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Advisory statement by Paulo Riven.
Please note that I have been studying Atlantis since 2003 and towards the end of 2005 and in January 2006, my research took a mysterious turn with God of whom I believe to be our True Creator JA MN. In some case you may find strange and mysterious spiritual references in my work, please accept my apologies if your feelings and beliefs are effected. My main concern and never ending battle, is for our truths as an entire nation of united people to the best of my knowledge and life experiences as a seer,psychic,researcher and a normal Uman being who has had to learn everything of my own ambitions.
To Know Is Immortal...thus the purpose. Spirence and Good fortune and health for you and your loved ones. Lux of Ipse - Light of the beautiful Self!
Paulo Riven, AeJor Mn, The Argo Wind, Sword of Avila.
King of the Double Falcons, Opener of The Ways, Waterer of the Garden of Avila,
Obsidian Dragon Slayer, Sa...JaRa - Son of...God is King.

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 Post subject: Solon was looking at the Palermo Stone in The Temple of Neit
PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:37 am 
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Joined: Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:33 pm
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Solon was looking at the Palermo Stone in the Temple of Neit with Uadjahor Resne.
I have in fact identified 6 of the 10 Atlantean kings with the Palermo Stone.

Atlantis was also mirrored EXACTLY in Saqqara Egypt as it was in the Atlantic Ocean at Josephine and before the straites of Gibraltar!

After realizing that the Twin Pyramids the Great and The Red of Memphis and Saqqara were border pyramids to the oval canal of Rosetau to greet the son with the Memnon Giant Collosal statues. I feel that what I labelled as the horsetrack or arena in my ATLANTIS IS REAL map,is actually this canal of Rosetau!
You'll notice that it appears to have fallen away from the two visible pyramids as if between them how it should be! Further evidenced because Critias told us the horsetrack ran around an entire ring of the first land section after the first water ring.


Here we see how it should look with one pyramid visible.


Here we find evidence that the Great does not suit the Giza plan and is "outside of the box".


Here is the missing sphinx north west of the Atlantean Red, Twin to the Atlantean Great.
The two Atlantean Lions or sphinxes obviously meant to be placed at the north south ends of the Canal of Rosetau alike the Twin Pyramids.


Solon was looking at the Palermo Stone in The Temple of Neith with Uadjahor-Resne,the Egyptian Priest! Beyond any doubts we may have!
6 out of 10 Confirmed!


Evanor______________SCORPION KING?

Cleito______________CALYPSO (COLAYPSAAY-MALTA)

Atlas_______________JAO (Japetos and Clymene for Greek Myths)

Autochthon__________TSHETI (SETI)


Elasippus___________DEN (USAFAIS)?
Mestor______________MERBIAP ANENDJIB (MIEBIS)?

Azaes_______________QA'A (KA KA THE BURNT ONE)

Qa'a also suits Elasippus as the horserider because he was also known by "extended of arm". (holding a horse reign?)
Qa'a is sometimes placed at the start of Dynasty II aside of the last of Dynasty I. Little is known about him.

Mestor could also have been Anedjib who is thought to have been Usurped" by Semerkhet. Anedjib claimed as a son of Den but had to marry Betrest to be legitimate. Anedjib could also be a usurper also or simply a son in law of Den rather than a son. The unified Egypt of Menes began to break down in Anedjib's time.

In any case,the focus is on Elasippus,Mestor and Azaes to find out who they were.

Atlas to Mneseus or Jao to Menamen being confirmed as on the Palermo stone, or 6 out of 10. coincidence? Not at all!

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 Post subject: Re: Solon was looking at the Palermo Stone in The Temple of Neit
PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:38 am 
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Joined: Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:33 pm
Posts: 116
Atlantis is Real and found at my location for the Josephine Seamount beyond any doubt,just as our True God JAO MN (AMEN) is revealed!


The Atlantean kings are IN FACT preserved on the Palermo Stone of Egypt!


Evanor______________SCORPION KING?

Cleito______________CALYPSO (COLAYPSAAY-MALTA)

Atlas_______________JAO (Japetos and Clymene)

Autochthon__________TSHETI (SETI)


Elasippus___________DEN (USAFAIS)?
Mestor______________MERBIAP ANENDJIB (MIEBIS)?

