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 Post subject: Atlantean Records Older Than Plato
PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:41 am 
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Someone asked;

There is another thing that bothers me about anything other than the 9000 years, Riven, and that is why there is no writings about it. Written records extend that far back, yet nothing was written even remotely describing what mirrors Plato's description of what he was told.

The main fact is that the Atlantis story came from Egypt.
The second main fact is that Atlantis is suppressed and has been ever since it was realeased in Egypt to Solon.
The third main fact is that Upper Egypt took over the Atlantean Lower Egyptians and also destroyed or altered their kings as the evidence proves for the hawk of horus replacing the Falcon of Amen,the Palermo Stone and kings or queens recordings being defaced and altered. It's not hard to sand everything down or cover it up with plaster and rewrite or redraw the new rulers.

Then in 444.bC came another big lie and the bible. The bible itself changing the course of all historical records and capping everyone to around 3000.bC so Adam could be 4004 usher bc.

The other big change being around 400.aD when the Library of Alexandria fell for the library of Pergamon to receive and re-account it's books for the Eastern lies.

There are two great truths that Atlantis holds. God and it's title deed to the Earth and all it's lands that were stolen from them. Thus they suppress it even today.

Whereas actual records to Atlantis may be kept in secret somewhere like the missing sphinx or it's "psychic" impression of Atlantean Chronicals being buried under it.

The other important factor is that alike the pharaohs names who were hidden in the bible, the Egyptian names for Atlantis and it's members were also hidden other than to state that Solon translated the names from the Egyptian.

However,considering all of the above, other stories we read today may actually be older legends or corrupted myths by the suppressors (and we know who they are). For example the sea people invasions of Ramses and Medinet Habu or the Greek myths or even the Hyksos stories.

A clear indication being of the fact that Ulysses visited the Atlantean Princess Calypso and may have been moved up to the Trojan War myth or that the name "Critias" itself in latin means "hebrew judges" as a Platonic clue to the eastern takeovers as Zeus itself also was for Jove and the Greek people. Thus they became H-ellanized and elapsed into the "dark ages" prior to and after Homer.

Even great cities like Sais or the extremely important temples of Neit disappeared.

Another clear example is Amen or Ja Mn being altered to RA or Menes's name being disguised as RA - mses as evident by the Abu Simbel Temple. So now it tells a different story and time era simply for the fact of the ruler's new name.

The Good news is that we do know for a fact that Maerea was the initial and Atlantean settlement for Egypt and that Maerea is still written all over the place.

We are also closer to the name of Atlantis with Maerea Tejataru and my other name for Atlantis in Egyptian being Hat.ta.ntr.iw or having the lion symbol. Something to keep an eye out for the glyphic writings, aside of other "H" signs,as clues to Atlantis stories being preserved.

The best news being that my map of Atlantis Josephine does in fact mirror precisely how Saqqara Rosetau of the Egyptian Am-Duat legend, would have looked as testimony to not only Maerea but that Egypt was in fact built and originated by Atlanteans who were there at least 1000 years prior to the Khaka voodoo pharaohs of Upper Egypt and their "hawks" of corruption.

What this all means is that records of Atlantis must be and are in fact still in existence for Egypt,Asia and Europe. We just know them by different stories or lies and that is why the Atlantis legend came and was preserved from Egypt.

There's still all the other evidence to surface for Libya,Tunisia,Algeria,Morocco and Europe.

Part of the reason why languages like Linear A or the Phaistos disk or even Egyptian heiroglyphs aren't fully understood and why it takes so long so they can get their own "decipherment" code corrected and in place for their own versions of their lies and rework or refabricate the relics like the Palermo Stone or the Narmer palette that sat for at least 100 years hidden away and released in the last 2 years only.

A clear factor being that the Palermo Stone is in fact read from left to right and not right to left because of MereNeiths pregnancy and the twins being born in the next square rightside of her on the second row!

Moreover,if the Palermo Stone reveals that hieroglyphs can also be read in the other direction and that they can and do inject their own newer hieroglyphs to alter words, how many more lies is there yet to uncover in Egypt and other nations?

HaHa, it's so ironic! Not only did Menes and Mereneit trap Narmer's lie between them on the top row like the Egyptian game of Senet, but Mereneit whose name is also Maat or Truth, does in fact reveal the truths of the stone!

We are winning Smiley and Atlantis does exist at Josephine, of that I am 99% sure.

Just as I and the Palermo Stone have revealed our truth about our True God Creator and His Son and the 2454 year old lie of the bible's yahweh and the 5480 year old lie of the Upper Egyptian khaka yoruba voodoo pharaohs!

What are they ever to do now? Where can they hide? How could they explain to their people that they have been lied to and that Osiris and Isis are but myths of Ra?

Miracles do and will happen and slowly but surely our planet and it's new consciousness are awaking to these very facts!

Thanks Paulo Riven:)

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