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Advisory statement by Paulo Riven.
Please note that I have been studying Atlantis since 2003 and towards the end of 2005 and in January 2006, my research took a mysterious turn with God of whom I believe to be our True Creator JA MN. In some case you may find strange and mysterious spiritual references in my work, please accept my apologies if your feelings and beliefs are effected. My main concern and never ending battle, is for our truths as an entire nation of united people to the best of my knowledge and life experiences as a seer,psychic,researcher and a normal Uman being who has had to learn everything of my own ambitions.
To Know Is Immortal...thus the purpose. Spirence and Good fortune and health for you and your loved ones. Lux of Ipse - Light of the beautiful Self!
Paulo Riven, AeJor Mn, The Argo Wind, Sword of Avila.
King of the Double Falcons, Opener of The Ways, Waterer of the Garden of Avila,
Obsidian Dragon Slayer, Sa...JaRa - Son of...God is King.

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 Post subject: ATLAS- The First Twin King and Son of Cleito
PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 7:38 pm 
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Atlas is first mentioned by Homer who also identifies him with the Atlantic Ocean. Based on Mt Atlas in Morocco and Homer's Atlantic ocean relation, it's not hard to see how Atlas became recognized as the first "twin king" of Atlantis after Evanor.
The common knowledge relates Atlas with Shu, simply based on the reasoning of "enduring" suggested by the risen arms of Shu and the analogy that Atlas holds up the sky as Mount Atlas in Morocco relates to as well. So one would imagine that Solon was looking at the Egyptian hieroglyph of Shu behind his reasoning for translating Shu into Atlas.

In truth, one would not be able to find a king who "endures" for what is it that he is "enduring"?

The Egyptian God Min also means to endure such as the pyramid of Mennefer or the city of Memphis can mean "enduring beauty". Thus, Pharaoh Menes can also be seen as an "enduring king" like the Atlantean king Mneseus can be portrayed as well in meaning an "enduring God, deity or ruler.
What they endure is time itself, and this is the answer to how we can locate such a King and why their names are preserved for thousands of years like Mountains.
To endure time itself is to be The Foremost, which makes it even easier in our researches to locate such a King "within our histories" of common knowledge.
Atlas suggests not a Greek name but rather an Egyptian name that was preserved from a Libyan name much like the giant Libyan Antaeus who battled Hercules like Atlas as well. Hercules deceived Atlas into holding up the skies again just as Hercules had to hold Antaeus above the ground to defeat him.

The Libyans or Geb's lands (Goose symbol), west of Egypt, are the lands mentioned as being controlled by Atlantis and Shu was the Father of Geb. Athena, Neith and the pre-dynastic Atlantean Libyan district of Maerea in Lower Egypt that also included Memphis,Sais and Buto, are all migrations of Atlanteans into Egypt, thus the Ostrich Feathers on the Egyptian head dresses that were common to the Libyans and Africans. (Libya meaning the classical term for Africa)

So not only does the evidence identify that Greece and Egypt were in fact Atlantean settlements since Athena and Neith were common to them both, but also that Shu and Geb originated in the Libyan lands and Shu of course, is related symbolicaly to Atlas, the Atlantean King aside of Min, Menes, Mneseus and of course our Foremost Creator God, Ja Mn who has endured in our recorded histories for at least 5000 years.

The real meaning of the name of Atlas can be found not in "enduring" but rather in "Foremost", and since Atlas is regarded and preserved throughout the millenias as Foremost, it is with reasoning that he was also a ruler or king of an ancient people memorized by the Atlantean Libyans.

Thus the Libyan, Greek or Egyptian for Atlas, becomes " Foremost ruler of the people".
Although it may be difficult to find the greek term of "At" for foremost, this is derived from the Egyptian word for "front or foremost" as HAt or Haty-a for ruler that was drawn by the forepart of a resting lion (mAi) heiroglyph. Queen HAt-shepsut also means Queen or "foremost of noble woman" and also uses the lion glyph.
Commonly, the Greeks translated the Egyptian word HAt with the prefix of At, as in Athribis, explaining the Greek relation of At for Foremost.

This can be further examined in the word for people in Egyptian and Greek, then combined with the Egyptian word for Foremost or ruler as follows;

Egyptian; rmT - people (HAt-remet - foremost of the people)
Greek; Laos - people (At-Laos > foremost of the people)

Egyptian; front - HAt ( or foremost)
Egyptian; mayor or ruler - HAti-a (haty-a / hatj-a)

Egyptian; many - HH (HeHe - kneeling God with risen arms and a feather on his head hieroglyph) = people.

A resting lion in front of the risen arms God would then mean HAt-HH or "Foremost of many" that would also compare as a hieroglyph seen by Solon aside of Shu for Atlas.
Therefore, Atlanteans would mean our "Foremost Earthland people" or ancestors while Atlantis would be our "Foremost EarthLands", meaning our Origins as memorized by the Libyans and Egyptians in the realms of Nun, Seker's Amenti, The Trident symbol or The Atlantic Ocean.

With the above in mind, your Lux of Ipse can better understand these two pictures, the latter being of an Atlantean voyage recorded by Pharaoh Menes ca.3200.bC.


To summarize, this label speaks of a voyage concerned with the Temple of Neith, the transport or ceremony of an Apis Bull, Goose symbols of Gebs lands, 3 ships could also portray a 3 day journey.
The right bottom glyphs read "HAt-nT-Tj-rw" or Foremost location of Tjeru if we use the x as nt for local or city, or simply Foremost city of Neith known as Tjeru, an Atlantean Libyan name like Tehenu for Egyptian Libya.
Interesting that we see a Trident symbol (Nun's realm,Atlantic?)also and what looks like an Island glyph with pillars at the extreme bottom left. I haven't fully and correctly deciphered this label.

As you can see this picture relates very well with the above picture and thesis.


The problem in today's planet, is that the term "Atlantic Cultures" is recognized as "academic" while the more correct term Atlantean is erroneously not.
Atlantic is an Ocean, thus Atlantic cultures can be anything like microbes, cells, bacteria, etc, and does not really imply people that is more commonly identified by adding "ean" as a suffix common to people's existence, thus Atlantean's or Pacificeans or Indeans or the "ian" endings.

After all, we do exist and anyone living on or around the Atlantic Ocean are in fact Atlanteans!

Foremost of Earthlands People.

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 Post subject: Re: ATLAS- The First Twin King and Son of Cleito
PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 7:55 pm 
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A comparison between Menes and Atlas.

Another realization that we are faced with is that the names for our Atlanteans are only Greek translations of the "meaning" of the names from the Egyptians who also translated them from the Atlanteans. In other words, Atlas is not the first kings real name. Since Atlas can also mean Foremost of the People and my Latin bostrephodon translation of the kings names reveal that Mneseus played a more dominant role which also relates to Mnoans or Min-oans, I decided to take a closer look at Pharaoh Menes.

