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Advisory statement by Paulo Riven.
Please note that I have been studying Atlantis since 2003 and towards the end of 2005 and in January 2006, my research took a mysterious turn with God of whom I believe to be our True Creator JA MN. In some case you may find strange and mysterious spiritual references in my work, please accept my apologies if your feelings and beliefs are effected. My main concern and never ending battle, is for our truths as an entire nation of united people to the best of my knowledge and life experiences as a seer,psychic,researcher and a normal Uman being who has had to learn everything of my own ambitions.
To Know Is Immortal...thus the purpose. Spirence and Good fortune and health for you and your loved ones. Lux of Ipse - Light of the beautiful Self!
Paulo Riven, AeJor Mn, The Argo Wind, Sword of Avila.
King of the Double Falcons, Opener of The Ways, Waterer of the Garden of Avila,
Obsidian Dragon Slayer, Sa...JaRa - Son of...God is King.

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 Post subject: Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans
PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:06 pm 
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Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans


This is the Greatest Message of World Peace for our modern world today.

This is the knowledge of The First Book, before your Second Book, The Holy Bible.

This is The Book of Atlantean TAT. (Tell All Truth)

..............To understand the City of Atlantis .........

.....You have to understand the Tribes of Atlanteans .....

Atlantis is a legend about a large island in the Atlantic Ocean that was preserved by the Egyptians from 9570.bC, according to the Atlantean Script that Solon, a Greek Statesman, brought back with him from his visit to Sais, Egypt and the Libyan Pharaoh Amasis II ca.570-564.bC. Uadjahor Resne, the Head Egyptian Priest, Physician and Naval Admiral along with other priests like Psonchis, revealed the legend of Atlantis to Solon upon his inquiry into antiquity. Unknown to the Greeks, it was forgotten and retained from Egypt in the Temple of Neith and The Sacred Registers as Plato's Timaeus tells us which Plato preserved around 360.bC. Most likely, a Greek and Egyptian speaking scribe copied the story for Solon to take back home with him upon his return to Athens, Greece.

Chalcidius, a Latin Scribe who we know little about and may have been St Augustine, would preserve Plato's work from his original notebook and later penned perhaps in Syracuse, Sicily, around 350.aD. Coincidently, this was also where Plato penned the Timaeus and Critias while in servitude to Dionysios around 360.bC. (based on my study of Oxford's Ms Digby slides of the Chalcidius Timaeus Latin manuscript and translated by myself)

To better understand Atlantis it is easier to view the Timaeus, which was written before the Critias, as the original mention of the Legend which was cleverly "Hidden" in the Astrological account of life's origins and dynamics of Physics which takes us back to the said 9000 years prior, to the seed of He-Phaestus and Athena. This account would have been the original AZORES ATLANTIS I prior to the Great Disaster of Atlantis and past the Pillars of Hercules at Gibraltar some 300 miles to the Josephine and Ormonde Seamounts in the Atlantic Ocean.

Later, the more vivid account of Atlantis, it's social structure and technological achievements such as Triremes, Chariots, Aqua-ducts, Canals, Temples, irrigation, Ten Twin Kings and such, was clarified by Plato's account of Critias. This is also thought to be written around the same era of 360.bC, which takes us into the Bronze Age and no later than 1500.bC to Deukalion's (Ten Kings) Flood and The Battle of Ares (Etruscan Atlanteans). In reality, the two works PRESERVED by Plato, Timaeus and Critias, tell us of a realistic time span of 9570.bC - 1500.bC.

This legend has been doctrine into the human mind as a Myth for 2575 years, simply for lack of verification of our Royal City, which vanished from the Great Destruction. Truth of Life, is that Atlanteans have never completely vanished and were the initial contributors to our advanced technological Earth of today and also where all humans descended from The First Garden of Creation. Simply clarified, any lands touching upon the Atlantic are in fact Atlantean lands where Atlanteans still exist. This includes America, S America, Africa, England, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy, NW Africa, and any and all Atlantic Islands, to this very day in our present time and to our future.

The regions of NW Africa, Tarraconensis, Iberia, and all mid European and mid African lands, are the highest accounts of names peculiar to ATLANTIS, and their etymological roots derived from Linear A, the by product of Azilian and Glozel scripts of our FIRST ALPHABET, some 12000 years ago (Twelve thousand).
Another prime example is the ancient name for Mauretania, which was known as Gualata, such as Iberia was known as Gaul or Gallia to France, or the Guanches in the Canary Islands and many rivers of Gua or Gades, Spain and Agades, Mauretania. The reason for these names for those territories around the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar), is simply because of the great mouth or "Throat" of the Mediterranean which engulfed the Waters of Neptune's Atlantic Ocean. Ga or Gua, in it's deepest form is a body part, specifically, throat. The Phoenicians, commonly attributed Ga or Gad to indicate animal body parts. Agua also means water in European romance languages which would compliment these tribes living around the Atlantic and Mediterranean as people of Earth's water lands. Gua -Water, La - land, that place, Ta - Earth.
In essence many Atlantean cities simply changed over time from subjugations or evolvement such as Lisbon(Ollasippo) Portugal, Cadiz (Gades) and Tartessos, Tarraco, Santander, Spain, Atiliana, Barbaria, Tarraconensis Iberia, Lixus (Soloeis) Morroco, Carthage, Phla in Lake Tritonis, Cyrene Libya, Atranto, Otranto Italy, Sicily, Tarxien Malta, Aghia Triada, Phaestus, Knossos and The Great Mesara Plains of Crete, The Peloponnese, Atiliantes Greece, Euboea, Troia (Troy) and Boz Dag Anatolia, Ecbatana, Adana, The Levant, Tanis, Talha, Aja, Al Mansurah, Abu Roash, Cairo,Saqqara and further south to Atlantis II upon the once large island of Tansania, Avila (Africa) and past the broken pillars of Eritea to Ethiopia, are but some of the vast empires of Atlantis in Ages past.

The Atlanteans are known to have arrived through the "Throat" of the Mediterranean from the Largest Island in the Atlantic. In essence there are ONLY TWO such throats or "Pillars of Hercules" that provide passage to the Atlantic, Erythea, Gibraltar and Eritea, Ethiopian Red Sea, also in tune with the mystery of Atlantean "TWINS".

To exemplify the uniqueness of languages and how Gualata is a derivative of Atlantis , we only need to look at the translation from old Bostrephodon, for the word GUALATA, which would be ATALAUG, backwards. Originally, the u was a y, and the G, was a C in our language histories that reveals the importance of ATALAYC. Atalais, Atalis, Atlas, Atlantis.

This is another test upon the word Atlantis, which in itself stands provenance and is composed of many true and hidden meanings that are indicative of refuting any falsehood associated with the word Atlantis.
In short, after 2575 years of denial, it's time the World ACCEPTS THE FACT AND VERIFICATION, that ATLANTEANS, are in fact living, breathing Humans, such as myself who comes from these mid Atlantic Waters and for the most part since 6482.bC and our Father's recreation of us, we are primarily Atlantean ancestors today in our highly technological World upon Earth.
This in itself is a great message of peace for our understandings that we all came from the same place and same families.
The Sub Continental Island of Atlantis that existed in the Atlantic Ocean beyond the Stones of Hercules, Gibraltar some 150 million years ago, was the First Garden of Umans and Animals that populated the Earth. According to Critias’ statement of 9000 years prior to Solon, we could say that around 10,840 bC to compliment 1240 years of growth needed for an estimated size of some 6-10 million people as told by Critias, the Atlanteans would have started construction on the Royal city of Atlantis, the Canal, and the great circular Harbours around the Palace and Temple of Neptune.

The existence of the largest island in the Atlantic, Atlantis (“larger in extent than Libya and Asia”, Plato/Critias), can be visualized which you would see if you were to connect the islands of Cape Verde, Canaries, Madeira, and the Azores islands which would outline the sub-continental sunken landmass of Atlantis estimated at some 2000 x 1000 miles in area. A second and prominent theory of Atlantean migrations comes from Atalante and myself in relation to the Lake Tritonis and the Tunisian landbridge crossing to Sicily, Malta and Crete. The Atlanteans established their bases in Lake Tritonis, Sicily and Atranto, Italy as the Critias dialogue also reminds us of Atlantis controlling Europe up to Tyrrhenia, Italy and Africa up to Egypt. Atlantis was the initial homeland to the Homo-Sapiens, Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthal cultures. Later they would also land on the shores of the Americas planting Chestnut trees and Setaria grass and establishing trading posts and seeding the north east corner of S. America with the mysterious Mayans.

Sometime after 50,000 bC at the apex of human race types or our true start of civilizations, Atlantis became densely populated giving rise to the mysterious Basques and the highly advanced Aterian and Azilian cultures. Atlantis mysteriously disappeared around 6482.bC or 3253.bC from a Great Disaster and Flood caused by earthquakes and excessive rains as Critias tells us.

Atlantis was an extremely beautiful and fertile land, which contained all types of foods, fragrances, flora and animals, including the largest and greatest Mountains of visual magnitude. Mt Tiede in Tenerife, Canaries and Mt Pico in the Azores are good examples of the remnants of Atlantis.

The Royal City of Atlantis was created when Neptune inherited the island and fell in love with Evanor and Leucippe’s daughter named Cleito. They were blessed with 5 sets of Twins who later would become the 10 Kings that ruled throughout the Kingdom of Atlantis including the entire Mediterranean. Atlas, being the firstborn twin who is a Titan, was the leader of the Atlanteans. The era of Atlantis Royal city would coincide with the Astrological rule of Leo and her worship of Lions, which also were the fiercest animals found there and worshipped by many cultures such as the Etruscans, Mycenaens, Phrygians, Phoenicians, Assyrians and Egyptians.


From around 11,000.bC to 3253.bC, Atlantis, through a Democratic form of Government, would control the interior region of the Mediterranean, inside the Pillars of Hercules. Here they ruled as far as Tyrrhenia (Ampheres) and up to the borders of Egypt (Diaprepes). After the destruction of Atlantis the survivors and established settlements would remain recognized up to 1500 bC. Atlantis would later lose their control in the Great Battle around 3473bC when the Greeks were all that were left standing against the Atlanteans, while the Egyptians, Phrygians, Lidyans, Persians and Arabians all retreated or were defeated. Fortunately, the battlegrounds sank liberating the Mediterranean nations from Atlantean rule.
The story of Zeus(1600.bC) and the battle of the Titans, parallels this legend where we also see other evidences that were left behind like the Gebel-el-Arak knife(3500bC) and the Narmer Palette (3200bC) and the Egyptian Tomb 100 map, as hidden clues to the past. Personally, in my opinion and research, I would tend to agree that Atlantis also controlled Greece and Egypt, which later wanted their independence, and as we now know all the more reason when Egypt actually was an Atlantean colony to begin with, stripped of her glory and ancestors. This is simple to understand when we know that Libyans were Atlanteans and that the Delta Nile was originally controlled by Maadi-Libyan Atlanteans from their province of Maeria as the Tehenu Libyan Palette also reminds us from around 3250-3500.bC. In all probability, the Pyramids were actually built by Atlanteans.

Upon Solon’s return to Greece, he related the story to a good friend of his named Dropides, who in return told the story to his son Critias who at nearly 90 years old, told it to his grandson Critias II when he was 10 years old. Later, Critias II would relate this story to Socrates, Hermocrates and Timaeus around 420.bC in an amphitheatre in Greece. Fortunately for us, Plato rewrote this legend around 360.bC that was preserved through his family, in his works Timaeus and Critias which is stated as True and Factual by these Great Scholars and has diverted criticism for 2573 years!!

To better comprehend this story, it would be to your advantage to save a copy of Plato’s works and study them in detail. I wouldn’t want to ruin the legend by telling you everything!! You can read or copy them in my Plato’s Truth link.

posted 08-27-2004 06:50 (edited sept,25th, 2009)

For now, here is Truth of your Legend and ongoing research into Science and Spirit Forever,(Spirence) for one cannot be the one without the other or elusive third that binds them both...Paulo Riven.

Q] Is the Atlantic Ocean a Myth?

A] No, it is the second largest body of water that divides America from Europe and Africa.

Q] Why do they call it the Atlantic Ocean?

A] Because it was named from the Atlantean cultures.

Q] Why do they call it the Atlas Mountains in NW Africa?

A] Because it was named after the Atlantean cultures.

Q] What are Atlantean cultures?

A] Any groups of human beings who existed in or around the Atlantic Ocean, such as America, S. America, Arctic, Europe, Africa, Antarctica and any Atlantic Islands like Azores, Iceland, England, Thule, Madeira, Canary Islands, Jamaica, Bahamas, Bimini,

St. Tome, Cape Verde, Barbados, Antilles, etc, etc.

Q] Are Atlantean cultures a Myth?

A] No, because Archaeologists and Herodotus told us about the Atalantes and Atarantean cultures who lived in Africa on her western coasts around Lake Tritonis and around the Atlas Mountains and in Western Europe to the extremity of the Pillars of Hercules or Gibraltar Straits as recorded by us.

Q] Why do people dismiss Atlantean cultures in general?

A] Because they are not tutored in Atlantean Histories and generally are fixated by the notion that Atlanteans come from a magical underwater city as portrayed in modern Fables, and are also refrained from wisdom by suppressions.

Q] Who are the Atlanteans?

A] The cultures who existed in and around the Atlantic Ocean and were predominant in settling Africa, Europe, S. America and America, both from the land bridge crossings of Iceland and The Bering Strait in China and Alaska and from crossing over on boats or early ship types.

Mostly, we know the Atlantean by different names in the course of our Archaeological studies, which most scholars name these cultures according to their pottery types, industries, or cultural styles and traits, while most names are not what those ancients would have called themselves such as The Bell Beaker Cultures of Europe or Cave people being called The Stone Age people.

Q] What are some of the names early Atlanteans were known by or still are known by, other than Atlantean?

A] I would say to compliment the rise of civilizations ca 50,000.bC, would be a good apex to research Atlantean cultures from, other than 100,000.bC Cro-Magnon, or 1 million b.C Neanderthals.

In Europe, some of these early Atlanteans were known as Aterian, Azilian, Aetolian, (who were writing and developed our Alphabet ca 12,000.bC) Celtoi, or Celts, Cimmerians, Basques and Navarros, who are a fading culture bordering France and Spain and are related to the Guanche cultures of the Canary Islands.

Some of their modern names are; Portuguese, English, Scandinavian, French (Gallic), Spanish,(Gaulic) Italian, Germans, Ukrainians, Belgians, Norwegians, Russians, Polish, Serbians, Latvian, Greeks, Cyclades or the early Vinca cultures around Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia who were writing around 6000.bC.

In Africa we also find Azilian, Aterians, Berber, Moors, Tuaregs, Capsians or Capstans, Qadans, Atalantes, Atarantes, Gualata, Alata, Azaes, Troglodytes, Dogones, Garamantes, Maxyans, Lotophagi, or simply Libyans, Egyptians or Gerzeans, Natufians, Fayums and Aetiopians from Kush and Sudan or Arabians upon the Sinai. Mauretanians, as they were known in the 12th centuries.

In S. America we find Mayans, Aztec, Incans, Peruvians, Mexicans, and other jungle tribes.

In America we find Native Indians like Mohawk, Apache, Kennewick Man, Ojibuay, Cree, Chippewa, Mexicans, or the Canadian First Nations.

Afro-Americans, etc, etc.

In Asia we find Anatolians, Turkish, Black Sea Cultures, (Tartars) Georgians, Carians, Ionians, Lydians, Arabians, Persians, Sumerians, Akkadians, Indians, Assyrians, like the earlier palaeolithic Enyans who became the Phoenician cultures upon the Levant with Byblos, Tyre and Sidon, and Cypriot cultures of Cyprus and Rhodes.

Basically, as my translations of the 10 Atlantean Kings names suggest, the Atlanteans were predominant around the ENTIRE MEDITERRANEAN.

When people really and truly understand this, and understand that English and our Alphabet comes from Linear A and not Linear B, then they will also come to grasp with reality, that...



You can run or curse, or alter our Histories, but you can't hide the great Truth of The Law of One.

We speak, read and write these evolved words today into English, from earlier Atlanteans.

Atlantean – Aterian – Azilian – Aetolian – Linear A – Latin – English

(linear B came from Linear A)

The meaning of the word Atlantis broken up into Linear A syllables and translated from 50,000 year old ancient Basque by Riven.

"The main evergreen forest is born a joyous miracle at dawn the abundant monument increases to unite the future arrival and remain loyal to the secret of creation."

Jebel (African) > Jabel(Arabian) > Mountains

Djenna (African) > Djanna (Arabian) = Mountain Peaks

Why is it so hard for people to understand that Atlanteans simply means the most antique cultures of our modern world?

That is why it IS THE OLDEST LEGEND PRESERVED. Older than the Great Flood.

The only significance to discovering the City of Atlantis is to prove that the city actually existed like Troy, but not to prove that Atlantean Cultures exist.

The importance of finding the City of Atlantis is in hope of discovering ancient recordings of our advanced and evolved knowledge, as we know it today and to satisfy our curiosities of a 12,000 year old legend which was revealed 2577 years ago in 570.bC from Pharaoh Amasis and Uadjahor-Resne.

The Egyptians even told us, and they were smarter than anyone else around them in antiquity and histories, that their teachings and wisdom came from a Risen Earth Land WESTWARD of themselves in the Delta Nile to TATENEN or Zep-Tepi if you like.

You should now realize that Africa is Atlantean also and question who really built those pyramids.

Where do they say your oldest bones and roots of DNA go back to?

Tanzania? Aetiopia? Old Dupai Gorge?

The Land of JA where the Garden of Avila (Eden) is.

The First Garden of Creation was on Atlantis Island, the Second Garden is in Tanzania near the Ngorongoro crater.

You should know this and retain the histories of your ROOTS.

God, The Father Creator IS REAL.

Atlanteans are Real.

Point noticed, is that the pyramids were built by the Atlanteans and God ca.3500-4500.bC.


Africans are Atlanteans

Edgar Cayce

Hall of Records

Atlantean Chronicles

Missing Sphinx NW of The Red Pyramid

Serapaeums, Temples

Apis Bulls

Secret Teachings

The Lion faces East

The Secret of The Son of Man

The Secret of The Holy Garden

The Secret of Carina Nebula

The Sun rises in the East.

That is the Sacred Teachings for our Earth.

But could the Sacred Reasoning of God wanting us to look East, to his Rising Sun, be of His Rising Son in the Carina Nebula Star System?

Could this have been once another Earth?

Could we have come from there?

I wonder....


(If you draw a map of the pyramids in the heavens, they point you to Carina Nebula and not Orion.)



ATLANTES-of Libyan people

ATLANTICUS-of Mount Atlas



Written in Stone, King of The Double Falcons 3500.bC Libya, Delta Nile, Sinai, Levant.


Solon: "Tell me Uadjahor, where lies Atlantis?"
Egyptian Priest: "Solon, as the Falcon flies west, to the risen land, over the empire of lions and Kings, Avila (Africa) and further west (2nd Falcon) over the the realm of Nu (Ocean), lies a once fertile sunken (flooded) land, where knowledge and the teachings of spirituality come from."-SaJaRa-Riven 2005.aD.

Atlantean machine ca 3500.bC dismissed as "Phoenician Incense burners" by Scholars.


Some things that strike me as logical according to Science, is that:

Human brains reached their apex some 250,000 years ago.

Humans were capable of anything.

