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 Post subject: Nine One One-The Zionist Terror
PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:12 am 
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 Post subject: Re: Nine One One-The Zionist Terror
PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, 2010 2:56 am 
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DNA tests reveal 'Hitler was descended from the Jews and Africans he hated'

By Allan Hall
Last updated at 10:53 AM on 24th August 2010 ... z0xRVul52y

Adolf Hitler is likely to have been descended from both Jews and Africans, according to DNA tests. Samples taken from relatives of the Nazi leader show that he is biologically linked to the 'sub-human' races he sought to exterminate.
A chromosome called Haplopgroup E1b1b (Y-DNA) in their samples is rare in Germany and indeed Western Europe.
'It is most commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco, in Algeria, Libya and Tunisia as well as among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews,' Mr Vermeeren said.

Good to know that History Channel forums deleted my "Was Hitler an Ashkenazi Rothchild Puppet" thread without any reason given.

As researchable on the internet, there is a story that Hitler's mother was once a young maid in a Rothchild estate in Venice, where she became impregnated as testimonial evidence for Hitler also being a Rothchild descendent and a "puppet" for the Rothchilds who along with American friends like George W.Bush's Grandfather Preston Bush, Haliburton Brown, Rockefeller and others funded both sides of World War II to profit from illegal gains and extortions of nations and people, as has been done throughout the histories even to the Napoleonic War or King Williams reserve funds that were provided by the British Government to pay for his Soldiers, that was also extorted by the Rothchilds.
Same as it was for the Rothchilds to dump the stock market on Britain to rook them with the Napolean War, and then to buy it all back after their assured victory.
Not much different than the tactics they used with the Civil Wars to establish the Federal Reserve to take over American people's money and banking business.
Same as they did to Canada, Britain and many other commonwealth nations or other nations along with IMF, UN or World Bank tactics, all fed by the same Red Hands.

Now why would History Channel Forums delete my thread without any given reason? Perhaps they felt it was anti-semitic propoganda, which is entirely false for the entire world can find out this information for themselves. I have no disrespect for any nation or peoples of a nation or whom so ever desires to classify themselves by what ever name they are comfortable with, like the title of Jews for example from the Judean 128 Rabbi Council of The Great Synagogue of 444.bC, who also gave you your Bible and titulars of elohim or yahweh in defiance of the much older JA (JAO) or JA MN, our True God Creator of Antiquity since at least the rise of the kingdom of Atlantis or 12,000 years ago and to a minimum of 5500 years ago when His Christian Cross, His Son JASA, the Bright Star and The Temple of Fire where JASA (Philitis The Shepherd) was brutally murdered upon the altar by a satanic ritual of Snofru and Khufu during the enslavement of the nations. Whereupon, the Exodus occuring with Menkaure and Joseph was with Pharaoh Djoser just prior to Huni, Khufu and Snofru's Father. All facts written upon the Palermo Stone, The Sehel 7 year Famine Dream Stele, The Admonitions of Ipuwer Papyrus scrolls that provenance JA MN, Joseph and The Exodus. That is why thousands upon thousands of names they can tell you for their own "chosen" hebrew families, or even the names of Pharaohs daughters, servants, guards, priests, etc, but nary a single Pharaohs name can they tell you and obviously one of their "professed scribes of the law" surely must know who those pharaohs were of the Exodus. For you see, the Exodus is not much different than World War II in the matter of feeling sorrow for the hebrews while the truth of the matter is that there were a multitude more of other nations also involved as we know from the Egyptian or Kenyan writings and for the fact of how many people perished during World War II aside of some professed 6 million innocent Jews who were not privy to the ashkenazi German Jewish Hermaphrodite Iron Eagles of Maltese Crosses, as they all are in reality, be they what names their secret societies go by. Rosicrucians, OTO, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, Freemasons, Communism, Socialism, Zionism, etc, they are all the same Red Hands in their Red Hats of Grey Poopah dances for lusts, perversions, extortions, murders, control and corruption of all Religions to seat their Anti-Christ and self servant attitudes.

