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 Post subject: Egyptian Archaeology - News
PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:41 am 
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Anyone interested in the antecedents of the Egyptian civilisation and the cultures that predated the unification of the country under one king may soon have many of their questions answered. Items showing evidence of the activities of the early peoples of the Nile Valley, from the predynastic cultures of Upper and Lower Egypt, Fayoum and the oases of Siwa and Kharga selected from storehouses around the country, plus pieces from various museums, will soon be on display in a new predynastic museum at Qena.


The museum is currently being built at an ideal location -- a prominent five-feddan site overlooking the Nile. Mahmoud Mabrouk, head of the museums sector of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), which is overseeing the work, says it will represent a long period of history covering about 10,000 years. He adds that a plan has already been worked out to start surveying and registering predynastic items in order to prepare a database of antiquities.

As were other parts of the world, Egypt was occupied by Stone Age hunting, fishing and food-gathering communities in the Late Paleolithic. In about 5000 BC, Neolithic or New Stone Age people wandered along the river terraces of the Nile Valley, and traces of their agricultural, hunting and animal domestication activities have been found on numerous sites. Interestingly, from very early times many of the artefacts produced had a peculiarly "Egyptian" character, and their styles continued through various development phases well into the early historical period...

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 Post subject: God's True Son Found Written on the Palermo Stone!!!
PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:07 pm 
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WORLD PEACE Gods Son found on The Palermo Stone ... _Riven.JPG

4 years ago I told you all my prophecy of God's Son, JASA who was known as Philitis the Shepherd and that he was murdered Dec.10th,3474.bC actual or 2589 common. By snoferu and khufu upon the altar of The Temple of Fire in saqqara district that snoferu the khaka upper egyptian king took over. JASA being the Son of God prior to JASA II or jesus the christ. Where both were murdered for the satanic ritual of empowering satan for dominion of turning Umans into H-umans!

I told you that ALL of God's True Son's were named JASA and that 5480 years had passed since I rescued your holy sang real of the Oval Port to Evermore and Ascended God's Son while the other duality 7 light year in size evil energy of spirit fell and descended into The Pit of The Calling in Kenya as my Google Earth factual photos provenance our truths.

Get ready because the Truth is going to hit you right between the eyes of reality!

Prophecized and Proven just as Atlantis, God JA MN, His Wife, your second Garden and everything else is!

To Know Is Immortal.

The Truth Shall You Set You Free as I have for my Love for You All and foremost for God,His Wife,His Son (The Trinity) and all His Atlantean Children as you are!

Aside of Khaka heads like the ZMO families and members headed for the Pit of The Calling!

Peace Be With You who are worthy of Amen whether Good or Bad but never ever Evil!!!

My Truth of your Planet,it's Histories,God and His Wife and Sons,your Garden of Avila and The Secret of Carina Nebula is why God loves me as I do Him and his Family and why He followed my research to witness His Name on top of the Atlantean Great Pyramid,Twin to The Red.

Thus my Truth's are why I AM the Obsidian Dragon Slayer and Ascender of The Son.

Just As I AM the Opener of The Ways of Amen and the Revealer of Revelations.

Names must have meaning and merit the reward.

Thus you can see why Nostradamus and the Bible Code predicted me or why my face is upon your Garden of Avila on the Babe.

God's Reward to me! No money,no lusts, no nothing. Just for Me and you to Remember Him by!

Blessed are those who follow in the way of Amen!!!

Ave Maria!

Witness Your Eyes and Then Bare Witness.


Paulo Riven
AeJor MN

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