50,000 years ago is the said apex of genetic mutations, or no new race types according to DNA research.

Humans were Everywhere, Civilizations flourished.

That's 200,000 years for Man to figure out how to be civilized, or roughly 8 Solar Cycles of 26,000 years.

Every 10,000 years man is capable of technological advancements like today. What happened?

No doubt, much more civilizations from America and S America will be unearthed.

By the way, did you know that on the Egyptian Tomb 100 map from ca 3200-3500.bC that there are also horses in the north east corner and lions in the north west corner. (Scholars tell you the horse and chariot came from the Hyksos ca 1600.bC- ???


I believe it to be a map of the Mediterranean known to Egyptians as “the Great Green”, and not somewhere south along the Nile as Egyptian scholars think.


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 Post subject: Re: Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans
PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:33 pm 
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[R]...The Secret Message of Linear A Letters by Paulo Riven...[R]

Linear A, our true heritage language of first speaking when we said, "da da" or "ma ma", as your children still do, is one of the most miraculous works of our Father Creator, JA MN. Though you don't fully understand why he is our True Father Creator yet for alterations of your histories 2400 years ago.

In it's simplicity of complexity, we only have to do what it says and talk like a baby.
Just add the "Uman Standing Confident" letter A to every letter to speak.

The Linear A alphabet had 12 letters, d-j-k-m-n-p-q-r-s-t-w-z
and 5 vowels, A-e-i-o-u.

You can see the drawings of the letters in old Linear A below.


Aa - Air,Origin, Father, Mother (god/goddess)
.......No letter B for "Bad" yet...hmmm
Ca (ka) is here or came in, so casa is also house, or house of children,
Da - is of, or give, or dada for Father as in of dad.
Ea - can be also, and, or many, and from, in the air
(no F, G,or especially "H")
Ia, Sacred, with Father, beside, along with, and also with
Ja -is like yes I know, now, so to it is to know JA for Knowledge,
or it can also be used for "right now!" as in Atlantean Portuguese.
Ka - with, guard of Father, knight, soul, (King).

(no letter L for Atlantis, so ATA / ATAN / ATANA / ATANTA / ATANTE or ATANTEN (ATATENEN)
(compare TATENEN-Risen Land,Egypt >TA >earth)

Na is purified, exhalted, praised, water, sacred, above, in the air, no, it is in
Pa is Father or Grandparent, or for (por favor) , for something, or plant seed
Qa is where, what, with, with father the seed was planted with woman (Queen)
Ra is for Royal Father's Son, raise, rise up, go forth
Sa is male child, Se is female, knowledgeable children, have knowledge, know.
Ta is Earth, they are, she or he is, it is
Ua is of The Air, from above, Us of Father (UMANS), and you, all of you Atlanteans, who is
Wa is what?,water, water of Mother (upside down M) Woman, cry.
Za is the N on it's side, (toppled purity) sin, bad, don't do! No! (for sinners it would mean "Yes")



According to the Linear A letters, we appear to have a hidden message of Galactic proportions from beyond, perhaps Carina Nebula.
Could our Father Creator have landed here on Atlantis Earth. (TA) from a distant Galaxy? Aeons ago?

The letter A, or a 'T' with arms mid center of the top line on either side,
looks like a Star Trek Spaceship Symbol. The Voyage of Father to Earth.
The D looks like the landing port, or "here we stand".
E look like a powered Station.
I is the flag of Neptune's Trident planted on Atlantis Earth. (further proof we are Atlantean)
O is construction of buildings
J is next for The Father, djet or JA.
K is for the Knight guards the Kingdom (cross INSIDE of a Circle.)
M is for the building of The Pyramids with out stretched arms for growth, (airshafts)
N is for the blessing of Earth and the Waters upon Earth
P is for the prosperity of Earth and growth of trees and plants
Q is for the Seeding of The Earth with a Uman by a Woman (Queen Mage)
R is for a Royal Prince, King's Son is created (JASA)
S is for a Boy Child in a Woman (Y symbol for SA-boy, SE-girl)
T is for TA or Earth, so to the "Clamped" C symbol positions the Earth in our Fathers Universe.
U is for undoing by Evil drawn as an upside down cross on a curved east pole.
W is for return to the "Ark", board the ship with the ladder, depart, went away, cry, wa.
Z is for Za, Zin or Sin, Last letter, FALLEN, of Father, (without)

(cross with a circle on top to mean never ending continuous paradox, evil-8=888=8888 Finale.)
Sa = Risen Son (Sa means Son in Ancient Egyptian)
Za = Fallen Son

Father's letters;

Baals letters;

Aenglis or English evolved from Linear A from our Atlantean, Aeterian and Azilian ancestors who were writing some 12,000 years ago (ca.10,000.bC) in Iberia and NW Africa. These letters were taken by the Phoenicians when they went to Gades, Spain and claimed them as being their own and passed them on to the Greeks as Linear B, "so they tell us".


Linear A Translations by Riven;

EARTH (Eart / Ert)
EA-Risen, in the air, above, so high
AA - Father and Mother
RA- King, Kingdom
TA- Earth, IS, IT, I AM.
HA- Here, in this place, also

[R]…God's Risen Kingdom of Earth…[R]

TA-(Tara/Terra) = Ancient name for EARTH
A = Risen or Origin
A TA LAN = Risen Earth Land
TA - TEN -EN = Ancient Egyptian Risen Earth Land
ATAL-ANTIC (Antique,Antiquity,Antigua,Antiquo > Ancient)
Agua/Aqua = Water (Gua = Throat)
ATALANTIC (Atlantic) > Risen Earth Land of Antiquity
ATALAS (Atlas) > Risen Earth Stone > Mountain

Linear A Translation > Atlantis.

AA - Father, Mother,God,Goddess, Origen
(in this case singular primary A>Father > A-tlantis > Earth = Male)
TA - Earth
LA- There, in that place, land
AA - Father, Mother, God, Goddess, Origen
NA- Sacred Knowledge, pure, water, air,
IA- and his, so high, adorned

Father's Earth Land with Mother's Sacred Knowledge of Earth and His Son.

SA - Son/Child/kin
JA- Father, God, Know
RA – King, Kingdom

Here is a comparison chart to put at rest any doubts.


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 Post subject: Re: Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans
PostPosted: Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:12 am 
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God's Divine Plan for the Pyramids of Cairo, the Sphinx facing east and Orion as Evil

Ja Mn is the oldest God recorded in our histories to a least the building of the Pyramids. I AM or AMEN a name Jesus (JASA) used to call upon His Father (JAMEN).
Genesis 1 the Phoenician's claimed god's name improperly as elohim (powerful one > Orion), even though they knew His Name was actualy JA MN from Egypt, like everything else they stole from Egypt. Immediately in the next chapter of Genesis or 2:4, they call god as they themselves wrote; yahweh elohim, meaning lord for yahweh and elohim for god, or lord god. Only a vain or naive person would not relate that yahweh is simply a title meaning lord. The rest you know about what yahweh did in the bible of how he murdered, broke promises, required blood sacrifices, and enslaved the masses in blackened robes with chains of Khain from Khanaan who slew Able. (Seth slew Osiris - psychological implant in your minds to murder just like eve being betrayed by a serpent for you to think it's okay to do evils).

Satan was really Zathanel HatuptaH or The Beast of the entwined Hermaphrodite Serpents of 88 or 888, it's true number, not 666 which is for his servants.
Satan was yahweh elohim in disguise who fooled you and brainwashed for the past 2300 years with his black book of truths and bloodthirsty lies.
The best way to deceive you (zeitgeist) is by mixing the truth with a lie or a wolf in sheeps clothing as they say. Because if you know what is true to you, then the lie will also appear true. See? For example, zeitgeist movies tell you about 911 as bait to reel you in, then they fill your head with garbage about God to discredit Him and weaken you, just like their psychology for our medias, schools, foods, eco systems, economies of slavery and everything else.

Z is the 26th and last letter of our alphabet that means the fallen one or the number 8 or letter H. In antiquity and for our Parent Linear A alphabet, Z or ZA is drawn by an Egyptian Ankh as it's symbol. (binding pin that turns the cross in on itself. (see my 1234 abcd = God's family while 5 is change and 6789 was the evil family. Further education you can find in my posts here or elsewhere.)

In, Truth as the miracles of my works reveal upon you from the Mind of God JA MN Himself, such is His purpose for my unknown and unexpected mission that is governed by the Law of Five as my life also is and has been, it is with validity, integrity, and honor that I dedicate my reasoning to our Creator being JA MN, along with the evidence and proofs of testimony for you to witness for yourselves. Thus I also am a SEER and a Man of MN, not only in dedication but also for my birthrights as registered.

Aeternaly, before, presently and tomorrow, all the Sons of God are named JASA. Sa is Egyptian for Son, and JA is God, thus God's Son, see?

No different for Jesus, but those evil things know about the Ritual of the Pentagram and the Ritual Sacrifice of exchanging God's Son (3) with a 5 (pentagram) so the Evil Son (8) can gain dominion over us, or the Ritual of Releasing the Cleaving Son. A 3 for a 5 is an 8...See? And 5 is change.

After a man and woman have a son and a daughter, then a new species is born from either the son or daughter...see? 1,23,4 then 5 (grandson/daughter). 1234 = 10 = 5 x 2.

On December the 10th,8:08am, 3474.bC in Saqqarra, Egypt by the Red Pyramid at the Labyrinth Temple of Snoferu, The Previous Son of Man to Jesus, Philits The Shepherd as he was known in literature, (JASA) was murdered upon an altar by a crooked dagger through his heart, then dangled in public view above crocodiles who tore at his limbs (see The Ascension image). Then they dismantled this temple, took his body and moved and re-assembled it some 5000 miles away from Egypt.

The Secret of this greatest stain upon ourselves, was taught in the mystery schools of Osirion Sun Temples and The Serapaeums which was also associated with the Sacrifice of the Apis Bull. A duplicate of this Temple, where we will see also that there is A Son atop a broken altar, can still be seen outlined at the Pillar of Pompeii where Alexandria, Egypt is.

The zeitgest (truth with a lie) is that try to tell you the Pyramids were built to compliment the 3 stars in worship of the Evil Orion the Warrior constellation and Sirius, the Draconian Star.
The Truth is the the highly intelligent Design, Calculus and overall Plan for the Pyramids of Cairo, or properly the Atlantean Pyramids, was for us to know about God's Son, The Three, The Trinity. See? That is why the Sun rises in the East and not to Orion but for us to look at Carina Nebula as the actual Hubble Space Telescope reveals the Orion Warrior (satan) trying to get The Ascending Son as He drops the Sacred Chalice. (Oval Port to Evermore for your Souls).

Don't worry, the Chalice is safe, not here, but in Evermore, just as JASA is returned to His Father JAMN and the evil Orion Warrior some 7 light years in size of energy, fell back to Kenya, was beheaded and sealed in The Pit of The Calling where his Evil family resided in the lands of Voodoo (Red Shields), as these photos testify to.

(fireballs appeared over India around this time of Jan.2006, then I revealed the Garden of Avila in Tansania that ended her 8 year drought of no rain -facts)

Evidence of God's Divine Plan for the Pyramids.

The Satellite Pyramid Box Theory, positions the Pyramids and centers the Sphinx.

My Pythagorean map that revealed the Secret of Carina Nebula, also centers the Sphinx at the womb formed by the 3 circles.

God's Name JA written on top of the Great Pyramid.

God's Image preserved on the airshaft stoneplug inside the Great Pyramid with JA written on His Cap and a tied Beard.(refrain from evil,disciplined)

The Temple of The Son on the broken altar that was moved 5000 miles from Egypt.

The Serapeaum mystery school temple in duplicate at Alexandria's Pompeii Pillar, of the one at Saqqarra where the Ritual of Sacrificial murder was taught by Osirions or Sun Temples. (Secret of The Apis Bull)

The site in saqqara where Snoferu's laybrinth Temple was. Today where the altar once stood, sits a water tower.

The Secret of Carina Nebula and The Ascension of The Son being attacked by the Evil Orion Satan and Sekhmet with Judas head and broken soul below.

(actual hubble space photo, colored enhanced by them, just google Carina Nebula)

Closeup of The Ascension of the Son in Carina Nebula

Satan's Beheading by The Flaming Crooked Sword in Kenya

The Pit of The Calling where Satan Perished in Kenya

The 3 headed dragon and Evil Seal in Kenya. yahweh dressed as an hermaphrodite nun (first head,left side of beast)

That is why I was also able to reveal the Second Garden of Avila (eden) in Tansania and why my face appears on the babe.
For revealing God's Truth and His Son's.
Ja Mn, His Wife and My Face on The Babe in the Garden.

Nostradamus even predicted all of this!

Facts not Fiction.

AeJor Mn
Paulo Riven

Sword of Avila
Obsidian Dragon Slayer
King of the Double Falcons

To Know Is Immortal.
Lux of Ipse

Tribes of Atlantis.
saturday, June 26, 2010. (8492 aJA)

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The chronological advancements of our History by Riven.

6482.bC, Great Flood and rebirth of Humans

6000.bC, Crete, Malta Civilizations and Temple Building.

5000.bC The Civilization of Egypt. The change to Barbaric Warriors.

4000.bC Minoan Thallassocracy, (rulers of the Sea-Med.)

The Height of The Tarxiens,Malta known in The Bible as Tarshish. (Pharaoh Tshsh,Palermo Stone)

3500.bC The Bronze Age and The Battle of Atlantis, 10 Fallen Kings Narmer Palette,Gebel-el-Arak Knife, Tomb 100 map, Dragon Claw Orbis Ships, Chariots. Possible construction of Atlantean Twin Pyramids and Lions upon Egypt, just prior.

StoneHenge Erected, England.

3240.bC. The "NEW UNIFIED" Egypt of Pharaoh Menes (aka Narmer)
Respected of The Atlanteans who he also respected...JA and Atlantean Philosophy of Thoth, perhaps upto DEN.

Trades with Lebanon and Palestine abundant, Egyptian Ships Sail.

Sais and Buto Priesthoods of Tatenen.

2500.bC. The Trismegistus of Khufu from Snofru's Blood of Brine.
.........Philitis The Good Shepherd upon Egypt
.........The Oracle of The Prodigal Child not of the Blood of Khufu.
.........150 years of Darkness fall upon Egypt.

2000.bC. The poison of thou "Shalt be put to death" inflicted upon the lands by Egypt and Phoenicia from The Blood of Brine.

1862.bC Sesostris II Subjugates Europe and Phoenicia.

1700.bC, Hyksos retaliate (Greek name) for Shepherd Assyrio-Palestines of Ecbatana, perhaps.
Ecbatana has knowledge of Atlantis.

Battle of Ares Titans; Etruscan Atlanteans vs Greek Olympians

1500.bC Supposed Flood of Deukalion compares to 2600.bC Gilgamesh epic.

1500.bC. The Forked Tongue of Egypt and The Ramses Kings continue the "Poison" and merge bloodlines with Persia.

Zeus, Hera and Poseidon replace Jove, Juno and Neptune.
"Egytpian" King Belus.

1200.bC Mycenaeans launch Aechean Attack on Troia. (Agamemnon and Menelaus)

1190.bC Sea People pirates from Troia Battle launch attack upon Egypt, great time of depression throughout entire Mediterranean.

Phoenicians spread throughout Europa and North Africa.

1000.bC Etruscan Thallassocracy, Carthage and Latins.

Greeks "terrified" to sail the Tyrhennian Mare until Massilliots ca 600.bC.

Muslim/Islamic Invasions-"thou shalt be put to death".

Fez Caps in Morocco.

Greeks forget Ancient History ca 800.bC.

Gades, Carthage, Tartessos, powerhouses of the Balearics.

700.bC, The Seven Hills of Rome, the Great Western "PUSHBACK" to preserve Christianity and Europa's History.

600.bC Solon Archonship at Athens.

570.bC Fate of Egyptian extinction leads to Saitic Head Priest, Uadjahor-Resne revealing the Truth of Solon and Atlantis.

332.bC Alexander The Great driven by Aristotle's Wand, The Bible already being Translated.

Great Library of Alexandria constructed in Egypt.

30.bC Great Roman Emperor, Augustus.

0 - Birth of Christ "according" to Constantine Bishops and The Bible's reformation of a Unified Religion with Phoenicia.

330.aD, Constantine Niceane Creed "reforms" religion and The Bible,joining East with West.

350.aD, Chalcidius preserves Plato's work Timaeus from Greek into Latin, no record of Chalcidius for Critias.

(My research is indicative that Chalcidius could have been St. Augustine)

413.aD, Hypatia the Neo-Platonist Murdered.

Fall of Alexandria, Fall of Wisdom.

800.aD. Irish Monk preserves Timaeus by Chalcidius.

1150.aD Ken Digby preserves Timaeus by Chalcidius (MS Digby 23) bound with "The Song of Roland" -Normandy.

(Oxford Universities, Ms Digby 83 could also be a part of Timaeus)

Astrological Ages (Approximately)


Aquarius.2000.aD -4000.aD

Age of Pisces - 2000.bp to 2000.aD

Age of Aries - 4,000 to 2,000 B.P.

Age of Taurus - 6,000 to 4,000 B.P.

Age of Gemini - 8,000 to 6,000 B.P.

Age of Cancer - 10,000 to 8,000 B.P.

Age of Leo - 12,000 to 10,000 B.P.

Age of Virgo - 14,000 to 12,000 B.P.

Age of Libra - 16,000 to 14,000 B.P.

Age of Scorpio - 18,000 to 16,000 B.P.

Age of Sagittarius - 20,000 to 18,000 B.P.

Age of Capricorn - 22,000 to 20,000 B.P.



(start of civilizations,40,000.bC-Riv)


Age of Pisces -26-24

Age of Aries -28-26

Age of Taurus -30-28

Age of Gemini -32-30

Age of Cancer -34-32

Age of Leo - 36-34

Age of Virgo -38-36

Age of Libra -40-38

Age of Scorpio -42-40

Age of Sagittarius -44-42

Age of Capricorn - 46,000-44,000.BP.

Age of Zero Sorcery 3474.bC-2010.aD

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Technicaly Speaking

Some people seem uncertain to the size of Atlantis or how big and where Cleito's Hill was or where the Horsetrack is. Some researchers like to claim that all measurements should be 1/10th which would mean a stadia was only 60.5ft and a stadium some 60ft by 30ft which would also make Poseidon's temple smaller than the ones standing today. Besides, since a stadium in ancient Greece was 600 x 300 feet, I can't imagine any athletes playing soccer or football in a stadium that was only 60ft by 30ft unless they were only 6 man teams!

They also like to convert the 605 foot stadia to an Egyptian Khet of 52.4 meters or 172 feet which would account for the lots having sides of 1720 feet or just over 1/4 mile (dragstrip). This would not compliment Critias having stated that the lots were of a "Great Size" as he did in the Platonis Opera Greek version of Plato's Critias.

I'll stick to the dialogue for these results. Here are some notes from the Critias dialogue followed by measurements according to the script.

Hope this helps your studies fellow Atlanteans.

Critias Quotes;

"was an island greater in extent than Libya and Asia"

"Looking towards the sea, but in the centre of the whole island, there was a plain"

"Near the plain again, and also in the centre of the island at a distance of about fifty stadia, there was a mountain not very high on any side"

"breaking the ground, inclosed the hill in which she dwelt all around, making alternate zones of sea and land larger and smaller, encircling one another; their were two of land and three of water"

(Cleito's Hill was on the central island where the Royal Palace, Lecuippe's Garden and Poseidon's Temple also were)

"dividing the island of Atlantis into ten portions"

"To his (Atlas) twin brother (Gadeiros) who was born after him and obtained as his lot the extremity of the island towards the Pillars of Hercules, facing the country which is now called the region of Gades."

