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 Post subject: Phoenicia - the lost Atlanteans
PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:25 am 
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Obviously the Phoenician chronology is corrupted as they also are descended tribes known as the “real unruly Atlantean” mentioned by Critias, or in general the tribes with the “PH” name from Phanes who was Lucifer. These are the betrayers of Atlantis and the cause for the war alongside their satanic sacrificial rituals upon the altars like the Son of Man or The Christs throughout the Aeons. (Eras of JA MN) and Evanor up to Jesus The Christ or Kristos Kureos the Golden Orus or (Son or Sun) in exchange for their black Hora or Horus followers of Phanes the Black Horus.

Here we also find that Philos of Byblos was Josephus the Hebron Jew and that the Hebrons are descendants of Huni, Snoferu, Khufu and Khafre who became known as the Phoenicians from the Pharaohs of Egypt, the Atlantean colony from Atlantis. Hebron is thought by archaeologists to have existed around Khufu or ca.2600.bC alike Sargon of Babylon.

In my Flight of a Kings Golden Sandals paper you will find the chronology of the Phoenician Priest, Sanchuniathon as told by Eusebius of Caesaria and dated according to 30 year generations from Cadmus to Aeon. Notice that Sanchuniathon is close to Thoth at the end, where his knowledge came from the Ammonians of Egypt.
Naturally, this list is not accurate but a good basis for an attempt to re-structure and contemplate the correction with consideration of names being merged with different times or people.

What we provenance is that the Phoenicians like I have done with the first Dynasty kings of Menes or any 10 kings of tribal nations in antiquity, validate their origins and ancestors from God JA MN’s (Aeon) Foremost Island of Atlantis that was known by the name of Hat.Ta.Ntr.Iw or Foremost Island of our God, JA MN (Ta = TJA or Ta Ja God’s Earth alike the Djet pillar or “of JA”). Amenti for Seker’s Atlantis island (Scheria of Homer) and Tatenen to the Egyptians as the primordial mound of creation from Nun’s realm of the Atlantic. (Cleito’s Hill, Neptune).

Within the Phoenician chronology as they them selves tell us, we find that they are also a corruption of the Eleusian Mysteries. (Elu Master to the Phreemasons) or the Greek Myths.(Corinthians) or the Sun Temple worship of the Heliopolitans like our Occult secret societies of “VULCAN” today who still worship them and the many different names they go by like freemasons, jobes daughters, oto, rosicrucians, knights of malta, templars, Jesuits, golden dawn, illuminati or just plainly the truth as the New World Order in disguise of the Zionist Masonic Oligarchy of Phanes who did 911 for the Red Shields or Red Dragon Servants of Vulcan, thus Lucifer satan, alike all your wars, terrorisms, subjugations, plunders, murders, governments, central banking systems and media corruptions that also include altered histories or subliminal programming for your horse blinds of One Eye or One Law of their Pyramid! For Surely by the Hole of Their Law will thou Wilt in blindness and eternal confusion!

Evanor or EUANor would mean “most high (Uah / sky) of AEON = AEJON = JA MN.
His name also means “sacred, to arrive with strength, vanishing = Power of God and Atlantis disappearing.

Evanor became known as Aeon, Ousous and Ouranus to the Phoenicians and Ouranos or Uranus to the Greeks and Oannes to the Sumerians..

Neptune, The Atlantic Sea God, Nun to the Egyptians and Nereus to the Phoenicians.