We should understand how Atlas can mean "to endure" from Greek for "Tlas" which was also translated from the Egyptian heiro-glyph of "risen arms" as symbolized in the titulars of Ptah, Geb or Shu and also in any name with KA like Seka or Menkaure. This risen arms heiro-glyph also goes back to pre-dynastic Egypt around 3500.bC or the Atlantean Double Falcon era as the Tehenu Libyan Palette reminds us.

Other meanings are;

ate-laas = ate; ruin, laas; stone, "ruined stone" (Greek)
at-laos = atte; father, laos; people "father of the people" (Greek)
Or Egyptian; Hat = foremost, first established, it = father
Hat-remet or at-laos would be "foremost father of the people".
A = origin, foremost, first established, sired, fathered, beginning.
khenti-amenti is also "foremost of the westerners".
epanateilantos = Greek for "risen land"
Tatenen = Egyptian for foremost or primordial "risen land" or "God's Risen land" since Tatenen is also a God of Egypt.

We can also compare this to Memphis in it's older name of Hiku-ptah or Heka-ptah which can also be identified with Tatenen and Risen land.
The Heiro-glyph or a kneeling god with risen arms is H.H or Heh.
The Heiro-glyph of risen arms is also pronounced as KA.
We are aware that the Risen Arms glyph is not only considered to represent Shu, Geb or Ptah but also Atlas.
So in a sense, Hiku or Heka can also mean Risen which ironically, Heka is the magic of Egypt.
Memphis was where Pharaoh Menes established the first temple to the god Ptah on an island in the Nile Delta.

Pharaoh Menes also was married to Neit-hotep and built the first temple of Neith in Sais, Egypt.

I have also suggested how Atlantis can be interpreted in Egyptian as Hat.nt.iw for "foremost island of Neith".

Where iw in Egyptian means island like "is" at the end of AT-la-NT-IS can also be thought of as Isle or "iw".
The name Atlan.t (is) can also be considered a feminine name as clarified by the letter .t at the end for female or women in Egyptian or Semitic languages.

The relevance with NT or Neit is striking since we are also aware that not only is She mentioned in The Timaeus or Critias as being the same goddess worshipped by the Greeks as AThena, but also that She strongly represents Lower Egypt and is claimed to have originated in LIBYA, perhaps around the Atalantes regions of Lake Tritonis or somewhere near to Geb who also is associated with Libya.

(This is also a good point of how Plato or Solon had knowledge of AThena as Neith which was also evidenced in Linear B Mycenaean scripts)

This comparison to Neith is also strengthened by the fact that Atlantis ruled Europe up to Tyrhennia (Italy) and Libya (north Africa) up to Egypt as mentioned by Plato.
A strong fact that many ATlantis researchers ignore for their theories of Atlantis to be placed in far away locales like Indonesia, south or north Americas, Antarctica, Asia, the Black sea or even Greenland.

The other striking fact is that Pharaoh Menes can also be compared to Atlas.

The Glpyh for Mn = "enduring".

Mn Nfr = "enduring beauty".

Mn or Menes = "established"

Menes is also considered to be the "foremost or established father of Egypt" or the First pharaoh of the First Dynasty.

I have also shown the mysterious bostrephodon (backwards) names of our Atlantean founders in the critias which reveal a Latin hidden message that also suggest that MneSeus and Evaemon were the main Atlanteans. Mneseus, I translated as "memory of a god or warrior" which also compares to his Egyptian title of Hor-Aha or "Horus The Fighter". He also introduced the worship of the God, Ptah.

Eveamon was translated as "fortunate or favored woman" which can also be compared to Menes' wife, Neit-hotep.

It is also interesting to note that Abtu/Abedju or Abydos was also the cult center of the god Khentiamenti (foremost of the westerners) who was later compared to Osiris.
Abydos was the holiest city in Egypt during the 7th dynasty and had a canal from the river Nile up to the Temple of Seti I which was later usurped by Ramses II.

Another clue that links Menes to Atlas is also;


Weneg-The flower-sign used to write his name "wng" was early on mistakenly replaced by a papyrus-plant glyph, changing his name to wadj-nes.
This was translated into Greek by Manetho into "outgot-las", which resulted in "Tlas" in the transcriptions.


This is saying that "nes" transfers to "las". So Mn-nes would also be At-las.
Like Atlas having Atlantis named after him, so was Memphis called Mennefer (Mn nfr=enduring beauty) which relates to Menes. (enduring)

n = we/us/our; in Egyptian
n sp = together


At-las (laos/tlas) = foremost father (atte) enduring, (tlas) of the people (laos) = established, permanent.

Mn-Nes = enduring (Mn) of the people (ns). (foremost established father) it=father in Egyptian.

Hat.=foremost, front of; Hat.ns = foremost of the people. At-laos = foremost of the people

Atlas = Menes

There are some interesting comparisons between the 10 kings of Atlantis and the First Dynastic kings of Egypt.
There is of course, a question of whether the 10 Atlantean kings names are in order as related by Critias.
Around 420.bC,Critias was able to study the original script passed down from 570.bC to rehearse for his presentation at the theater in front of Socrates which he orated from memory.
This also leaves a question of whether Plato was using the original script from Dropides to Critias also or a recorded script of Critias' live speech at the amphitheater.

Some of the Egyptian names like Menes, Djer and Merneith, seem to line up correctly while others do not.

Gadeiros would be in Phoenician, GA DR, meaning rich in goats. Djer was also spelled in some cases DR, where we also realize that J and I were interchangeable. So Gadeiros or Gad (j) r can also be thought of as Djer.

Queen Merneith lines up with Evaemon whose meaning suggests that it is a women's name. Considering 5 sets of twins were born to Cleito, it is highly probable that at least 1 of 10 would be a female child.

Diaprepes, meaning "written knowledge of God", strongly suggests that He should be matched up to Semsem (semerkhet), whose name means "priest of priests" or head priest. His heiroglyph, 7th in the Abydos list, is the only glyph for a king drawn entirely as a standing priest with a was scepter.

Den seems to suggest being lined up with Ampheres because he was known as the "two estates" and the first to use the "two ladies" nebty titular. His name by Manetho, Usaphais, also compares to Ampheres.

Raneb, being identified with the Sun could compare to Azaes.

These are the Atlantean and Egyptian names in order as recorded.