Azaes_______________QA'A (KA KA THE BURNT ONE)

JAO TO MENAMEN ARE CONFIRMED ON THE PALERMO STONE.!!! Solon MUST HAVE been looking at this stone with the Egyptian Priest!
It was probably in the Temple of Neit where the Sacred Registers would have been! No wonder Sais disappeared like everything else!

PU,PW,PY or PO is the last visible glyph prior to JAO on the stone. Calypso,Calypsu,Colypsay.

Atlas,Gadeiros,Evaemon and Mneseus are confirmed as in the above list.
Azaes and Diaprepes 99% sure for QA'A and Semsem.

Elasippus and Mestor Questionable characters of suspicion as my Plato code reveals the last 4 as enemies or betrayer Kings that revolted or usurped.

The war occuring with QA'A and the flood disaster happening 9 years after Semsem.

Menes carried on as Mneseus and proven by my Plato Code that Mneseus and Evaemon were the main rulers for their time.
Menes typically is set at 3150.bC plus 885 missing years = 4035.bC
Neitamen is probably Tsheti's daughter remembered as a King bearing Mother. (Seti / Geb)
Menes had to marry Neitamen to unify the two lands of Egypt and carry the Atlantean name of AMEN, our true God JAO MN.

25 year generational guess.

Evanor_____4235.bC__4241.bC Egyptian Calendar.___less 885 years__3350.bC

Qa'a_______3960______Usurper,Narmer KAKA,the burnt one.__________3075________Azaes
Semsem_____3935______Biblical Flood______________________________3050________Diaprepes
Flood______3926.bC_______less 9 years of Semsem's rule.__________3041.bC

2.455 generational conversion factor for the 9000 years. 2.79 was my prior guess between Erodotus and our modern kings lists for Egypt.
2 years being bi-ennial cattle counts or 3 years for Egyptian seasons. So in between is a good guess as 2.455 shows.

If we take the date of 4235 and subtract 440.bC for Erodotus,this gives us 3795 years. Multiply that by 3 seasons and you get 11,385 years.
Erodotus told us some 341-345 wooden statues were counted and that Egypt's records were 11,340 years prior to his time of 440.bC.
His generations being 33.33 or 3 people for every 100 years. I prefer 25 as being more accurate since most men and women have sex by 14 anyway!

3935 - 9 years for Semsem's rule = 3926 for the flood. (noah's 900 years!) Less 885 years = 3041.bC "disguised".

2589.bC_______Last year of Snoferu and Khufu together. JASA (Philitis The Shepherd Murdered Dec.10th,8:08am at 3474.bC.(885 missing years)

Menes from Khufu on king's lists.

23 kings prior on Turin Canon.
27 kings prior by Manetho.
20 kings prior on the Abydoslist.
18 kings prior on modern lists.

Total 88 / 4 = 22 kings average x 25 year generations = 550 years + 2589 khufu = 3139.bC for Menes as accurate for Modern "disguised" lists.
Plus 885 = 4024.bC Actual!!! 3150.bC being common where I am only 11 years away by the kings average.

Plus 63 years of rule for Menes would have ended ca.3961.bC, meaning that Narmer is actually the QA'A or KAKA on the list as his Bull leg and fish hieroglyph reveal in truth of KA KA! That's why there is an apostrophe between QA'A for Ka or KhA. In other words repeat the Q or K as seen by his hieroglyph.

This was the cause for the Atlantean War remembered that would have commenced when Qa'a or kaka narmer took power.
The flood occuring after at 3926.bC actual or 3041 disguised.

So Menes would have been born around 4049.bC! You can still subtract the 885 years to compliment your modern lists of "disguises and errors and subjugations".!!! (+ / - 25 years or one generation is acceptable)

Menes would have been made a King around 6 years of age,that would explain his long reign of 63 years! Compares to the story of Den and Mereneit,where Mereneit had to rule as Queen until Den was old enough. While GaDjer and Djer (Djer and Djet) are in reality before Menes and Den comes after Menes!
That's probably why I had a hard time wondering how he "could be" Elasippus! Den might be a "mole"! Who is Den? The Palermo stone is "conveniently" broken before JAO (Atlas) and after Menes (Mnamen/Mneseus)!!!