Menes of Egypt would later be alike Evanor for their love of sailing and fishing and also appearing to the Sumerians as Oannes, the Fisher King, thus the Narmer fish symbol, which could also mean he was born a Pisces, waters, sacred birth, perhaps alike Evanor.
It is also clear and proven that we know Menes’ wife Neith was fashioned after Leucippe, Evanor’s wife, therefore Menes and Neith preserved the Atlantean histories and 10 kings as evidential by the 10 kings of the Narmer Palette and the names of the first 10 kings of the first dynasty. (Actualy, 9 kings and 1 Queen MerNeith as Evaemon or “beloved of Maerea” the Atlantean province settled from Atlantis in the Delta Nile district of Egypt that included Sais, Buto and Mennefer, the fortressed city of “Enduring Beauty of Menes”, not Hiku-ptaH, the later corrupted name, nor did Menes enstate Ptah as we are led to believe, but rather he was dedicated as a “Follower of Amen” or Min or JA MN, which is the true meaning of the Falcon on the Standard and not the corrupted Horus or Hathor who also became Astharte or Isis as “She of the Horns”. Which is why Osiris’ body appeared in Phoenicia under the cedar trees of the Libanus forest of Lebanon or place of the evils of solomon’s horror house of satanic rituals, thus Sirius Anubis! The story of Seth slaying Osiris was carried on as Cain and Abel in the bible.

Much like Isis or Astharte would have been to the Egyptians or Assyrians but sadly PtaH, Ausir, Aset, Horus and Astharte are born of corruption and evils for eastern worship of Sirus the star of Anubis, thus the dog star name of Black Jackal predators. In other words The Khufu evil family, sun worship, solar calendars, Satanism, ritual human sacrifices and cannibalism since Raneb The Goat of Mendes who corrupted AMEN or MIN or JA MN and was the first to use the Evil Eye of Ra symbolism in his cartouche. Ra simply means king like Re is Queen, thus Rhea or Rhaim. The Phoenicians from Atlantis settled in Egypt and went on to Heliopolis then the levant as the Hebrons where the Hebrew Jews came from and not Babylon or AbraHam, but rather Abraam of Egypt or the Hamites that are properly the Ammonians or Amites or Amorites.

How this all came about was from the Second Island of Atlantis as Tansania where JA MN’s Garden of Avila and re-creation after the island of Atlantis in the Atlantic restarted after the first flood of 6482.bC and the destruction of the original Atlantis in the Atlantic.
Then the second flood of 3250.bC or our biblical flood memorized, destroyed the Second Atlantis also that was revived in Maerea, the Delta Nile.

Although other tribes around the world survived the Global flood of 6482.bC as evidenced by NASA’ Goddard Institute, the main recreation took place for the “then” known world of the Mediterranean and Asia. Thus it appears as Tansania for the Cradle of Civilization or “Out of Avila (Africa)” theories and where the Egyptians and the Phoenicians originated like most of us aside of our real truths being Atlantis in the Atlantic as the First Garden. This is why the Phoenicians are also thought to have been from the Erythranaean Sea district known today as the Indian Ocean because of Erithea, Tansania’s Ethiopian district at the Horn of Africa straites, which are the twin straites to that of Gibraltar and it’s island of Erithea that also faced Gades and Agadir, or Island of the Sun. In antiquity as my maps and photos clearly show for our True Garden of Avila,
Tansania was a large oval island with a concentric city being the Olkarien Gorge where the Garden also is as a twin reflection to Atlantis alike the ruined straites of Eritea and Erithea.

Evermore, the symbolic meaning of the Ark of the flood sailing to and landing on Mt KilimanJAro with the kings and queens of Atlantis, where Japeth or Japetos to the Greeks is also memorized as the father of Atlas or the Javan cultures of the Mediterranean!
Japetos had a wife named ClyMene who is also known as Asia or testimony of that the Asiatic cultures also came from Atlantis like we all did! – Paulo Riven, Tribes of Atlantis.

Here is reconstruction of the Phoenician chronology that was corrupted or changed by them as well as being equated to different people at different eras for their own vanities and ignorances.
Further evidence of their origins from Atlantis as Egypt also is.
Keep in mind that the names of the 10 Atlantean Kings were forgotten but their meanings and actions preserved and passed on either orally or written as hieroglyphics or letters as the Sacred Records of Neith’s Temple of Sais, Egypt indicate or as Critias stated ca.420.bC and preserved by Plato ca.360.bC.

