going with those amazing trips to mars and countless of trillions of dollars and shuttle launches or trips to the moon!



When it all went to the Hubble telescopes and the RED DRAGON SPACE STATION! Just like your UNDERGROUND bases of FEMA or around the world for your plan to destroy us for a third time! Then release your MK-ULTRA victims and favored German Jewish families of satan unto God's earth with another disaster story and lies of your sins of IT!

ONCE SHY TWICE BITTEN! Have a nice ride to the PIT OF KHENYAH where that Space Station is headed to like satan also DID as you ZMO and satanist will follow into the HOLE of YOUR LAW. For surely you will WILT Aeternally!

Know This, for to Know is immortal. Save these Works to preserve your selfs not of phorked tongues! Bare Witness!

Walk With Me to Avila! You're True King and God's Son!How else do you think all this is possible?

And if that doesn't blow your mind, I even look like Kheanu Reeves in the Matrix with his glasses on!
Think about the other movie roles he played in like Constantine!

Then you have to explain how my face appears on the BABE in the Garden of JA MN's AVILA! Because I AM A MN. The Law of the 3 and the 8 by the 5! I am neither The Christ nor The Anti-Christ like Nathanel de Rothchilds BA-uer. Where Hitler's mother was impreganted in Venice by a Rothchild! Isn't that so?

I AM THE LAW OF THE 5. One I Ascended the Other I Descended! Wise choice wouldn't you say?
How will you choose?

___________RED PILL OR BLUE PILL ZMO?_______________


Answer? BLUE PILL!




The Secret of The 10 Atlantean Kings names from Plato’s Critias.

Written 360.bC, (Critias = Latin = Hebrew Judges)


Latin Boustrephodon (backwards)

A 2,367 year old secret revealed from Paulo Riven of the BETAYAL of DIONYSIOS of ITALY.

Oftenly their ruler at his leisure would steal secretly to the Salentini secret society at the south east end of Italy with a band of brothers of the Macedonian army, while you were accustomed to your memory, towards evening in a galley with seven banks of oars.
The Marsians (tall male Germanic Scythians) and Dacians (lower Danube) , went to where the high altar's fire is lit by the Boeotian women, the muses of Aonia near mount Helicon and the spring of Aganippe, the resort of the muses by the river Cephisus in Boeotia to compose by candlelight in the evening. - Paulo J.Tx.Mn (Riven) 2007.aD. (8489.aJA).

Translating the message of The Kings Names in relation to the Helicon Muses and the hidden meaning of the names;

Evanor - The Ruler
Leucippe - The General
Cleito - The meeting Hill of The Helicon Muses
Atlas - near a tall mountain - Helikon
Gadeiros - by the throat of a river - Cepphisus
Ampheres - on one side of the river (WEST - Griffin Cultures / Cobra)

Evaemon - Cyrene Libyan Greeks and Iberrio Celtic Etruscans (Africa and Europe)
Mneseus - Atlantean Minoan Lord of The Mediterranean and Delta Nile (ref:Atlantis)

Autochthon - who are indegenious to these lands (Europe and Africa)

Elasippus - fought the horse riders on the other side of the river (EAST - Serpent Cultures / Vulture)

Mestor - the Persian Phoenicians Sumerians and Egyptians
Azaes - the Nubians and Arabians
Diaprepes - and the Aethiopians and India (Secrets of Tanzania / JA)

As you can see from the above translation, not only do we learn a secret about the politics in Plato's era, but we are also being told that Mneseus appears as the main Atlantean King.

Deukalion-Apollo-Maia > aiaM-ollopA-noilakueD >

As I Am Olla Para Nosa Illa que e de > As I Am Look To The Island I Gave You = Atlantis. :)

The word Atlantis broken up into syllables Aa-ta-la-na-ta-ia-sa
Re: Basque Translation by Riven

"The main evergreen forest is born a joyous miracle at dawn the abundant monument increases to unite the future arrival and remain loyal to the secret of creation."

St. Augustine Was Chalcidius who Preserved Plato’s Timaeus for Europa!


Paulo J.Tx.C.Mn

July 23 / 2010. 8492.aJA

Sword of Avila


Lion King

White Dragon

Obsidian Dragon Slayer

Opener of The Ways of Amen.

Revealer of Revelations

.111.[R].Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline of Atlantis.[R].111.









More pictures in website; ... os-coverup

Powered by Google Sites and God JA MN's Wisdom!

I Love You All to never PHALL!

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