I'm guessing that Narmer Qa'a or kaka,may have been Abr-A'Am or AbraHam. So Elassipus (horserulers of the east and mestor and Azaes are suspects alike this Semsem as Diaprepes. Den or Elasippus may have been Sargon or Nimrod of Babylon? Mestor would have to be the same Thoth character of Phoenicia and Egypt.

The list above stands near proximity!

Anyway we know that 885 years was lost at 2589.bC and replaced by "khufu time" and the solar calendars and sun temples.
Both dates being given.

Paulo Riven revised "Fields of Ephron" Chronology.

*885 missing years "modernized" in parenthesis.

6482.bC First Flood, 40 years.*(5597.bC) (Bosphorous straits Black Sea flood 5700.bC)

6442.bC Adam born Second Garden of Creation in Avila,Tansania. Atlantis II.(2516 years from Adam to following flood) (5557.bC)

5957.bc Building of the Tower 525 years after flood. Twin Pyramids of the Great and Red? 1,922 years prior Menes at 4035.bC.(5072.bC)

3926.bC Second Flood(3) of Semsem,Noah,Utnapishtum,Xisuthrus,Egyptian Flood of Hathor.(3041.bC) (3018.5 average of sept/chaldean)

3709.bC Jacob born (2824.bC)

3634.bC Abra'am born (292 years from the 2nd Flood) (2749.bC)

Qa'a: Hotepsekhemwy: Raneb ...c.2890-2686 BCE

3631.bC Rachel gives birth to Joseph. (2746.bC)

.........Rachel gives birth to Benjamin. Rachel dies.

3624.bC..Sara born (2739.bC)

3615.bC Joseph sold to Egyptians at 16 yoa.(2730.bC)

3599.bC This is where Pharaoh Djoser should be.
(Lists place him 5 generations of 15.2yrs ea.prior to khufu's of 2589.bC or 2665.bC for Djoser.(2714.bC)

.........Joseph made Governor of Egypt after revealing 7 year famine dream of Pharaoh

.........and named "savior of the world" by Pharaoh at 30yoa.,

.........Marries Aseneth,daughter of Putiphare,priest of Heliopolis.

.........Joseph has sons Mannases and Ephraim

.........Pharaoh Djoser (2687-2647.bC) 7 year famine and dream. Stele of Sehel. Imhotep,Step Pyramid.

3579.bC Jacob reunites with Joseph in Egypt at 130 yoa.(2694.bC)

3562.bC Jacob blesses his 12 sons and dies at 147 yoa.(2677.bC)

.........Joseph leaves with Chariots and horsemen to bury his father in Ephron's field.(hmmmmm,chariots and horses in Egypt!)

3559.bC Abra'am leaves for Chanaan at 75 yoa.(2674.bC)

3534.bC Isaac born to Sara at 90, Abraham 100 yoa dies.(2649.bC) (not 175!)

3521.bC Joseph dies at 110 yoa.Buried in Fields of Ephron.(2636.bC)

3497.bC Sara dies at 127 yoa. Buried in Fields of Ephron.(2612.bC)

Khufu Time Starts.____________885 years lost_________________>>>>_****

3474.bC Twins Jacob and Esau born to Rebbeca, Isaac 60 yoa....(2589.bC)

.........JASA I (Philitis The Shepherd) murdered Dec.10th,8:08am,3474.bC by Snoferu and Khufu. (2589.bC)

3469.bC God's plagues begin, Wicked Pharaoh Khufu,Temples closed,150 yrs of darkness upon Egypt(Plagues)

.........prophecy of thrice born son not of the blood of Khufu to rule Egypt.

3454.bC Isaac dies at 80 yoa.(2469.bC) (not 180!)

3401.bC Building of the Tower (Great Pyramid "mirrored" and Babbeled). 525 years after second flood.Khufu/Khafre middle Pyramid of Giza.(2516)

3319.bC..Exodus begins 150 years after. 315 years after AbraHam.(add 100 double the 15 = 430) (2434.bC)

3276.bC Tabernacle of the Exodus built 245 yrs after Joseph's death. (2391.bC)

1832.bC Temple of Solomon built 1444 years after the exodus Tabernacle. (947.bC.)