"rulers of divers islands in the open sea"

"beginning from the sea they bored a canal of three hundred feet in width and one hundred feet in depth and fifty stadia in length, which they carried through to the outer most zone"

"the largest of the zones into which a passage was cut from the sea was three stadia in breadth and the zone of land which came next of equal breadth; but the next two zones, the one of water and the other of land, were two stadia and the one which surrounded the central island was a stadium only in width. The island in which the palace was situated had a diameter of five stadia. All this including the zones and the bridge, which was a sixth part of a stadium in width, they surrounded by a stone wall on every side, placing towers and gates on the brdiges where the sea passed in"

"The palaces in the interior of the citadel were constructed on this wise; in the centre was a holy temple dedicated to Cleito and Poseidon"

"Here was Poseidon's own temple which was a stadium in length and half a stadium in width and of a proportionate height"

"Leaving the palace and passing out across the three you came to a wall which began at the sea and went all around; this was everywhere distant fifty stadia from the largest zone or harbour and enclosed the whole, the ends meeting at the mouth of the channel which led to the sea"

"country immediately about and surrounding the city was a level plain, itself surrounded by mountains which descended towards the sea; it was smooth and even and of an oblong shape extending in one direction three thousand stadia . but across the center inland it was two thousand stadia. This part of the island looked towards the south and was sheltered from the north. The surrounding mountains were celebrated for their number and size and beauty, far beyond any which still exist, having in them also many wealthy villages of country folk and rivers and lakes and meadows supplying food enough for every animal, wild or tame and much wood of various sorts, abundant for each and every kind of work."

"It (surrounding ditch) was excavated to the depth of a hundred feet and it's breadth was a stadium everywhere; it was carried round the whole of the plain and was ten thousand stadia in length. It received the streams which came down from the mountains and winding round the plain and meeting at the city, was there let off into the sea. Further inland, likewise, straight canals of a hundred feet in width were cut from it through the plain and again let off into the ditch leading into the sea; these canals were at intervals of a hundred stadia and by them they brought down the wood from the mountains to the city and conveyed the fruits of the earth in ships, cutting transverse passages from one canal into another and to the city.

"size of a lot was a square of ten stadia each way and the total number of all the lots was sixty thousand. As to the population, each of the lots in the plain and of the inhabitants of the mountains and of the rest of the country there was also a vast multitude, which was distributed among the lots and had leaders assigned to them according to their districts and villages. The leader was required to furnish for the war the sixth portion of a war chariot, so as to make up a total of then thousand chariots, also two horses and riders for them and a pair of chariot horses so as to make up a total of ten thousand chariots; also two horses and riders for them and a pair of chariot horses without a seat, accompanied by a horseman who could fight on foot carrying a small shield and having a charioteer who stood behind the man at arms to guide the two horses; also he was bound to furnish two heavy armed soldiers, two slingers, three stone shooters and three javelin men, who were light armed and four sailors to make up the complement of twelve hundred ships. Such was the military order of the royal city; the order of the other nine governments varied and it would be wearisome to recount their several differences."

1 stadia = 605 feet 2 stadia = 1210 feet 3 stadia = 1815 feet stadium = 600 feet by 300 feet

zone = ring of land or water.

zone 1 = 3 stadia wide = 1815 feet = water (Harbour)

zone 2 = 3 stadia " = 1815 ft = land (racecourse for horses ran around the entire ring,roughly 3 miles)

zone 3 = 2 stadia " = 1210 ft = water

zone 4 = 2 stadia " = 1210 ft = land

zone 5 = 1 stadium " = 600 ft = water(surrounds central island)

zone 6 = 5 stadia diameter = 3025 ft diameter (1512.50ft radius)

central island with Poseidon's Temple,Cleito's Hill and The Grove of Leucippe.

ringed zones 3630 + 2420 + 600 + 1512.50ft = 8162.50ft radius (outer ring 1 to middle of central island.)

8162.5 x 2 = 16325ft diameter = 3.092 mile diameter across ringed zones

diameter = line drawn through the center of a circle from one border to the opposite border.

radius = center of circle to outside border.

outer surrounding wall = 50 stadia distant from outer zone 1(1st ring of water = harbour)

30250ft + 16325 + 30250 = 76,825ft diameter across outer fortress wall = 14.55 miles diameter for the Royal City.

poseidon's temple = 1 stadium long by 1/2 stadium wide (600ft.Lx300ft.w)

bridge = 1/6th of a stadium wide = 100 feet wide

50 stadia = 30250 feet = 5.7292 miles

canal = 50 stadia (30250ft) long, 300 feet wide by 100 feet deep from outer zone 1. (5.7292 miles to the sea and outer wall)

plain in center of the island on south-eastern side facing the pillars of Hercules - 3000 stadia long by 2000 stadia wide (1,815,000 ft by 1,210,000 ft) plain = 343.75L x 229.17w miles = 78,777.19 sq.miles

(27,878,400sq feet to 1 square mile) plain = 3000 x 2000 = 6,000,000 sq stadia = 1,815,000ft.L x 1,210,000ft.W = 2,196,150,000,000sq.ft (2.197 quatrillion sq.ft)

plain = 343.75 + 343.75 + 229.17 + 229.17 = 687.50 + 458.34 = 1145.84 miles around plain

(same as surrounding ditch of 10,000 stadia)

surrounding ditch = 10,000 stadia in length by 1 stadium wide by 100 feet deep

(6,050,000ft.L x 600ft.w x 100ft.d) ditch = 6,050,000ft / 5280ft = 1145.83 miles long (same as plain)

inside of surrounding ditch on the plain were some 27 canals 100 feet wide at intervals of 100 stadia

(60,500 ft or 11.46 miles) with transverse passages to each canal.

60,000 lots inside of plain

lots inside the plain - 1 lot = 10 stadia each way = 10 x 10 stadia = 100sq.stadia lots

lots = 6050ft x 6050ft = 36,602,500sq.ft per lot x 60,000 lots = 2,196,150,000,000 sq.ft (same as plain)

lots = 1.15 miles x 1.15 miles = 1.323sq miles x 60,000 lots = 79,380sq miles (same as plain)

343.75 / 1.15 = 298.1930435 lots length of plain

229.17 / 1.15 = 199.2783 lots width of plain.

298.1930435 x 199.2783 = 59,423.403 lots

(roughly same as 60,000 lots inside of plain considering rounded off numbers.)

Canals on plain; 343.75 / 11.46 = 30 canals

(less roughly 3 canals to compensate for 100 foot widths to fit the length of the plain = roughly 27 canals which would be joined by 26 transverse canals.

Temple of Poseidon in Paestum measures 60m x 25m.(2362.2in x 984.25in = 196.85ft x 82.021ft)

Temple of Poseidon on the island of Sounion is 31.12 X 13.47m. (1225.194in x 530.314in = 102.10ft x 44.193ft)

Temple of Poseidon Atlantis = 600ft x 300ft = 182.9m x 91.44m

The Great Pyramid of Khufu

Original Height: 146.6 m (480.96 ft) Current Height: 138.75 m (455.21 ft)

Length of Side: 230.37 (755.8 ft) Angle: 51º 50’ 40”

Estimated Volume: 2,521,000 cu m

From Herodotus Histories;
a boat comes, at an appointed time, from the island called Prosopitis,- which is portion of the Delta,nine schoenes in circumference,- and calls at the several cities in turn to collect the bones of the oxen. Prosopitis is a district containing several cities; the name of that from which the boats come is Atarbechis. Venus has a temple there of much sanctity.

schoine = 60 stadia = 36,300ft = 6.9miles Egyptian Schoene = 60 furlongs

A furlong is about the same as a stadia.

9 x 60 = 540 stadia = 326,700 feet/5280 = 61.9 miles circumference for the island of Prosopitis.

stade = 605 feet

circumference = pie(3.14) x diameter

326,700/3.14 = 104,044.6ft = 19.71 mile diameter for the island of Prosopitis.


Ringed Zones = 3.092 mile diameter across ringed zones 3.092 x 3.14 = 9.71 mile circumference

Royal City = outer surrounding wall = 50 stadia distant from outer zone 1(1st ring of water = harbour)

30250ft + 16325 + 30250 = 76,825ft diameter across outer fortress wall = 14.55 miles diameter

Royal City = 14.55 x 3.14 = 45.7 mile circumference

As you can see, it isn't difficult to believe that Atlantis Royal City was 45 miles in circumference when comparedto Prosopitis,61.9 miles,an island in the Delta Nile above Memphis.

It surprises me why Solon,Critias or Plato didn't use Schoenes like Herodotus when they were describing the size of the city and plain which would be 50 x 33.33 schoenes (3000 x 2000 stadia).

In reality the Island of Atlantis consisted of 4 islands.

1.-The small central island surrounded by rings where the Temple of Poseidon was.

2.-The first ring of land surrounding the central island.

3.-the second ring of land surrounding the central island

4.-the entire island of Atlantis that contained the above 3 islands in the Royal City.

The circular zones were surrounded by a fortressed wall that was 50 stadia(5.7miles) distant from the outermost ring. This is the Royal City of Atlantis that was surrounded by the plain on the island of Atlantis. In the center of the whole island there was a plain on the south east side facing towards Gades, Spain and the Straites of Gibraltar. This should give us a "minimum" view of an island 2 plains wide by 3 plains long or 1031.25 miles long

(N/S) x 458.34 miles wide (E/W)

1 meter = 39.37 inches international mile of 5,280 feet, 1,760 yards, or exactly 1,609.344 meters.

Critias; Benjamin Jowett translation.

As to the population, each of the lots in the plain had to find a leaderfor the men who were fit for military service, and the size of a lot was a square of ten stadia each way, and the total number of all the lots was sixty thousand. And of the inhabitants of the mountains and of the rest of the country there was also a vast multitude, which was distributed among the lots and had leaders assigned to themaccording to their districts and villages. The leader was required to furnish for the war the sixth portion of a war-chariot, so as to make up a total of ten thousand chariots; also two horses and riders for them, and a pair of chariot-horses without a seat, accompanied by a horseman who could fight on foot carrying a small shield, and having a charioteer who stood behind the man-at-arms to guide the two horses; also, he was bound to furnish two heavy armed soldiers, two slingers, three stone-shooters and three javelin-men, who were light-armed, and four sailors to make up the comlement of twelve hundred ships. Such was the military order of the royal city, the order of the other ninve governments varied and it would be wearisome to recount their several differences

-note; ben jowett did not mention the bowmen or archers according to the Platonis Opera in Greek.-Riv.

It sounds like this is Atlas's army and the district of the plain was Atlas' division which contained the Royal City and 60,000 lots, which was the largest and best portion inherited from Atlas' mother. From the statement of a leader being required to furnish 10,000 chariots which was a 6th portion, we can deduce that their were 6 Generals and 60,000 units in total for Atlas' army.

1/6th of 60,000 = 10,000 lots per General

Each lot had to contribute;

1 charioteer...............1 seated chariot...................2 horses

1 charioteer...............1 unseated chariot..............2 horses

1 horseman/foot fighter

2 heavy armed soldiers

2 slingers

3 stone shooters

3 javelin men

4 sailors to compliment 1200 ships - 40,000 / 1200 = 33 men per ship.

17 men, 2 chariots and 4 horses

8 lots combined built a ship to total 1200 ships for 10,000 lots. (10k/1200ships)

1200 x 6 = 7200 ships for the Royal Army x 33 = 237,600 sailors.

Each General's war unit consisted of;

170,000 men...............x 6 = 1,020,000 men

20,000 chariots............x6 = 120,000 chariots

40,000 horses...............x6 = 240,000 horses

1200 ships.....................x6 = 7200 ships

Consider the other 9 were half the size;

510,000 men...............x9 = 4,590,000 men

60,000 chariots...........x9 = 540,000 chariots

20,000 horses..............x9 = 180,000 horses

600 ships.......................x9 = 5400 ships

Total approximate size of Atlantean Army. 5,610,000 men 660,000 chariots 420,000 horses 12,600 ships

Consider that half those men were Father's or Family men = 2,805,000 families x 5 = 14,025,000 people for the populace of Atlantis Island. Consider the plain was the largest and best district of 344 x 230 miles, we could say the other 9 districts were half the size also or 172 x 115 miles. The plain was near the center of the island, thus on the east side we can say the length was 344 + 172 + 172 = 688 miles.

There would be another 4 regions alongside the west side of the plain and the 2 regions on the east side. And finaly 3 regions on the west side.

Giving us 3 regions wide by 4 regions long through the middle.

Length = 344 + 172 + 172 + 172 = 860 miles width = 230 + 115 + 115 = 460 miles

Based on the above, the island of Atlantis would have been around 1000 x 500 miles in area on the "conservative" side or 500,000 sq. miles. (The Josephine/Torre seamount is also around this length)

According to the 14,025,000 populace, this would equal a reasonable 28 people per square mile. If we say that 1/3 of the warriors were Fathers, then we would have 1,870,000 families x 5 = 9.350,000 census or 19 people per sq. mile.

Some districts or populations could have been near to the size of the plain.

Imagine how many people per square mile are in your city today!

Addendum note;

Upon further study of the John Burnett's Greek Platonis Opera ca.1903, we realize that Ben Jowett forgot to mention the Bowmen or Archers, and that R.G.Bury incorrectly stated that the second pair of horses did not have a chariot, but a man who jumped from horse to horse while followed by a charioteer which makes no sense.

The Greek text uses the word "dipros" and "katabaten", where we realize that this is in fact a step down board chariot that two men stood on.

[Critias 119a-119b]...each lot provided a male leader, but the lots were of a great size being 10 times 10 stadia, of which all together there existed 60,000 lots. But also the mountains and the other districts held an infinite number of men who gathered down in the country towns of which were chosen leaders to distribute their entire lots. That in any event, the leaders were to arrange, on the one hand, and provide for the battle a sixth portion of a warriors chariot that was 10,000 chariots, but also with two horses and one mounted man. Furthermore, to themselves also, a pair of horses with a step down board chariot of which two individuals go upon, one with a small shield and a charioteer to hold the horses. Two Heavily armed (warriors) and that of an Archer and Slinger, two of each, and a light armed foot soldier who was also a slinger that struck with stones and a javelin man, three of each, but of sea mates, four who would be part of an account for 1200 ships. In any event, on the one hand, in this manner were the warriors appointed for the Royal Kings city state besides that of the other nine which is of a length that is besides our chance to speak.

-- [translated by Paulo Riven,2009, using Perseus Tufts translator and Platonis Opera]

dipros - chariot-board; A) a board on which 2 could stand B) a seat

katabaten - step down, descend

Based on the use of the katabaten, the second chariot is in fact a step down board chariot.

1/6th portion of 60,000 lots to make up 10,000 war chariots

Each lot was to provide;

1 charioteer............1 chariot.......................2 horses

1 charioteer.......1 step board chariot..... 2 horses

1 man with small shield

2 heavy armed men (hoplites)

2 archers

2 slingers

3 light armed stone slingers

3 javelin men

4 sea mates

Totals; 19 men according to Platonis Opera.

What is missing is horses with horsemen warriors that could also amount to 20 men and 5 horses per lot.
Some people think that the second chariot mentioned is a continuation of the first chariot which would account for 18 men.

In any case, the principal is that we realized the immense size of the Atlantean army and populace since Critias is only telling us about one district of the 10 and he also stated that the lots were of a "Great " size which would compliment their 1.15 mile sides. To convert the stade of 605ft to an Egyptian Khet of 52.4m or 172ft, would not fit with Critias' statement for the size of the lots. The khet lot would be 1720 foot sides or slightly larger than a 1/4 mile dragstrip which would not be termed a Great size.

The Stadium is 600ft whereas the Stadia is 605ft.

When Critias described the size of Poseidon's temple he said it was a stadium in length and half a stadium in width or 600ft x 300ft.
For the proponents of altering the numbers in Critias to 1/10th, such as 9000 years should be 900 years or a stadium would then be only 60ft.
Poseidon's temple would therefore only be 60ft x 30ft, a rather small size as compared to the existing temples below.
For the proponents of the Egyptian Khet being 52.4m or 172ft for the stadia,then Poseidon's temple would be roughly 172ft x 86ft. This would be a more acceptable size.

Temple of Poseidon in Paestum measures 60m x 25m.(2362.2in x 984.25in = 196.85ft x 82.021ft)
Temple of Poseidon on the island of Sounion is 31.12 X 13.47m. (1225.194in x 530.314in = 102.10ft x 44.193ft)
Temple of Poseidon Atlantis = 600ft x 300ft = 182.9m x 91.44m

But here's the logic. When Critias uses the term STADIUM, he is therefore referring to a sports athletic arena or playing field, where we also use the word stadium today for our athletic buildings. Therefore, the stadia would also have been based on the size of a stadium.

Obviously, none of our athletes would be able to compete in a stadium based on 1/10th. The Egyptian Khet maybe, with the exception of hockey,tennis or basketball of which soccer would be the oldest sport and un-playable in a khet stadium.

Official NHL hockey rink size; 85ft (26m) x 200ft (61m)
Official Football field size; 360ft (109.7m) x 160ft (48.8m)
Official Soccer international soccer field; 330ft (100m) x 360ft (110m)
Official NBA Basketball court; 94ft (29m) x 50ft (15m)
Official Tennis court; 120ft (37m) x 60ft (18m)

Also, the Royal City of Atlantis was on a large plain on a very large island, so the city having a diameter of 14.5 miles is rather conservative when compared to the district of Prosopitis as I already pointed out, having a size of 20 miles in diameter in the nile delta alone.

Sometimes I amuse myself in thinking that my hometown of the Azores Islands consists of 9 islands and that the island of Atlantis is missing which compares to the 10 districts mentioned in Plato's dialogues!.

Best of Health and Fortune for you; Paulo Riven 2009

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Atlantean Chronos

150,000,000 - 3253.bC...Large Island of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean about 300 miles before the Straites of Gibraltar at the Josephine / Torre Seamounts estimated some 2000 x 1000 miles in area. First Garden of Umans and Animals.

3795....Attica (Athens) founded 9000 years prior to Solon (years = generations= 2.79 conversion)

3437......Sais, Egypt founded 8000 years prior to Solon

####......Atlantean War begins

####......Atlantean war ends, Greeks victorious, countries liberated (could also be a result of the following flood)

3253..(3rd) Greatest disaster before Deukalion's flood. Great Flood of Noah (biblical), Hathor Flood Egypt, Mediterranean event, Atlantis sinks, Athens destroyed, Euphrates valley flooded, countries become liberated afterwards.

3200......Egypt records Atlantis in the Temple of Neith and The Sacred Registers.

####......Phoenicia, (Tyre, Byblos, Sidon), Eridu, Nippur, Nineveh, Uruk, Akkad, Malta,Crete etc, cities arise.

1754..(2).Flood of Ogyges (Eusebius, Africanus)

1628..(1).Santorini,Thera Volcanic eruption, Flood. Zeus, Poseidon and Typhon Gods created by Greeks.

