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 Post subject: King Menes - Foremost of Egypt
PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:29 am 
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Herodotus Histories
Book II; Euterpe

Of Min, who first became king of Egypt, the priests said that on the one hand he banked off the site of Memphis from the river: for the whole stream of the river used to flow along by the sandy mountain-range on the side of Libya, but Min formed by embankments that bend of the river which lies to the South about a hundred furlongs above Memphis, and thus he dried up the old stream and conducted the river so that it flowed in the middle between the mountains: and even now this bend of the Nile is by the Persians kept under very careful watch, that it may flow in the channel to which it is confined, and the bank is repaired every year; for if the river should break through and overflow in this direction, Memphis would be in danger of being overwhelmed by flood. When this Min, who first became king, had made into dry land the part which was dammed off, on the one hand, I say, he founded in it that city which is now called Memphis; for Memphis too is in the narrow part of Egypt; and outside the city he dug round it on the North and West a lake communicating with the river, for the side towards the East is barred by the Nile itself. Then secondly he established in the city the temple of Hephaistos a great work and most
worthy of mention.

After this man the priests enumerated to me from a papyrus roll the names of other kings, three hundred and thirty in number; and in all these generations of men eighteen were Ethiopians, one was a woman, a native Egyptian, and the rest were men and of Egyptian race: and the name of the woman who reigned was the same as that of the Babylonian queen, namely Nitocris. Of her they said that desiring to take vengeance for her brother, whom the Egyptians had slain when he was their king and then, after having slain him, had given his kingdom to her,--desiring, I say, to take vengeance for him, she destroyed by craft many of the Egyptians. For she caused to be constructed a very large chamber under ground, and making as though she would handsel it but in her mind devising other things, she invited those of the Egyptians whom she knew to have had most part in the murder, and gave a great banquet. Then while they were feasting, she let in the river upon them by a secret conduit of large size. Of her they told no more than this, except that, when this had been accomplished, she threw herself into a room full of embers, in order that she might escape vengeance. As for the other kings, they could tell me of no great works which had been produced by them, and they said that they had no renown except only the last of them, Moiris: he (they said) produced as a memorial of himself the gateway of the temple of Hephaistos which is turned towards the North Wind, and dug a lake, about which I shall set forth afterwards how many furlongs of circuit it has, and in it built pyramids of the size which I shall mention at the same time when I speak of the lake itself. He, they said, produced these works, but of the rest none produced any.

From Menes to Psammetichus III,526.bC or the First to the last, – 331 kings.
In another section, Herodotus mentions 341 kings as 11,340 years and that 345 wooden statues of priests were counted.
Our modern list from Menes to Psammetichus III or 526.bC is some 222-244 kings only.
Total-222 kings

3100 - 526 = 2,574 years / 222 = 11.6 years per king.

Prof Breasted estimated another 120 names prior to Menes on The Palermo Stone (uncertain to no.of Gods)
That would be based on lengthwise spacing on the stone. (7ft x 2ft)
Turin Kings lists 244 + 10 prior Menes = 254 kings.
Consider Narmer palette and 10 fallen kings of lower Egypt around Menes, plus mention of 30 Memphite kings and others like the Double Falcon.

Clearly a list of Manetho's 330 kings or Herodotus 341 kings is not far from the mark and we can see many errors like the 7th - 10th dynasties, the 13th - 14th,the hyksos kings and the 24th dynasty.

The Egyptian calendar; 4241.bC

It is more than apparent that the Egyptian kings lists are far older than we realize and was heavily conformed to the bible and mesopotamian thinking.

Min Palette; Amratian / Gerzean era ca.3600-4000.bC (Naqada I-IId)

MIN palette (El Amrah palette)
British Museum 35501
El Amrah, tomb B62 (Naqada IId) ... es/min.htm

Sequence of Rulers of Thinis / Abydos edited by G.Dreyer in Umm el-Qaab.p.178.

Oryx standard
Bucranium standard?
Bucranium standard?