1768. Flood of Ogyges(2)
1628. Santorinini,Thera Flood (1)
1529. Deukalion Thessalian plain flood. (Atlantean Flood 3rd before Deukalion)

Capture of izrael by Nebuchadanazar (620.bC.)

Truth of Atlantis Revealed to Solon at Sais by Amasis II and Uadjahor Resne.(570.bC)

128 Rabbi "bible falsifiers" sinagogue council (444.bC.)

Alexander the Great European Western Revenge on the East and the Phoenician murderers! (335.bC)

Library of Alexandria and the Septuagint Greek Bible being recorded.

72 Rabbi Lies to Greek Pharaoh Ptolomy. cf; Letter of Aristeas.

JASA II (jesus) The Son of God. (5.bC or 0 to our Calendar)

332.AD___Constantine Black Bishops liars for the rabbi liars and betrayal of the west and Christianity!!!

420.aD__Hypatia Murdered, Christians persecuted, Library of Alexandria robbed and ruined for the Library of Pergamon and the Eastern Serpents!!!

"From Adam and 6442.bC to the second flood at 3926.bC: 2516 years; from the second flood to the building of the tower,525 years; from Abraham to the building of the tower 233 years; from Abraham until the start of the Exodus from Egypt, 315 years; from the Exodus to the building of the Temple of Solomon 1,487 years; from the building of the temple to the captivity of Israel 1,212 years.From the captivity to king Alexander 877 years; from Alexander to Jasa The Christ our God's Son, 330 years. Altogether,6482 years from our First Flood to Jasa The Christ.:Paulo Riven ^A^. July 26.2010.

So our Re-Creation and Adam being estimated 40 years after 6482.bC from our First flood = 6442.bC for Adam.
Adam to the flood of 3926.bC = 2516 years. (Chaldean = 2242 years).

Samaritans place the flood at 2903.bC,Septuagint placed at 3134.bC. Paulo Riven 3926.bC (3041.bC or after Menes).

3634.bC..Abr-a'a-m born (292 years from the 2nd Flood) (2749.bC)

.........^.-Qa'a-.^....Hotepsekhemwy Raneb ...c.2890-2686 BCE Raneb started the sun worship and goat worship of mendes azazel yom kippur!

I'm willing to bet that AbraHam looked like Narmer KA KA!!!

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 Post subject: Re: Solon was looking at the Palermo Stone in The Temple of Neit
PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:45 am 
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The Abu Simbel Temple of JAO MN was not built by Pharaoh Ramses II! It was altered by him and built by Pharaoh Menes or properly Meneses, the same as it is for our Atlantean King Mneseus! No wonder they moved the temple and flooded the original temple with the "controversial dam to nowhere" Aswan Dam project of some 80 million dollars! Wonder what's written on the walls of the original temple below the new lake of nothing and nowhere in barren Nubia!

The Cartouches written above the statue of JAO MN tells you the truth that it was of Meneses beloved of AMEN = JAO MN!!


It's on the homepage of my website also.

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 Post subject: Re: Solon was looking at the Palermo Stone in The Temple of Neit
PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:04 am 
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Egypt was originaly a settlement of Atlantis Island or properly Tajeru and Maerea as the first dynasty labels show or numberous hieroglyphs of Maerea even on the Abu Simbel temple. It would be the A with two reed plants. A = mr + i,i= Merii or Maerea. Tajeru was the Atlantean lands of Lower Egypt and Saqqara. Tehenu is also a Libyan name.

Thus the reason why the Legend of Atlantis came from Egypt.

Here's a new photo map I did further proving the Palermo Stone coverup and that the Abu Simbel was built by King Meneses (Menes).

Ramses subjugated the name of Menes and simply called JAO the God with the Orb over his head Ra and they added the ankh.


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 Post subject: Re: Solon was looking at the Palermo Stone in The Temple of Neit
PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:00 pm 
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Well,it looks like Zahi Hawass or should I say KHAwass and Egypt's lies are up the Nile without a paddle!!!

I examined and corrected the entire Face side of the Palermo stone that reveals some startling and shocking FACTS!

