Atlantis was mirrored exactly as in Saqqara Egypt
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Author:  Socrates [ Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:47 am ]
Post subject:  Atlantis was mirrored exactly as in Saqqara Egypt

After realizing that the Twin Pyramids the Great and The Red of Memphis and Saqqara were border pyramids to the oval canal of Rosetau to greet the son with the Memnon Giant Collosal statues. I feel that what I labelled as the horsetrack or arena in my ATLANTIS IS REAL map,is actually this canal of Rosetau!
You'll notice that it appears to have fallen away from the two visible pyramids as if between them how it should be! Further evidenced because Critias told us the horsetrack ran around an entire ring of the first land section after the first water ring.


Here we see how it should look with one pyramid visible.


Here we find evidence that the Great does not suit the Giza plan and is "outside of the box".


Here is the missing sphinx north west of the Atlantean Red, Twin to the Atlantean Great.
The two Atlantean Lions or sphinxes obviously meant to be placed at the north south ends of the Canal of Rosetau alike the Twin Pyramids.


Solon was looking at the Palermo Stone in The Temple of Neith with Uadjahor-Resne,the Egyptian Priest! Beyond any doubts we may have!
6 out of 10 Confirmed!


Evanor______________SCORPION KING?

Cleito______________CALYPSO (COLAYPSAAY-MALTA)

Atlas_______________JAO (Japetos and Clymene for Greek Myths)

Autochthon__________TSHETI (SETI)


Elasippus___________DEN (USAFAIS)?
Mestor______________MERBIAP ANENDJIB (MIEBIS)?

Azaes_______________QA'A (KA KA THE BURNT ONE)

Qa'a also suits Elasippus as the horserider because he was also known by "extended of arm". (holding a horse reign?)
Qa'a is sometimes placed at the start of Dynasty II aside of the last of Dynasty I. Little is known about him.

Mestor could also have been Anedjib who is thought to have been Usurped" by Semerkhet. Anedjib claimed as a son of Den but had to marry Betrest to be legitimate. Anedjib could also be a usurper also or simply a son in law of Den rather than a son. The unified Egypt of Menes began to break down in Anedjib's time.

In any case,the focus is on Elasippus,Mestor and Azaes to find out who they were.

Atlas to Mneseus or Jao to Menamen being confirmed as on the Palermo stone, or 6 out of 10. coincidence? Not at all!

Author:  Socrates [ Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlantis was mirrored exactly as in Saqqara Egypt

I made a new map of Atlantis Royal City at Josephine Seamount, showing what you're seeing and how it should look.



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