####......Actaeon 1st king of Athens

1582......Cecrops -an Egyptian king of Athens

1574......Deukalion-king of thessaly

1529..(0).Deukalion's Flood

1522......Amphictyon-king of Athens after deukalion's flood

1209.....Battle of Troy

1190.....Great Mediterranean Depression resulting from Troy battle, remnant armies invade stockpiled Egypt as the Sea Peoples.

800.......Homer writes The Iliad and The Odyssey

750.......Hesiod writes Theogony

570.......Solon visits Sais and Pharaoh Amassis II(ca.564)-Atlantis legend revealed by Egyptian Head Priest Uadjahor-Resne.

570.......Anacreon the poet writes, "west to Gades and east to Bactria".

470......Hellanicus of Mytilene (Lesbos), writes a work on the account of Atlas' daughter named Atlantis.

440.......Herodotus writes Histories that accounts for Atalantes and Atarantean cultures around Lake Tritonis and Mt.Atlas.

420.......Critias II orates Atlantean story to Socrates in the amphitheatre, also in posession of Atlantis writing from great grandfather, Dropides, friend of Solon.

399.......Socrates poisoned

360.bC.......Plato writes Timaeus and Critias account of Atlantis, possibly in Syracuse,Italy while imprisoned by The Traitor Dionysius.

..0.......Jesus Christ, The Son of God

350.aD....Chalcidius preserves Timaeus in Latin (St Augustine?), most likely in Syracuse, Italy. In his Timaeus latin manuscript, Chalcidius penned Augustos rather than angostos for a straite.

850.........John The Scot Eriugena, (inspired by St Augustine and Pseudo Dionysus the Areopagite) escapes to France with Plato's works

1110......William of Conche writes Glosses on Timaeus, perhaps even in the margins on the Chalcidius latin manuscript.

1263.......Master Henry of Langely "bound" the Timaeus with the Song of Roland apparently from an ecclesiastical (Christian church) book of Marie de Oleneyd.

1528-1598.....Henri Estienne (aka Henricus Stephanus or Henry Stephens),16th century Parisian printer. In 1578 Plato's Dialogues published. Thesaurus Linguae Graecae in 4 volumes 1572, (and a supplement in 2 volumes). He improved old translations, or made new Latin translations, of many Greek authors.

1624......Sir Kenelm Digby inherited the transcript and transferred it to the Bodleian Library of Oxford. (Ms Digby 23, Selden cupboard)

1626......Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount of St Alban, publishes fictional work The New Atlantis about an island in the Pacific.

1804......Thomas Taylor, a banker / philosophist translated the latin texts of Plato into English from his avid interests in Kenelm Digby.

1871......Ben Jowett, translations

1882....Ignatius Donnelly publishes one of the best scientific views of Atlantis in Atlantis: The Antediluvian World. A year after Atlantis he published Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel.

1903....John Burnet's Greek works of Platonis Opera

1925....W.R.M.Lamb, Plato in 12 volumes

1929....R.G.Bury translations

In Memory of Socrates.

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Even the Egyptian ancient heiroglyphics for Atlantis, tells you that it's end was in the Double Falcon era.

Written in Stone, King of The Double Falcons 3500.bC Libya, Delta Nile, Sinai, Levant.
MAEREA main pre-dynastic Atlantean Libyan District of the Delta Nile that included Sais,Buto and Memphis.
The Real Egyptians and builders of The Pyramids ca.3500- 4500.bC.

Why do you think Egypt's delta nile was so advanced and moreso than upper egypt? Atlantis > Maerea.


My interpretation of the Heiroglyph as imagined for Solon talking to the Chief Egyptian Priest, Uadjahor-Resne ca.570-564.bC.

Solon: "Tell me Uadjahor, where lies Atlantis?"

Egyptian Priest: "Solon, as the Falcon flies west, to the risen land, over the empire of lions and Kings, Avila (Africa) and further west (2nd Falcon) over the the realm of Nu (Ocean), lies a once fertile sunken (flooded) land, where knowledge and the teachings of spirituality come from."-SaJaRa-Riven 2005.aD.

10 Fallen Kings of the Narmer Palette ca.3250.bC. Note the bull destroying a fortressed city bottom right that appears to be the 3rd nome.

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Narmer Menes Palette ca.3250.bC showing 10 Fallen Kings and a bull trampling a fortressed city that appears to be the 3rd nome. This is also indicative of a great destruction and flooding. The Atlanean pre-dyanstic Libyan district of MAEREA, that also included Sais,Buto and Memphis was the forerunners and the advanced main Egyptian tribes during the Double Falcon era ca.3250 -4250.bC. I feel that these Atlanteans are the ones responsible for building the Pyramids within that timeframe or even older. As evident by the Kings bare feet (paying respect/sacred) and his daughter Tjet (not a priest) in front of him and the four standard bearers holding the Double Falcons out front, I presume that this is rather a "Commerative Palette of Atlantis" honoring the fallen kings of some disaster and the end of their governship, thus their heads with crowns between their legs. Hathor is also associated with floods and was the bloodthirsty slaughterer of mankind in the Legend of the Destruction of Mankind, where Ra used Hathor as the Eye of Destruction. Originaly, Hathor may have simply meant, house of horus or foremost of horus, where after the great destruction, she became identified with the bull's rampage as a cowgoddess, floods and destruction on a massive scale. Pharaoh Menes was also quite fond of sailing and fishing, thus the use of the fish symbol as one of his titulars. He may also have been the Oannes to the Sumerians, with a large fish offering as the Sumerians draw of him. Menes also equates to Atlas,Shu and Min as in "enduring" or "nes" as the greek "las" as Manetho related. He also married the Atlantean Neith of the Maerea Lower Egypt Delta Nile Atlantean kingdom to secure control of the two lands or TAWY of Egypt. Both Neith and Athena are Atlantean Libyans by origin, perhaps even carried on from the island of Atlantis that the Egyptian Am-Duat or The Sun of Ra's Journey through the underworld specificaly points to a location in the Atlantic Ocean by the field measurements being referred to as Seker's realm of an island surrounded by a canal in parallel with the plain of Atlantis. Seker's realm was known as AMENTI or Foremost of the Westerners in the realm of NUN's TATENEN OCEAN, ie NEPTUNE. Homer's highly advanced island of the Phaeacians with magical ships and robots is also identified as Scheria or Skeria which is most likely Sekeria or Seker's realm also. Atlas was first and foremost identified by Homer as having an island with pillars that upheld the skies where his daughter Calypso resided and fell in love with Ulysses. Calypso personifying Cleito and Ulysses as Poseidon. Atlas and Atlantis like Amenti are also in meaning "Foremost" king of the people, island of the people or Foremost Earthland people as in Atlanteans. Coincidence? I think not, therefore I AM. - Paulo Riven, Tribes of Atlantis.


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These are the Atlantean Kings and the Egyptians in order as recorded.

Atlas..............enduring, established..............Menes in sheep/goats..................Djer rest/at both sides................Djet (wadj)
Evaemon.......famous woman......................Merneith rest at both sides................Den
Autochthon...earthborn................................Merbiap (anedjib)
Elasippus......horserider................................Semerkhet (semsem...Head Priest)
Diaprepes.....knowledge of God...................Raneb

These are the Atlantean kings revised with the Egyptian in order.
Notice that Mneseus now pairs with Evaemon just like Plato's code? Djer and Djet were twins.
Autochthon pairs with Ampheres like Greece and Italy as Atlantean cousins.
Mestor like Mesraim is the merger of Egypt with Phoenicia, thus NNE.
This may very well be the correct order for the Atlantean kings if Egypt's order doesn't change.
Critias was speaking from memory at the amphitheatre after he studied the original notes from Solon for the event after the Timeaus where his mind was triggered to

remember by Socrates' theme of an ideal state. That night he went home and pondered over it with his friends for the next day as he wrote.

Atlas_________enduring,established_______Menes (Athotis > Atlas)
Gadeiros_____rich in sheep/livestock______Djer

Mneseus_____memory of God/warrior_____Djet
Evaemon_____famous woman/neith_______Merneith

Ampheres____to rest at both sides_________Den
Autochthon__earthborn__________________Merbiap anedjib

Diaprepes____knowledge of God_________Semerkhet (semsem, head priest)

Mestor_______advisor/suitor/nne_________Hotepsekhemwy (Egypt and Phoenicia)
Azaes________ashened/dark skinned_____Raneb

*Since Djer and Djet are twins, that would have to mean that Atlas pairs with Evaemon.

(Avaemon?/Ave Maria/ Ave MerNeith/ Ave Maerea! - Maerea the Atlantean Libyan province of the real Egyptians in the pre-dynastic delta nile and first dynasty!)

As in Menes and MerNeith. The beloved is Maerea, their home or "MR" to love! (Neith of MAEREA who Menes married to rule the Twin lands!).

Gadeiros and Mneseus would make sense with Europe and the Minoan/Egyptians.

However I feel the answer lies in as I stated that Mneseus and Evaemon are the main kings, while Atlas would become Djet ahead of Djer.(they're twins).
Djet would have been named Atlas in memory of his Father Menes, which is why they relate and interchange as Mneseus for Atlas!. (Iti/athoti).

Complicated but I believe the Atlantean pudding is quite tasty!

Meni;.......................enduring, established, Hor-Aha, horus the fighter.......Menes
Djer;........................Hor-Djer, Horus who succours (rescues,aides)..............Iti...Kenkenes
Djet;........................Wadj, horus the snake/cobra.............................................Ita...Uenephes
Merneith;...............beloved by Neith
Den;........................horus who strikes, two estates, septi, udimu..................Usaphais
Merbiap;................Anedjib, safe of heart...........................................................meibis
Semerkhet;.............Semsem, companion of the gods, priest of priests..........semempses
Qa'a;........................extended of arm, qebehu /qheb
Hotepsekhemwy;....two powers at rest /satisfied.............bawnetjer.............boethos
Raneb;.....................lord of the sun, ra is lord, nebre, kakau, soul of bulls....kaiechos
khnumnetjer;.........Banetjer, ninetjer, Sacred ram..............................................binothris
Weneg;....................wadjnes, fresh of tongue?, outgotlas.................................Tlas

Paulo Riven Tribes of Atlantis
Sunday July 04/2010/

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The nearly corrected order is;

King MneSeuS_________Menes
Queen Evaemon________Maerea Neith - MerNeith


Autochthon_____________Merbiap Anedjib



Notice the use of H-otep with Sekhemwy as Mestor? This ties in Phoenicia with Pharaohs as the unruly Atlanteans who were the betrayers and cause for the war!
(Atlantean law, if any king revolted the rest were come to the rescue)

What I suspect is that Diaprepes should be last and paired with Azaes, because of the biblical flood patriarches and Africa as the second Garden.
Ie; Diaprepes as Noah,Utnaphishtim, Xisuthrus, Ubaratutu or Chrysaor, thus the last king of the list.
Mestor would also compliment Elasippus as for the Phoenicians and horseriders of Asia or Mesraim for Egypt.

Thus the correct order should be;

King MneSeuS_________Menes (Athotis)
Queen Evaemon________MerNeith ( Maerea Neith) (Maia Atlas' daughter)


Autochthon____________Merbiap Anedjib


Diaprepes_____________Semerkhet SemSem, Chief Priest

MneSeuS compliments Min and Amen or the biblical I AM or Ia/Ya as JA MN and God's First and Foremost Garden of Creation on the island of Atlantis.
Atlas and Mneseus interchange, where Atlas means Foremost of the People or Foremost Island of God's People for Atlantis.
Atlas and Gadeiros are twins like Djet and Djer or the myths of Atlas and Hercules who are twins.
According to Herodotus, the Egyptian Hercules was 17,000 years prior to his time or 17,440.bC. (his years are correct)

That means the origin of the Royal City of Atlantis was at this time of 17,440.bC for the literal sense of Herodotus' 17,000 years.
In accordance with my Generation theory and the 2.79 factor difference between Herodotus and our modern Egyptian record, 17,000 years would be 6093.2 years.
6093.2 plus 440.bC = 6533.2.bC. Compare that with my 6482.bC date for our Re-Creation and First Flood. This date of 6482 was also only 8.7 years away from the bibilical chapters as days of years. (cf; my Garden of Avila page > Bible Chronology in my website) It also compliments the 6000.bC view of theosophists.

8000 Egyptian years = 2867.4 + 570 = 3437.4.bC for Egypt's founding.
9000 Greek years = 3226 + 570 = 3796.bC for Greeks founding.

What I feel to be true, just as the twins, two lands of Egypt or the Biennial cattle counts recorded for kings reigns, is that the numbers are all divisible by 2 or 1/2.

17,000 years for Hercules/Atlas = 8500 + 440 = 8940.bC for Atlantis, or similiar to the 9000 years mentioned by Plato.

9,000 years = 4500 + 570 = 5070.bC for the Greek state.
8000 years = 4000 + 570 = 4570.bC for the Egyptian state. (Egyptian calendar 4241.bC)

Double Falcon Atlantean era - 4570-3270.bC. The Atlantean War and our Second Flood we remembered as the Biblical flood or Atlantis sinking is closer to the end of this era. Ie; The Hathor Flood of Horus.

Spirence note; these disasters are caused by the satanic ritual of murdering the Son of Man or exchanging The Christ (Golden Orus) for satan (Black Horus). Whereas, Jasa or Philitis The Shepherd as He was known, was murdered Dec.10th at 8:08am, 3474.bC in exchange for Black Horus' birthday or an evil energy upon our Earth that allowed it dominion and caused our disasters, not God JA MN. So 150 years later, and after the plagues for their repentence to no avail upon Khufu the wicked and the times of the exodus, the world was destroyed and the Eye of Ra as Hathor sent out to destroy. We can then deduce that the flood was 3324.bC and 3284.bC life revived after 40 years and nights of flooding. The Narmer Palette with the Hathor flood and 10 kings memory is dated right around this time ca.3250.bC.

This great betrayal by the "Phanes cults of Pharaohs and Phoenicia" by the twins Mestor and Elasippus, combined with the ritul murder was the cause for the Atlantean war and our destruction by their Eye of Ra as Hathor (ie; Phanes, Sun Cults, Vulcans, satan > Zathanel HatuptaH = Horus and Hathor, Hotep and ptaH)

Therefore the Atlantean war and it's final destruction and flood was ca.3324.bC

However, there is a Catch 22 because of the 3474.bC date where we realize that Khufu was 885 years older than the records tell you! Not only from erroneous and hidden chronologies or errors in carbon dating, but also due to the conversions from lunar to solar calendar to hide his father Snoferu's sin and worship of Ra (ptaH) > satan > Eye of Ra > Pyramid Eye of Secret Societies today > lucifer/satan worship.

So the real date of the flood would be around 4209.bC and Menes would have been around 4035.bC from 3150.bC.
Egypt's founding - 5455 (from 4570)
Greece's founding - 5955 (from 5070)
Atlantis Royal City - 9825.bC (from 8490)

Herodotus stated there were 11,340 years for Egypt's history from his time and 342 wooden statues of priests (not 345 or 341 kings) were counted in his presence.
Therefore 11,340 years is actualy 5,670 years (1/2), plus 440 = 6110.bC for Egypt's founding or some 655 years away from 5455. Perhaps 655 years of Gods and Demi-gods before Kings?

Manetho quotes 9000 years for ptaH who became Ra. Ptah was actualy Min in disguise by them, like yahweh was a hebrew disguise for Ja Mn who is also Min. Manetho was ca.300.bC. Ra is generaly the same time as the sun temples or ca.2700.bC, plus the 9000 makes Min ca.11,700.bC. PtaH they say was enstated by Menes, but this of course is not true because Menes belonged to Neith, the Egyptian province of Maerea and Atlantis.

4500 plus 2700 = 7200.bC plus the 885 missing years = 8085.bC for Min according to Manetho. However we know that Min who is Ja Mn or Amen, originated with Atlantis ca.9825.bC or literaly the 9570.bC as stated by Plato.

Whew! Okay, now that we know who the Atlantean kings were in accordance with Menes as a "PRESERVANCE" of the Original 10 Atlantean kings tradition just as Plato PRESERVED the TRUTH about Atlantis and as MAEREA testifies to, the enigma is trying to figure out the Narmer Palette.
The confusion is whether or not Narmer was also Menes, which appears to be factual because of his daughter TeJati in front of him on the palette and the Narmer fish symbol that associates his love of sailing and fishing or the Oannes who appeared to the Sumerians. Menes' tomb also contained a ship burial with it and his labels clearly testify to his love of ships and sailing to the mysterious island of Atlantis known as Hat.ta.Ntr.iw and a trident symbol for the Atlantic Ocean realm of Nun or Neptune. The Tatenen primordial mound of creation westward to the Egyptians or Amenti as in meaning west or to Seker's realm of the Am-Duat in the Atlantic.

Therefore, the palette symbolizes the disastrous end of the last 10 Atlantean Twin Lion Kings or Double Falcons, as indicated by the twin lions being harnessed on the palette and the circle they form in the middle for the concentric city of Atlantis. Stonehenge,England and Akraim, Russia may also be symbolic dedications to Atlantis and it's customs for circular cities or constructions. The bull destroying the fortressed city below that appears to be recognized as the 3rd Nome, may also be that of Maerea or one of it's districts like Kom el Hisn or Mennefer (Memphis - enduring beauty) for the walled city.

The palette must be dated to Menes being 3150-3250.bC or the prior date as mentioned 4035.bC or 4135.bC and testimony of the flood being ca.4209.bC or somewhere prior to and near Menes.

Therefore, the conclusion is that the histories of Atlantis as told by Critias from Solon, were based on actual historical events of the first dynasty Egypt and the flood just prior, while the founding of Atlantis and the original kings are much older, and their names forgotten but their actions preserved as Critias said. Which is why the names changed to that of Menes and Neith who preserved the traditions of Atlantis that carried on through the first dynasty, only to be betrayed by Mestor and Elasippus, thus the account of Menes' mysterious death or that of Osiris being murdered by Seth and found under the cedar tree in Phoenicia for his betrayal, that is Osiris the betrayer of Phoenicia...see? Just like Dionysios betrayed the west with the east or the Ramesses kings. Thus Egypt's downfall and true histories were eminent, and the truth of Atlantis revealed by UadJAhor-Resne and the Atlantean Libyan king Amassis II ca.570-564.bC.

That's what I believe, you don't have to!
Evermore! To Know Is Immortal!

Now you know!

Paulo Riven Tribes of Atlantis
Sword of Avila
AeJor Mn
Opener of the Ways
Waterer of the Garden of Avila
Obsidian Dragon Slayer
The Argo Wind
White Dragon King
Lion King of the Double Falcons

5:55pm/ Sunday July 4/2010

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The World back then was the Mediterranean surrounded by Oceanus where Atlantis was.
They did not flood the fields in Egypt with Beer that Hathor and Sekhmet lapped up (mixed with blood of their slaughter > great disaster > Eye of Ra > satan.
To understand this, read what the Egyptian Priest told Solon about Phaeton.
In other words myths are disguises of a truth.

Evidence for Atlantis sinking and the “worldwide” flood ca.3253.bC

One of our key clues to this date comes from The Holy Bible's account of Noah's flood where the Sumerian city of Ur is reported as being the first city after the flood. Archaeologically, this tells us that this flood must have been prior to 3000.bC and not around 2350.bC as Biblical or Hebrew Masoretic theosophists report. When we truly realize the vast extent and damage done from the Atlantean Deluge that was also the result of such a large sub-continental island sinking before the Straites of Gibraltar and also obliterating the cultures around the Mediterranean and in Athens as Critias reported, then we can also deduce that the resulting Tsunami also poured into the Red Sea and Euphrates valley flooding the cultures there and giving rise to their flood legends. The cities were also liberated after Atlantis which also points to around 3000.bC because we know Menes unified Egypt around this time.