Scorpion I
Falcon I
_________________________Min standard+plant
Falcon II?
Double Falcon

Scorpion II
Narmer_________________ca.3200.bC(Menes) ... asty00.htm

Other names around 3300.bC or Iry-Hor's era include;
Ny-Hor, Pe-Hor, Hat-Hor, Hedj-Hor and Crocodile.

Palermo Stone prior to Menes lists from oldest;

1) #-pu(pw)
2) Seka (SK')____conference Seker in the Am-Duat for realm of Atlantis.
3) Khayu (H'yw)
4) Teyew (Tyw)
5) Thesh (Ts)
6) Ne"heb (N-"hb)[nekeb/necheb]
7) Wadjenedj (W'd-'nd)[wazenez/uadjenedj]
8) Mekh (Mh)
9) #-a

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 Post subject: Re: King Menes - Foremost of Egypt
PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:42 am 
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Herodotus relates that Menes unified Upper and Lower Egypt and according to Manetho, he was from the city of Thinis next to Abydos in the Thinite province on the west side of the Nile.
It is uncertain whether the two lands were united by wars or peacefully as we would presume since Menes married the Atlantean Libyan Neith of the Maerea province of Lower Egpyt to solidify his rule.

Menes is credited with founding the cities of Crocodilopolis and Mennefer. (Memphis -enduring beauty)
It is also stated that he conducted raids against the Nubians to extend his power as far as the first cataract of the Nile river. He sent ambassadors to Canaan and Byblos in Phoenicia to prosper trade agreements, where they also sailed to Lebanon for their highly prized Cedar trees.

It is generaly though by Manetho as well, that Menes passed on at the age of 62 or 63, rumored to have been the result of wild dogs, crocodiles or Manetho who says it was a hippopotamus.

He was married to Neith (hotep) who may also have been Mereneith, the regent Queen to Den. Menes and Neith gave birth to Twin sons named Djet and Djer.

Djer married Herneith and ruled from Memphis for 50 years, building palaces and leading raids against the Asiatics of the Sinai desert. An inscription with his name was found south of the first cataract as a testimony to the extent of his control like his father Menes.

A limestone stela of Djet was found near Abydos where he was buried.

Queen Mereneith would then rule Egypt as a regent to Den and she also was a ruler by her own birthright, perhaps as possibly being the wife of Menes would suggest. Artefacts bearing her name were found at Saqqarra.(Mastaba 3503) She also has a burial site at Abydos. The Saqqarra burial site shows the name of a high official, probably Chief Priest, as Seshemka that is alike for SemSem as the main priest's title as it was for the later king / priest Semerkhet. Unless they are the same person?

Den's 50 year reign also included raids of the Sinai for the wealth of their mineral deposits there. He was buried in Saqqara and had a mortuary complex in Abydos. The Cult of the Apis bull is credited to Den as is the first to use the Nebty name or Titulars of the Two Ladies.

Following Den, Anendjib who married Betrest, ruled for 14 years and seemed to have faced much unrest that included rebellions from the south and the north.

Semerkhet or SemSem as his title for Chief of Priest's implies, ruled for some 9 years only and is thought to have been an Usurper. According to Manetho disasters occured during his reign, which compliments my theory as Semerkhet for the last Atlantean king Diaprepes before the flood. He is also thought of as being the cause for the unrest during Anedjib's reign and accused of erasing his name on artefacts. A little Black Stele bearing his name is apparently the only direct evidence found.

Qa'a ruled some 26 years next and according to Manetho. A stele of him was found with the White Crown of Upper Egypt on his head and being embraced by the God Horus. He was buried in Abydos at a Tomb Q where a German archaeological expedition in 1993 found evidence that several alterations had been made to his tomb!

Egypt seems to have been prosperous and peaceful upto Den and until Anendjib. Perhaps as a testimony to Anendjib being referred to as a Usurper?

The Second dynasty commonly begins with Hotepsekhemwy from artefacts discovered near the pyramid of Unas in Saqqarra. His name meaning "Pleasing in Powers" is thought to be for ending the strife of the later first dynasty period. He ruled 35 years that may have ended by a military coup from his brother.

