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PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 1:08 am 
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Greetings Atlanteans;

I spent most of the day formatting an easy to understand Tribes of Atlantis google blogspot for you all.
Hope you enjoy the scenery!

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 5:47 pm 
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Joined: Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:26 am
Posts: 144
Location: Azores Islands, Atlantis
_______________.111.[R].Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans Pt-II.[R].111._________________

Thank you for your interest in Tribes of Atlantis to research Atlantis.

Being an Atlantean myself who was born in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean on the Azores Islands, I can only verify for you that we do in fact exist and our hidden truths is greater than you would imagine. A truth, that will also greatly impact your very beliefs in general and your historical knowledge of our suppressed histories. Having gained an interest in Atlantis from my Father's words of our Royal bloodlines to King Ferdinand and Leonor in the 13th century aD, that led me to research my homeland, I found a link to Atlantis in the research results and went off into another amazing and miraculous adventure that day of 2003. My Father passed away at 55 when I was 22 and years later I thought about what he told me of Portugal.

I like you, thought of Atlantis as a Disney cartoon and a mystical and magical city of imagination.

After reading Plato's Timaeus and Critias dialogues that contain the Atlantean Script or writings about Atlantis, I realized and sensed that there was a great truth to be known within these pages as those great philosophers of classical times also swore to this amazing recollection of Atlantis.
In the dialogues that Plato preserved in 360.bC while being held at Syracuse, Italy by the Betrayer Dionysios, he tells us of an era of progressive histories for the Mediterranean going back 9000 years prior to Solon or 9570.bC. He also relates to us that the Atlanteans had controlled the Mediterranean up to the point of a Great Disaster comparable to the Biblical Flood legend.

The Legend of Atlantis was first revealed in Sais, Egypt to the Greek Sage and Archon Solon ca.570.bC under the rule of the Atlantean Libyan Pharaoh, King Amasis II, by the elderly Egyptian Priest, Uadjahor-Resne who was also the Chief Priest, Physician, Naval Admiral and Guardian of the Gods of Egypt for Amasis II.
Part of the reasoning of this great Secret or sSta of Aegyptos, aside of Amasis II being an Atlantean Libyan, was that they knew the downfall of Egypt was soon to be over run by the Persians who in fact did afterwards.

Evermore, the truth of Atlantis and Egypt's hidden truth of it's Twin Pyramid builders, the Great of Cairo and the Red of Saqqarra (missing a sphinx) came to be known by all and of how Atlantis in reality controlled the entire Mediterranean regions and most of the known world back then, if not all! The texts of course, being glorified by the "Hellanized" Greeks tells a slightly different story of how they were the only ones to remain against the Atlanteans during the war and had been victorious over them. They also claimed that Atlantis ruled Europe up to Tyrhennia, Italy and Africa (Libya) up to the borders of Egypt.

However, the truth as my 7 years of research up to this point reveal, is that we are all from God's Island of Atlantis that was our First Garden of Creation upon the Atlantic Ocean and before the Straits of Gibraltar some 400-500 miles away. We also learn that the Atlanteans controlled the entire Mediterranean and that Egypt itself was at the onset the Atlantean Province known as Maerea. This is also why we find in our histories alike our flood legends, the secret of the 10 kings around the Mediterranean and even in Mesopotamia or to that of the biblical patriarchs themselves!

Atlantis from my estimate and maps as you see in my website or on the internet, would have been an sub-continental island like Australia, some 2000 x 1000 miles in Area and consisted of 5 magical mountains and a large fertile plain with abundance and prosperity for Umans and all types of Animals alike!
The Plain of Atlantis was some 350 x 250 miles in area and was surrounded by Mountains, an all encircling canal and a multitude of channeling and transverse canals upon it's plain. The Royal City was about 14 miles in diameter and consisted of 3 rings of water and 2 of land with an island at it's center for the Temple of Neptune and the King and Queens castle. Each channel of water had 100 ft wide bridges and beautiful walls of Electrum, Tin and the blazing like fire mysterious Orichalcum covering. A 5-7 mile long canal joined the Royal City to the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern side facing towards the Straits of Gibraltar or Gades, Iberia and Agades, Morocco.