· Atlantean War around 3250.bC

· 9000 years converted to generations points around this era of 3500-4500.bC

· Turin Canon - 10 missing Kings prior to Menes; 3200-3300.bC (the last 10 Atlantean kings, Double Falcon Era)

· Palermo Stone lists kings prior to Menes (the last 10 Atlantean kings, Double Falcon era)

· Narmer Palette - 10 Fallen Kings, Double Falcon era; 3200-3500.bC (memorial to the 10 Atlantean kings, the flood, and Atlantis sinking)

· Gebel el Arak knife - ivory carved battle scene; 3250.bC (the Atlantean war prior the flood)

· Egyptian Tomb 100 map depicting Ships, Horses and a Battle scene ca 3250.bC

· Eye of Ra Destruction of Mankind Legend = Hathor worship = Flood; 3250.bC

· Greek Cyclades Islands stone map (frying pan) of Atlantis; 2850-3250.bC.

· Sumerian Flood legend (Nippur / Gilgamesh ) ca.3000.bC

· Aeon and Protogonus, first mortals of Phoenicia ca.3147.bC

· Chaldean / Septuagint flood; 3183.bC

· Samaritan flood; 2903.bC

· Founding of Tyre and Byblos around 3000.bC

· Cities of Eridu, Ur, Nippur, Akkad ca 3000.bC

· Egypt unified around 3150.bC

· Suddenly advanced cultures of Egyptians, Sumerians, Mayans and Minoans arise ca.3000.bC

Mt. Aetna also erupted around 3200.bC

If we add the flood date of 3250.bC to 360 = 3610.bC for the first king Alorus of Babylon.

Alexander Polyhistor stated that there were some 86 kings after Xisuthrus to the Medes invasion of Babylon.

86 x 30 = 2580 + 620 = 3200.bC.

622-608 Cyaxares the mede takes Nineveh.(ca.620.bC).

86/3 = 28.67 gen.x 100 = 2867 + 620 = 3487.bC.

Some key geological reports around 3250.bC.

3300 Europe, Belgian coast (sea level)
3300 Global, July summer cooling, Soviet Union (cold)
3300 California, Mid Holocene wet (warm, cold)
3300 California, San Francisquito Bay (sea level)
3270 New England, Elm collapse (cold)
3250 Europe, Piora oscillation, Europe (flood) *******
3250 Europe, Newgrange start (archeology)

3250 Global, Atmospheric methane (cold, warm)
3250 Global, Sulfate in GISP2 (cold)
3250 Global, Stormy weather (flood)

3250 Egypt, Egypt Nile delta (sea level)

3250 New England, Hemlock decline New England (cold)
3250 Florida, Pine bursts (cold)
3250 Peru, Huascaran glacier (cold)
3250 California, Santa Barbara basin off the coast (cold)
3212 Europe, French coastal megaliths (archeology)
3200 Ireland, Cessair (flood myth)********
3200 Mesopotamia, Tigris-Euphratres (warm, dry)
3200 Missouri', Pomme de Terre River (flood)
3199 Europe, Irish oaks (cold)
3190 Global, Heckla eruption, Iceland (cold) ******(Heckla also erupted ca.6482.bC)
3160 California, Sunnyvale girl (archeology)
3150 Europe, Iceman of the Alps (cold)
3150 Global, Sulphate spike (cold)************
3150 Greenland, Camp Century, Greenland (cold)
3150 Global, Paleoclimatic flood, global (flood)**********
3150 Turkey, Lake Van Oscillation (flood) *******
3150 USA, SW, SW US flood peak (flood)********
3113 Mexico, Mayan recreation (flood myth) ******
3110 China, Yangtze River (flood)
3100 Europe, Stonehenge (start) (archeology)
3100 Greenland, GISP ice core (warm, cold, warm)
3100 Egypt, Egypt, Unification (archeology)
3100 Nebraska, Republican River, (flood)
3100 California, Sierra cooling (cold)
3100 USA, End of alluvial period (dry, warm)
3100 Boston, Sticks from fish wier (warm, cold, sea level)
3090 Egypt, Egypt, Nile (flood) ********


Conclusion; After or during the Atlantean War where the Egyptian priest state Atlantis sinking was the third before Deukalion’s flood.

· (3rd) 3253.bC Atlantean Flood, Hathor Flood Egypt, Biblical Flood


· (2nd) 1754.bC Flood of Ogyges (Eusebius, Africanus)


· (1st) 1628.bC Santorini Thera, Mt Aetna Volcanic eruptions, Flood. Zeus, Poseidon and Typhon gods created by Greeks.


· (0) 1529.bC Deukalion's Flood (most likely just the flooding of the Thessalian plain or the earlier Santorini,Thera event ca.1629.bC)

Menes was Atlantis revived after the flood as Atlas, whose name he gave his son Djet.

The proof is in the Atlantean Pudding…yum, yum…J

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It's interesting to note that I placed King Semerkhet or SemSem (Chief of Priests) in relation to Diaprepes, because Diaprepes means "written knowledge of God".
I also placed him last to compliment the biblical or archaeological stories of the names of a king or patriarch like Noah having been the last before the Great Disaster, just as Diaprepes would have been for the destruction of Atlantis that compares to the biblical flood disaster.
I have also shown very strong evidence of how the Atlantean Kings compare to the First Dynasty Kings and why Mneseus was the main king or Menes, who would also be known as Atlas and a name he passed on to his missing twin son, Djet to Djer.
Almost sounds like the Cain slew Abel biblical story or Seth and Osiris in a sense, where in this case for dominion of power and rulership, perhaps is unknown at present.
There is also a possibility of Djet having been buried in Krete or Keftiu as it was known to the Egyptians, which comes from my translation of a Linear A text mentioning a certain mountain in Crete and a nobility of Menes, or it may have been his daughter Tejati, I am unsure as both names Djet or Tjet can be comparable. However we do know that Menes disappeared mysteriously.

Getting back to Semerkhet, who some think may have been a usurper, which I doubt, but the interesting part is that Manetho is quoted as saying a Great Disaster occured during his short 9 year reign. Compare 900 years for Noah.

Not only that but I found an interesting article;

Eric Stevens - 20 Nov 2006 01:52 GMT
In his paper "Earth, Air, Fire, and Water: The Archaeology of Bronze
Age Cosmic Catastrophes" Bruce Masse proposes
that a there have been a number of major comet impacts on the earth in
historical times. He has called one the 'Flood Comet' and proposes
from the astronomy embedded in the mythology that it impacted in the
SW Indian Ocean on 10 - 12 May 2807 BC. This provocative statement
appears to have been confirmed by the very recent discovery of an 18
mile impact crater in the right part of the ocean floor.

Arising from recent discussions in sci.archaeology on the visibility
of such an impact on the Egyptian archaeological record I am posting
the following extract from his paper:

Begin quote
A date of 2807 BC would fall near the end of the First Dynasty of
Egypt, which is currently dated by many Egyptologists to between about
2950-2920 and 2800-2770 BC [172, 205]. If we were to split the
difference (2935-2785 BC) and to assign an arbitrarily equal reign to
each of the eight kings of this dynasty, then the seventh king,
Se-merkhet, would have ruled between approximately 2821-280 3 BC. The
3rd century BC historian, Manetho (according to Eusebius), provides us
with this brief but notable chronicle for Semerkhet [193: 33): "In his
reign there were many portents and a very great calamity."

Nowhere is this "calamity" precisely defined in historical documents,
but several lines of evidence suggest that the Flood Comet impact
terminated the reign of Semerkhet. Among the indicators of a untimely
end for Semerkhet is the fact that of all of the First Dynasty Kings
and the first two kings of the Second Dynasty, he is the only one not
to be represented by a mastaba tomb at Saqqara [84]. Another more
subtle difference is based on Paul Reisner's detailed examination of
servant or retainer burials at Abydos associated with First Dynasty
royal tombs [86: Table 12]. Reisner noted that while only a portion of
the retainers associated with the second through sixth Kings exhibited
evidence of sati or human sacrificial burial, this percentage is
increased to 100% with that of Semerkhet and that of the eighth and
final King, Qa'a. In addition, the tomb of Qa'a exhibits an unusual
episode of remodeling during its construction. These and other bits of
information noted below suggest that the Abydos tombs, which likely
housed the actual bodies of the kings, were built early during the
reign of each king, and were then consecrated on the death of each
king by the act of sacrificing selected retainers to accompany the
king into the afterlife. The Saqqara tombs, apparently built to honor
royal officials upon the death of each king, were seemingly not
constructed until later in the reign or upon the death of the
pertinent king.

If these scenarios are correct, the fear created by the Flood - Comet
impact may have enhanced the need for retainer sacrifice at Abydos,
and would have obviated the need to erect a post-death tomb for his
officials at Saqqara. Also, the remodeling of the tomb of Qa'a may
have been necessitated by actual damage sustained from the torrential
rainfall or other effect of the Flood Comet impact. Also, since we
know that Egyptian kings were closely associated with celestial
phenomena, the differential mortuary treatment given Semerkhet may
simply be indicative of being too closely associated with the Flood
Comet impact and having fallen out of favor in the eyes of his priests
and by the general populace. Curiously, the term merkhet means
'astronomer's staff [70: 190-191], but it is unclear if this term can
be logically derived from the name semerkhet. More significant from an
etymological standpoint is the possibility that the title of the
succeeding king, Qa'a, translates as meaning 'abundance' in the sense
of 'flood' [198].

Of considerable interest is the pattern of destruction visible for
First Dynasty tombs at both Abydos and Saqarra, as well as for other
First Dynasty structures elsewhere, such as the upper class graves at
Helwan [161, 176]. First Dynasty structures consistently show the
effects of intentional burning, and most, especially those at Helwan,
appear to have been razed. This strikingly differs from the Second
Dynasty tombs which do not show the effects of fire and the walls of
which still stand substantially above the ground surface. Also of
interest is the fact that the fragmentary Palermo stone [198] records
both a break in the recording of Nile River water levels after the
reign of Semerkhet as well as a lowering of the water level of the
Nile by approximately 1.0 meter between the reign of Semerkhet and the
middle of the Second Dynasty [22: Fig. 4]. While by no means
conclusive, these patterns are logically consistent with thermal
radiation, flooding, earthquakes, and climate change associated with a
cosmic impact at the end of the First Dynasty.

In the Palestine archaeological record, the Flood Comet impact would
have occurred during the middle of the Early Bronze II period, which
has been assigned a date of approximately 3050-2700 BC [132, 178]. The
end of this period is notable for the unique large-scale movement of
people (50% of all regional population) to the hill country of
Galilee, Samaria, and Judah [132: 112]. In fact, the period of
2800-2700 BC witnessed substantive population movement and changes in
settlement systems worldwide. For example, settlements in the southern
Sinai and Negev contain extensive evidence of contact with Egypt
during the First Dynasty, but this dramatically disappears in the
Second Dynasty [159: 33-37, 132: 108-117], In Central Europe, the
abrupt appearance and rapid spread of the Corded Ware/Single Grave
complex has been dendro-chronologically dated to between 2800-2750 BC
[203]: 284-288].

Eric Stevens

On another revealed Secret of Egypt, there actualy was no followers of Horus and the Falcon does not mean Horus. Horus was a subjugation of Amen.
The true followers, like Min or JA MN correctly, was The Followers of AMEN or properly IAMN where the I is written as the letter J in Egyptian scrolls but pronounced by an I.
Thus correctly would be written JAMN but pronounced IAMN, or so the scholars say!
This is simple to establish not only from translating ancient Egyptian wall murals depicting the Falcon bird as IMN or IAMN, but also that quite frankly the letter A is drawn by this same bird until they changed it later on with the extended forearm symbol.
Hathor and Horus arose as a result of that Great Disaster and their names are associated with Great Evils and slaughter of mankind!

AMEN is at least 12,000 years old and always will be Aeternal!

None can deny all the evidence presented about the flood and great disaster ca.3250.bC to a maximum 4250.bC! Somewhere in that era as all the geological PROOF from Stanford Education and the myths clearly show as I have presented!

Further interesting is that the comet of the Indian Ocean, whether verified I have not looked into, is that it describes what the Egyptian Priest told Solon about Phaeton or who yoked his father Helios' chariot and burned up all upon the earth!

Plato's Timaeus preservation of Atlantis dialogue:
"There is a story, which even you have preserved, that once upon a time Paethon, the son of Helios, having yoked the steeds in his father's chariot, because he was not able to drive them in the path of his father, burnt up all that was upon the earth, and was himself destroyed by a thunderbolt. Now this has the form of a myth, but really signifies a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth, and a great conflagration of things upon the earth, which recurs after long intervals;"

Paulo Riven Tribes of Atlantis

If all the above is evidence of a great Truth unknown to us about Menes, the new Atlantis and Atlantean kings as displayed by the first Dynasty of Egypt, and this comet in the SW Indonesian Ocean is factual and does represent the legend of Phaethon (although there is a large crater impact in modern Libya much older as I recall), then I would suppose that this world wide flood of the known world back then, (being the Mediterranean only surrounded by Oceanus) was actualy the one in 6482.bC. I suggest that this ship or Ark of the 8 survivors who also compliment the Ogdoad 8 Gods of Egypt and JApeth as the Greek JApetos, husband of ClyMENE and father to Atlas, was from the sinking island of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean before the Straites of Gibraltar and that they landed on Mount Kiliman-JA-ro. From here and after the floods receded, they travelled a short distance to the Garden of Avila in Tansania that became the New Atlantis. This is where we find our oldest "out of Africa"(Avila disguised as HavilaH)
gentetic research and ancestors and also my Second Garden of Creation as my photos clearly show provenance of this greatest of truths upon ourselves.

Tansania in post flood times would have appeared as a large circular island with 5 main mountains as the 3000.bC Greek Cyclade maps clearly shows. Where the horn of Africa can be alike a twin Straite to that of Gibraltar and we also do see "destroyed straites" still visible in Google at Eritrea, just like the legend of Gilgamesh when he approached the ferrywoman to meet Utnapishtim, his Atlantean Ancestor of Avila. Eritrea also has a twin lost island at Gibraltar Straites known as Erithea, strange enough for the mystery of these Gemini Twins! I have also shown how the Olkarien Gorge in Tansania is a concentricaly circular structure and how it looks alike to the Original Atlantis of the Atlantic or our First Garden of Creation as her very name strongly implies.

The Second Great Disaster or Hathor Flood or this comet flood, would then have been the one we remembered as our biblical flood around 3250-4250.bC. That is if this was not the original Atlantis sinking from the Atlantic, but I do feel that there was two great disasters at 6482 and the latter date margin. The Garden itself in Tansania cannot be denied and compares with the very words of the bible as if a guru was sitting atop Mt.KilimanJAro writing those very pages while looking at the Olkarien Gorge!
Stranger than fiction but evidenced for you to see with your very own eyes, that is both eyes and not just one! We can see God's left hand reaching out for the Rib that appears as the canal for the new city of Atlantis in front of it's concentric circles, and we can see the Eye of Ra just as the Egyptians draw it and even an Apis bull! With an actual eye also visible in God's left hand or the Eye of Ra. Stranger than that we can see the image of God JA MN disguised as the thumb while his wife looks upon the babe....and you know the rest of this strange and miraculous story of mine by God's wisdom! (my face upon the Babe as a True Lion King and Son of God)

I seek no worship nor vanities of glory, but justice in preserving our truths and wisdom for your knowledge of our histories and our true God! I am not an aspiring author nor have I ever asked for a donation, funding or money from anyone! Just that you know my words are true and I speak not with forked tongues of those serpents who disguised God! Besides a story of this magnitude including all I have revealed and The Secret of Carina Nebula is worthy of selfishness for a good book, don't you think so? But yet it is all free for you to know immortality and Spirence above All Always! As stated, my signature, my birthright, my names are all truths! And His Name Shall Be The Word of God JAMN! I am a MN! His Son as you all are his children for the past 12,000 years anyway!

After the new Atlantis of Tansania, this great comet flood of SW Indonesia if plausible, destroyed the new Atlantis and flooded Egypt as the Hathor flood also, which does seem to show some indication of rising from the east in that legend, if I recall correctly. The Garden of Tansania would also explain why Menes is said to be from Thinis in Upper Egypt, next to Abydos on the west bank, and that the Egyptians migrated from the Nubian lands from the Garden of Re-Creation after 6482.bC or around 6442.bC for the sake of 40 years of flooding. Now I tell you that Hathor and Horus are evil disguised! Believe what you will! The Falcon is AMEN or Followers of MIN as the letter A is also the Falcon, thus God and His Wife are the Double Falcons! See with both eyes!

Now just as we remembered this latter flood of 3250-4250.bC as the biblical flood, we also remembered the Atlantis legend as that of Africa, Tansania where Menes became and the first dynasty became the last king of the new Atlantis and the names and actual historical events that Solon received from Egypt's "Foremost King" thus Atlas, thus Menes, who gave this name to Djet! DJ means of JA or de JA, the backbone pillar of God as the Djet Pillar and symbolised the same way for JA in Linear A script from the 12,000 year old Atlantean Azilian,Aterian letters from the Original Atlantis in the Atlantic!

The complicated thing is whether or not Menes was actualy before this flood that ended with Semerkhet as Diaprepes and if the Narmer Palette was not only a commemorative to Atlantis and it's 10 Fallen Kings, but also to Menes and Tejati, his daughter. This seems to be the case considering they date the palette older and that it does appear to be Menes standing there barefoot before his daughter and the 4 standard bearers with the Double Falcons and the 10 Fallen Kings. This would also be proof of Menes being older as I suggest around 3250-4250.bC because it is clearly in the Double Falcon era and Hathor came after that. That would also mean that Menes was always a follower of Min or Amen and did not enstate this clever god of ptaH like Hathor, Horus or Hoteps of the letter H or the Serpent kings of wickedness, which means that Hotep does not mean peace but the exact opposite-war as there bloodlust and countless wars are evident. Especially when they became merged with the Phoenicians.

Here is the evidence for the new Atlantis as Tansania as posted long ago along with the 3000.bC Cycladic Stone map of Atlantis with 5 mountains in a Greek Museum.
Complicated, but I think I am on the right track and Egypt of course was very much a district of Atlantis or Atlanteans as the name implies; Foremost of Earthlands People from God's Island. Atlantean Hall of Records under the Sphinx? Advanced Technology of Egypt? Why do we look to Egypt for all our knowledge and teachings of Heaven and Hell? H letters again! Hacking up the lands as the blood thirsty Horus followers wrote!

Scroll down to Atlantean city II, Avila ... s-emporium

Then look at your true second Garden of Creation; ... en-of-eden

In Mysterean you can understand how this came about and a lesson on a 5500 year old war that still goes on by the Phoenicians and Pharaohs or Followers of Phanes Lucifer Horus! ... /mysterean

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Another interesting note is that IO was taken to Crete by Zeus and may be an account from King Menes's daughter Tejati. Problem is that Zeus wasn't around back then as Jove would likely have been more plausible, but Zeus subjugated Jove anyway. Maybe Tejati was also Juno?

That is in relation to my translation of the linear A script revealing a Tejati of Menes buried in Crete by a mountain. That explains why Zeus disguised himself as a bull and carried IO on his back to Crete in comparison with the flood of Hathor the cow goddess.