Raneb follows next, ruling for some 39 years. According to Manetho, Raneb instituted the worship of the Goat of Mendes.

Nynetjer next ruled for some 47 years and the Palermo Stone records events during the 6th and 26th years of his reign, including festivals to different deities and the Running of the Apis Bull. He is also associated with the wrecking of the city of Shem-Re. (somewhere north)

Peribsen(Sekhemib) made aggressive political changes where the royal names are not surmounted by Horus but by his religious rival, Seth who became the primary royal patron deity. He may have been a Usurper also.

Khasekhemwy (White Crown) who ruled next, faced a large Northern rebellion that reached as far south as Nekheb and Nekhen by Abydos. It is recorded that there were more than 47,000 casualties.
He married Nemathap of royal Northern lineage who was also referred to as a "King Bearing Mother" and the ancestor of the 3rd dynasty.

Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis

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 Post subject: Re: King Menes - Foremost of Egypt
PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:43 am 
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Horus Name Narmer, "Catfish"
Alternate Names possibly the semi-mythical "Menes", although many believe that his son, Horus Aha, was Menes.

Chief Wife Neit-Hotep

Buried in Abydos, B17-B18. This is a large mastaba of two joined chambers. B18 collapsed and was rebuilt. Nearby is his wife's mastaba (much larger than his!) and that or Horus Aha.
In the first years of the 1900s his tomb was excavated by the famous English egyptologist Flinders Petrie at the cemetery in Abydos, the oldest royal burial ground known in Egypt. In the 1990s the site was excavated again by German Egyptologists, and another tablet depicting Narmer was found. He could well have been named Nar-bedjau or something similar

Horus Name Aha, "Horus the Fighter"
Nomen Mn, Menes, "Established"

Manetho Athothis
King Lists Teti, iti
Alternate Names Hor-Aha, Hor Aha, Horus Aha, Athothis I

Women mentioned as his wives; Bernerib, "Sweet of Heart" , Hent
Djer is thought to be of Hent. (We know this is wrong because Neith-hotep was Menes' wife and Narmer is Menes-Riven)

Buried in Abydos in 3 brick-lined chambers roofed with wood. It was originally thought to be three separate tombs, but recent excavations have shown it to be a single tomb. Nearby, 33 subsidiary burials contain young men and "seven young lions". The tomb is about 11 x 9 meters, with walls that are 1.5 - 2m thick. (The 7 young lions could mean 7 sons or children for Menes-Riven)

Aha also has a tomb at Saqqara, (No 3357) that is the first known tomb with a boat buried beside it.

Horus Name Hr Dr, Djer , "Horus who Succours"
Praenomen Djer
Nomen Itit

Manetho Kenkenes, Cencenes
King Lists Iti, Ateth, not listed in Turin
Alternate Names Horus Djer, Athothis II

Predecessor father Horus Aha, Menes
Successor son Djet (Uadj) or daughter/consort Merneith
Associated People Father Horus Aha/Menes
Mother Hent
Wife/Daughter Merneith
Son Djet, out of Merneith

Large tomb in Abydos (Tomb O), Umm el Ga'ab. The tomb was originally believed to hold the remains of Osiris and was the focus of pilgrimages. The tomb was excavated by Emile Amelineau in 1895.
The tombs were completely re-excavated by Petrie in 1900 and found many things that Amelineau had overlooked or discarded.

MERENEITH (most likely Menes' wife known as Neith-hotep - Riven)

Nomen Merneith, "Beloved by Neith"
Predecessor possibly husband Djet
Successor Son Den
Associated People Father/husband Djer (possible she was Djet's wife and Djer's daughter)
Son Den
Brother/husband Djet
Burial Place Tomb in Saqqara (3507)
Tomb in Abydos (Tomb Y) found by Petrie,

Horus Name Horus Djet, "Horus the Snake" or "Horus Cobra"
Nebty Name Iterti
Manetho Uenephes, Vavenephis, Wenefes
King Lists Itiu, Itiui, Ata, iti
Alternate Names "Snake", Wadj, Wadji, Athothis III, Wedjet, Uadi
Predecessor father Djer or sister Merneith
Successor son Den, out of Merneith
Associated People Father Djer
Sister/Wife Merneith
Son Den
Tomb Z in Abydos, just west of Djer's tomb. The tomb is quite small -- 9.3 x 11.9 x. .8 m, and may have been intentionally burned, as only charred remnants of what may have been a wooden floor remain. There are 174 subsidiary burials nearby.
A huge mastaba in Saqqara is associated with Djet, and decorated with 400 bulls heads and genuine horns around the walls. This may be for a highly placed retainer to the king, not to the king himself.

