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 Post subject: Egyptian Labels and Palettes
PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:18 pm 
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Atlantis revealed in ivory label of King Menes!

The story about Urani is based on L.A.Waddells interpretation of an ivory label from a tomb of Menes in Abydos. Waddell’s thesis is that Menes was the son of Sargon the Great and Narmer the son of Menes and that the Egyptians came from Sumeria.

This was published around 1930.

Waddell interprets the forepart of a lion as "the western lands", which would seem logical since Africa is the lions land and west of Sumeria, but not actually as Waddell relates for his Sumerian preference, which in Egyptian actually means "front" or "foremost".
The Aha 1 label in Francesco Raphaels website shows the lion in front of a bird over a sideways u shaped rope with loops on the ends over a stair.

The bird can be “a”(hawk or falcon) or “w”(chick) or “ur” as a swallow.
The rope is Th or Tj.
The stair may be rw since rwd is a stairway in Egyptian.

HAt - (a or w or ur)- tj-rw

rwd = stairway
The bird as drawn is unlikely to be a chick so we'll rule out the w.
This should then spell something like;

HAt a Tj rw, HAt a Th rw, or HAt ur Tj rw and HAt ur Th rw

So we have words like hatatejaru, hatatheru, haturtejaru and haturtheru in Aha 1's label.


The Urani story, comes from the Aha 3 label in Francesco's website which now shows a Lion, an x in a balloon shape, and the rope over the stair.
x in a balloon should be the same as the x in a circle for city or niwt in Egyptian.

Then we would have; HAt niwt tj rw, HAt niwt th rw .
(Could also just be HAt NT tj/th rw or HAt NT ti/y ru- hatnttiru, hatnttyru)


Aha 3 would be hatniwttejaru, hatniwttheru or hatnttejaru, hatnttheru.
The rw for stair we could even compare to iw for island and perhaps as uru, eru or aru as phonetic terms for island also.

To write HAt in Greek or English we would start with AT as they did for Athribis.
At a nt tj iw - At a nt ti is

That would mean that those labels are referring to the island of Atlantis!

How close is all this to my suggestion of HAt ta nt iw or HAt ta ntr iw for Atlantis? Quite remarkable I'd say.

part of Waddells translation;

tianu mad shu du gun u ra ni i ki ur e
of the western lands, he built a holding(possession) at Urani land, at the Lake of the Peak.
(waddell interprets the forefront lion as Tianu or Tianu Mad shu -The western lands)
the symbol for niwt or city in Egyptian he translates as Uranii.

Waddell states that in sumerian ur,uru = dog and uhr in egyptian.
I found Tsm = dog (tjsm or thsm) in Egyptian.

Waddell also thinks that Urani is Erin or Ireland and he equates his research with the Norse Edda myth and that Menes sailed to Cornwall England for Tin and died at Knock Many or Hill of Many in ireland, from a wasp sting.
He also equates the sumerian term "gut" with Goth, which I believe simply means "Great" as in semitic GD for Great also.
There is also a possibility that since this voyage was to the extreme western lands, that the lake of the peak could also refer to Mt Atlas and Lake Tritonis or maybe even the Azores islands with Mt.Pico.

Waddell thought the Sumerians settled Egypt, I think the Egyptians settled Sumeria
And Menes was Oannes the Manfish “sailor” who appeared to them.

My aforesaid statement;

king Den also opened a lake and named it Swt-NTjerw

- which is also close to HAt NT iw.

This seems to be the underlying truth that Hat NT Tj rw is the correct term for the Aha3 label as I suggested above. Perhaps Swt-Ntjerw is a mistranslation for the name of the lake commemorated by King Den for the iland of Atlantis as Hat-Nt tjerw. It also seems to confirm that the stair is rw.

Although we would spell it Atantis and the Greeks would say Atlantis.

So we have Hat Nt tj rw in label 3 and Hat ta tj rw in label 1.

"Foremost City of Tajeru" - label 3
"Foremost earth of Tajeru" - label 1
"Foremost city of Ja's island
"Foremost earth of Ja's island

tj = te JA or of JA or of God.

HAt ta nTr iw- Foremost Earth of God's Island.

T or Tn or Tw = You / yours in Egyptian
J or JA is God.

Evermore, the name of Atlantis is a disguise of the city as HAt-nt-tjeru.

Where the city would then be Tajaru.
Earth of God's island or Kingdom
(rw- rau/ra - Tajara)

The Greeks would see it as the island of Atanti since the J was an I to them!

I believe I have found the name of Atlantis and the "hidden" Royal City in Egyptian records of the first dynasty of Pharaoh Menes.