This legend may have become the newer version of the Greek IO myth.
Menes (Mneseus) as Atlas who's name was also given to Djet his son, just like Djet's twin Djer is Gadeiros, (Athotis/iti) would mean that the Daughter of Atlas also known as Maia would have to be Tejati. Menes' mother would have been Cleito and her parents Evanor and Leucippe for the new Atlantis, but not the original one in the Atlantic Ocean.

Naturaly we would presume they were all types of Neith who would be clearly be Leucippe for they both are of the color white as in "she of the white waters" or "white linen" or "white hippopotamus (water horse) just as Leucippe is "she of the white horses, groves or poplars or Lux of Ipse" !
Clearly more evidence for Atlantis and Egypt.
The question being if Menes' wife was actualy Mereneith and not Neith (hotep) or if Menes was actualy Evanor as Leucippe suggests with Neith, but I would be more inclined to say his Father was, and would that have been the Scorpion King or obviously one of the 10 kings prior to Menes on the Palermo stone which should be the 10 fallen Memphite kings of the Narmer palette!

Then the flood would have to have been prior Menes who preserved their names for the first dynasty or at least his two sons and Mereneith, while the others may have had names with similiar meanings like Semerkhet?

Complicated to know what actualy happened 5 or 6,000 years ago, but I'll figure it out!

It would be ironic if Scorpion king was Evanor as Menes' father, where I am also a Scorpio as Atlantis runs through my bloodlines! Strange!

Exclusive to Tribes of Atlantis Forums and Atlantis Rising Forums.

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A Reply to a Moderator named Byrd and a member named Maegnass at Above Top Secret Forums where they constantly deny my works or my research!

NWO = ZMO = Zionist Masonic Oligarchy!!!

Cow or Bull what's the difference, a penis? Females are usually the more dangerous ones in the animal kingdom as well as the food gatherers as they also are for women.
Whatever you want to imagine, the point is that Hathor still went about on a destruction path and she slaughtered men and women and her and sekhmet lapped up the blood. Is it any wonder they are associated? I Think Not! Hathor is also associated with the Nile Inundation and Hapy. Hhhhhm more H names of Horus the betrayer like ptaH (Hephaistos). The bull or cow, whatever, still has horns and is a big beast like that other Horned beast of a Hermaphrodite duality with Zekhmet and the letter H twice in it's last name, right? The Eye of Ra as the Horned Beast, cow, bull or Zatan, and that destroyed Humanity was an Evil Eye...correct? Are you with me so far?
Anything that destroys Humans in any form is an act of Evil...See? It's not the blood sacrifices that they are after, but the release of the souls by an evil act. Thus the lapping of the blood is simply symbolic of saying they are eating the souls! Got that?
That's part of the reason behind 911 or world wars, believe what you want.
Is it coincidental that 5,23,11 and a demonic face appears in the cloud of 911 all over the internet?

I think Not, therefore I am...meaning think out side of the box with both eyes, one to see good and the other to know evil. The correct and only answer for the psycho cup half full half empty is.....neither but both and balanced....see?
If you say any other answer then you are a puppet and easily controlled! With the exception of believing in trying to maintain a positive and GOOD outlook on life.
As the old Greek saying goes, and very important, Moderation in All Things!

So whatever you want to deny as many deniers will there be, Hathor is evil as is the Eye of Ra because Ra is not God, but a king of many types, in this case Evil like Horus or ZatHanel HatuptaH or even ptaH.

Now since you don't understand my meaning about Heliopolis or Hell's Blazing City, like Hera of the Iron Chains and Nails, and the mandrakes as a poison, it's quite simple as stated.
First of all, they are not even sure if mandrakes is the correct meaning but they know they can make you sleepy. I think the word used was Tataat or something like that for the potion, in any case Ta is Earth so it was a poisonous plant of the Earth,irregardless since it was powerful enough to calm the demons of Hathor and Zekhmet.
The point I was trying to make about that statement is that many satanic or occultic groups look to the underworld teachings of Egypt and Heliopolis like the OTO, Crowley with the Black Horus, etc. So it is only common sense that this would be also replayed for one of their rituals! Got it?

Now your statement that Egypt had no Secret Societies is totally ridiculous.
The Serapaeums were secret societies, the priesthoods were secret societies, initiates sometimes had to wait 10-20 years to get in to learn the mysteries.
That term as VULCAN or Serpents, was what they were calling these secret societies since 800.bC as evident from the Greeks, aside of the older Pyramid Texts or Books of the Dead, even though you'll deny them and say they are just rituals for the funeral. Precisely the point!
Ancient egyptian texts like Snoferu's father, talk about cannibalism, betraying god, murder, slaughter, etc. There is even another Egyptian text around khufu's time (don't forget the magicians like Djed who could re-attach a head to a dead animal and return it to life as the Westcar papyrus says, proof of secret teachings), that talks about demons going from Nubia to capture the Pharaoh for a whipping, then the pharaohs magicians did the same thing to the Nubians. It's quite a fascinating read.

Now then lets move on to the PROOF of a Worldwide Flood.

First of all, the main consideration is that the known world back then was as stated, the Mediterranean surrounded by Oceanus.
Secondly, we have evidence of other world cultures on the other side of the Atlantic (and I haven't included the Pacificeans), at the same time!

3200 Ireland, Cessair (flood myth)
3113 Mexico, Mayan recreation (flood myth)
3000-2600.bC·Sumerian Flood legend (Nippur / Gilgamesh )
3183 Chaldean / Septuagint flood
2903 Samaritan Flood
2350 Biblical hebrew mesoretic Flood

Notice that the Chaldean and Samaritan are also considered Theosophical but differ from the mesoretic lie? (part of the reason why they didn't tell you the pharaohs names)
So if the Hebrew calendar was based on the Chaldean (Babylon and Chanaanite), then why wouldn't there flood be the same as the Chaldean?

On a Side note;
In the ancient Hebrew calendar, each month began with the first observation of the first sliver of moon after a new moon.

Interesting, why not the New Full Moon? Why when the Horn of the Moon first appears? Ha Ha! (sure seems to match that hexagram star!)
So the Hebrew date for the Calendar is based as October 5th, 3761.bC. Interesting. 5 is change and Sept, October is plowing or digging and Sept is yom kippur where they blow Azazel's demon horn like the horned moon based calendar or the tabernacle (manacles) and 911 was also an act of yom kippur with 11,23 and 5 being fundamental occultic significances. Oct.31st is also the great day of destruction and the battle between Good and Evil, where the following day, my birthday or Nov.1, is All Saints Day.
It's also a favorite time of occultists, satanist or paganists during the "Fall" months. 3761 is also close to 3474.bc for JASA (Philitis the Shepherds Murder by Snoferu and Khufu and Khafre and the 150 year curse upon Egypt!)
Is it coincidental that 5,23,11 and a demonic face appears in the cloud of 911 all over the internet?
= ZMO.

FACT: There were no Hebrews in 3000.bC until ca.1300.bC and after the Hyksos who settled JE-RU-SA-LEM after they slaughtered the Egyptians like the days of AbraHam.
Is that in meaning Jehovah's ruined son of the lame or Jehovah's ruse(trick) of a son for the lame,thus satanic ritual? SA is Son. Or do they mean JA's Son will be tricked into ruin to make you lame, again satanic ritual?

So we know that basicaly around this time there was also a Worldwide collection of Flood stories...correct or deny as usual ?

Thirdly, the Bible, which is truths and lies and stolen stories mainly of Egypt and then Mesopotamia, tells you that after the Great Flood, the cities of UR, etc, came after.
These cities archaeologicaly, like all the bibilical conformed histories for their purpose, arise around 3000.bC, because the Adominite Sickle was 4004.bC to Usher or anyone else for the matter of the lie of our True Garden in Tansania, that no one in their right mind can deny. Not only as our True Garden but also the Cradle of Civilization by our Scientists! As posted in a prior post that you people fail to strongly consider.

Phoenicia - 3200.bC
Egypt - 3200.bC
Minoan - 3200.bC
Ur city states - 3200.bC
Hebrew calendar - 3474.bC?

That's enough for us to know that the flood must be before this time of "common" city states! PROOF.

Mostly, I can understand people denying my mindblowing research that travels at the speed of light, and where they ask for academic proof for their blindness. (of which we are in forums and not submitting a professional abstract before a Professor of Spirence, that is if they are REAL professors, so why should I labor another 2 years to provide you with proof for your laziness? As they say, the best they save for last, and as Jesus said, "let those that have eyes SEE! And as you denied Him for the ZMO, you will also deny me, however, the Truth Shall Set You Free and let anyone cast a stone who is not guilty of sin!

Furthermore, the great deniers out there like this whiner Maegnas who thinks he's some professor sitting on a chair like the wiZArd of ID, will even go as far as to be argumentative and deny the very facts of a University such as Stanford's well researched article posted!

And alike you Byrd, with your "there was no worldwide flood" and Hathor like Horus is good, you also denied Stanford Universities research posted above. And here are some of the their major points for a Worldwide flood AND a Flood in Egypt around the very same time!

3250 Egypt, Nile delta (sea level) = FLOODED
3090 Egypt, Nile (flood)

3300 California, San Francisquito Bay (sea level)
3300 Europe, Belgian coast (sea level)
3200 Missouri', Pomme de Terre River (flood)
3250 Europe, Piora oscillation, Europe (flood) *******
3250 GLOBAL, Stormy weather (flood)

3150 GLOBAL, Paleoclimatic flood, global (flood)
3150 Turkey, Lake Van Oscillation (flood) *******
3150 USA, SW, SW US flood peak (flood
3110 China, Yangtze River (flood)
3100 Nebraska, Republican River, (flood)
3100 Boston, Sticks from fish wier (warm, cold, sea level)

Mt. Aetna and Mt.Hekla also erupted around 3200.bC .
Santorini,Thera "probably" also erupted as Mt.Aetna also did during the major event of 1628.bC, although they think Aetna was around 1500.bC, from what I read. These two are most likely on the same "VULCAN" vein underneath.

FURTHERMORE to refresh your mind, Xisuthrus was the last king alike to Noah, Utnapishtim or the Atlantean Diaprepes! And this is what he said!
Alexander Polyhistor stated that there were some 86 kings after Xisuthrus to the Medes invasion of Babylon.
86 x 30 = 2580 + 620 = 3200.bC.
30 being the generations of kings! Their common thought in classical times as Herodotus also wrote was 3 generations for every 100 years = 33.33 years each.

Do you think all of the above is Coincidental? Do you deny Stanfords research? Do you favor the ZMO?

PROOF of Egypt as an Atlantean colony of Atlantis is beyond the doubt by NEITH from Atlantean Libya!

[b]Neith like Athena is of Atlantean Libyan (old Africa / Avila) origin and do you know what her name means?
"She of the White Waters, She of the White Linen, She of the White Hippopotamus (Water Horse!)
Now do you know what Leucippe means?
She of the White Horses, She of The White Poplars, She of the White Groves and She of the Lux of Ipse or White shining light of her beautiful self!.(Leuka - white)

Do you think that is coincidential?

Go ahead Deny all you want! Lest Ye Avet Eyes to SEE!

P.S. No need to further prove your support for Maegnas. I know he is not Greek, just like the ZMO who are in every religion, race or faces of many phony names like Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Baraq Hussein Obama's name was chosen from his other fake name of Barry Soetero to EASE THE TENSION with their psychopompous brainwashing of their truth and lies to prevent a civilian revolt. Why do you think FEMA paniced from the PNAC plan for 911, Iraq,Afghanistan and now Iran? The Oil spill is just another distraction and financial scam.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! Sell a horse to your buddy for 1 dollar and give him a receipt for 1 million dollars, then sell it of course said the horse!
9-10 dollars credit for every money you put in their banks, and of course they own your money and your lands...hardworkers after they steal 75% of your earnings and then your lands and home in the end go back to them....HA HA.
Too boot, they sell a piece of land worth 10 times more than the outhouse they put on it, charge you property tax yearly, municipal and sewer taxes, then on top of that Utilities for the rest of your life. Then they give you a nice GST every 3 months for 75 dollars and your lucky to get a 1000-3000 tax return yearly...HA HA.
Oh my! Now they changed the GST and PST for Canada into the HST! HA HA, Good one! Matches that star of satan on the Parliament peace tower clock of Canada and the 13 star Us Seal. HST for America! Ha HA!

Wonder what the H stands for and what they want "Harmonized". Ha Ha! Must be something to do with ZatHanel HatuptaH or Hat Putah. And we do know what Putah means, just as it's Black Hat was clearly seen in kHenYA! Ha Ha!

Then they take it all back while Trillions goes to the Red Shields and of course billions every year to Israels' PUNY 2 million army aside of their highest 8% GDP for military, which is more than the 300 million armies at 4% GDP of Russia, Iran, China and America, to make the Rothchilds PIMPS the worlds real TERRORISTS for the ZMO.

It's so obvious like LEUKE! They're all one happy family aren't they? So they think.

Pretty evil looking Pope, isn't it! ZMO.

I think not therefore I am!

To Know IS Immortal.

Go ahead, Deny!

Oh my! Is this post OFF TOPIC?

I dont' think so, but very much the truths of our histories and our present day that you will learn by studying Atlantis!

Why do you think they suppress and hide it?
Guess who's lands they're all sitting on!


The World Is Watching and Knowing, just give me 51% and I'll show you how a real planet should be run for and by the people who own it!

By the way as your True King of Atlantis and by God's Wisdom, and in any event...

I give you all an equal share of those lands and a free portion of land to build your homes or business for OUR countries!

Except for any members of EVIL families or specificaly the ZMO!

First Enscribed law upon the Orichalcum Pillar!

Signed; Paulo J.T.C.Mn
Sword of Avila
Friday July 09/2010

cultofexperience; (DavidIcke.forums response)

Thankyou for your interest and opportunity of new wisdom for your histories within Tribes of Atlantis by me for your Spirence and for All!

No! yhvh is not MIN! To put it simple Horus subjugated MIN or AMEN or JA MN, thus He became known as AMEN meaning "the hidden one" and to the hebrews as "so be it" later on after 1300.bC.
yhvh that is in truth and in meaning simply a "titular" name for Lord, and was satan in disguise! Thus it was a bloodthirsty, vain, jealous, murdering, human animal sacrificial entity to lead you DOWN the patH of ptaH...see? In the long run as you understand more of that Ba Al book of there zeitgeist or cleverness of mixing a lie with a truth, and that it was a very destructive god, thus you will come to hate God and stray to their path of condemnation to deceive you of your Free Will (their best trick) so they can have your soul put into a "hexagram" coffin to power up that thing that once was from your "ENERGY".

In hopes of that thing becoming and growing as large or larger than God, for they all want to be like the Gods! And they stole some power when they fell from Evermore and betrayed God. They were very powerful in knowing how to disguise from God and especially to seek out the Sons of God for their satanic rituals of a longer dominion for that thing.....which fell in k-H-en-YA's Pit as seen by my actual Google Earth photos!

Zathanel HatuptaH or Hat of a Putah (Whore/Black Hat), at the time of it's falling, for it was a Hermaphrodite with a dual nature being the female ZekHAmet also, was some roughly 7 light years in size as seen in my Secret of Carina Nebula. The actual Hubble Space Telescope picture by my decoding the Divine Plan of our True God's Wisdom for the Pyramids of Cairo and the Sphinx looking to the East of the Rising Sun (Son!).
Not Orion!

This is very, very simple to deduce because in Genesis 1:1 and from the ORIGNAL writings both in Greek Septuagint, Latin Vulgate or the original Hebrew before it was edited by 72 clever rabbis as in the Letter of Aristeas who knew not God's name, called God, EloHim or ALHYM, Al being Sun or Lucifer or EL as in Lord. This name is another titular that simply means " the all powerful one". And it's slaughters were powerful acts of evil for the ENERGY of your soul. It's not the blood sacrifice, but the evil act!...See?
Thus 911 for example or your wars.

And Then in Chapter 2:4, their cleverness of deception said, let's call God yahoweh elohim, and use yahoweh for God's name! This as written in the ORIGINAL means LORD GOD...see? They chose yAHoweh as a corruption of AHYM that means I AM as God supposedly said to Moses in Exodus 13 I think it was and as a corruption of ALHYM for elohim..see?

The truth is that they knew very well that God, IA, I AM, or AMEN, is in fact JA MN...our True God Creator, who has a wife and is a man with the knowledge of making a woman aside of everything else from the white world of Evermore wrapped around all the blackness you see out there with twinkling stars! The Oval Light, or our Chalice of God,(holy grail) is the PORTAL to Evermore in the white realm beyong the blackness.

Part of there plan and the greatest secret upon our earth's materia for the immateria, was to get the Chalice out of the way so we would have no passage to God's kingdom and they could use your ENERGY! Thus they also made the hexagram from God's pentagram as a demon portal or the Zeal of Zolomon (soul of no man) known as the star of devils or david. The satanic ritual of the pentagram, as the murder of the Sons of God also was and for their sins not you who are innocent, converts the pentagram field of their protection by God, into a hexagram field or demon portal for satan's minions to enter and do their bidding or destructions. We are all bound by the Law of 5 and that is from God, thus it protects, preserves and sustains and teaches us wisdom just as our 5 fingers and toes and why we have two eyes to see both good and evil for our safety.
5 is change...period. See how they are also powerful and know how to change the 5 for their purpose of greed, murder, plunder, corruption and dominion over you?
The perfect family is 4, God,Wife,Son and Daughter or ABCD..E, eternal is 5.
The son or daughter give birth to a new but changed offspring..see?

Now 6789 or F,G,H,I was the Evil family where 10 for J or Journey or JA again changes.
F or ePH is satan's father, the Evil eye on the Pyramid. PH = Phanes or Lucifer or Satan of the PhreeMA-ZA-ns and the NWO or ZMO. Thus Pharaohs, Phoenicians, Phrygians, Philos, etc...along those principals of H and Z. H is satan or the Entwined Serpents as the 8th letter or 888, it's real number while 666 is the servants of satan in duty to it's pHatHer.
Thus Ptah, Horus, Hathor,Osiris,Isis, Heliopolis and the Sun cults of human sacrifice or the Saturnian cults or the Crows of Ley lines (Crowley) or simply today as the ZMO or German Jews and friends. Zionist Masonic Oligarchy.

Got all that so far?

Thus, as satan was some 7 light years in size, it was still puny compared to God's size whose eyeball would gobble up satan. But their evil magic of wiZArds was powerful and as stated they could disguise from God or "blind god's vision by hiding in the darkness.

That is why satan fell, because I revealed the Truth about who God is and what they were doing up there in Carina Nebula, by my decoding the Pyramids...see?

The Truth Shall Set Us Free for we are really.......UMANS not H-umans pinned and branded by the evil family and the fallen letter or Zan of Z as our 26th letter = 8 or Zathanel Hatuptah, satan. Sa means Son, thus all sons are JASA or God's Sons.
God is all loving and never destroyed our Earth nor does He ever require blood sacrifices, murders, etc. They do and did destroy your Earth or your loved ones, one way or the other. Remember, satan was after all and energy of evil sins some 7 light years in size!
Flick of it's obsidian finger could topple your earth and flood it and destroy it just like it's other large demons can cause hurricanes, earthquakes etc, hell bent on destruction.