Horus Name Den, "Horus who Hits", "Horus who Strikes"
Nebty Name Nebti Khasti, Nebti Chasti, "Nebti, the one of the desert"
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen unknown
Nomen Udimu

Manetho Hesepti, Usaphiados, Suaphais, Usafais
King Lists Semti, Septi , Hesepto
Alternate Names Horus-Den, Dewen, Oudimou

Predecessor Father Djet
Successor Anedjib
Regent Mother Merneith
Associated People Father Djet
Mother Merneith
Chancellor Hemaka
Burial Place Tomb T in Abydos, including 136 subsidiary burials. There is a stairway in the burial chamber, in two sections separated by a wooden door -- the first time stairs are included in a burial. The tomb is surrounded by a brick wall.

Den is the first king to adopt a "Nebti", or "Two Ladies" name and the first to be represented by the double crown -- the white crown of upper egypt and the red crown of lower egypt.

He also is credited with the first census of Egypt, counting "all people of the north, west, and east" to determine taxes.

An enormous surge in building occurred during his reign -- nearly 30 mastabas in Saqqara and Abu Rowash were built by his officials, far more than during the reigns of his predecessors. It signals a prosperous rule and strong administration.

Horus Name Anedjib, "Safe of Heart"
Nebty Name Nebti Mer...
Manetho Meibidos, Neibais
King Lists Merbap, Merbapen, Meribiap
Alternate Names Adjib, Horus-Anedjib

Predecessor Father Den
Successor Son Semerkhet (may have usurped)
Regent with Den
Associated People Father Den
Queen Betrest
Son Semerkhet, out of Betrest
Prime Minister/Chancellor Nebitka

Tomb X in Abydos, a very small tomb with a burial chamber of wood and 64 subsidiary burials.

began to call himself "The Two Lords", probably in an attempt to underline that he was ruler over the entirety of Egypt even though the peoples of Egypt were divided by their worship of the gods Horus and Set.

Horus Name Semerkhet, "Thoughtful Friend", or "Companion of the Gods"
Nebty Name "The one who guards"

Manetho Semempses, Mempses
King Lists Semsem, Hu
Alternate Names Semerchet, Horus-Semerkhet

Predecessor Anedjib. May have usurped the throne and destroyed the name of Anedjib.
Successor Qa'a (possibly his son)

Horus Name Qa'a "Extended of Arm"
Nebty Name Sen-Nebti, "Brother of the Two Ladies"

Manetho Beineches, Ubienthes, Vibenthis
King Lists Qebeh, Qebehu, Qheb
Alternate Names Horus-Qaa, Kaa
Predecessor Semerkhet (possibly father)
Successor Hetepsekhemwy, or Sneferka
Associated People Father Semerkhet or Anedjib
Officials Merka and Sabef
Burial Place Tomb Q in Abydos, with two funerary stelae and 26 subsidiary burials

Associated People Father Anedjib
Mother Queen Betrest
Son Qa'a
Prime Minister Henuka
The tomb has two funerary stelae with the name of the king on them. Inside the tomb, the name of Hetepsekhemwy, the next king and founder of the second dynasty, were found. most likely, he completed the tomb after Qa'a's death. We have no explanation why we moved from Dynasty I to Dynasty II. The unified Egypt created by Menes had begun to break down with the rule of Anedjib and the division continued into the reign of Qa'a, perhaps that is what made Manetho separate them.