Gades or Agades simply means a green and fertile place with many rivers and excellent grounds for animal farming and survival, like an Oasis would be for a desert. In a sense we can think of this word like “Everglades”, aside of the commonly thought Semitic notion for a fortressed or fenced in enclosure. Naturally, since in truth the Phoenicians subjugated, slaughtered and took over many lands during their expansions of the Mediterranean and not what we are normally led to believe, also alike that of Mesopotamia or Egypt. Although the Phoenician GD-DR may mean “Goat and Great” as comparison to the Greek translation of Eumelus or “rich in sheep” for Gadeiros, it also means to them an animal body part or more specifically the throat that compliments their barbaric war-cries of AbraHams law of “thou shalt be put to death!”

As it also was for David, Solomon and Yahweh itself or the Islamic and Muslim relationships as our modern Phoenicians still fighting, plundering and pillaging for 5500 years, or since the h-Ebrons left Khufu and Egypt for the barren lands of the Levant. Only to return after 2000.bC as the Hyksos of Chanaan and slaughter the hands that fed them in Egypt!
Finally the Hyksos having been evicted by King Ahmose I after some 500 years of rule, left to settle in Jerusalem as the Hebrews of Phoenicia who appear ca.1300.bC. Where-upon, they were captured ca.620.bC and taken to Babylon where they merged the histories of those cultures within their own and brought them back to Jerusalem of Joppa. We can in fact evidence this, because the bible itself is a mixture of Babylon and mostly Egypt, for Egypt is where we all look to for knowledge that is deservedly from Atlantis in truth! We can further provenance this by looking at the difference between the Greek Septuagint and Masoretic Hebrew versions of the bible where Eden was called Edem as Eve was called “Life” in the Septuagint as there also are differences between the rivers names and the Septuagint mentions Carbuncle and Emeralds, rather than Bydellium or Onyx stone! Edem was a name for the eastern Delta Nile of Egypt district adjoined with that of the Sinai! Again further proving, as we know that Africa is the lands of Gold, Kush and the encircling Nile river of Aethiopea! The Nile is the river that branched off into 4 different heads of which the Euphrates went out of Africa and across the Red Sea to Arabia in antiquity. Emeralds are also very much a part of Egypt as is Jade. Testimony to my Garden of Avila in Tansania where Ethiopia and Eritrea had a region on older maps called Havilah! The Septuagint is the oldest record of the bible from this “shady” 128 member Great Council of the Sin-a-gog-ue” ca 444.bC. Not much different than Constantine the ByZAntine and further betrayals of the West to the East like Dionysios of Italy in Plato’s time that is proven by my Plato Code into a Latin Secret of the founders and 10 kings of Atlantis! Just as it was for my Secret of Mylo, the hidden and 10th Book of Herodotus that reveals the 9 muses reversed and into Latin of the Secret Order of the “Vulcans”, still in existence today as the ZMO or all those other names they go by of “ILL-H-UMINATED minds of broken oracles of the blood of blackened brine! There is no such thing as a Secret! Neither to demons or to our True God’s chosen!

Today the Phoenician Scythians are headed by the ZWO (Zionist World Order known as the NWO or New World Order of today’s Ash-ke-Nazi German Jewish Zionists who dominate 2/3rds of our World today with the very same war cry of yesterday for the other 1/3rd. In truth as they are a multitude of many faces, fake names, corrupted religions and disguises of evil, and where all we have to do is simply re-arrange the letters to reveal my term of ZMO or Zionist Masonic Oligarchy of corruption and leaders of the “Roth-Burg” Crown “common-wealth” governments like Usa, Canada, Britain, Russia, Germany, Israel and World Bank for the Red Dragons of ill fated destinies. All Zionists and Freemasons and Satanists of Saturn’s Crows of Ley Lines! While the rest of you sit and wait to be destroyed like cattle or sheep as they like to call you for their term of Goyims from the Zaims. Tell It Like It Is! By their denials you shall come to know them, for that is their motto! Such as their 11 word law of the one eye for the pyramid as “Do What Thou WILT Shalt Be the whole of the Law! Proving 911 as the 11 degrees on the Freemason square on either side also do! For surely by the Hole of their “Law” you will in fact “WILT” or decay into self persecution!