Paulo Riven
Oct 21,8491.aJA

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 Post subject: Re: Egyptian Labels and Palettes
PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:53 pm 
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I also found this line from the Pyramid texts that can relate to the Menes label. It seems either relate Osiris or The Eye of Horus being or coming from the "foremost (land?) of Thnw. The folded cloth simple aside of Tj or Tsh sounds can also be a Th sound.

Wonder if they stole the Eye or Ra (Sun) from Atlantis when they invented Osiris (Ausir) and Isis (Aset)?
Isis also poisoned Ra to reveal his Secret Name to her and the Horus child. Perhaps how they got the Eye of Ra?
Then Set slew Osiris (Cain slew Able)? Coincidently, Isis found Osiris' body in Phoenicia under a Cedar tree.

Set is also attributed to Lower Egypt and the western barren deserts and associated with storms or wrong doings, just like the Greeks claimed the Atlanteans as the unruly ones who were really the Phoenicians and those Egyptian who allied with them.

It compliments my theory that Osiris,Isis and Horus were Eastern entwined theosophies further evidenced by the migrations ca.2000.bC of Canaanite Hyksos into Egypt or the worship of Sirius, the dog star that caused unrest in the animals and fury in the crocodiles and jackals from the evil energy of Orion.

Then again, the Phoenicians disguised God Ja Mn as Satan (yahweh elohim) 2300 years ago.(ha ha!)
No wonder Orion appears as a Warrior in the sky!

Now why would the Atlanteans build their pyramids to align to that when the truth can be seen in Carina Nebula for the Divine Plan of God's Purpose in designing the Cairo Pyramid layout where the Sphinx looks to and the Sun rises. (Son's Ascension). :)

Pyramid Texts

Utterance 78.

54a. Osiris N., I bring to thee the eye of Horus, which he took from thy brow. Ḥȝt.t Tḥnw.

(notice how close that is to HAt ta Tjeru like the Menes lable or HAt Ta ntr iw for Atlantis. HAt = Foremost. -Riven)

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 Post subject: Re: Egyptian Labels and Palettes
PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:35 am 
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Narmer Menes Palette ca.3250.bC showing 10 Fallen Kings and a bull trampling a fortressed city that appears to be the 3rd nome. This is also indicative of a great destruction and flooding. The Atlanean pre-dyanstic Libyan district of MAEREA, that also included Sais,Buto and Memphis was the forerunners and the advanced main Egyptian tribes during the Double Falcon era ca.3250 -4250.bC. I feel that these Atlanteans are the ones responsible for building the Pyramids within that timeframe or even older. As evident by the Kings bare feet (paying respect/sacred) and his daughter Tjet (not a priest) in front of him and the four standard bearers holding the Double Falcons out front, I presume that this is rather a "Commerative Palette of Atlantis" honoring the fallen kings of some disaster and the end of their governship, thus their heads with crowns between their legs. Hathor is also associated with floods and was the bloodthirsty slaughterer of mankind in the Legend of the Destruction of Mankind, where Ra used Hathor as the Eye of Destruction. Originaly, Hathor may have simply meant, house of horus or foremost of horus, where after the great destruction, she became identified with the bull's rampage as a cowgoddess, floods and destruction on a massive scale. Pharaoh Menes was also quite fond of sailing and fishing, thus the use of the fish symbol as one of his titulars. He may also have been the Oannes to the Sumerians, with a large fish offering as the Sumerians draw of him. Menes also equates to Atlas,Shu and Min as in "enduring" or "nes" as the greek "las" as Manetho related. He also married the Atlantean Neith of the Maerea Lower Egypt Delta Nile Atlantean kingdom to secure control of the two lands or TAWY of Egypt. Both Neith and Athena are Atlantean Libyans by origin, perhaps even carried on from the island of Atlantis that the Egyptian Am-Duat or The Sun of Ra's Journey through the underworld specificaly points to a location in the Atlantic Ocean by the field measurements being referred to as Seker's realm of an island surrounded by a canal in parallel with the plain of Atlantis. Seker's realm was known as AMENTI or Foremost of the Westerners in the realm of NUN's TATENEN OCEAN, ie NEPTUNE. Homer's highly advanced island of the Phaeacians with magical ships and robots is also identified as Scheria or Skeria which is most likely Sekeria or Seker's realm also. Atlas was first and foremost identified by Homer as having an island with pillars that upheld the skies where his daughter Calypso resided and fell in love with Ulysses. Calypso personifying Cleito and Ulysses as Poseidon. Atlas and Atlantis like Amenti are also in meaning "Foremost" king of the people, island of the people or Foremost Earthland people as in Atlanteans. Coincidence? I think not, therefore I AM. - Paulo Riven, Tribes of Atlantis.


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