Now, the 1 is God and the 8 was satan, thus the 9 is also God's number and it is embedded into our mathematical and architectural wonders. Satan's father was the 6.
Yin Yang,black,white, 9 or flip flop and backwards 6, as evil is.

My birthdate as shown and the fact that I am a 5 and governed by this law, such as they also know that for 23 or 11 or 5, also has the 9 and the 6 in it paired with 11111. ...see?

Thus I am the 5 who governed the 3 and the 8, because 5 is change and my will is always for the 3 and the 9. Free Will is a Law! Their satanic ritual's of murdering the son or the golden orus for the black horus, changes the 3 by the 5 to an 8 or entwined serpents of evil. 3+5 = 8.
The freemason 33 is also an 8 if you face the baphomet 3's together!
Remember the 9? God's law says that 9 divided by 3 is 3.
Their law says that 3 divided by 9 is .3333333333333333.....or 33 degrees ....Lucifer satan horus see?

To learn your histories just as they stole them for the bible, everyone including the occultists and satanists or initiates looks to Egypt just as the truth of Atlantis came from Egypt.

The first Atlantean province in Egypt was MAEREA, as you noticed. Now mar means Sea or Waters, thus the people of the Island surrounded by water.
Just like the western Atlantic cultures say they came from the east, while the eastern ones say they came from the west....or God's Island as Atlantis means.
Even as far as New Zealand or Australia as you noticed Maerea.
Maerea is also Maat or Truth, balance in Egypt and in Indonesia and the east she is Maatahara, just as JA was worshipped there as well.

Now is it any coincidence that Rongo a term for your lands or Easter Island, is the same for where our True Garden of Avila (eden disguised as HavilaH) lies at the ngorongoro crater?

This raises a suspicion that they may be performing the ritual of murdering the son at Easter Island, thus Jesus arose in Easter!!!

The Garden is actualy at the Olkarien concentricaly circled Gorge which also once was a circular island that I believe was Atlantis II or the second garden, our cradle of civilization as our scientists clearly tell us. The First Garden was Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean that was destroyed by a previous flood in 6482.bC while Tansania or the 2nd was destroyed ca3250-4250.bC, then it became Egypt's Delta, thus Maerea and the First Dynastic kings of Menes and Neith preserved the meanings of the names as we also preserved the biblical flood from that same point. Which is why there are 10 kings on the Narmer Palette and a great evidence for the flood as follows in my next "interesting" post.

Maerea also reflects Ave Maria or Mary as Jesus' Mother.

In the old days we all spoke Linear A that evolved into English from Latin, that originally came from the 12,000 year old Atlantean,Azilian, Aterian languages that are identical to the Linear A, B and the Phoenician script that was stolen from Iberia.

Nothing is coincidence but has meaning. :)

I try!

Waitaha is probably UAitaha or comparable with Atlantis as a Risen Land of Primordial creation. UA means "above", "sky", most high, etc. Thus this Goddess of Uaitaha was a most high goddess just like Allah means most high also!

Evermore there is only one True Name for God for us to know.
That is why Jesus called His Father who they knew not as AMEN and why JOHN baptised The Christ.

JA is JAO is JOHN or properly JON, since you know......the H.
That's why for the semitics they knew him as YAH for JAO.
Thus they disguised Him as the evil Egyptians also did after MIN.

The Falcon is not really a Horus bird nor in meaning the followers of Horus.
The Falcon is the Followers of AMEN.
It is the letter A in antiquity, God's first letter and with a feather on a standard is IMNTI or JMNTI as in WEST for AMENTI.

Further proof that Atlantis and God's original island was WEST from Egypt to AMENTI or the realm of Seker precisely in the Atlantic Ocean as the field measurements and the description of that Falcon God clearly say.

The Double Falcons was also the realm of the Maerean Atlanteans who's 7 nomes you can witness on the Tehenu Libyan Palette. This were the Maadi-Buto cultures or Maeremdians.

The Double Falcons are God and His Wife.


So be it!

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 Post subject: Re: Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans Part II
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_______________.111.[R].Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans Pt-II.[R].111._________________

Thank you for your interest in Tribes of Atlantis to research Atlantis.

Being an Atlantean myself who was born in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean on the Azores Islands, I can only verify for you that we do in fact exist and our hidden truths is greater than you would imagine. A truth, that will also greatly impact your very beliefs in general and your historical knowledge of our suppressed histories. Having gained an interest in Atlantis from my Father's words of our Royal bloodlines to King Ferdinand and Leonor in the 13th century aD, that led me to research my homeland, I found a link to Atlantis in the research results and went off into another amazing and miraculous adventure that day of 2003. My Father passed away at 55 when I was 22 and years later I thought about what he told me of Portugal.

I like you, thought of Atlantis as a Disney cartoon and a mystical and magical city of imagination.

After reading Plato's Timaeus and Critias dialogues that contain the Atlantean Script or writings about Atlantis, I realized and sensed that there was a great truth to be known within these pages as those great philosophers of classical times also swore to this amazing recollection of Atlantis.
In the dialogues that Plato preserved in 360.bC while being held at Syracuse, Italy by the Betrayer Dionysios, he tells us of an era of progressive histories for the Mediterranean going back 9000 years prior to Solon or 9570.bC. He also relates to us that the Atlanteans had controlled the Mediterranean up to the point of a Great Disaster comparable to the Biblical Flood legend.

The Legend of Atlantis was first revealed in Sais, Egypt to the Greek Sage and Archon Solon ca.570.bC under the rule of the Atlantean Libyan Pharaoh, King Amasis II, by the elderly Egyptian Priest, Uadjahor-Resne who was also the Chief Priest, Physician, Naval Admiral and Guardian of the Gods of Egypt for Amasis II.
Part of the reasoning of this great Secret or sSta of Aegyptos, aside of Amasis II being an Atlantean Libyan, was that they knew the downfall of Egypt was soon to be over run by the Persians who in fact did afterwards.

Evermore, the truth of Atlantis and Egypt's hidden truth of it's Twin Pyramid builders, the Great of Cairo and the Red of Saqqarra (missing a sphinx) came to be known by all and of how Atlantis in reality controlled the entire Mediterranean regions and most of the known world back then, if not all! The texts of course, being glorified by the "Hellanized" Greeks tells a slightly different story of how they were the only ones to remain against the Atlanteans during the war and had been victorious over them. They also claimed that Atlantis ruled Europe up to Tyrhennia, Italy and Africa (Libya) up to the borders of Egypt.

However, the truth as my 7 years of research up to this point reveal, is that we are all from God's Island of Atlantis that was our First Garden of Creation upon the Atlantic Ocean and before the Straits of Gibraltar some 400-500 miles away. We also learn that the Atlanteans controlled the entire Mediterranean and that Egypt itself was at the onset the Atlantean Province known as Maerea. This is also why we find in our histories alike our flood legends, the secret of the 10 kings around the Mediterranean and even in Mesopotamia or to that of the biblical patriarchs themselves!

Atlantis from my estimate and maps as you see in my website or on the internet, would have been an sub-continental island like Australia, some 2000 x 1000 miles in Area and consisted of 5 magical mountains and a large fertile plain with abundance and prosperity for Umans and all types of Animals alike!
The Plain of Atlantis was some 350 x 250 miles in area and was surrounded by Mountains, an all encircling canal and a multitude of channeling and transverse canals upon it's plain. The Royal City was about 14 miles in diameter and consisted of 3 rings of water and 2 of land with an island at it's center for the Temple of Neptune and the King and Queens castle. Each channel of water had 100 ft wide bridges and beautiful walls of Electrum, Tin and the blazing like fire mysterious Orichalcum covering. A 5-7 mile long canal joined the Royal City to the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern side facing towards the Straits of Gibraltar or Gades, Iberia and Agades, Morocco.

Gades or Agades simply means a green and fertile place with many rivers and excellent grounds for animal farming and survival, like an Oasis would be for a desert. In a sense we can think of this word like “Everglades”, aside of the commonly thought Semitic notion for a fortressed or fenced in enclosure. Naturally, since in truth the Phoenicians subjugated, slaughtered and took over many lands during their expansions of the Mediterranean and not what we are normally led to believe, also alike that of Mesopotamia or Egypt. Although the Phoenician GD-DR may mean “Goat and Great” as comparison to the Greek translation of Eumelus or “rich in sheep” for Gadeiros, it also means to them an animal body part or more specifically the throat that compliments their barbaric war-cries of AbraHams law of “thou shalt be put to death!”

As it also was for David, Solomon and Yahweh itself or the Islamic and Muslim relationships as our modern Phoenicians still fighting, plundering and pillaging for 5500 years, or since the h-Ebrons left Khufu and Egypt for the barren lands of the Levant. Only to return after 2000.bC as the Hyksos of Chanaan and slaughter the hands that fed them in Egypt!
Finally the Hyksos having been evicted by King Ahmose I after some 500 years of rule, left to settle in Jerusalem as the Hebrews of Phoenicia who appear ca.1300.bC. Where-upon, they were captured ca.620.bC and taken to Babylon where they merged the histories of those cultures within their own and brought them back to Jerusalem of Joppa. We can in fact evidence this, because the bible itself is a mixture of Babylon and mostly Egypt, for Egypt is where we all look to for knowledge that is deservedly from Atlantis in truth! We can further provenance this by looking at the difference between the Greek Septuagint and Masoretic Hebrew versions of the bible where Eden was called Edem as Eve was called “Life” in the Septuagint as there also are differences between the rivers names and the Septuagint mentions Carbuncle and Emeralds, rather than Bydellium or Onyx stone! Edem was a name for the eastern Delta Nile of Egypt district adjoined with that of the Sinai! Again further proving, as we know that Africa is the lands of Gold, Kush and the encircling Nile river of Aethiopea! The Nile is the river that branched off into 4 different heads of which the Euphrates went out of Africa and across the Red Sea to Arabia in antiquity. Emeralds are also very much a part of Egypt as is Jade. Testimony to my Garden of Avila in Tansania where Ethiopia and Eritrea had a region on older maps called Havilah! The Septuagint is the oldest record of the bible from this “shady” 128 member Great Council of the Sin-a-gog-ue” ca 444.bC. Not much different than Constantine the ByZAntine and further betrayals of the West to the East like Dionysios of Italy in Plato’s time that is proven by my Plato Code into a Latin Secret of the founders and 10 kings of Atlantis! Just as it was for my Secret of Mylo, the hidden and 10th Book of Herodotus that reveals the 9 muses reversed and into Latin of the Secret Order of the “Vulcans”, still in existence today as the ZMO or all those other names they go by of “ILL-H-UMINATED minds of broken oracles of the blood of blackened brine! There is no such thing as a Secret! Neither to demons or to our True God’s chosen!

Today the Phoenician Scythians are headed by the ZWO (Zionist World Order known as the NWO or New World Order of today’s Ash-ke-Nazi German Jewish Zionists who dominate 2/3rds of our World today with the very same war cry of yesterday for the other 1/3rd. In truth as they are a multitude of many faces, fake names, corrupted religions and disguises of evil, and where all we have to do is simply re-arrange the letters to reveal my term of ZMO or Zionist Masonic Oligarchy of corruption and leaders of the “Roth-Burg” Crown “common-wealth” governments like Usa, Canada, Britain, Russia, Germany, Israel and World Bank for the Red Dragons of ill fated destinies. All Zionists and Freemasons and Satanists of Saturn’s Crows of Ley Lines! While the rest of you sit and wait to be destroyed like cattle or sheep as they like to call you for their term of Goyims from the Zaims. Tell It Like It Is! By their denials you shall come to know them, for that is their motto! Such as their 11 word law of the one eye for the pyramid as “Do What Thou WILT Shalt Be the whole of the Law! Proving 911 as the 11 degrees on the Freemason square on either side also do! For surely by the Hole of their “Law” you will in fact “WILT” or decay into self persecution!

Gua, as in Agua for the Romantic language tribes meaning, “water”, is also common that we find the Gualatans in Morocco and Mauretania (notice the M’s like Maerea) and the Gauls or Gallics of Iberia. Rio also means “river” where we find in Iberia, a land of many rivers common and peculiar to the Gua prefix like Guadelijara. We can also envision this as why the names of those mentioned tribes of Iberia or Mauretania came from the Straits of Gibraltar being the “throat” for the Atlantic, or properly “water lands”. Gadeiros also reflects “Great lands of Rivers” or Great in Size, such as he was a twin to Atlas. Where we notice “iros” like “rios” for river or the Ga for great or Gua for water or throat, such as our word lingua for languages of the throat. The “de” would simply mean “of”. Since those lands were excellent greeneries of forests, rivers, these were excellent for animal farming, thus we can see the relation of why the Greeks referred to Gadeiros as Eumelus also. Where in reality nowhere there do we see a “fortress” or walled enclosure of imprisonment or protection but rather closer to the other meanings as suggested. Especially since the Semitic or Phoenician term for Gd-Dr was “great in goats”, just as the Greeks stated for sheep.

Atlantis had roughly some 6-10 million people as described by it's vast army in the dialogues at that point of the war that was actually ended by the great disaster either at 6482.bC or properly around 3250.bC. This was when the Bronze Age began, but no later than 1800.bC for this is as far back as Solon could recall to Phoroneus, the first man of Greece! It is important to consider our dating for this war to coincide with a great disaster of biblical flood proportions. The flood of Deukalion ca.1529.bC or the Santorini Volcano ca.1628.bC fall out of the timeline and in the dialogue we learn that the Atlantean flood was said to have been the third flood prior to Deukalion. The Greeks could only recall the Deukalion flood and another one called the Ogygian that simply means very ancient, perhaps being the Atlantean disaster of 3250.bC. The Santorini was remembered very well by Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean as a great change of events and suffering for all as the Tempest Stele records in Egypt.

The Sea Peoples invasion ca.1190.bC and after the battle of Troy ca.1200.bC, as you see is much later to propose that theory and was only an attack upon Egypt that was due to the great depression as a result of the Battle of Troy. Another important factor is that the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean where the war was fought, considering what we are told about the Atlantean control from their viewpoint, is that the countries were all Liberated and became their own empires. Where any good researcher will discover that our "conformed" histories in favor of Usher’s Adam ca.4004.bC and the rise of Liberated City states appear in the context of 3000.bC for Egypt, Minoans, Phoenicians, Hebron, Sumeria and Babylonia. Such are the cities of Sais and Buto, Tyre and Byblos or Ur or Ugarit of Sargon. The other clue is that the bible tells us Nimrod built the city of Ur (great king) after the biblical flood, where archaeology shows Ur also starting as a city state ca.3000.bC and not after 2350.bC as the Masoretic theosophists propose for the biblical flood.

In the texts the Greeks claim that their city state of Pelasgian, Attica we could say, arose 9000 years ago from Solon and that 1000 years after the Egyptian state of Sais was founded or ca.8570.bC. This tells us that the Altantean war and the great disaster had to have been between 8570 -3250.bC, because Egypt was also attacked. Again I stress as proven by scientists, NASA Goddard and myths along with my research, is that the two main periods are 6482 and 3250.bC of which during the war, a great cataclysm occurred in the Atlantic Ocean and the Island of Atlantis broke apart and fell some 5000 feet to the murky depths of Neptune. The result of this was so devastating that even those fighting the war at the very eastern side of the Mediterranean also perished. We can imagine that it even poured over the Red Sea and into the Euphrates valley, giving rise to the Gilgamesh, Utnapishtim Sumerian Flood Legend.

This flood of 3250.bC was the flood we remembered, but we forgot the flood of 6482.bC. As they also forgot the kings names, but their actions and meanings were preserved to our modern Greek /English translations today from the Egyptians, who had recorded the Atlantean Chronicles (later stolen-ZaHa) from the Sphinxes at the onset of their tribal settlements. Where in truth we know for a fact that Egyptians were Atlanteans as the province of Maerea for the Maadi-Buto and Merimdian tribes of the Fayum and Delta Nile also testify to.

The biggest factor being that Neith, Egypt's oldest Goddess like Min the Foremost God also, is exactly described as Leucippe the beautiful wife of Evanor, the First Father of Atlantis and Cleito his daughter, who gave birth to the 10 twin kings of Atlantis.

Leucippe means; Leuke or shining whiteness, white poplars, white horses or white gardens or Lux of Ipse, which is light of the beautiful self!

Neith means, she of the white waters, she of the white hippopotamus (horse) or she of the white linen.

Neith like Athena who both Egypt and Greece worshipped as one, are both from the Atlantean Libyan lands westward of Egypt around Lake Tritonis.

Here we find the early Qadan Tuareg Berber and Capsian African tribes migrating to Egypt some 12,000 years ago.
Herodotus also told us in his Histories works, as our ancient maps do, that the Atlantes and Atarantean tribes lived around Lake Tritonis and the Atlas mountains. Atlas was the first king of Atlantis with his twin brother Gadeiros.
Then Evaemon, Ampheres, Autochthon, Mneseus, Elasippus, Mestor, Azaes and Diaprepes. All names peculiar to the entire Mediterranean as my translations also show in my website or my forums or those of others. So you see we are verified as actual and real people. Most of you don’t even realize that you should be adding the name Atlantean before your nationality, for we are simply in meaning “The Foremost Earth land People” as the names of Atlantis and Atlas tell us in meaning of our Truths!

Problem being that they can't find our Royal City or keep it suppressed like Egypts truth or all our truths for the matter of our True God Creator JA MN and His magical island in the Atlantic. The Egyptian Am-Duat recalls Atlantis as the realm of Seker with an identical plain, surrounding canal and hill to Atlantis and field measures precisely where the island would have been! This was known as Amenti (West) or Tatenen, the “Primordial mound of Creation” to the Egyptians westward of themselves in memory of Atlantis.

In further provenance of these very facts, the first to tell us about Atlas (Foremost King) was Homer ca.800.bC and that Atlas had an island in the Atlantic with pillars that held up the sky. Atlas’ daughter Calypso who fell in love with Ulysses, resided there. Should this mean that Ulysses is far older than the myth portrays? Homer also tells us that the Phaeacians, a highly advanced tribe of people with magical ships and even robots, came from an island known as Scheria. Homer’s Scheria (Skeria) of course being a direct hit to Seker of Egypt where the term Saqqarra comes from!

In truth the Falcon or more specifically the Double Falcons (God and Goddess) of Atlantean Maerea Egypt signify the truth of JA MN as our God and His Wife along with the fact they called Him MIN or AMEN, the very same name that JASA (JA's Son) known as Jesus (One of Many Sons for our histories prior) called His Father in the Bible and what He truly Meant by AMEN. Amen means west like Khenti-Amenti is foremost of the Westerners or HAt.ta Amenti as Foremost Land of the West, meaning Atlantis. The Falcon on a standard with a feather and facing West is the term for IMN or West that was written by the Egyptians as JMN in their papyrus scrolls.

As you see clearly, there are in actuality no followers of horus but in truth the followers of AMEN who were subjugated by horus who became adjoined with hathor (Isis) after the great flood. Such as is the meaning of a great destruction and symbolism of hathor in the Legend of the Destruction of Mankind ca 3250.bC or the pre-dynastic era as the artifacts clearly tell us like MIN was also the First and Foremost God of Egypt! The same as it was for Atlantis and our First Garden of God's Island in the Atlantic.