Gua, as in Agua for the Romantic language tribes meaning, “water”, is also common that we find the Gualatans in Morocco and Mauretania (notice the M’s like Maerea) and the Gauls or Gallics of Iberia. Rio also means “river” where we find in Iberia, a land of many rivers common and peculiar to the Gua prefix like Guadelijara. We can also envision this as why the names of those mentioned tribes of Iberia or Mauretania came from the Straits of Gibraltar being the “throat” for the Atlantic, or properly “water lands”. Gadeiros also reflects “Great lands of Rivers” or Great in Size, such as he was a twin to Atlas. Where we notice “iros” like “rios” for river or the Ga for great or Gua for water or throat, such as our word lingua for languages of the throat. The “de” would simply mean “of”. Since those lands were excellent greeneries of forests, rivers, these were excellent for animal farming, thus we can see the relation of why the Greeks referred to Gadeiros as Eumelus also. Where in reality nowhere there do we see a “fortress” or walled enclosure of imprisonment or protection but rather closer to the other meanings as suggested. Especially since the Semitic or Phoenician term for Gd-Dr was “great in goats”, just as the Greeks stated for sheep.

Atlantis had roughly some 6-10 million people as described by it's vast army in the dialogues at that point of the war that was actually ended by the great disaster either at 6482.bC or properly around 3250.bC. This was when the Bronze Age began, but no later than 1800.bC for this is as far back as Solon could recall to Phoroneus, the first man of Greece! It is important to consider our dating for this war to coincide with a great disaster of biblical flood proportions. The flood of Deukalion ca.1529.bC or the Santorini Volcano ca.1628.bC fall out of the timeline and in the dialogue we learn that the Atlantean flood was said to have been the third flood prior to Deukalion. The Greeks could only recall the Deukalion flood and another one called the Ogygian that simply means very ancient, perhaps being the Atlantean disaster of 3250.bC. The Santorini was remembered very well by Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean as a great change of events and suffering for all as the Tempest Stele records in Egypt.

The Sea Peoples invasion ca.1190.bC and after the battle of Troy ca.1200.bC, as you see is much later to propose that theory and was only an attack upon Egypt that was due to the great depression as a result of the Battle of Troy. Another important factor is that the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean where the war was fought, considering what we are told about the Atlantean control from their viewpoint, is that the countries were all Liberated and became their own empires. Where any good researcher will discover that our "conformed" histories in favor of Usher’s Adam ca.4004.bC and the rise of Liberated City states appear in the context of 3000.bC for Egypt, Minoans, Phoenicians, Hebron, Sumeria and Babylonia. Such are the cities of Sais and Buto, Tyre and Byblos or Ur or Ugarit of Sargon. The other clue is that the bible tells us Nimrod built the city of Ur (great king) after the biblical flood, where archaeology shows Ur also starting as a city state ca.3000.bC and not after 2350.bC as the Masoretic theosophists propose for the biblical flood.

In the texts the Greeks claim that their city state of Pelasgian, Attica we could say, arose 9000 years ago from Solon and that 1000 years after the Egyptian state of Sais was founded or ca.8570.bC. This tells us that the Altantean war and the great disaster had to have been between 8570 -3250.bC, because Egypt was also attacked. Again I stress as proven by scientists, NASA Goddard and myths along with my research, is that the two main periods are 6482 and 3250.bC of which during the war, a great cataclysm occurred in the Atlantic Ocean and the Island of Atlantis broke apart and fell some 5000 feet to the murky depths of Neptune. The result of this was so devastating that even those fighting the war at the very eastern side of the Mediterranean also perished. We can imagine that it even poured over the Red Sea and into the Euphrates valley, giving rise to the Gilgamesh, Utnapishtim Sumerian Flood Legend.

This flood of 3250.bC was the flood we remembered, but we forgot the flood of 6482.bC. As they also forgot the kings names, but their actions and meanings were preserved to our modern Greek /English translations today from the Egyptians, who had recorded the Atlantean Chronicles (later stolen-ZaHa) from the Sphinxes at the onset of their tribal settlements. Where in truth we know for a fact that Egyptians were Atlanteans as the province of Maerea for the Maadi-Buto and Merimdian tribes of the Fayum and Delta Nile also testify to.

