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Author:  Paulo Riven [ Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:45 am ]
Post subject:  Member Notices

Promoting your websites or businesses

Some members join with the intention of promoting their moneymaking websites or businesses. Like every other forum, we do of course try to dissuade spam. However in good faith and in consideration of a legitimate website or business, please post your website or business in the "Plato's Lounge" forum.

Plato's Lounge is for general discussions and that way you can keep your updates in one tidy place for your topic there. Any other posting of your advertisements that are posted in other topics not related to them, such as ancient Egypt, etc, will be moved to Plato's lounge.

Only posts directly related to a forum topic are acceptable. For example, safari tours in the Ancient Africa forum.

Paulo Riven

Author:  Paulo Riven [ Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:00 am ]
Post subject:  Inactive Users

Some people who join our Forums, register their accounts but do not activate them by returning to their email and clicking on the link sent their to activate their accounts.

Please remember to do this or your accounts won't be active. In Good faith, I will activate inactive users for a 30 day grace period and immediately delete them if I identify them as spam or AI spam.

In part I do realize that this can also be due to artificial systems programmed for spam and why we use the additional letters or numbers identification system to prevent robots for new member sign ups.

Thank you.
Paulo Riven

Author:  Paulo Riven [ Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:17 am ]
Post subject:  Choosing your User Name

If you go through our list of members, you will notice as I have that many of them seem to have user names of irrelevant meanings.
A name should always have a form of meaning to you and reflect how you feel about yourself or your interests.

Try to choose something meaningful to you and that makes sense of course! Like SilverSurfer for skateboarders or surf board enthusiasts or one of the many names from fantasy movies, sci-fi, etc.

I try to accommodate the forums to reflect many areas of interest that you can place in one of the topics upon closer examination of them. Please try to post your topics in relation to the forum topic. If you are unsure, just post them in Plato's lounge that is for General discussion and if appropriate I can move them to a better designated topic and notify you as well.

Also, these forums reflect my self and as I, they are not of any cointel-pro or secret society purposes of brainwashing you with false beliefs or misdirections like zeitgeist or truths mixed with lies. Neither are they artificially inflated like other forums to guide you to their brainwashing reasoning topics.

Unlike other forums of biased beliefs who kick you out for discussing something controversial like Graham hancock did to me for my Atlantean machine topic, or book of thoth forums for my zionist freemason discussions, or History Channel deleting my "was Hitler an ashkenazi Rothchild puppet topic in their world war II forums without a reason, for example. I on the other hand accept ignorance entirely nor do I deny everything as their mottos of lies and deceit are.

Through ignorance we gain in strength because we learn from our mistakes and that is why ignorance is very important indeed!

No matter how small or irrelevant you think your post is, it's still something to be considered and may be important after all!

Have fun, enjoy yourselves and feel free to post in a community that takes pride in making you feel important and part of a family who cares about what you say.

Thanks Paulo Riven.

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