No it is not any one nation or any one people, but the leaders of those nations, financial institutions and puppets of the Red Hands seated in Governments, Boards of Corruption, etc, etc, who control every aspect of our beings in one form or another and are pre-selected with fake names, fake resumes, fake religions and fake faces for all corners of the Globe.

No, it is not that the Jews run the world or at least 3/4's of it with their Red Hands reaching towards Red China, but that many different nationalities of these groups of people run the world and at the forefront are the Zionist Ashkenazi Rothchild and Friends with their evil unorthodox star of magicians bloodstained hands embedded upon national seals and symbols of the very people who actually own those lands and work hard every day to contribute to their nations in belief and hopes of their nations.

Only to find out that the zionist star is emblazened upon their pillars of identity or their unicorns chained to the Red Dragons of Red Shields, Red Hats and Bloodstained Red Hands for the worship of baphomet or pHATEr PHanes Lucipher and it's mighty Nyama Yoruba Voodoo Kabbalah or control and evil spirits to tell them secrets and work dirty deeds for them, or to encorporate their voodoo magic into all forms of media, commodities, pharmaceuticals or enterprises of control over us, both knowingly and unknowingly.

Fact of the matter is that I stand for Real People and support the Real and Orthodox Jews who also despise their Zionist Tactics and Star of Evils that rests upon the 13 star US Seal or the Peace Clock Tower of Canada's Parliament building, just as their Unicorns are chained to the Red Dragon, while the Rothchilds Unicornucopia of Corruption runs free and wild like the Yom Kippur Demon Goat of Azazel through the pomegranate Holly's Woods, with the voodoo sins and evils of the Black Suns and Bearded Ones who betrayed The Christ, not once but twice for the matter of Dec.10,3474.bC at 8:08 am and for Jesus The Christ at ZERO for your Anno of Deceptions upon yourselves in worship of the Zero who fell into Kenya's Pit of The Calling commencing January 12th, 2006.aD.

Just as all the photos clearly show in my True Garden of Avila (Edem) at the Olkarien Gorge of Tansania or the Pit with satan next to it in Kenya's Rift Valley where the Rothchilds also have their "Giraffe Estate" for their "tall necks" of overpowering the masses. All viewable in my Google Sites Website, Tribes of Atlantis.

There is no one closer on this Earth to our True God JA MN or our 10 kings of History than myself, including the First King of Egypt, Menes. That is why my face as a child is visible upon the Babe in the Garden of Avila or why Nostradamus predicted me or why the Bible Code itself reveals me and my many revelations.

For His Name Shall Be The Word of God! And My name by birth is AeJor Mn just as God is also AeJon MN.

As My Avatar reveals my never ending battle for our Quests for Truth against all that is evil and unjust, then so ye too shall come to know these facts, just as the fact of the Royal City of Atlantis can be seen in my Josephine Seamount Google Earth, NOAA US Navy Map. Weary from the Lies of Time.

In time your Grey Hairs will reveal this wisdom of God combined with my Mind and devout servitude to Him and our Hidden and Suppressed Truths. For those of you who are wise will save my works before they delete them again, or gradually change them over the years to fool the new agers once the baby boomers are gone, as they have done throughout your histories with false propagandas, relics and testimonies of forked tongues for their denials.

And by their Denials Shall You Come To Know Them and why in truth the New World Order or NWO is nothing but a disguise of the Zionist Masonic Oligarchy!
Same as it was 5500 years ago for their cries of "thou shalt be put to death" or 8492 years ago when the intervention entered our planet and destroyed it not once but twice, again in 3925.bC (3040 common).

And who did they blame? God.

For To Know Is Immortal
Lux of Ipse
Spirence Above All
Aug 24/2010

Article by Paulo Riven
AeJor Mn
AeJon Mn
Sword of Avila
Opener of the Ways of Amen
Revealer of Revelations
Waterer of the Garden of Avila
Obsidian Dragon Slayer

Ascender of The Son

Scorpio Lion King
White Dragon
The Argo Wind

Save these works to be Immortal.
Bare Witness.


Go Ahead History Channel, Delete this topic once again. Where will you hide? Behind the "H"?




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