Atlas..............enduring, established..............Menes in sheep/goats..................Djer rest at both sides..................Djet (wadj)
Evaemon.......famous woman.........................Merneith
Mneseus........memory of god/warrior.........Den
Autochthon...earthborn...................................Merbiap (anedjib)
Elasippus......horserider..................................Semerkhet (semsem...Head Priest)
Diaprepes.....knowledge of God....................Raneb


Meni;.......................enduring, established, Hor-Aha, horus the fighter.......Menes
Djer;........................Hor-Djer, Horus who succours (rescues,aides)..............Iti...Kenkenes
Djet;........................Wadj, horus the snake/cobra.............................................Ita...Uenephes
Merneith;...............beloved by Neith
Den;........................horus who strikes, two estates, septi, udimu..................Usaphais
Merbiap;................Anedjib, safe of heart...........................................................meibis
Semerkhet;.............Semsem, companion of the gods, priest of priests..........semempses
Qa'a;........................extended of arm, qebehu /qheb
Hotepsekhemwy;....two powers at rest /satisfied.............bawnetjer.............boethos
Raneb;.....................lord of the sun, ra is lord, nebre, kakau, soul of bulls....kaiechos
khnumnetjer;.........Banetjer, ninetjer, Sacred ram..............................................binothris
Weneg;....................wadjnes, fresh of tongue?, outgotlas.................................Tlas

Memphis - Mennefer, Ineb-Hedj (The White Wall)
Ankh-Tawy (That which binds the two lands), Hiku-ptah > Aigyptos
(includes; Dahshure, Saqqara, Abusir, Zawyet el-Aryan, Giza, Abu Rawash, Mit-Rahina)
extended some 19 miles along the west bank of the Nile.
mn-nfr, Hwt-kA-ptH

Queen Merenith ruled Egypt as regent when Den became king as a child.
There are, however, many scholars who think that Merenith was a ruler in her own right.

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 Post subject: Re: ATLAS- The First Twin King and Son of Cleito
PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:40 pm 
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Atlantean____Egyptian___Egyptian meaning_____Greek meaning

Evanor______Menes____enduring, established____primeval firstborn

Leucippe____Neith_____she of the (white?) waters_white, horses, light of beauty

Cleito_______Tejat(i)___God’s favored, hill______Kings favored, hill

Atlas________Djet_____horus the snake_________Foremost of the people

Gadeiros_____Djer_____Hr Dr, horus who aides___Ga Dr great in sheep, shepherd

Evaemon____MerNeith__beloved of Neith________fortunate woman

Ampheres____Den______horus who strikes (nebty)_at both sides

Mneseus_____Semerkhet_companion of the gods___memory of God

Autochthon___Anendjib__safe of heart___________earthborn

Elasippus_____Qa'a_____extended of arm_________horse rulers

Mestor___Hotepsekhemwy_two powers at peace____nne middle, suitor, advisor

Azaes_______Raneb "lord of the Sun"____________ashened, burnt

Diaprepes___Ninetjer____The One of God_________knowledge of God

Djet, should actually be before Djer in king lists and also the foremost king after Cleito.

Djet and Djer in king lists would be Iteti and Iterti. Obviously they are twins.

Den also went by, “the one of the desert” for his Nebty or “two ladies” title of which he was the first pharaoh to use this title that compliments “at both sides” or “two names”.

Semerkhet and Anendjib switched places to compliment the meaning

Some horus names may not match where nebty names or others might like Den’s

When we include my comparisons in this list and the indication that the Menes or Aha3 ivory label appears to relate a voyage to Atlantis named HAt Nt Tj rw (Atanti) in the Aha3 label and the records that Solon and the priests were looking at in the Temple of Neith, there is astounding evidence that the Egyptians are really Atlanteans as proposed and also indicated by the Atlantean Libyan district of Maerea or Mareotis as the intial rulers of Egypt and Neith’s origin being related to Libya like Athena also was or Neptune.

Menes also compares to Poseidon as breaking up the ground around the hill of Cleito to make the royal city when he broke up the ground to dam the Nile around Memphis turning it into an island on the western side and building a lake that bordered the north and east sides of Memphis.

This is not to say that Memphis was Atlantis as some suggest the labels are talking about the Nile Delta, nor that these were in fact the original kings of Atlantis, but that they preserved and carried on the names and traditions after the flood (hathor bulls) and the death of the 10 kings as displayed by the “commemorative” Narmer Palette that also shows Menes’ daughter Tjt or Tejati.

We also know that there are Libyan Kings prior to Menes as the Turin king list or Palermo stone reveal that support this thesis.

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 Post subject: Re: ATLAS- The First Twin King and Son of Cleito
PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:28 am 
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What this HYPOTHETICAL theory of Atlantis for Egypt, is that Atlas was Pharaoh Menes and Cleito was Neith. In relation to Menes' love of sailing and fishing, he may have given rise to Poseidon for the Mediterranean as in the term of Minoans and also disguised in Plato's list for the Atlantean King MNESEUS.

I suspect this because of my own PLATO CODE for Atlantis and Plato's hidden message of the betrayal of Syracuse, Italy's King Dionysios with the East, who imprisoned Plato ca.360.bC when he wrote the Timaeus and the Critias dialogues. Not only does this reveal a traitor for the politics and secret message of his time, but it also reveals that, as I suspect, MNESEUS was the main King of Atlantean twins and not really Atlas who simply means "Foremost King" as Menes also is for our records of Egypt.

Initially when I began my Atlantis research in 2003, at the onset I suspected that these 10 kings symbolized the Atlantean control for the entire Mediterranean and not what we are told in the Critias. This is reflected by my translations of the Twin Kings and Founders for their meanings, such as Mestor is Mesraim or Egypt. We know this to also be true because originaly, Neith and Athena are Atlantean Libyans (Africans). Ironicaly, Critias means "Hebrew Judges" in latin that compliments the betrayal to that of the real unruly Atlanteans as the Phoenicians just as they still are today at the head of our world financial systems and control, wars,terrorisms, biblical falsifications that include who God himself really is. We also know for a fact by my decoding of the 9 Greek Muses (Secret of Mylo) that not only Hesiod and Herodotus realized and preserved, but that these names in truth tell us about the control of a "Secret Society" since at least 800.bC and common with that of the Phoenician expansions of slaughter and "thou shalt be put to death" for our bloodthirsty god of lies!

This does not mean, that Atlantis did not originate in the Atlantic Ocean as specified and rather obvious for the truth of our First Garden, ie; Atlanteans being "Foremost Earthland People of God's Island", but that as the Narmer Palette testifies to, Egypt became Atlantis all over again as is written upon her grounds and histories. Right after Menes we also find "Twin Kings" of Djer and Djet. DJ meaning of JA who was known as Min, Amen, Amon or Amun and also as I AM and JA of the bible before his disguise. Thus the Egyptians who were the first to say AMEN and where scholars tell you it means "the hidden one", ie our Real God! Jesus also called His Father, AMEN.
Coincidently, Amen is also termed for Amenti or Foremost of the westerner which is the realm of Nun or Neptune, that is...Atlantis as the Am-Duat specificaly points to or Homer's Scheria (Skeria > Seker) or the fact that Homer tells us Atlas's island was in the Atlantic where Calypso resided.