Not only does the Palermo stone in fact reflect the first 6 Atlantean Kings but also tells us of a Voyage to Khenti-Amenti-Rosetau Atlantis as it was also mirrored in Lower Egypt at Saqqara!!! Evermore, I found evidence of my "psychic" and "astral" ascertation that JASA or the Previous Son of Man known as Philitis The Shepherd was in fact murdered by Snoferu in The Temple of Fire as my pictures show! Djoser being a name so they could remember where JOSE or JASA was in the record for their satanic rituals of Murdering the Son of God AMEN!!! (also known as JOSEPH)

We also learn of how Upper Egypt and the KHAKA kings of Narmer Ranubkha took over and subjugated AMEN,MENESES and NEITAMEN.
The Twin sons born to MENES and NEIT being Djeta and Djetaii.(ita and iti) Probably named from their Great Grandfather GdJerii or Gadeiros!

IAU or JAO,the first Twin King of course being also Atlas aside of our True God JAO MN. JAO MN with the Falcon with the Orb above His Head was altered into RA and they added the Ankh to his seated God Glyph. Originaly the Ankh as a meaning for "Life" looked like a human with two legs. It was split at the bottom as you'll notice on the Stone.

Wait till you see this! The Stone of Truth!

Told you Atlantis was Real and exists at my Josephine Location! I don't doubt that the powers that be already knew this!



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 Post subject: Re: Solon was looking at the Palermo Stone in The Temple of Neit
PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:02 pm 
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_______.111.[R]. The Tale of the Two Tails of The Palermo Stone by Paulo Riven.[R].111.____________

They have been lying to us all along, since evil is back wards, yet so can truth be! You read as the faces direct!!!
Just as my Plato code or The Secret of Mylo revealed a secret Latin message backwards. Flip Flop!!!
My Plato code even said that Mneseus and Evaemon were the main Atlantean King and Queen and that they fought against the last 4 kings!

First row Top Left to Right as Kings Face

Amen Menes: [khaka Wadjnez]should be MrTa or Maereata: Anita Maerea (Princess) : Tajata : Dajaru : GaDjii : Iau (Jau)

The First Dynasty family preserved and mirrored the Original Atlantis Kings. (Geminii Secret)

MeneSeuS____Meneses____________Memory of God,Guardian of God JA MN.(Evanor's Son)
Evaemon_____Mereata_____________highest praised Woman (Leucippe's Daughter - Beloved of Reata? Queen of the Earth - Rea - Ta) (Maat / Maatahare)

Calypso/Cleito__Anita Maerea (Taje.t on the narmer palette)

Atlas_______Tajata_______________Foremost of God's Earth Land People
Gadeiros____Dajaru_______________Greatness of God's Twin King (Atlas Twin)

Ampheres____Gadjii________________Greatness of Gadeiros___at both sides
Autochthon__Iau / JAU ____________Spirit of JA Mn,Earthborn

Mestor______Menswru ?_______________NNE,Suitor,Mentor,MesraimThoth (king who sided with Phoenicia)
Elasippus___????____________________Horse rider,tamer,ruler (Kha'a?-extended of Arm) (Usurper of Phoenicia or Upper Egypt)

Azaes_______Ranubkha?__________________Burnt one,dark skinned,ashen (usurper)
Diaprepes__Shamerkha.t_(SemSem head priest)_written knowledge of God (Anedjib usurped?)

MrNeit or Maerita, Chisel for mr altered to bull's leg then a flower for Wadi. T symbol altered into a fish. Mr = Beloved. MR-i-TA. Also Maat.
Anita Maerea- Anita = Hidden T or island symbol plus seated risen lion - Maia) The lion being altered but still noticeable. T visible in my x-ray

pic. N water symbol as AN.
Tjata - it's not Tjasha,they added the lines to look like a pool for sha. If not there is still no water in the rectangle. It's TA = Earth.
Dajaru- is a fake reed.Reeds don't have feathers! The T or island symbol for TA as Earth alike Tara or Terra also covered up the Snake for DJ or

Gadjii- Bull's ear = Greatness and strength for survival as in GD DJ or Greatness of JA.
Iau / Jau - Reed plant for I altered into a folded clothe forletter s.They erased the bottom line. The risen arms of U-mans is UA or AU = Most high,

not KHA like upper egypt or bulls.

