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 Post subject: The Temple of Neith
PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:50 pm 
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Joined: Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:33 pm
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Thought I'd start a topic for Neith's Temple. A must have for every discussion on Egypt.
Neith's temple and Sais pre-date the first dynasty or even Isis.

Just testing if we can post pictures.

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 Post subject: Re: The Temple of Neith
PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:56 pm 
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Joined: Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:33 pm
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Well,it looks like Zahi Hawass or should I say KHAwass and Egypt's lies are up the Nile without a paddle!!!

I examined and corrected the entire Face side of the Palermo stone that reveals some startling and shocking FACTS!

Not only does the Palermo stone in fact reflect the first 6 Atlantean Kings but also tells us of a Voyage to Khenti-Amenti-Rosetau Atlantis as it was also mirrored in Lower Egypt at Saqqara!!! Evermore, I found evidence of my "psychic" and "astral" ascertation that JASA or the Previous Son of Man known as Philitis The Shepherd was in fact murdered by Snoferu in The Temple of Fire as my pictures show! Djoser being a name so they could remember where JOSE or JASA was in the record for their satanic rituals of Murdering the Son of God AMEN!!! (also known as JOSEPH)

We also learn of how Upper Egypt and the KHAKA kings of Narmer Ranubkha took over and subjugated AMEN,MENESES and NEITAMEN.
The Twin sons born to MENES and NEIT being Djeta and Djetaii.(ita and iti) Probably named from their Great Grandfather GdJerii or Gadeiros!

IAU or JAO,the first Twin King of course being also Atlas aside of our True God JAO MN. JAO MN with the Falcon with the Orb above His Head was altered into RA and they added the Ankh to his seated God Glyph. Originaly the Ankh as a meaning for "Life" looked like a human with two legs. It was split at the bottom as you'll notice on the Stone.

Wait till you see this! The Stone of Truth!

Told you Atlantis was Real and exists at my Josephine Location! I don't doubt that the powers that be already knew this!



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 Post subject: Re: The Temple of Neith
PostPosted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:14 am 
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Joined: Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:33 pm
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So we know 90% of who the Atlantean Kings are as remembered by Tejaru or Lower Egypt that consisted of Sais, Buto, Abu Roash (Asheru) and Saqqara (Rastau / Rosetau). We know that Maerea the 3rd District was the Main or Capital of Tejaru held at Sais,Egypt where the Temple of NeitAmen was or Anita.

Tjeti and Neit gave birth to Menes. (Seti and Nepthys for the Gods)
Menes was 7 years 6 months when he was ascended as King. His Papa Seti obviously murdered as the Horus vs Seti myth portrays.Seti murdered Ausir (Osiris) who was probably someone from Upper Egypt and tied in with the East or simply someone from the east and Phoenicia or even Sargon of Bayblon?

Neit would have been co-regent with Menes and probably later when he was an adult could have married him to preserve the bloodlines,unless their was a daughter in the picture from Tjeti, perhaps the MereNeit or the Tejati thought of as Menes' daughter but may have been his wife. Her name clearly reflecting Tjeti before Neit and the primary choice to explain Menes' wife. Therefore she was called "Beloved of Neit" or MereNeit and the district of Maerea named after Her.

In any case,Neit was co-regent and "imitated" by the Den Usurper story after Djetaii or Iti. Obviously when Upper Egypt attacked and the beginning for the Atlantean Wars upto when the flood disaster occured and we find an Earthquake also happening in Bubastis around Den and Anedjib.

At 20 years and 10 months of Age, Menes United the two lands as seen on the Palermo Stone clearly by the NSW plant (siwa oasis) with both Lower and Upper Egypt on either side below and attached to the Plant.

Then as Factual on the stone, Twins were born being Djeta and Djetii.Thus Djetii was termed Autochthon or self born of Ampheres or Djeta.
Djeta being Ampheres or "on two sides" because he had a twin.

Sometime in the rule of Djetii, the Atlantean wars started with Upper Egypt who revolted from Atlantean rule as my Plato Code clearly shows and tells us that Menes and Evaemon were the main rulers of the era,although Djetii was King because Menes and Neit were still alive.

Then Narmer Khaka comes along as Khanubra or Ranebkha or Nekhabranub. Simply known as Raneb or Azaes "the burnt one of Nubia or Upper Egypt > Khaka. Den being a fictional plant or a son or member of Ranub ruling at the same time for Lower Egypt while Ranub returned to Upper Egypt. What exactly was is difficult to say,but we do know who the Usurpers of Upper Egypt were that betrayed Atlantis. Narmer not being his real name but simply the title of KHAKA for an Upper Egyptian King of smelly fish and cow dung,such as they are.