Thus, the first 10 kings of Atlantis preserved are those of Menes and the first dynasty, in memory and honor of the real Atlantean twin kings as the Narmer Palette clearly shows! Further evidence of this is the fact of the Atlantean control and that the war would have been fought in the eastern Mediterranean. When Atlantis sank in the Ocean before the straites, it even destroyed all those within the Mediterranean and the reamaining Greek warriors as written. Hence, the Hathor bull symbolized with the 10 kings on the Narmer Palette. Further evidence we find in the sunken cities off the coast of Alexandria by Frank Goddo and his team or even landbridges like the Tunisian disappearing or the Gulf of Gabes becoming larger from sunken lands. The Cyclades islands and Greece itself changed with more flooded areas.

The vitality of all this must lie in the Foremost Atlantean district of Maerea in likeness of JA MN who would have also been the same God for Atlantis.

I have already shown much evidence that supports Menes along with the Egyptian name of Atlantis and his labels that speak of a mysterious voyage to Hat.ta.Tjeru or Hat.ta.Nt.Tjeru or God's island. There is also a Neptune Trident on the Menes lables, the temple of Neith and a Bull along with Ships.

You can see my research of how the first dynasty kings relate to the 10 twin kings that were preserved around the world, even to that of Deucalion - Deka Leon as 10 lion kings or the 10 lion kings on the Atlantean Etruscan Scepter or even with the biblical kings. Even the Sumerians and Babylonians had 10 kings in likeness of our Atlantean kings, and in all probability, Menes was in fact Oannes.

However the real answer to Atlantis lies in Neptune or Nun or Seker's Realm or Evanor and Leucippe.

Study my PLATO CODE of the founders and 10 kings backwards and hidden in Latin where you'll see as I that Mneseus and Evaemon or Menes and Neith, are the main identities hidden by the simplicity of the complexity. :)

Atlantis = At-lant (Fatherland, Foremost island, Risen Earth Land, Daughter of Atlas)

Ancient Egyptian TATENEN = Risen Primordial Hill of Creation. Hat-nt-iw; Foremost Island of Neith.

A possible translation may be from an original name for Atlantis as ATATANA > TATENEN > ATLANTIS

Father=Aita (Basque) Patra /Atta (Greek) Pater (Latin) it (Egyptian)

Plato translated Risen as epanateilantos > anateilantos > ateilantos > atilantos > atlantos > atlantis.

We can also relate the old Greek word of ATE as ruined land.

Atlas ( Father's son, Foremost of people, rising son, risen stone, to endure / daring )
Nw Africa =Morocco ,Algeria (Aterians, Azilians,Atalantes

Gadeirus ( Great of Sheep/Shepherd, Great in size, Green body of rivers)

Greek - Eumelus = rich in sheep

Iberia= Basque, Celtic , Portugal, British isles, Hyperborean Europe.

Ampheres (to rest, at both sides) Amphiarus, Taranto > Otranto
Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Tyrrhenia, (Etruscans, Appennines) Malta ( Tarxien > Tarshin )

Evaemon ( fortunate woman ) Athena / Neith

Tunisia, Libya ( Capsians, Qadan, Berbers, Maxyan, Lotophagi ) Lake Tritonis/Athena

Mneseus ( memory of a great warrior, God, Jove )
Crete ( Minos, Amnisus ) Phaesteus and Aghia-Triada = Mesara Plain

Autochthon ( earthborn , native) Phoroneus, Prometheus.
Peleponnesia, Sicyon, Argo, Attica, Thracia, Cyclades, (Hellenic Greece)

Elassipus ( horse riders / rulers )
Anatolia ( Phrygia, Troy, Ionia, Caria, Ephaesus, Ecbatana )

Mestor ( NNE middle. Suitor )
Phoenicia, Syria ( Byblos, Tyre, Sidon )

Azaes (Heat or Ashened one)
Mauretania, Aethiopia ( Azas, Azamor , Alata, GuAlata, Guanches)

Diaprepes (Written Knowledge of God, highly distinguished )
Egypt, Nubia, Sudan, Aethiopia. (AVILA =Africa / Kush)

The Founders
Neptune ( Sea/ Land God, Earth-Shaker, Savior of Ships, Horses ) Cleito’s lover.
Socrates also interpreted Poseidon (Neptune) to mean "without feet" or at feet's end or Chained Feet, meaning that when man came to the lands edge, he could no longer walk further. Coastal shorelines.

Evenor ( primeval firstborn, arrive with strength, vanishing ) Cleito’s Father

Leucippe (Grove of White Poplars, White Horses, Light of Ipse) Cleito’s mother

Cleito (emperor’s favorite, sloping hill) Acropolis hill, Atlantis Royal City.

ATLANTES-of Libyan people
ATLANTICUS-of Mount Atlas

The word Atlantis broken up into syllables Aa-ta-la-na-ta-ia-sa
Re: Basque Translation by Riven

"The main evergreen forest is born a joyous miracle at dawn the abundant
monument increases to unite the future arrival and remain loyal to the secret of creation."

Egypt's well guarded Secret

Atlantean____Egyptian___Egyptian meaning_____Greek meaning

Evanor______Menes____enduring, established____primeval firstborn

Leucippe____Neith_____she of the (white?) waters_white, horses, light of beauty

Cleito_______Tejat(i)___God’s favored, hill______Kings favored, hill

Atlas________Djet_____horus the snake_________Foremost of the people

Gadeiros_____Djer_____Hr Dr, horus who aides___Ga Dr great in sheep, shepherd

Evaemon____MerNeith__beloved of Neith________fortunate woman

Ampheres____Den______horus who strikes (nebty)_at both sides

Mneseus_____Semerkhet_companion of the gods___memory of God

Autochthon___Anendjib__safe of heart___________earthborn

Elasippus_____Qa'a_____extended of arm_________horse rulers

Mestor___Hotepsekhemwy_two powers at peace____nne middle, suitor, advisor

Azaes_______Raneb "lord of the Sun"____________ashened, burnt

Diaprepes___Ninetjer____The One of God_________knowledge of God

The Secret of Mylo and The Books of Herodotus by Riven. 2006.aD. (8488aJA.)

9:05 PM 1/12/2006

Herodotus of Halicarnassus.

Book 1) Clio
Book 2) Euterpe
Book 3) Thalia
Book 4) Melpomene
Book 5) Terpsichore
Book 6) Erato
Book 7) Polymnia
Book 8) Urania
Book 9) Calliope

Book 10) Where is it? Someone has it.

Herodotus was writing in the era of memory of the 10 Kings (after 1500.bC,Deukalion), and he definitely was not writing about the Ennead....
Please return the book to us, It belongs to Man and Woman.
You can no longer hide the lies.

The Secret of the Books of Herodotus by Riven.