Khaka = Upper Egyptian pharaoh title. ie: Khaka narmer.Upper Egypt + Arabians & Nubians of Khenyah.
Khaka Narmer murdered Menes at 63 years of age while Gadjii and Jau were ruling as twins for Lower and Upper Egypt.
Placed his name inbetween Menes and Maerita disguised as khaka then Wadjenez with a bull's leg for KHA and Karinka (Oxyrinchus) KAtfish.KHAKA. KHA =

Bull. Then it became a plant for wadi or Oasis.

It must have been Mrta or Maereata such as her name was given to the lower Egyptian province of Maerea.Ta being Earth so Land of Maerea.
By the way the bity or bee is actually upper and the sw plant Lower like the siwa oasis also.
The bee stings such as the khaka pharaohs of upper egypt stang and slaughtered lower egypt as evident by the narmer palette.

Second Row left to right continuing proper direction. Hard to say how the letters are actually pronounced from now on or how they changed them.

Starts with Atlas Tajeta as Djeta.

Sq 1: Month of (announcing) Giving Tajeta the Sword of The land and the Royalship. Upper Egypt 2 spans. Lower Egypt 4 Royal Cubits (RCb = 21in.)
Sq 2: Festival of Amen's Maereata, (Amen Nt)she or wife of Menes. (Min Plant) Upper 1 Rcb. Lower 6 Rcb
Sq 3: sw ta risen sun,risen land of lower Egypt,Worship of God Min's land. Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 4: Festival Amen Maereata. Foremost(khenti) under heaven of Min's land. Upper 1 Rcb Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 5: Temple of the God's of Menes Lower Egypt Rosetau Journey Upper 5 Rcb 1 finger Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 6: Festival Amen Maereata Seated as the Goddess Maat,pregnant. Upper 5 Rcb 1 finger Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 7: Twin sons of Menes born in Upper Egypt (SaSa - gooses) Upper 1 Rcb Lower 4 Rcb
Sq 8: Festival of Amen Maereata Spirit of Rosetau Journey. Nile levels N/A.
Sq 9: 13th Year 4th month Unification of the Two Lands by The House of Lower Egypt. Lower Egypt 7 Rcb
Sq 10:15th year Nile Level N/A
sq 11: Festival of Amen Maereata Min's land Primordial Mound? Memphis? broken off, Nile level N/A

Third Row. Anita Maerea (MrNeit)

Sq 1: Star appears in the heavens of Min's lands. Maerea Anita Mother's Tejata (Atlas) Nile Upper 1 finger 6 Rcb Lower 3 Rcb (lion on neit spool)
Sq 2: Sword of Upper Egypt's risen land TAKEN by rrhotep? Raneb Hotep khaka (Narmer). Upper 2 spans Lower 2 Rcb
Sq 3: Ja Mn's Land Tomb of Tajata child (Seti) or Menes died and Tajata as seti child ascended upon the standard. Upper 1 Rcb 2 fingers Lower 6 Rcb
Sq 4: Journey to Lower Egypt's land War between the two lands (Ja's Ram) Lower Egypt vs Upper Egypt's Horus most high. Upper 2 spans Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 5: Spoken in Lower Egypt of fighting (aha) between the City of the Twin Children of Min against Khnum Hathuptah.(house of God Ptah) Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 6: Khamenti (foremost) Temple of The Throne of God and Goddess of the Westerners of Amentet. District of Maerea. Nile 2 Rcb
Sq 7: Star appears in the Heaven. First Record of JASA,God's Son. Temple of the Throne of the God and Goddess. Protected from horus. 3 flags =
3 Wise Men Upper 2 Rcb Lower 4 Rcb
Sq 8: Festival of the Temple of The Throne of God and Goddess. (Amen and Wife). JA's CHRISTIAN CROSS BETWEEN 2 FLAGS Lower Egypt's Rosetau.