This was even told in our Atlantean Script of Critias that if any of the other kings were to revolt the other kings would come to the rescue. A law written on the Pillars of Atlantis at Amenti-Rosetau. A voyage to Khenti-Amenti Rosetau even recorded on the Palermo Stone and Rosetau of course being mirrored in Saqqara,Egypt.

Most likely the flood occuring around the time of Den and Anendjib as the Bubastis earthquake records and the rise of hathor worship by Khaka Narmer Ranub. Tajeru or Lower Egypt being wiped out and her shores off of Alexandria falling into the sea where Frank Goddio and his team picked up the pieces undersea a couple of years ago.

Then Snoferu and Khufu murder the Son of God,JASA (Philitis The Shepherd) in the Fire Temple as recorded also on the Palermo Stone for their satanic rituals of the SNF-RA "blood sun worship sacrificing" voodoo cannibal families from Huni and Ranub. The Hermaphrodite bloodlines e'en to Akhenaten,the fraudulent Ramses kings and Phoenicia. The hermaphrodites born, being the kings and queens of the evil familes of SNF-Ra from Khenyas burnt lands,thus Khemet or Azaes for Egypt and Ranub.

Then God JA MN or AMEN curses Khufu and Egypt with 150 years of plagues and the exodus occurs towards the end for the Hebrons of Khufu and Abraham of Egypt. Thus the term Hamites for the district also as today.Abra'am probably the same as Khaka Narmer or perhaps a son of Sargon of Babylon who came in through Upper Egypt and why the comparisons of Egypt with Sumeria.Considering the bible says he came from Ur and Sargon or Nimrod. Maybe Nimrod was narmer? Narmer being placed after the flood of Anedjib and Den and as we know,other nations simply move in and take over what's left like Vultures of the golan heights. Narmer capitolizing and disguising himself after murdering Menes who was 63, like the Ramses kings also hide Menes in their names or liars of Amen and the ankh for Phoenicia and the Hittites. Menes sailed to Sumeria as Oannes and probably was under his control.

During the Exodus,the Pyramids of Khufu and Khafre (the middle one) and Menkaure's pyramid were built and the sphinx moved from her position at the Rosetau canal. This was bordered by the Atlantean Twin Pyramids of the Great and The Red being built by Tajeru Maerea and Menes who built most of the Great Monuments of Egypt including the Abu Simbel temple at Aswan,Nubia,Luxor and the Karnak Temple's beginnings. Where alike our Atlantean Scripture they appended or added to the temple in consecutive generations of Rulers. Then the upper Egyptian kings changed everything along with the scholars of today like Zahi Khawass who knows the truth about Egypt and it's Atlantean history that they alter or coverup also. Just as they deny the Truth and Facts of Atlantis and label Plato a Liar! Evident by the airshaft stoneplug and why God JAO or JA MN AMEN wrote His name with the two letters of JA on top of the Great Pyramid for me to witness as I did His face upon the airshaft stoneplug. The pictures posted since 2006.

Where we also know the Secret of the Eye of Ra as God JA MN at the second Garden of Avila (Eden) in Tansania! With His Wife visible also!

Now I don't know the exact story but we are on the right track of trapping those falsifiers of Phanes on the Egyptian board game of Senet!

And we do know Atlantis is very real at the Josephine / Torre Amenti-Rosetau Seamount and why the Atlantis legend came from Egypt and why it was also mirrored there in Saqqara! Question is what happened to the other Sphinx by the Red Pyramid?

The two Great Atlantean pyramids bordered the Oval rectangular Canal with a lion at either side, while the Memnon giant statues were centered to Greet the Sun, just as it was in Atlantis and seen in my new seamount map. Then they (ZHAKHA of Orion) shifted our Earth and the Sun and Mt Meru and Heru became the new Rosetau of upper Egypt.Thus Amen our Falcon headed God was replaced by Seker or ZAKHA (satan) and the Hawk for Horus. Horus meaning change of hours,time,years or 11:11 from 10:10,God's Time. The Secret of the Ham-Duat or Am-Duat ritual of Evils and ZHAKHA Seker with his Draconian Crocodiles of Sobek.

The catch 22 being that 885 years are missing from Khufu,whereas 3474.bC is marked by JASA and the Twin Pyramids were built shortly before Him or in the time of Menes's Rule. Everyone loved Meneses and MaereaNeit, where Great minds build great things. Evil minds build ruins and nobody remembers them!

Only when they have to look at their KHAKA smeared all over the place!

Guess we know why God's wisdom is hidden in babies to say KHAKA mama, can you change my diapers!They smell like Upper Egypt and Phoenicia!

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