Epo- illa- caina- rua- in- mylo- potare- ero- h(ae)cis- pretene- moplema (Mopsus)- ila- hete- pretueo.

Epic by that way fallen (Vulcan?) to waste/sorrow into this MYLO > Mysian/ drunken wanderer with his faults, to lie before the Oracle broken Secret Society greatly prized here.

Translated with Cassell's New Latin Dictionary, 1959 edition....from Ja.

By SaJaRa Riven Jan 12,2006.aD (8488aJA.)

RETURN THE 10TH BOOK OF MYLO....Please, it is a piece of our History, along with the Books of Alexandria....Thankyou.

Strangely enough, I also encountered a hidden message of the Politics in the time of Plato while he was imprisoned in Syracuse by the Traitor Dionysios around 360.bC when Plato also penned the Timaeus and Critias. The Critias is the inflated version of the Timaeus that goes into detail about Atlantis and reveals to us the Greek names for the founders and 10 kings of Atlantis. As I did above for Herodotus, we can also write the Atlantean names in order and turn them around to reveal another secret message in Latin!

The Secret of The 10 Atlantean Kings names from Plato’s Critias written 360.bC, (Critias = Latin = Hebrew Judges)


Latin Boustrephodon (backwards)

A 2,367 year old secret revealed from Paulo Riven.

Oftenly their ruler at his leisure would steal secretly to the Salentini secret society at the south east end of Italy with a band of brothers of the Macedonian army, while you were accustomed to your memory, towards evening in a galley with seven banks of oars.
The Marsians (tall male Germanic Scythians) and Dacians (lower Danube) , went to where the high altar's fire is lit by the Boeotian women, the muses of Aonia near mount Helicon and the spring of Aganippe, the resort of the muses by the river Cephisus in Boeotia to compose by candlelight in the evening. - Paulo J.Tx.Mn (Riven) 2007.aD. (8489.aJA).

Translating the message of The Kings Names in relation to the Helicon Muses and the hidden meaning of the names;

Evanor - The Ruler
Leucippe - The General
Cleito - The meeting Hill of The Helicon Muses
Atlas - near a tall mountain - Helikon
Gadeiros - by the throat of a river - Cepphisus
Ampheres - on one side of the river (WEST - Griffin Cultures / Cobra)

Evaemon - Cyrene Libyan Greeks and Iberrio Celtic Etruscans (Africa and Europe)
Mneseus - Atlantean Minoan Lord of The Mediterranean and Delta Nile (ref:Atlantis)

Autochthon - who are indegenious to these lands (Europe and Africa)

Elasippus - fought the horse riders on the other side of the river (EAST - Serpent Cultures / Vulture)

Mestor - the Persian Phoenicians Sumerians and Egyptians
Azaes - the Nubians and Arabians
Diaprepes - and the Aethiopians and India (Secrets of Tanzania / JA)

As you can see from the above translation, not only do we learn a secret about the politics in Plato's era, but we are also being told that Mneseus appears as the main Atlantean King.

Deukalion-Apollo-Maia > aiaM-ollopA-noilakueD >

As I Am Olla Para Nosa Illa que e de > As I Am Look To The Island I Gave You = Atlantis. :)

After All I Am an Atlantean MneSeuS and Son of JA MN.

We are All Atlantean. Foremost Earthland People of God's Island!

To Know Is Immortal
Lux of Ipse

AeJor Mn
Paulo Riven
Sword of Avila
King of the Double Falcons
Opener of the Ways
Obsidian Dragon Slayer
Waterer of The Garden of Avila
The Argo Wind
White Dragon King

Saturday, July 03/2010 (8492.aJA)

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 Post subject: Re: ATLAS- The First Twin King and Son of Cleito
PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:45 pm 
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These are the Atlantean Kings and the Egyptians in order as recorded.

Atlas..............enduring, established..............Menes in sheep/goats..................Djer rest/at both sides................Djet (wadj)
Evaemon.......famous woman......................Merneith rest at both sides................Den
Autochthon...earthborn................................Merbiap (anedjib)
Elasippus......horserider................................Semerkhet (semsem...Head Priest)
Diaprepes.....knowledge of God...................Raneb

These are the Atlantean kings revised with the Egyptian in order.
Notice that Mneseus now pairs with Evaemon just like Plato's code? Djer and Djet were twins.
Autochthon pairs with Ampheres like Greece and Italy as Atlantean cousins.
Mestor like Mesraim is the merger of Egypt with Phoenicia, thus NNE.
This may very well be the correct order for the Atlantean kings if Egypt's order doesn't change.
Critias was speaking from memory at the amphitheatre after he studied the original notes from Solon for the event after the Timeaus where his mind was triggered to

remember by Socrates' theme of an ideal state. That night he went home and pondered over it with his friends for the next day as he wrote.

Atlas_________enduring,established_______Menes (Athotis > Atlas)
Gadeiros_____rich in sheep/livestock______Djer

Mneseus_____memory of God/warrior_____Djet
Evaemon_____famous woman/neith_______Merneith

Ampheres____to rest at both sides_________Den
Autochthon__earthborn__________________Merbiap anedjib

Diaprepes____knowledge of God_________Semerkhet (semsem, head priest)

Mestor_______advisor/suitor/nne_________Hotepsekhemwy (Egypt and Phoenicia)
Azaes________ashened/dark skinned_____Raneb

*Since Djer and Djet are twins, that would have to mean that Atlas pairs with Evaemon.

(Avaemon?/Ave Maria/ Ave MerNeith/ Ave Maerea! - Maerea the Atlantean Libyan province of the real Egyptians in the pre-dynastic delta nile and first dynasty!)

As in Menes and MerNeith. The beloved is Maerea, their home or "MR" to love! (Neith of MAEREA who Menes married to rule the Twin lands!).

Gadeiros and Mneseus would make sense with Europe and the Minoan/Egyptians.

However I feel the answer lies in as I stated that Mneseus and Evaemon are the main kings, while Atlas would become Djet ahead of Djer.(they're twins).
Djet would have been named Atlas in memory of his Father Menes, which is why they relate and interchange as Mneseus for Atlas!. (Iti/athoti).

Complicated but I believe the Atlantean pudding is quite tasty!