Upper 2 fingers 1 Rcb Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 9: Giving the 2nd twin Dajatii (Dajaru) the land rulership Upper 2 Rcb Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 10: Sedj worship of Ja and Jasa (neptune fork with pyramid - Js,J) land Eastern and Tatenen Amenti(western) Lower Egypt Upper 2 spans Lower 3 Rcb
Sq 11: Upper and Lower Egypt Risen Lands.dsrt (Red Pyramid) of Rosetau. Upper 3 fingers Lower 8 RCB (FLOOD 14 feet > Bubastis Earthquake.)
Sq 12: 3 wise Priests of Menes Purify Temple Upper 2 spans Lower 4 Rcb
Sq 13: God Temple of Ptah beloved of KHuti, Dejuty Thoth of RA??? Upper 2 fingers 1 Rcb Lower 2 Rcb

Fourth Row

Temple of Horus God Nun Upper Egyptian king nhb r n nbw (RAnehub KHAka) Sun Worship,Gold worship,human blood sacrifices. (Narmer Murderer of Menes)

Sq 1: Festival of Amen Maereata Given something. damaged. nile N/A.
Sq 2: Upper Egypt risen land of the south (rshw) Mas Djet died. Either Djet or his Mother. Lower Egypt 3 Rcb
Sq 3: Festival of Amen Maereata Given in the land of Tj.t ru Ta Tajataru / Tajeru 9 month Upper 2 fingers, Lower 2Rcb
Sq 4: Upper Egypt risen land Given 3rd month Rosetau Royalship! Upper 2 fingers, Lower 2 fingers
Sq 5: Festival of Amen Maereata Given in Tajeru (Lower Egypt/Saqqara) 8th month Upper 5 Rcb 2 fingers Lower 3 Rcb
Sq 6: Upper Egypt risen land given 2 month taking sha r r hathor (house of horus) KHA Hotep. Upper 4 Rcb 3 fingers Lower 3 fingers
Sq 7: Festival of Amen Maereata Given 7th month in Tajeru. Lower 1 finger (drought)
Sq 8: Given Amen Journey towards the evening star with the Sword. (setting sun) to Khenti Rastau (Amenti / Atlantis) Twin Pillars. Upper 3 fingers

Lower 4 Rcb
Sq 9: Festival of Amen Maereata given 6th month in Tajeru. Given in Tajeru 6th month. Upper 3 fingers Lower 4 Rcb
Sq 10: Risen land of Upper Egypt Given 2nd month Rastau Royalship Upper 4 Rcb 2 fingers Lower 3 Rcb
Sq 11: Upper and lower Egypt's Risen lands. Son takes Apis Bull of Life. (NOTICE THE ORIGINAL ANKH IS SPLIT LIKE A HUMAN = LIFE) uPPER 2 fingers

Lower 4 Rcb
Sq 12: Festival of Amen Maereata 4th month Tajeru Upper 2 fingers lower 5 Rcb
Sq 14: Festival of Amen Maereata (broken off)

Fifth Row

Sq 1: Festival of Amen Maereata Lower Egypt 3 Rcb (broken)

Rcb, Lower 3 Rcb
Sq 3: Festival of Amen Maereata for MIN's land of Menes. (memorial for JASA) Big Event. Upper 2 fingers 1 span 3 Rcb Lower 2 Rcb

Sq 4: Risen lands of Upper and Lower Egypt. District of the island of Snoferu. Horus seated OVER NEIT and the Gods as one of the twin pillars of
Rosetau.(Memnon Collossus Gates where the Sun greeted Rosetau in Egypt before setting at Rosetau Atlantis Twin Pillars. End of Atlantis dynasty.
Lie of Djoser to remember where JASA was for the khaka satanic rituals of sokar the draconian) Upper 2 fingers Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 5: Risen lands of Upper and lower Egypt BOUND (Hotep) Pillar of Lower Egypt taken. Upper 2 fingers 2 Rcb 1 span Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 6: 23rd year second month change of rulership or co-ship with Khaka Uphu. Nile N/A.