Evanor – Atlantis
Aeon - first mortals of Phoenician myths.
Aletae and Titans = Atlanteans

(Ousous, Ouranos and Oannes)
- Ousous first to sail, Oannes sailed to Sumeria.
- Revived later as Uranos and Gaia. (Leucippe – Neith)
- Ousous consecrates two pillars of fire and wind (Orichalcum)
- Ousous animal skin clothes = antiquity, stone age prior 3200.bC
- Memrumus, Hypsuranius sons of Aeon (Evanor ) - Hypsuranius settled Tyre.
-Tyre first Atlantean city settled in Phoenicia prior to Sidon and Byblos.
(Thus the Atlantean Etruscan relationship with Tyre)

Atlas and Gadeiros
Libanus and Anti libanus - Atlas and Anti-Atlas mountains. (Aside of Lebanon)

Memrumus, Hypsuranius (Menoetios and Atlas to Japeth and Clymene)
Agreus and Halieus race of Hypsuranius (Atlanteans, Aleteans, Aleutians)
Agros and Argrueros became gods of Byblos
Kronos (Chronos)
Demarus son of Ouranos
Elus (Chronos, Dagon(siton) and Atlas (Eleusian Mysteries, Master of Elu)
Dagon called Zeus Arotrios (corn and plough god)
7 Titanides or Artemides daughters born to Kronos.
Daughters of Atlas, Maia and the Pleiades
Astarte, Rhea and Dione sent by Ouranos vs kronos
Astarte, Zeus Demarus and Adodus (king of gods) rule Phoenicia by Kronos.
Astarte sets bull head as royal crown. (Followers of Horus, the Hora and Hathor the Cow Goddess)
Eimarmene, Hora and allies sent by Ouranos vs kronos (Egyptians)
7 sons born
Zeus Belus, kronos II Apollo born in Perae to Kronos.
Baetylus, stones of Atlas or Pillars of Hercules.
Baetylia - living stones created by Ouranos (Pillars of Hercules)
Nereus son of Zeus belus, Pontus son of Nereus
Neptune, Nun Atlantic,(Evanor) Pontus - Mediterranean
Sidon and Poseidon born of Pontus (Mediterranean) (Atlas as Sidon and Gadeiros as Hercules Poseidon, Sargon and Gilgamesh)
Melcathrus, (Hercules) son of Demarus. (Son of Atlas, thus Hercules and Atlas are alike in Myths.)
Kronos gives attica to Athena, his daughter.
Kronos sacrifices his son (Muth) as a burnt offering to Uranus (circumcision-satanic ritual)
City of Berytus given to Poseidon.(Mediterranean consecrated)
Kronos gives Taautus Egypt. (Zeus Belus – Hyksos Baal King, Zeus Ammon, the black horned “hidden one”)
Ledud, son of Kronos by Anobret also sacrificed upon an altar.(satanic ritual)
Kronos deified as Saturn.

As you can see, Kronos, Siton, Zeus, or Dagon are all corruptions of Atlas like Hercules and distorted truths for a very dark purpose.
Where clearly we see the betrayal of the “PH” cultures to Atlantis and the cause of the war leading up to the 2nd flood of 3250.bC.
Melcathrus may have been a son of Atlas to who was also portrayed as Hercules who identifies with Atlas in the Greek Myths, or Antaeus the Giant of Libya.
Dagon or Siton may have been Sargon of Babylon after the second flood.

Atlantean Wars.(near the second flood of 3250.bC where common city states arose after or liberated from Atlantean rule.)