Meni;.......................enduring, established, Hor-Aha, horus the fighter.......Menes
Djer;........................Hor-Djer, Horus who succours (rescues,aides)..............Iti...Kenkenes
Djet;........................Wadj, horus the snake/cobra.............................................Ita...Uenephes
Merneith;...............beloved by Neith
Den;........................horus who strikes, two estates, septi, udimu..................Usaphais
Merbiap;................Anedjib, safe of heart...........................................................meibis
Semerkhet;.............Semsem, companion of the gods, priest of priests..........semempses
Qa'a;........................extended of arm, qebehu /qheb
Hotepsekhemwy;....two powers at rest /satisfied.............bawnetjer.............boethos
Raneb;.....................lord of the sun, ra is lord, nebre, kakau, soul of bulls....kaiechos
khnumnetjer;.........Banetjer, ninetjer, Sacred ram..............................................binothris
Weneg;....................wadjnes, fresh of tongue?, outgotlas.................................Tlas

Paulo Riven Tribes of Atlantis
Sunday July 04/2010/

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 Post subject: Re: ATLAS- The First Twin King and Son of Cleito
PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:25 am 
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The nearly corrected order is;

King MneSeuS_________Menes
Queen Evaemon________Maerea Neith - MerNeith


Autochthon_____________Merbiap Anedjib



Notice the use of H-otep with Sekhemwy as Mestor? This ties in Phoenicia with Pharaohs as the unruly Atlanteans who were the betrayers and cause for the war!
(Atlantean law, if any king revolted the rest were come to the rescue)

What I suspect is that Diaprepes should be last and paired with Azaes, because of the biblical flood patriarches and Africa as the second Garden.
Ie; Diaprepes as Noah,Utnaphishtim, Xisuthrus, Ubaratutu or Chrysaor, thus the last king of the list.
Mestor would also compliment Elasippus as for the Phoenicians and horseriders of Asia or Mesraim for Egypt.

Thus the correct order should be;

King MneSeuS_________Menes (Athotis)
Queen Evaemon________MerNeith ( Maerea Neith) (Maia Atlas' daughter)


Autochthon____________Merbiap Anedjib


Diaprepes_____________Semerkhet SemSem,Chief Priest

MneSeuS compliments Min and Amen or the biblical I AM or Ia/Ya as JA MN and God's First and Foremost Garden of Creation on the island of Atlantis.
Atlas and Mneseus interchange, where Atlas means Foremost of the People or Foremost Island of God's People for Atlantis.
Atlas and Gadeiros are twins like Djet and Djer or the myths of Atlas and Hercules who are twins.
According to Herodotus, the Egyptian Hercules was 17,000 years prior to his time or 17,440.bC. (his years are correct)

That means the origin of the Royal City of Atlantis was at this time of 17,440.bC for the literal sense of Herodotus' 17,000 years.
In accordance with my Generation theory and the 2.79 factor difference between Herodotus and our modern Egyptian record, 17,000 years would be 6093.2 years.
6093.2 plus 440.bC = 6533.2.bC. Compare that with my 6482.bC date for our Re-Creation and First Flood. This date of 6482 was also only 8.7 years away from the bibilical chapters as days of years. (cf; my Garden of Avila page > Bible Chronology in my website) It also compliments the 6000.bC view of theosophists.

8000 Egyptian years = 2867.4 + 570 = 3437.4.bC for Egypt's founding.
9000 Greek years = 3226 + 570 = 3796.bC for Greeks founding.

What I feel to be true, just as the twins, two lands of Egypt or the Biennial cattle counts recorded for kings reigns, is that the numbers are all divisible by 2 or 1/2.

17,000 years for Hercules/Atlas = 8500 + 440 = 8940.bC for Atlantis, or similiar to the 9000 years mentioned by Plato.

9,000 years = 4500 + 570 = 5070.bC for the Greek state.
8000 years = 4000 + 570 = 4570.bC for the Egyptian state. (Egyptian calendar 4241.bC)

Double Falcon Atlantean era - 4570-3270.bC. The Atlantean War and our Second Flood we remembered as the Biblical flood or Atlantis sinking is closer to the end of this era. Ie; The Hathor Flood of Horus.

Spirence note; these disasters are caused by the satanic ritual of murdering the Son of Man or exchanging The Christ (Golden Orus) for satan (Black Horus). Whereas, Jasa or Philitis The Shepherd as He was known, was murdered Dec.10th at 8:08am, 3474.bC in exchange for Black Horus' birthday or an evil energy upon our Earth that allowed it dominion and caused our disasters, not God JA MN. So 150 years later, and after the plagues for their repentence to no avail upon Khufu the wicked and the times of the exodus, the world was destroyed and the Eye of Ra as Hathor sent out to destroy. We can then deduce that the flood was 3324.bC and 3284.bC life revived after 40 years and nights of flooding. The Narmer Palette with the Hathor flood and 10 kings memory is dated right around this time ca.3250.bC.

This great betrayal by the "Phanes cults of Pharaohs and Phoenicia" by the twins Mestor and Elasippus, combined with the ritul murder was the cause for the Atlantean war and our destruction by their Eye of Ra as Hathor (ie; Phanes, Sun Cults, Vulcans, satan > Zathanel HatuptaH = Horus and Hathor, Hotep and ptaH)

Therefore the Atlantean war and it's final destruction and flood was ca.3324.bC

However, there is a Catch 22 because of the 3474.bC date where we realize that Khufu was 885 years older than the records tell you! Not only from erroneous and hidden chronologies or errors in carbon dating, but also due to the conversions from lunar to solar calendar to hide his father Snoferu's sin and worship of Ra (ptaH) > satan > Eye of Ra > Pyramid Eye of Secret Societies today > lucifer/satan worship.

So the real date of the flood would be around 4209.bC and Menes would have been around 4035.bC from 3150.bC.
Egypt's founding - 5455 (from 4570)
Greece's founding - 5955 (from 5070)
Atlantis Royal City - 9825.bC (from 8490)

Herodotus stated there were 11,340 years for Egypt's history from his time and 342 wooden statues of priests (not 345 or 341 kings) were counted in his presence.
Therefore 11,340 years is actualy 5,670 years (1/2), plus 440 = 6110.bC for Egypt's founding or some 655 years away from 5455. Perhaps 655 years of Gods and Demi-gods before Kings?

Manetho quotes 9000 years for ptaH who became Ra. Ptah was actualy Min in disguise by them, like yahweh was a hebrew disguise for Ja Mn who is also Min. Manetho was ca.300.bC. Ra is generaly the same time as the sun temples or ca.2700.bC, plus the 9000 makes Min ca.11,700.bC. PtaH they say was enstated by Menes, but this of course is not true because Menes belonged to Neith, the Egyptian province of Maerea and Atlantis.

4500 plus 2700 = 7200.bC plus the 885 missing years = 8085.bC for Min according to Manetho. However we know that Min who is Ja Mn or Amen, originated with Atlantis ca.9825.bC or literaly the 9570.bC as stated by Plato.

Whew! Okay, now that we know who the Atlantean kings were in accordance with Menes as a "PRESERVANCE" of the Original 10 Atlantean kings tradition just as Plato PRESERVED the TRUTH about Atlantis and as MAEREA testifies to, the enigma is trying to figure out the Narmer Palette.
The confusion is whether or not Narmer was also Menes, which appears to be factual because of his daughter TeJati in front of him on the palette and the Narmer fish symbol that associates his love of sailing and fishing or the Oannes who appeared to the Sumerians. Menes' tomb also contained a ship burial with it and his labels clearly testify to his love of ships and sailing to the mysterious island of Atlantis known as Hat.ta.Ntr.iw and a trident symbol for the Atlantic Ocean realm of Nun or Neptune. The Tatenen primordial mound of creation westward to the Egyptians or Amenti as in meaning west or to Seker's realm of the Am-Duat in the Atlantic.