The biggest factor being that Neith, Egypt's oldest Goddess like Min the Foremost God also, is exactly described as Leucippe the beautiful wife of Evanor, the First Father of Atlantis and Cleito his daughter, who gave birth to the 10 twin kings of Atlantis.

Leucippe means; Leuke or shining whiteness, white poplars, white horses or white gardens or Lux of Ipse, which is light of the beautiful self!

Neith means, she of the white waters, she of the white hippopotamus (horse) or she of the white linen.

Neith like Athena who both Egypt and Greece worshipped as one, are both from the Atlantean Libyan lands westward of Egypt around Lake Tritonis.

Here we find the early Qadan Tuareg Berber and Capsian African tribes migrating to Egypt some 12,000 years ago.
Herodotus also told us in his Histories works, as our ancient maps do, that the Atlantes and Atarantean tribes lived around Lake Tritonis and the Atlas mountains. Atlas was the first king of Atlantis with his twin brother Gadeiros.
Then Evaemon, Ampheres, Autochthon, Mneseus, Elasippus, Mestor, Azaes and Diaprepes. All names peculiar to the entire Mediterranean as my translations also show in my website or my forums or those of others. So you see we are verified as actual and real people. Most of you don’t even realize that you should be adding the name Atlantean before your nationality, for we are simply in meaning “The Foremost Earth land People” as the names of Atlantis and Atlas tell us in meaning of our Truths!

Problem being that they can't find our Royal City or keep it suppressed like Egypts truth or all our truths for the matter of our True God Creator JA MN and His magical island in the Atlantic. The Egyptian Am-Duat recalls Atlantis as the realm of Seker with an identical plain, surrounding canal and hill to Atlantis and field measures precisely where the island would have been! This was known as Amenti (West) or Tatenen, the “Primordial mound of Creation” to the Egyptians westward of themselves in memory of Atlantis.

In further provenance of these very facts, the first to tell us about Atlas (Foremost King) was Homer ca.800.bC and that Atlas had an island in the Atlantic with pillars that held up the sky. Atlas’ daughter Calypso who fell in love with Ulysses, resided there. Should this mean that Ulysses is far older than the myth portrays? Homer also tells us that the Phaeacians, a highly advanced tribe of people with magical ships and even robots, came from an island known as Scheria. Homer’s Scheria (Skeria) of course being a direct hit to Seker of Egypt where the term Saqqarra comes from!

In truth the Falcon or more specifically the Double Falcons (God and Goddess) of Atlantean Maerea Egypt signify the truth of JA MN as our God and His Wife along with the fact they called Him MIN or AMEN, the very same name that JASA (JA's Son) known as Jesus (One of Many Sons for our histories prior) called His Father in the Bible and what He truly Meant by AMEN. Amen means west like Khenti-Amenti is foremost of the Westerners or HAt.ta Amenti as Foremost Land of the West, meaning Atlantis. The Falcon on a standard with a feather and facing West is the term for IMN or West that was written by the Egyptians as JMN in their papyrus scrolls.

As you see clearly, there are in actuality no followers of horus but in truth the followers of AMEN who were subjugated by horus who became adjoined with hathor (Isis) after the great flood. Such as is the meaning of a great destruction and symbolism of hathor in the Legend of the Destruction of Mankind ca 3250.bC or the pre-dynastic era as the artifacts clearly tell us like MIN was also the First and Foremost God of Egypt! The same as it was for Atlantis and our First Garden of God's Island in the Atlantic.

Atlas like Hatj.a for the Egyptians simply means Foremost Ruler of the People, where Atlas derived his name in truth from Atlantis as Meaning "Foremost Earth land of God's Island". HAt is drawn by a laying forepart of a lion like the Sphinx and means in front of or foremost. To the Greeks they translated HAt as AT like in AThribis.
To the Egyptians Atlantis was, HAt.tA.Ntr.Iw or Foremost Earth land of God's Island, thus Atlantis........see?
Another fact you will find like Neith and Min is that Menes and MaereaNeith (beloved of Maerea or”mr”) also preserved Atlantis and the 10 kings of the first Dynastic record up to Semerkhet or SemSem the Head Priest alike to Diaprepes of Atlantis. (Written Knowledge of God).