War of Ouranos by Kronos. Kronos slays and buries brother Atlas
Kronos falsely replaced Atlas, then desiring to be a god, separates himself and replaces Jove as Zeus, Zeus Ammon or Zeus Belus, thus Zeus and Kronos are the same person.
Kronos or Zeus Belus or even this Poseidon must have been a Hyksos king from Phoenicia or Babylon as the names identify with ca.1500.bC when the Hyksos slaughtered the Egyptians as the Chanaanites of David. This would also explain why Zeus Belus was also equated as a King of Egypt as well as Babylon and memorized by the Greeks, thus they became “Hellanized”. Perhaps a descendant of Sargon of Ur, Babylon as a corruption of Siton or Sidon, where as Gilgamesh would also portray Melcathrus for Hercules and Utnapishtim as Diaprepes or Chrysaor. Thus Gilgamesh searched for his Atlantean ancestor Utanpishtim who was also the last king before the flood.

Uranus and Demarus wage war on Pontus (Mediterranean war- Evanor and Atlas respond to the Egyptian Pharaohs, Phoenicians and Phrygian revolt of “Philos of Phanes Lucifer” Kronos)
Evanor passes on and Atlas is defeated by Kronos. (Hellanized Greeks, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Phrygians of the Phanes “VULCAN” cults battle the Atlanteans, Kronos slays Atlas.
32nd year Kronos buries his father Uranos. (Atlas buried his father Evanor at 32, Kronos is not a son of Evanor but an evil disguise and opponent)

Atlantean King Diaprepes – Written knowledge of God.
First Flood of 6482.bC destroying Atlantis I of the Atlantic and the eastern Mediterranean alike the second flood of 3250.bC, Bosphorous Straits open ca 5700.bC, Global Flood ca.6200.bC-NASA
-Chrysaor – The Golden One, Priest, first to voyage - Diaprepes, Noah's Ark. Flood of 6482.bC later transferred as the biblical flood story after the flood of 3250.bC and Utnapishtim for Gilgamesh.
- associated with the Bronze and later Iron age from ca.3200.bC


Twins (Self-born, indigenous, born native to their lands)
Technites and Geinos (Greek Telchines and Cabiroi)
Genos and Genea - Phoenicia settled 3117.bC (after the 2nd flood like most city states after 3250.bC)
Prometheus and Epimetheus.

-Amynos (Phoenicia)
- King Menes (Egypt)

Magus – Suduc (Phoenicia)
Zeus Belus, Kronos

-Misor (Phoenicia)
-Taautus - Thoth - son of Misor
-Mestor - Egypt, Semitic Mesraim

Clearly we see a strong comparison to Atlantis alike that of Egypt! May not be perfect or actual characters verified as proof, but evidence evermore!

Then the Heiroglyphics and Heirophants change and mix everything up with truth and lies like the zeitgeist bible of satan disguised as God, yaHoVeH, the hooved one of vanities, blood lust and ruins!
In other words the Phanes Philos of Lucifer known today as the Phreemasons and the Zionist Phoenicians! A 5500 year old war that continues today with their cries of “thou shalt be put to death”!!
Evermore in meaning that a lot of thought over the years where ones lifetime is to their advantage to cover up histories prior, went into altering and changing the true meanings of the hieroglyphs as evident by plaster over layings or defaced scribes, thus the “ROSIE CROIX Greek/Egyptian stone of the Philos and ChamPHollion! Just like ZAHi HaVas continues their works today to hide Atlantis because this Earth and all it’s lands are deeds titled to Atlantis! Even the Red Shields or ZMO can not afford those kind of back taxes or scams that still are be counted for by our True God JA MN!
Thus their engraved tombstones for the Pit of The Calling in XHenYAH’s home of Phanes where it fell and is Zealed!!! Evil arose from Kenya’s Rift Valley where the Red Shields also call their home as the “Giraffe Mansion for PHILAnthropic lies” for the Red Dragon of todays ZMO! Xhem or Khem (Chem) the “Burnt Ones” therefore gave it’s name to Egypt as Khemet where dung beetles are highly praised and Hebrews of Khufu and Hebron bake bread out of Neat’s Dung as their god told them to do! Neat = Cow, thus the Corruption of our Sacred Neith into Hathor and Zekhmet, the bloodthirsty Evil Eye of Ra that slaughtered mankind for the flood of 3250.bC.! From Egypt it spread to Phoenicia and Babylon and the Voodoos of Africa! Thus our True Garden was tempted by the Serpent in Tansania, then they changed it to TanZAnia…….see?