Therefore, the palette symbolizes the disastrous end of the last 10 Atlantean Twin Lion Kings or Double Falcons, as indicated by the twin lions being harnessed on the palette and the circle they form in the middle for the concentric city of Atlantis. Stonehenge,England and Akraim, Russia may also be symbolic dedications to Atlantis and it's customs for circular cities or constructions. The bull destroying the fortressed city below that appears to be recognized as the 3rd Nome, may also be that of Maerea or one of it's districts like Kom el Hisn or Mennefer (Memphis - enduring beauty) for the walled city.

The palette must be dated to Menes being 3150-3250.bC or the prior date as mentioned 4035.bC or 4135.bC and testimony of the flood being ca.4209.bC or somewhere prior to and near Menes.

Therefore, the conclusion is that the histories of Atlantis as told by Critias from Solon, were based on actual historical events of the first dynasty Egypt and the flood just prior, while the founding of Atlantis and the original kings are much older, and their names forgotten but their actions preserved as Critias said. Which is why the names changed to that of Menes and Neith who preserved the traditions of Atlantis that carried on through the first dynasty, only to be betrayed by Mestor and Elasippus, thus the account of Menes' mysterious death or that of Osiris being murdered by Seth and found under the cedar tree in Phoenicia for his betrayal, that is Osiris the betrayer of Phoenicia...see? Just like Dionysios betrayed the west with the east or the Ramesses kings. Thus Egypt's downfall and true histories were eminent, and the truth of Atlantis revealed by UadJAhor-Resne and the Atlantean Libyan king Amassis II ca.570-564.bC.

That's what I believe, you don't have to!
Evermore! To Know Is Immortal!

Now you know!

Paulo Riven Tribes of Atlantis
Sword of Avila
AeJor Mn
Opener of the Ways
Waterer of the Garden of Avila
Obsidian Dragon Slayer
The Argo Wind
White Dragon King
Lion King of the Double Falcons

5:55pm/ Sunday July 4/2010

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 Post subject: Re: ATLAS- The First Twin King and Son of Cleito
PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:44 am 
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Atlantis is Real and found at my location for the Josephine Seamount beyond any doubt,just as our True God JAO MN (AMEN) is revealed!


The Atlantean kings are IN FACT preserved on the Palermo Stone of Egypt!


Evanor______________SCORPION KING?

Cleito______________CALYPSO (COLAYPSAAY-MALTA)

Atlas_______________JAO (Japetos and Clymene)

Autochthon__________TSHETI (SETI)


Elasippus___________DEN (USAFAIS)?
Mestor______________MERBIAP ANENDJIB (MIEBIS)?

Azaes_______________QA'A (KA KA THE BURNT ONE)

JAO TO MENAMEN ARE CONFIRMED ON THE PALERMO STONE.!!! Solon MUST HAVE been looking at this stone with the Egyptian Priest!
It was probably in the Temple of Neit where the Sacred Registers would have been! No wonder Sais disappeared like everything else!

PU,PW,PY or PO is the last visible glyph prior to JAO on the stone. Calypso,Calypsu,Colypsay.

Atlas,Gadeiros,Evaemon and Mneseus are confirmed as in the above list.
Azaes and Diaprepes 99% sure for QA'A and Semsem.

Elasippus and Mestor Questionable characters of suspicion as my Plato code reveals the last 4 as enemies or betrayer Kings that revolted or usurped.

The war occuring with QA'A and the flood disaster happening 9 years after Semsem.

Menes carried on as Mneseus and proven by my Plato Code that Mneseus and Evaemon were the main rulers for their time.
Menes typically is set at 3150.bC plus 885 missing years = 4035.bC
Neitamen is probably Tsheti's daughter remembered as a King bearing Mother. (Seti / Geb)
Menes had to marry Neitamen to unify the two lands of Egypt and carry the Atlantean name of AMEN, our true God JAO MN.

25 year generational guess.

Evanor_____4235.bC__4241.bC Egyptian Calendar.___less 885 years__3350.bC

Qa'a_______3960______Usurper,Narmer KAKA,the burnt one.__________3075________Azaes
Semsem_____3935______Biblical Flood______________________________3050________Diaprepes
Flood______3926.bC_______less 9 years of Semsem's rule.__________3041.bC

2.455 generational conversion factor for the 9000 years. 2.79 was my prior guess between Erodotus and our modern kings lists for Egypt.
2 years being bi-ennial cattle counts or 3 years for Egyptian seasons. So in between is a good guess as 2.455 shows.

If we take the date of 4235 and subtract 440.bC for Erodotus,this gives us 3795 years. Multiply that by 3 seasons and you get 11,385 years.
Erodotus told us some 341-345 wooden statues were counted and that Egypt's records were 11,340 years prior to his time of 440.bC.
His generations being 33.33 or 3 people for every 100 years. I prefer 25 as being more accurate since most men and women have sex by 14 anyway!

3935 - 9 years for Semsem's rule = 3926 for the flood. (noah's 900 years!) Less 885 years = 3041.bC "disguised".

2589.bC_______Last year of Snoferu and Khufu together. JASA (Philitis The Shepherd Murdered Dec.10th,8:08am at 3474.bC.(885 missing years)

Menes from Khufu on king's lists.

23 kings prior on Turin Canon.
27 kings prior by Manetho.
20 kings prior on the Abydoslist.
18 kings prior on modern lists.

Total 88 / 4 = 22 kings average x 25 year generations = 550 years + 2589 khufu = 3139.bC for Menes as accurate for Modern "disguised" lists.
Plus 885 = 4024.bC Actual!!! 3150.bC being common where I am only 11 years away by the kings average.

Plus 63 years of rule for Menes would have ended ca.3961.bC, meaning that Narmer is actually the QA'A or KAKA on the list as his Bull leg and fish hieroglyph

reveal in truth of KA KA! That's why there is an apostrophe between QA'A for Ka or KhA. In other words repeat the Q or K as seen by his hieroglyph.

This was the cause for the Atlantean War remembered that would have commenced when Qa'a or kaka narmer took power.
The flood occuring after at 3926.bC actual or 3041 disguised.