Sq 7: Given 4th month Min head dress, Star of Neit's hand nsphratuti (nospheratuti -snoferu's wife) Neit's land. Upper Egypt 2 Rcb Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 8: Festival of Amen Maereata given 8th month Tjeta God's of the Gold (nbw-nibiru?) Upper 2 fingers 1 span 2 Rcb Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 9: Risen Kha kha Temples on Menes land s King of upper Egypt Sokar Upper Egypt 3 fingers 6 Rcb Lower 2 Rcb

Sq 10: Festival of Amen Meareata Given 8th month Tjeta Hotep YA NUBU (Yoruba Nubians!) Upper 1 finger Lower 3 Rcb

sq 11: Risen lands of Upper and lower Egypt nit-hotep Min re nt (Merenit) God. (Minerva?) Upper 1 finger Lower 2 Rcb
(They altered Neit to Nit (a mite and with Hotep) Then reseated Tajeru probably at Memphis with their new gods of Ausir and Aset with Phoenicia and
Nubia Upper Egypt Khaka u Fuhk s of YAHORUBA!!! = 8 = Hermaphrodite Entwined Serpents of Zhaka Satan Zathanel Hatuptah the Hotep of PtaH!!!

Sq 12: Festival of Amen Meareata Given 6th month Tejaru land.

666 Row. Snoferu and Nospheratu = Satan and Sekhamet. Snoferu Murdered JASA upon the altar of the Temple of Labyrinth Fire!!!

Snoferu now has the Upper and Lower Egyptian Crowns. At least that's all he'll get for his lifetime of eternity into the Pit of The Calling in Kenya with his PHATER of Phanes and His Zanub sons!!!!

______________________.111.[R].Paulo Riven The Seer And Royal Bloodline To Atlantis.[R].111.___AeJor-Mn Son of JA MN.


Guess we know our Truths about the Bright Star, The Three Wise Men and JASA the Son of God..........WRITTEN IN PALERMO STONE!!!
And we know the Tale of The Two Tails of The Ob Harlots! Contention and ConTemption!

Atlantis is Real as God JA MN and His Wife and Your True Second Garden of Tansania ARE.......Dear Atlanteans!!!

To Know Is Immortal
The Truth Shall You Set You Free!
Lux of Ipse

The Palermo Stone story by Paulo Riven. Sunday, August 01, 2010.aD. 8492.aJA.

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 Post subject: Re: Solon was looking at the Palermo Stone in The Temple of Neit
PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:03 pm 
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WORLD PEACE Gods Son found on The Palermo Stone ... _Riven.JPG

4 years ago I told you all my prophecy of God's Son, JASA who was known as Philitis the Shepherd and that he was murdered Dec.10th,3474.bC actual or 2589 common. By snoferu and khufu upon the altar of The Temple of Fire in saqqara district that snoferu the khaka upper egyptian king took over. JASA being the Son of God prior to JASA II or jesus the christ. Where both were murdered for the satanic ritual of empowering satan for dominion of turning Umans into H-umans!

I told you that ALL of God's True Son's were named JASA and that 5480 years had passed since I rescued your holy sang real of the Oval Port to Evermore and Ascended God's Son while the other duality 7 light year in size evil energy of spirit fell and descended into The Pit of The Calling in Kenya as my Google Earth factual photos provenance our truths.

Get ready because the Truth is going to hit you right between the eyes of reality!

Prophecized and Proven just as Atlantis, God JA MN, His Wife, your second Garden and everything else is!

To Know Is Immortal.

The Truth Shall You Set You Free as I have for my Love for You All and foremost for God,His Wife,His Son (The Trinity) and all His Atlantean Children as you are!

Aside of Khaka heads like the ZMO families and members headed for the Pit of The Calling!

Peace Be With You who are worthy of Amen whether Good or Bad but never ever Evil!!!

My Truth of your Planet,it's Histories,God and His Wife and Sons,your Garden of Avila and The Secret of Carina Nebula is why God loves me as I do Him and his Family and why He followed my research to witness His Name on top of the Atlantean Great Pyramid,Twin to The Red.

Thus my Truth's are why I AM the Obsidian Dragon Slayer and Ascender of The Son.

Just As I AM the Opener of The Ways of Amen and the Revealer of Revelations.

Names must have meaning and merit the reward.

Thus you can see why Nostradamus and the Bible Code predicted me or why my face is upon your Garden of Avila on the Babe.

God's Reward to me! No money,no lusts, no nothing. Just for Me and you to Remember Him by!

Blessed are those who follow in the way of Amen!!!

Ave Maria!

Witness Your Eyes and Then Bare Witness.


Paulo Riven
AeJor MN

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