Horus Name "The Two Powers are Satisfied"
Nebty Name "The Two Ladies are Satisfied"
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen Hetepsekhemwy "The Two Might Ones are at Rest"
Nomen Bedjatau

Manetho Boethos, Bochos, Bochus
King Lists Bedjataw, Bedjaw, Baw-netjer, Neter-Bau
Alternate Names Hetesekhemwi, Hetepsekhemoui, Hotepsekhemoui, Hetepsechemwi

Predecessor Father Qa'a
Successor Reneb (son or brother)
Associated People Father Qa'a
Brother or son Reneb
Burial Place Saqqara, in Gallery-B tomb, beneath a ramp leading to the funerary chamber of Unas.

His name means "The two Mighty Ones are at Ease" and is though to refer to the ongoing rivalry between the followers of Seth and the followers of Horus that had divided Egypt politically and socially for years. It is supposed that the struggle was over, or at least better than in previous reigns. Of course, there were other problems: an earthquake occurred near Bubastis in the delta, and his brother may have started a military coup to overthrow him.

Horus Name Nebre "The Lord of the Sun" , "Re is the Lord"
Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen unknown
Nomen Kakaw, Kakau

Manetho Kaiechos, Kaichoos, Choos, Chechous
King Lists Kawkaw, Kaukau
Alternate Names Horus-Nebre, Reneb, Horus-Reneb, Raneb
Predecessor Hetepsekhemwy, father or brother
Successor Ninetjer

Reneb is assumed to have overthrown his predecessor, Hetepsekhemwy in a military coup. Hetepsekhemwy is either his father or his brother, we do not know.

Very little is known about him, but his name has caused some arguments. He is one of the first kings to incorporate the sun god's name, Re, into his own name, a tradition that will be followed by most of the pharaohs in Egypt. His name, Nebre (or Reneb) is taken to mean either "Re is my Lord{" or "The Lord of the Sun" and in either case he started the shift to the worship of Re, the sun god even though he worshipped Mendes himself. he started a number of cults to different gods, including worship of Mendes, Menvis, and a cult to the sacred goat in the delta.

Source article / website;
Associated People Father, or brother Hetepsekhemwy
Formatted Article; Paulo Riven Tribes of Atlantis

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 Post subject: Re: King Menes - Foremost of Egypt
PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:48 am 
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The Abu Simbel Temple of JAO MN was not built by Pharaoh Ramses II! It was altered by him and built by Pharaoh Menes or properly Meneses, the same as it is for our Atlantean King Mneseus! No wonder they moved the temple and flooded the original temple with the "controversial dam to nowhere" Aswan Dam project of some 80 million dollars! Wonder what's written on the walls of the original temple below the new lake of nothing and nowhere in barren Nubia!

The Cartouches written above the statue of JAO MN tells you the truth that it was of Meneses beloved of AMEN = JAO MN!!


It's on the homepage of my website also.

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 Post subject: Re: King Menes - Foremost of Egypt
PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:45 am 
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The Turin Canon states 10 kings prior to Menes who starts the Turin at 11.1
Thinis = apparent hometown of King (pharaoh) Menes-es.
Prior to Menes the Rulers or Hat.ja, (Atlas), were Maerean Double Falcon Kings like Scorpion I~II of Lower Egypt.

Menes is in reality ca.4035.bC. (3150.bC common).

10 Thinis (=Menes) kings x 10.96 years average rule = 109.6 years = 4144.bC (3259.bC common)

The 10 Thinite Kings also follow the pattern of our 10 Atlantean Kings. Perhaps even the same names were passed on to Menes and his First Dynasty.

I have already mentioned and proven how the Name of MN or Meneses are of our Family of God, JAO MN.
JAO was Jove for Europe before Zeus, and Alhym (Elohim) and Allah for Asia. The Jainists of India preserved JAO prior to the Bible.

The Missing Link is simple when you know our First Garden of Creation was on Atlantis Island and Tansania or Avila was our Second.
Primitive Tribal maps even show an onset in Europe from the Gibraltar Straites and around the Mediterranean prior to Africa’s later populations.

