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 Post subject: Roman Banking at a cross-road?
PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:08 am 
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Joined: Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:37 pm
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I just received this from a red-indian friend;

State of Independence

The BP Oil Spill is a view into consciousness. The infrastructure of the fused Roman banking systems and religiosity is consciousness. It is an exploitive alien agenda to the ecological system of the planet. It appears to harvest minerals but that is just the tip of the iceberg. It is here to dominate accordingly by a rouge hierarchy which sustains itself on fear. Global Pharmaceuticals are here for the genetic blueprint at the cost of the planet.

And their presence is most effective in dividing elders from within the communities of indigenous wisdom cultures. These elders have within their blood lineages a common respect towards nurturing and guardianship in allied principals of the Earth. While the consciousness of fear has done a good job of convincing citizens of their entitlement, it is this idea of entitlement that keeps communities separated from one another by colonial idealized fiction. The land has no borders. There are only geological and ecological systems.

The oneness movement is designed by the same Rouge Hierarchy. It is a soul harvesting plan. It is based on manipulation through hypnosis to pool the global attention of all those in polarity with fear, while it is of the same frequency of fear. Oneness is the church of the New World Order. Oneness is quazi disguised controlled baptism. Where as sovereignty is the spontaneous experience of earth spirituality.

In understanding the dimensions of consciousness one only need feel and align to the natural flow sourcing of the soul composite sustainable matrices of ecological systems. That is to be one in communication with the elements of life as sentient as you are. This natural way to be is conscious convergence and there is mutuality in being responsible to your soul and the soul of the earth. The one thought in conscious convergence is of the frequency of love, gratitude, compassion, generosity, understanding, knowledge and wisdom. Conscious Convergence requires the patience of meditative states of awareness and active participation towards planetary responsibilities in co creation.

There is a creative culture rising. The founding principals of interdependence thrive on integrated customary and sacred laws found through the order of nature and spiritual values. Those who have converged and are in conscious alignment with gravity and dreamtime are rooted in preemptive destinies of earth keeping sustainable to the ecology of the galaxy. There is a hierarchy founded on the respect of planetary law, and the sentient well being of all life forms. Conscious Convergence is empathic heart resonance.
The manifestation of the material world happens in the unconsciousness/conscious convergence of thought. How we attend to our collective manifestation is through free will.

Catch a quantum wave from the future on July 17th and the 18th 2010 to attend to the frequency of ONE LOVE. It is in remembering to participate on this galactic moment in gravity and dreamtime that we are to co create the power of one laser beam of singularity that cohesively generates soul power to restore ecology on Mother Earth and put an end to alien agendas.

May you walk in beauty
The Deer Way
July 4, 2010

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 Post subject: Re: Roman Banking at a cross-road?
PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:43 am 
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Joined: Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:26 am
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Location: Azores Islands, Atlantis
That was an interesting letter guided by Spirit Boreas. Or how our ancients were more in tune to the earth and God.
Those NWO aliens will never succeed with their plans and the internet is helping to backfire on them, even though they use it for monetary and intelligence gains.
Obama even took away the first american amendment by enacting a new law that prevents anyone or reporters from revealing what's going on with the highly publicized BP spill.

This spill may just be a distraction to keep us from concentrating on their war plans with Iran and then China for world domination.
There is a wealth of info at ATS or Above Top Secret forums where I also have a thread on Atlantis and a new one on why the nwo are satanic. All a part of this new global awareness that worries the nwo very much.

Not long before we return to Spirence and do as God said; Rid ourselves of Evils or the ZMO (nwo).

One who is in tune with mother earth, knows what they are upto as your post above, for this move towards a global consciousness of Aquarius.

Sort of the same thing David Icke talks about, but we must be careful of zeitgeist or truth with lies. ATS is no different and many of those forums are run behind the scenes by the ZMO as you can see from the 911 disinfo agents and such. I feel though that David Icke isn't telling the truth and is afraid to, that is why he uses the fantasy term of reptillians for their satanic rituals of envoking demons.

Just like kennedy said, secret societies are a cancer upon a nation, or something like that.

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 Post subject: Re: Roman Banking at a cross-road?
PostPosted: Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:23 pm 
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Joined: Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:37 pm
Posts: 20
But don't speak to soon,
cause the wheel 's still in spin.
There's no way telling who
that it's namin' -
just that the loosers now
will later to win -
as the times still are a-changin'...


All the money in the world won't matter much as these times changes.
At the bottom of rock the only thing that will help us through the nigths will be our cultural set of values.

Social values that is, like 'morale'.
Morale as in ethics, spirituality, consideration, creativity. Like in altrusim and/or spir-ence... 8-)

To people with a bad counsciousness it takes an effort to show that social stamina, honesty, loyalty and morale.
To people with a broken counsciousness it is very hard to mobilize that morale and get along, at all.
To people with an errased counsciousness it is not possible to show morale - since they don't know the difference anymore.
Moreover, they do not NEED to show morale - which makes life all the more 'easy', in social, political and philosophical terms. The're no position better than the ones with NO real, substantial and continous responsibility attached.

All mammals have morale, to various extents.
Primitive reptiles though, they don't need morale, since they do not need others. Except for food.
Whatever moves their way they consider a potential meal.
Luckily the nature tends to care for them as long as they can fit with evolution.
Lucky for them - since they do not have the brains to comprehend social patterns, laws and ethics - or the comon sense of collaborating, communicating and co-existing - to exist. "So why me worry...?!"

I guess what you refere to - due to this Icke? - is a parabel of how we humans can use our specific, human counsciousness ("matematical brain" (neo-cortex)) - to transcend our mammalian brain and operate directly from our reptilian brain.

This is the small nut on top of the spine - where the anachronism of our reptilian past still exist - to make our bodies and its functions run intact. From this state of counsciousness we may even learn to like to regress to the reptilian level of action. Much like the shell-covered insects with a lethal stinge we may enjoy the adrenaline rush of running into battlefields to endavour, seize, approach and 'eliminate'. We don't need the ufo/disinfo to explain that.

We just need to know that the reptilians is a branch of evolution - by the ways and laws of nature. In the other branch of terrestial life - in the mammalian societies you'll never see anything like that reptilian behaviour. Except from ours. God must be highly embarrased that he supplied humankind with the freedom of will - seeing that we've been willing to retard and make those kind of choices for four millenias already... :oops:

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 Post subject: Re: Roman Banking at a cross-road?
PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:30 am 
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Joined: Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:26 am
Posts: 144
Location: Azores Islands, Atlantis
Hi Boreas, sorry for the little late reply! Lot's of computer work these past few days building and troubleshooting a pc for a friend.

I gather the nut on top of the Atlas bone you refer to is our Pineal Gland or our "third eye".
That was a well written article that you wrote there,by the way.

As you mentioned and in parallel with the reptillians, they are basicaly psychopaths of no emotions.
What I meant aside of "psychopaths" is that icke uses the term reptillians instead of demon possessed envoking people who run our governments. This way it takes some of the blame away from the government and sounds less credible for the people to believe and cause major uproars against those in power. A bit of a zeitgest.
Since he has such a large following, if he came right out and told the truth, then we can imagine what would happen!
But people are approaching that truth and many know how they are satanic and occulticaly connected, which is rather obvious by our products and computers and everything else!

Since the internet has made all of us more connected, the human consciousness level is awakening towards our greater truths, such as Atlantis and all our research by many people is also awakening to that truth or my truths about who God really is will one day be awakened. As they say, 51%.!

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