These 10 Kings that Menes preserved and Atlantis are recorded on the Egyptian Narmer Palette dated ca.3250.bC along with the evidence of the Tomb 100 map and the Gebel-el-Arak carved Ivory handle battle knife.
The Tehenu palette known as the Libyan palette also, records the 7 Nomes of pre-dynastic Double Falcon Maerea.
One of those 10 Kings, or Memphite kings for the pre-dynastic record to Menes by the Turin Canon or Palermo stone, was the Scorpion King.

Just as I am also a Scorpion Double Falcon King by birth!

Deukalion means Deka Leone or 10 Lion “kings”! These 10 kings are also noticeable on the 800.bC or older Atlantean Etruscan Dragon handled Electrum scepter with 10 lions on the shaft. There is also a matching engraved sword and a mulit-lion Orichalcum bracelet visible in my website.

Like everything else, the wisdom of God is seldom understood as we see here;
Deukalion-Apollo-Maia – As I AM OLLO PA(ra) NO(sa) ILA KU E D > As I AM Look to our Island that I gave you!

Atlantis translated by Riven from the 50,000 year old preserved Atlantean Basque tribes;
“The Main Evergreen Forest is Born a Joyous Miracle at Dawn, the Abundant Monument Increases to Unite the Future Arrival and Remain Loyal to the Secret of Creation!”

(Notice Evergreen like Agades?)

P.S. My website will also show you our true Second Garden of Avila (Eden) in Tansania and the revelations of khenYAh who gave the Egyptian name of khemet or "burnt lands" to the Egyptians like "burnt faces" for the term of Ethiopians.
The Garden of Avila is right where your Cradle of Civilizations are according to your scientific DNA and Genetic researches! Think about it!

Enjoy and thanks once again. Here within your studies of Atlantis you will discover more than any educational faculty can teach you and better yet.......

You Will Come To Know Your Truths of being and our suppressed and plunder histories!

And We Know Who They Are!

The further away from your origins or truth, the closer you are to a great lie of fallen Ba-baals crumbled tower of forked tongues from that evil energy of Orion! There’s a reason that our True God left that sign over there, and it’s not the Pyrmids, at least not our Atlantean Twin Pyramids of Maerea, The Great and The Red!

The rest never could build a Pyramid could they? Because they fell from grace and lost Spirence and God was not there for them to learn how to be truly illuminated, not jaded!

First came the Light, then the Fire, then the Wind, then the Waters, then the Earth.

The Law of 5 = Change!

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn and Lend!

Pray with JA MN, Worship No Stone, Command No Death, Love Thy Uman, Preserve our Histories!
And Jesus called upon His Father AMEN and Hebron knew Him not because they termed God “the hidden one so be it”.
And God answered His Son, but to them, He answered Not!

For they answered to IT. (Egyptian for father, ie; ptaH, thus they wore funny Hats and became pHaraoHs and pHoeniXians and pHrygians and H-ellenics of pHanes, the HerapHrodite Entwined Serpent Duality of Ba-AL.)

See? Or have thee but only one eye to see with or a forked tongue of denials!

The Truth is sharper than a crooked sword clenched in the talons of the Blackened Double Eagles or mightier than the pen or a ZMO Nuclear bomb or their “Acetone” WeiZAman chemicals like 911 that were made in Israels “ZA” university of the same name. Same as it ever was!

For We are Double Falcons of God and a “separate” Goddess, just as your families ARE. Never entwined like 33, 66, or 88!

The black is this Universe, the White is outside, the Oval Light is the Chalice of the Umbilical cord for Umans to that White Light of God and His Wife’s Creation! Thus She is The Holy Spirit and part of the Trinity to produce the Son, 3 and the Daughter 4.

Then 5 is change and then from the darkness came the 6,7,8,9. Then the 10 Lion Kings of Orichalcum for the next Change to correct the Darkness!

First came the Light, not the Fire!

Be Good, Be Bad but Do NO Evils!

Lux of Ipse, Spirence and To Know Is Immortal!
Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis
Sword of Avila
Lion King
White Dragon

Saturday, July 17, 2010

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