So Menes would have been born around 4049.bC! You can still subtract the 885 years to compliment your modern lists of "disguises and errors and

subjugations".!!! (+ / - 25 years or one generation is acceptable)

Menes would have been made a King around 6 years of age,that would explain his long reign of 63 years! Compares to the story of Den and Mereneit,where

Mereneit had to rule as Queen until Den was old enough. While GaDjer and Djer (Djer and Djet) are in reality before Menes and Den comes after Menes!
That's probably why I had a hard time wondering how he "could be" Elasippus! Den might be a "mole"! Who is Den? The Palermo stone is "conveniently" broken

before JAO (Atlas) and after Menes (Mnamen/Mneseus)!!!

I'm guessing that Narmer Qa'a or kaka,may have been Abr-A'Am or AbraHam. So Elassipus (horserulers of the east and mestor and Azaes are suspects alike this

Semsem as Diaprepes. Den or Elasippus may have been Sargon or Nimrod of Babylon? Mestor would have to be the same Thoth character of Phoenicia and Egypt.

The list above stands near proximity!

Anyway we know that 885 years was lost at 2589.bC and replaced by "khufu time" and the solar calendars and sun temples.
Both dates being given.

Paulo Riven revised "Fields of Ephron" Chronology.

*885 missing years "modernized" in parenthesis.

6482.bC First Flood, 40 years.*(5597.bC) (Bosphorous straits Black Sea flood 5700.bC)

6442.bC Adam born Second Garden of Creation in Avila,Tansania. Atlantis II.(2516 years from Adam to following flood) (5557.bC)

5957.bc Building of the Tower 525 years after flood. Twin Pyramids of the Great and Red? 1,922 years prior Menes at 4035.bC.(5072.bC)

3926.bC Second Flood(3) of Semsem,Noah,Utnapishtum,Xisuthrus,Egyptian Flood of Hathor.(3041.bC) (3018.5 average of sept/chaldean)

3709.bC Jacob born (2824.bC)

3634.bC Abra'am born (292 years from the 2nd Flood) (2749.bC)

Qa'a: Hotepsekhemwy: Raneb ...c.2890-2686 BCE

3631.bC Rachel gives birth to Joseph. (2746.bC)

.........Rachel gives birth to Benjamin. Rachel dies.

3624.bC..Sara born (2739.bC)

3615.bC Joseph sold to Egyptians at 16 yoa.(2730.bC)

3599.bC This is where Pharaoh Djoser should be.
(Lists place him 5 generations of 15.2yrs ea.prior to khufu's of 2589.bC or 2665.bC for Djoser.(2714.bC)

.........Joseph made Governor of Egypt after revealing 7 year famine dream of Pharaoh (2465.bC)

.........and named "savior of the world" by Pharaoh at 30yoa.,

.........Marries Aseneth,daughter of Putiphare,priest of Heliopolis.

.........Joseph has sons Mannases and Ephraim

.........Pharaoh Djoser (2687-2647.bC) 7 year famine and dream. Stele of Sehel. Imhotep,Step Pyramid.

3579.bC Jacob reunites with Joseph in Egypt at 130 yoa.(2694.bC)

3562.bC Jacob blesses his 12 sons and dies at 147 yoa.(2677.bC)

.........Joseph leaves with Chariots and horsemen to bury his father in Ephron's field.(hmmmmm,chariots and horses in Egypt!)

3559.bC Abra'am leaves for Chanaan at 75 yoa.(2674.bC)

3534.bC Isaac born to Sara at 90, Abraham 100 yoa dies.(2649.bC) (not 175!)

3521.bC Joseph dies at 110 yoa.Buried in Fields of Ephron.(2636.bC)

3497.bC Sara dies at 127 yoa. Buried in Fields of Ephron.(2612.bC)

Khufu Time Starts.____________885 years lost_________________>>>>_****

3474.bC Twins Jacob and Esau born to Rebbeca, Isaac 60 yoa....(2589.bC)

.........JASA I (Philitis The Shepherd) murdered Dec.10th,8:08am,3474.bC by Snoferu and Khufu. (2589.bC)

3469.bC God's plagues begin, Wicked Pharaoh Khufu,Temples closed,150 yrs of darkness upon Egypt(Plagues)

.........prophecy of thrice born son not of the blood of Khufu to rule Egypt.

3454.bC Isaac dies at 80 yoa.(2469.bC) (not 180!)

3401.bC Building of the Tower (Great Pyramid "mirrored" and Babbeled). 525 years after second flood.Khufu/Khafre middle Pyramid of Giza.(2516)

3319.bC..Exodus begins 150 years after. 315 years after AbraHam.(add 100 double the 15 = 430) (2434.bC)

3276.bC Tabernacle of the Exodus built 245 yrs after Joseph's death. (2391.bC)

1832.bC Temple of Solomon built 1444 years after the exodus Tabernacle. (947.bC.)

1768. Flood of Ogyges(2)
1628. Santorinini,Thera Flood (1)
1529. Deukalion Thessalian plain flood. (Atlantean Flood 3rd before Deukalion)

Capture of izrael by Nebuchadanazar (620.bC.)

Truth of Atlantis Revealed to Solon at Sais by Amasis II and Uadjahor Resne.(570.bC)

128 Rabbi "bible falsifiers" sinagogue council (444.bC.)

Alexander the Great European Western Revenge on the East and the Phoenician murderers! (335.bC)

Library of Alexandria and the Septuagint Greek Bible being recorded.

72 Rabbi Lies to Greek Pharaoh Ptolomy. cf; Letter of Aristeas.

JASA II (jesus) The Son of God. (5.bC or 0 to our Calendar)

332.AD___Constantine Black Bishops liars for the rabbi liars and betrayal of the west and Christianity!!!

420.aD__Hypatia Murdered, Christians persecuted, Library of Alexandria robbed and ruined for the Library of Pergamon and the Eastern Serpents!!!

"From Adam and 6442.bC to the second flood at 3926.bC: 2516 years; from the second flood to the building of the tower,525 years; from Abraham to the building

of the tower 233 years; from Abraham until the start of the Exodus from Egypt, 315 years; from the Exodus to the building of the Temple of Solomon 1,487

years; from the building of the temple to the captivity of Israel 1,212 years.From the captivity to king Alexander 877 years; from Alexander to Jasa The Christ our God's Son, 330 years. Altogether,6482 years from our First Flood to Jasa The Christ.:Paulo Riven ^A^. July 26.2010.

So our Re-Creation and Adam being estimated 40 years after 6482.bC from our First flood = 6442.bC for Adam.
Adam to the flood of 3926.bC = 2516 years. (Chaldean = 2242 years).

Samaritans place the flood at 2903.bC,Septuagint placed at 3134.bC. Paulo Riven 3926.bC (3041.bC or after Menes).

3634.bC..Abr-a'a-m born (292 years from the 2nd Flood) (2749.bC)

.........^.-Qa'a-.^....Hotepsekhemwy Raneb ...c.2890-2686 BCE Raneb started the sun worship and goat worship of mendes azazel yom kippur!

I'm willing to bet that AbraHam looked like Narmer KA KA!!!

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