My translations of our Egyptian Atlantean kings to the Greek meaning also portray these facts for Atlantean King Mneseus.
MneMosyne = Greek for Memory.

Atlantean Mneseus__( memory of a great warrior, God, Jove, Minoan Sea Lord )
_________________Mediterranean, Crete ( Minos, Amnisus ) Phaesteus and Aghia-Triada = Mesara Plain

Atlantean Mneseus_____Semerkhet_companion of the gods (Egyptian)___memory of God (Greek meaning)

mniw-herdsman in Egyptian. (Shepherd)
Min – Foremost God of Egypt
Amen = JAO MN = I AM.

Atlantean____Egyptian___Egyptian meaning_____Greek meaning
Evanor______Menes____enduring, established____primeval firstborn

Evanor______Adam____Menes_____________Japetus (Wife Clymene = Asia = Cleito = Cybele = Calypso)


At-las ( laos / tlas ) = foremost father (atte) enduring, (tlas) of the people (laos) = established, permanent
A-TA-LA-SA = foremost Earth Land Son. Ruler / King / Hat.ja (Sa = Son in Egyptian)

Mn-Nes = enduring (Mn) of the people (ns). (foremost established father) it=father in Egyptian.

Hat.= foremost, front of; Hat.ns = foremost of the people. At-laos = foremost of the people

Atlas = Menes

Titan (Mountains)_____Titanis (Hills)
Cyclops (Volcanos)____Hecatoncheires (Trees)

_____TITAN_______________OCEANID_______ (3250-9570.bC)

Cronos (of Uranus) (Evanor)?_____Rhea (Leucippe)
Japetus ( Neptune? )____________Clymene ( Cleito )

Atlas, Menoetius
Prometheus, Epimetheus
Hesperus, Hesperia
Phaethon , Astris
Deukalion-1, Heliades

Antedeluvian Kings
























Notice that Diaprepes, Noah, Ninetjer, Deukalion, Xisuthrus, Ubaratutu and Chrysaor all share the 10th King of The Flood?
Is it a Coincidence we should find Deukalion or Deka Leone for Ten Lion Kings just like the Atlantis Story of a Great War and Flood where 10 Atlantean Kings perished?
Just like the 10 Fallen Kings on the Narmer Palette. Proving the Greeks were also from Atlantis, as they all were. You can also notice that Atlas by the Greek myths says his twin brother was Menoetius.

My Plato Code even tells you that Mneseus is the Main King of Atlantis.
Rameses or Ramses = King Meneses.

Just like My Birth Certificate at Saint Cross of Victoria on All Saints Day.

Or why I retain this Wisdom from God JAO MN.

Just like the Greek Philosophers wrote His Name prior to the Bible.

Egypt is a Gateway to Atlantis, our True Past. For from Atlantis Rosetau Amenti they became.

That’s why we look to Egypt for our Knowledge as it was upon Ye Olde Middle Earth (TA).

And why our 12,000 year old Atlantis Legend came from Egypt.

All Written upon the Temples and The Palermo Stone.
Prophecized by me 4 years ago.


I AM your Planetary and Galactic Messenger of Peace and Unity.

It’s not how the West was Won but rather how the West Lost… the Golden Coin of Eastern Corn Gods.

The ancients even told us about Secret Societies as proven and histories re-written by idiot victors.

That’s why they tied you to Moses.

The Christ was 5500 years ago.

Jesus was a Re-enactment on their behooved halves of bearded ones, a mirror of the First Time in Egypt.

The Cross of JAO MN, The Star, The 3 Wise Men, The Fire Temple, JASA the Son of JAO….5500 years ago written on the Palermo Stone of Egypt.

AleXander The Great Knew This just as your Library of Alexandria also did.

Rosetau Amenti Atlantis was a mirror of Rosetau Saqqara, Egypt. The Great and Red Atlantean Pyramids and Lions.

Rosetau Atlantis is still visible at my Josephine Seamount. Proven by the Egyptian Am-Duat and in Likeness.

No one can deny The Temple of Time and God JAO MN or The Sword of Avila.

I aM your True King.

The SA.


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