Thabion First Heirophant of Phoenicia alters myths (Hebron - Khufu?)

Eisirius and Xna (Chna-Phoenix - Chanaanites)

Cadmus - 1437.bC

Records preserved by Suduc's 7 sons, the Cabeiri and 8th brother Asclepius by order of Taautus (Thoth)
(Altered Atlantis story and JA Mn who was also MIN or AMEN, Suduc may mean Sargon took the Ammonite knowledge to Babylon > later Zeus Belus and The Hyksos)
God's Sourmoubelos and Thuro (Eusarthis) rescue theology of Taautus. (Eleusian Mysteries - Heliopolis?, Zeus Belus and Babylon)

Hierombalus, priest of God Ieuo(Jeuo/Yeuo) gives records to Sanchuniathon -(prior trojan war - hebrews 1300.bC)
JA or IA or YA.(JA MN later altered to YAhweh satan by Hebrews of Hebron and Babylon - khufu time.)

Secret writings of Ammoneans (AMEN = JA MN or secrets of Ja Mn > Diaprepes > Written knowledge of God

Translated by Philo of byblos into 9 books
Philo Byblos -Paradoxal History - 3 books
Philo Byblos -History of the Jews

Philo Byblos = Josephus

Porphyry - against the christians, book 4, verifies sanchuniathon
Eusebius of Caesarea, Preparatio Evangelica Book 1

The Hebrew 72 Rabbis of the Pharaoh Greek Ptolomy who knew not God’s name in deception of 72 questions and praises of vanity upon Pharaoh, changed the original Hebrew again that became your bible and the fall of the Library of Alexandria for the library of ByZAntine Pergamon. Whereas the bible is continuously altered like Ben Asher ca 11th century aD.
72 Rabbis = 72 Dark figures of Osiris and Anubis = 72 Sepheroths of Kabaalah = 72 Lies of Virgins = 9. For our True God JA MN or 1 was bothered by the 8 or Zatan = 9 = war.
Sargons 8th son, perhaps unknowingly at this time was this Asclepius of a mountain nymph named Anobret (Goat-Mendes worship started by Raneb ca Sargons time or 2700.bC).
Asclepius may have been this Ledud who was sacrificed upon an Altar, probably at the Golan Heights, alike to AbraHam sacrificing his son there as their god commanded of his humbleness duty before him. Thus the H was added to Abraam as it also was to H-Umans.

Sanchuniathon tells us, after narrating all the discoveries by which the people advanced to civilization, that the Cabiri set down their records of the past by the command of the god Taaut, "and they delivered them to their successors and to foreigners, of whom one was Isiris (Osiris), the inventor of the three letters, the brother of Chua, who is called the first Phoenician." (Lenormant and Chevallier, "Ancient History of the East," vol. ii., p. 228.)

This would show that the first Phoenician came long after this line of the kings or gods, and that he was a foreigner, as compared with them; and, therefore, that it could not have been the Phoenicians proper who made the several inventions narrated by Sanchoniathon, but some other race, from whom the Phoenicians might have been descended.

And in the delivery of their records to the foreigner Osiris, the god of Egypt, we have another evidence that Egypt derived her civilization from Atlantis.

Mestor and Mneseus of Plato are probably the gods Misor and Amynus of the Phoenicians.

Quote source;

This article submitted as evidence and help for your ancient studies is subject to verification by further research. First we must plant the seed for the flower to grow!
A bit of a long read but worthy of consideration for those adept to seeking knowledge and not overcome by the sin of sloth!
Patience is Virtue!

This article by Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis
July 12th/ 2010.

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