Atlas like Hatj.a for the Egyptians simply means Foremost Ruler of the People, where Atlas derived his name in truth from Atlantis as Meaning "Foremost Earth land of God's Island". HAt is drawn by a laying forepart of a lion like the Sphinx and means in front of or foremost. To the Greeks they translated HAt as AT like in AThribis.
To the Egyptians Atlantis was, HAt.tA.Ntr.Iw or Foremost Earth land of God's Island, thus Atlantis........see?
Another fact you will find like Neith and Min is that Menes and MaereaNeith (beloved of Maerea or”mr”) also preserved Atlantis and the 10 kings of the first Dynastic record up to Semerkhet or SemSem the Head Priest alike to Diaprepes of Atlantis. (Written Knowledge of God).

These 10 Kings that Menes preserved and Atlantis are recorded on the Egyptian Narmer Palette dated ca.3250.bC along with the evidence of the Tomb 100 map and the Gebel-el-Arak carved Ivory handle battle knife.
The Tehenu palette known as the Libyan palette also, records the 7 Nomes of pre-dynastic Double Falcon Maerea.
One of those 10 Kings, or Memphite kings for the pre-dynastic record to Menes by the Turin Canon or Palermo stone, was the Scorpion King.

Just as I am also a Scorpion Double Falcon King by birth!

Deukalion means Deka Leone or 10 Lion “kings”! These 10 kings are also noticeable on the 800.bC or older Atlantean Etruscan Dragon handled Electrum scepter with 10 lions on the shaft. There is also a matching engraved sword and a mulit-lion Orichalcum bracelet visible in my website.

Like everything else, the wisdom of God is seldom understood as we see here;
Deukalion-Apollo-Maia – As I AM OLLO PA(ra) NO(sa) ILA KU E D > As I AM Look to our Island that I gave you!

Atlantis translated by Riven from the 50,000 year old preserved Atlantean Basque tribes;
“The Main Evergreen Forest is Born a Joyous Miracle at Dawn, the Abundant Monument Increases to Unite the Future Arrival and Remain Loyal to the Secret of Creation!”

(Notice Evergreen like Agades?)

P.S. My website will also show you our true Second Garden of Avila (Eden) in Tansania and the revelations of khenYAh who gave the Egyptian name of khemet or "burnt lands" to the Egyptians like "burnt faces" for the term of Ethiopians.
The Garden of Avila is right where your Cradle of Civilizations are according to your scientific DNA and Genetic researches! Think about it!

Enjoy and thanks once again. Here within your studies of Atlantis you will discover more than any educational faculty can teach you and better yet.......

You Will Come To Know Your Truths of being and our suppressed and plunder histories!

And We Know Who They Are!

The further away from your origins or truth, the closer you are to a great lie of fallen Ba-baals crumbled tower of forked tongues from that evil energy of Orion! There’s a reason that our True God left that sign over there, and it’s not the Pyrmids, at least not our Atlantean Twin Pyramids of Maerea, The Great and The Red!

The rest never could build a Pyramid could they? Because they fell from grace and lost Spirence and God was not there for them to learn how to be truly illuminated, not jaded!

First came the Light, then the Fire, then the Wind, then the Waters, then the Earth.

The Law of 5 = Change!

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn and Lend!

Pray with JA MN, Worship No Stone, Command No Death, Love Thy Uman, Preserve our Histories!
And Jesus called upon His Father AMEN and Hebron knew Him not because they termed God “the hidden one so be it”.
And God answered His Son, but to them, He answered Not!

For they answered to IT. (Egyptian for father, ie; ptaH, thus they wore funny Hats and became pHaraoHs and pHoeniXians and pHrygians and H-ellenics of pHanes, the HerapHrodite Entwined Serpent Duality of Ba-AL.)

See? Or have thee but only one eye to see with or a forked tongue of denials!

The Truth is sharper than a crooked sword clenched in the talons of the Blackened Double Eagles or mightier than the pen or a ZMO Nuclear bomb or their “Acetone” WeiZAman chemicals like 911 that were made in Israels “ZA” university of the same name. Same as it ever was!

For We are Double Falcons of God and a “separate” Goddess, just as your families ARE. Never entwined like 33, 66, or 88!

The black is this Universe, the White is outside, the Oval Light is the Chalice of the Umbilical cord for Umans to that White Light of God and His Wife’s Creation! Thus She is The Holy Spirit and part of the Trinity to produce the Son, 3 and the Daughter 4.

Then 5 is change and then from the darkness came the 6,7,8,9. Then the 10 Lion Kings of Orichalcum for the next Change to correct the Darkness!

First came the Light, not the Fire!

Be Good, Be Bad but Do NO Evils!

Lux of Ipse, Spirence and To Know Is Immortal!
Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis
Sword of Avila
Lion King
White Dragon

Saturday, July 17, 2010

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Well,it looks like Zahi Hawass or should I say KHAwass and Egypt's lies are up the Nile without a paddle!!!

I examined and corrected the entire Face side of the Palermo stone that reveals some startling and shocking FACTS!

Not only does the Palermo stone in fact reflect the first 6 Atlantean Kings but also tells us of a Voyage to Khenti-Amenti-Rosetau Atlantis as it was also mirrored in Lower Egypt at Saqqara!!! Evermore, I found evidence of my "psychic" and "astral" ascertation that JASA or the Previous Son of Man known as Philitis The Shepherd was in fact murdered by Snoferu in The Temple of Fire as my pictures show! Djoser being a name so they could remember where JOSE or JASA was in the record for their satanic rituals of Murdering the Son of God AMEN!!! (also known as JOSEPH)

We also learn of how Upper Egypt and the KHAKA kings of Narmer Ranubkha took over and subjugated AMEN,MENESES and NEITAMEN.
The Twin sons born to MENES and NEIT being Djeta and Djetaii.(ita and iti) Probably named from their Great Grandfather GdJerii or Gadeiros!

IAU or JAO,the first Twin King of course being also Atlas aside of our True God JAO MN. JAO MN with the Falcon with the Orb above His Head was altered into RA and they added the Ankh to his seated God Glyph. Originaly the Ankh as a meaning for "Life" looked like a human with two legs. It was split at the bottom as you'll notice on the Stone.

Wait till you see this! The Stone of Truth!

Told you Atlantis was Real and exists at my Josephine Location! I don't doubt that the powers that be already knew this!



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So Now we know who the 10 Atlantean Kings were and mostly likely Calypso or Cleito was before IAU or JAU (Jao) Atlas.
Evanor may have been the Scorpion King. Who Leucippe was, I am not sure who Lecuippe was. Possibly another Neit or Calypso type name like Leucalypso or Neit-setepy or Neit-otep.

We know that Meneses (Menes) twin Sons were Djeta and Djetaii, so these would have to be Mestor and Elasippus,re-arranged. Mestor being Mesraim for Phoenicia or Thoth alike DjeT.

Thus we now find;

EVANOR___________________SCORPION KING?


ATLAS____________________IAU / JAU


MNESEUS__________________MENESES - AMEN



Azaes being uncertain.Perhaps Den and his son or son in law, Anedjib Merbiap as usurpers also. The first Dynasty broke apart around Den and Anendjib or After Meneses and his twin sons. Mainly after Tjeti, where Narmer KHAKA comes into play. Narmer may also be Ranebkha. Den may have been Narmer's son,which is hard to tell because of the subjugations and mixups for the lists by scholars or the KHAKA kings of Upper Egypt who betrayed the Atlantean rulership of Tejaru.(Lower Egypt and Saqqara).

In any case we now have 8 of 10 kings confirmed.


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 Post subject: Re: Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans
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_______.111.[R]. The Tale of the Two Tails of The Palermo Stone by Paulo Riven.[R].111.____________

They have been lying to us all along, since evil is back wards, yet so can truth be! You read as the faces direct!!!
Just as my Plato code or The Secret of Mylo revealed a secret Latin message backwards. Flip Flop!!!
My Plato code even said that Mneseus and Evaemon were the main Atlantean King and Queen and that they fought against the last 4 kings!

First row Top Left to Right as Kings Face

Amen Menes: [khaka Wadjnez]should be MrTa or Maereata: Anita Maerea (Princess) : Tajata : Dajaru : GaDjii : Iau (Jau)

The First Dynasty family preserved and mirrored the Original Atlantis Kings. (Geminii Secret)

MeneSeuS____Meneses____________Memory of God,Guardian of God JA MN.(Evanor's Son)
Evaemon_____Mereata_____________highest praised Woman (Leucippe's Daughter - Beloved of Reata? Queen of the Earth - Rea - Ta) (Maat / Maatahare)

Calypso/Cleito__Anita Maerea (Taje.t on the narmer palette)

Atlas_______Tajata_______________Foremost of God's Earth Land People
Gadeiros____Dajaru_______________Greatness of God's Twin King (Atlas Twin)

Ampheres____Gadjii________________Greatness of Gadeiros___at both sides
Autochthon__Iau / JAU ____________Spirit of JA Mn,Earthborn

Mestor______Menswru ?_______________NNE,Suitor,Mentor,MesraimThoth (king who sided with Phoenicia)
Elasippus___????____________________Horse rider,tamer,ruler (Kha'a?-extended of Arm) (Usurper of Phoenicia or Upper Egypt)

Azaes_______Ranubkha?__________________Burnt one,dark skinned,ashen (usurper)
Diaprepes__Shamerkha.t_(SemSem head priest)_written knowledge of God (Anedjib usurped?)

MrNeit or Maerita, Chisel for mr altered to bull's leg then a flower for Wadi. T symbol altered into a fish. Mr = Beloved. MR-i-TA. Also Maat.
Anita Maerea- Anita = Hidden T or island symbol plus seated risen lion - Maia) The lion being altered but still noticeable. T visible in my x-ray

pic. N water symbol as AN.
Tjata - it's not Tjasha,they added the lines to look like a pool for sha. If not there is still no water in the rectangle. It's TA = Earth.
Dajaru- is a fake reed.Reeds don't have feathers! The T or island symbol for TA as Earth alike Tara or Terra also covered up the Snake for DJ or

Gadjii- Bull's ear = Greatness and strength for survival as in GD DJ or Greatness of JA.
Iau / Jau - Reed plant for I altered into a folded clothe forletter s.They erased the bottom line. The risen arms of U-mans is UA or AU = Most high,

not KHA like upper egypt or bulls.

Khaka = Upper Egyptian pharaoh title. ie: Khaka narmer.Upper Egypt + Arabians & Nubians of Khenyah.
Khaka Narmer murdered Menes at 63 years of age while Gadjii and Jau were ruling as twins for Lower and Upper Egypt.
Placed his name inbetween Menes and Maerita disguised as khaka then Wadjenez with a bull's leg for KHA and Karinka (Oxyrinchus) KAtfish.KHAKA. KHA =

Bull. Then it became a plant for wadi or Oasis.

It must have been Mrta or Maereata such as her name was given to the lower Egyptian province of Maerea.Ta being Earth so Land of Maerea.
By the way the bity or bee is actually upper and the sw plant Lower like the siwa oasis also.
The bee stings such as the khaka pharaohs of upper egypt stang and slaughtered lower egypt as evident by the narmer palette.

Second Row left to right continuing proper direction. Hard to say how the letters are actually pronounced from now on or how they changed them.

Starts with Atlas Tajeta as Djeta.

Sq 1: Month of (announcing) Giving Tajeta the Sword of The land and the Royalship. Upper Egypt 2 spans. Lower Egypt 4 Royal Cubits (RCb = 21in.)
Sq 2: Festival of Amen's Maereata, (Amen Nt)she or wife of Menes. (Min Plant) Upper 1 Rcb. Lower 6 Rcb
Sq 3: sw ta risen sun,risen land of lower Egypt,Worship of God Min's land. Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 4: Festival Amen Maereata. Foremost(khenti) under heaven of Min's land. Upper 1 Rcb Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 5: Temple of the God's of Menes Lower Egypt Rosetau Journey Upper 5 Rcb 1 finger Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 6: Festival Amen Maereata Seated as the Goddess Maat,pregnant. Upper 5 Rcb 1 finger Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 7: Twin sons of Menes born in Upper Egypt (SaSa - gooses) Upper 1 Rcb Lower 4 Rcb
Sq 8: Festival of Amen Maereata Spirit of Rosetau Journey. Nile levels N/A.
Sq 9: 13th Year 4th month Unification of the Two Lands by The House of Lower Egypt. Lower Egypt 7 Rcb
Sq 10:15th year Nile Level N/A
sq 11: Festival of Amen Maereata Min's land Primordial Mound? Memphis? broken off, Nile level N/A

Third Row. Anita Maerea (MrNeit)

Sq 1: Star appears in the heavens of Min's lands. Maerea Anita Mother's Tejata (Atlas) Nile Upper 1 finger 6 Rcb Lower 3 Rcb (lion on neit spool)
Sq 2: Sword of Upper Egypt's risen land TAKEN by rrhotep? Raneb Hotep khaka (Narmer). Upper 2 spans Lower 2 Rcb
Sq 3: Ja Mn's Land Tomb of Tajata child (Seti) or Menes died and Tajata as seti child ascended upon the standard. Upper 1 Rcb 2 fingers Lower 6 Rcb
Sq 4: Journey to Lower Egypt's land War between the two lands (Ja's Ram) Lower Egypt vs Upper Egypt's Horus most high. Upper 2 spans Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 5: Spoken in Lower Egypt of fighting (aha) between the City of the Twin Children of Min against Khnum Hathuptah.(house of God Ptah) Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 6: Khamenti (foremost) Temple of The Throne of God and Goddess of the Westerners of Amentet. District of Maerea. Nile 2 Rcb
Sq 7: Star appears in the Heaven. First Record of JASA,God's Son. Temple of the Throne of the God and Goddess. Protected from horus. 3 flags =
3 Wise Men Upper 2 Rcb Lower 4 Rcb
Sq 8: Festival of the Temple of The Throne of God and Goddess. (Amen and Wife). JA's CHRISTIAN CROSS BETWEEN 2 FLAGS Lower Egypt's Rosetau.

Upper 2 fingers 1 Rcb Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 9: Giving the 2nd twin Dajatii (Dajaru) the land rulership Upper 2 Rcb Lower 5 Rcb
Sq 10: Sedj worship of Ja and Jasa (neptune fork with pyramid - Js,J) land Eastern and Tatenen Amenti(western) Lower Egypt Upper 2 spans Lower 3 Rcb
Sq 11: Upper and Lower Egypt Risen Lands.dsrt (Red Pyramid) of Rosetau. Upper 3 fingers Lower 8 RCB (FLOOD 14 feet > Bubastis Earthquake.)
Sq 12: 3 wise Priests of Menes Purify Temple Upper 2 spans Lower 4 Rcb
Sq 13: God Temple of Ptah beloved of KHuti, Dejuty Thoth of RA??? Upper 2 fingers 1 Rcb Lower 2 Rcb

Fourth Row

Temple of Horus God Nun Upper Egyptian king nhb r n nbw (RAnehub KHAka) Sun Worship,Gold worship,human blood sacrifices. (Narmer Murderer of Menes)

Sq 1: Festival of Amen Maereata Given something. damaged. nile N/A.
Sq 2: Upper Egypt risen land of the south (rshw) Mas Djet died. Either Djet or his Mother. Lower Egypt 3 Rcb
Sq 3: Festival of Amen Maereata Given in the land of Tj.t ru Ta Tajataru / Tajeru 9 month Upper 2 fingers, Lower 2Rcb
Sq 4: Upper Egypt risen land Given 3rd month Rosetau Royalship! Upper 2 fingers, Lower 2 fingers
Sq 5: Festival of Amen Maereata Given in Tajeru (Lower Egypt/Saqqara) 8th month Upper 5 Rcb 2 fingers Lower 3 Rcb
Sq 6: Upper Egypt risen land given 2 month taking sha r r hathor (house of horus) KHA Hotep. Upper 4 Rcb 3 fingers Lower 3 fingers
Sq 7: Festival of Amen Maereata Given 7th month in Tajeru. Lower 1 finger (drought)
Sq 8: Given Amen Journey towards the evening star with the Sword. (setting sun) to Khenti Rastau (Amenti / Atlantis) Twin Pillars. Upper 3 fingers

Lower 4 Rcb
Sq 9: Festival of Amen Maereata given 6th month in Tajeru. Given in Tajeru 6th month. Upper 3 fingers Lower 4 Rcb
Sq 10: Risen land of Upper Egypt Given 2nd month Rastau Royalship Upper 4 Rcb 2 fingers Lower 3 Rcb
Sq 11: Upper and lower Egypt's Risen lands. Son takes Apis Bull of Life. (NOTICE THE ORIGINAL ANKH IS SPLIT LIKE A HUMAN = LIFE) uPPER 2 fingers

Lower 4 Rcb
Sq 12: Festival of Amen Maereata 4th month Tajeru Upper 2 fingers lower 5 Rcb
Sq 14: Festival of Amen Maereata (broken off)

Fifth Row

Sq 1: Festival of Amen Maereata Lower Egypt 3 Rcb (broken)

Rcb, Lower 3 Rcb
Sq 3: Festival of Amen Maereata for MIN's land of Menes. (memorial for JASA) Big Event. Upper 2 fingers 1 span 3 Rcb Lower 2 Rcb

Sq 4: Risen lands of Upper and Lower Egypt. District of the island of Snoferu. Horus seated OVER NEIT and the Gods as one of the twin pillars of
Rosetau.(Memnon Collossus Gates where the Sun greeted Rosetau in Egypt before setting at Rosetau Atlantis Twin Pillars. End of Atlantis dynasty.
Lie of Djoser to remember where JASA was for the khaka satanic rituals of sokar the draconian) Upper 2 fingers Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 5: Risen lands of Upper and lower Egypt BOUND (Hotep) Pillar of Lower Egypt taken. Upper 2 fingers 2 Rcb 1 span Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 6: 23rd year second month change of rulership or co-ship with Khaka Uphu. Nile N/A.

Sq 7: Given 4th month Min head dress, Star of Neit's hand nsphratuti (nospheratuti -snoferu's wife) Neit's land. Upper Egypt 2 Rcb Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 8: Festival of Amen Maereata given 8th month Tjeta God's of the Gold (nbw-nibiru?) Upper 2 fingers 1 span 2 Rcb Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 9: Risen Kha kha Temples on Menes land s King of upper Egypt Sokar Upper Egypt 3 fingers 6 Rcb Lower 2 Rcb

Sq 10: Festival of Amen Meareata Given 8th month Tjeta Hotep YA NUBU (Yoruba Nubians!) Upper 1 finger Lower 3 Rcb

sq 11: Risen lands of Upper and lower Egypt nit-hotep Min re nt (Merenit) God. (Minerva?) Upper 1 finger Lower 2 Rcb
(They altered Neit to Nit (a mite and with Hotep) Then reseated Tajeru probably at Memphis with their new gods of Ausir and Aset with Phoenicia and
Nubia Upper Egypt Khaka u Fuhk s of YAHORUBA!!! = 8 = Hermaphrodite Entwined Serpents of Zhaka Satan Zathanel Hatuptah the Hotep of PtaH!!!

Sq 12: Festival of Amen Meareata Given 6th month Tejaru land.

666 Row. Snoferu and Nospheratu = Satan and Sekhamet. Snoferu Murdered JASA upon the altar of the Temple of Labyrinth Fire!!!

Snoferu now has the Upper and Lower Egyptian Crowns. At least that's all he'll get for his lifetime of eternity into the Pit of The Calling in Kenya with his PHATER of Phanes and His Zanub sons!!!!

______________________.111.[R].Paulo Riven The Seer And Royal Bloodline To Atlantis.[R].111.___AeJor-Mn Son of JA MN.


Guess we know our Truths about the Bright Star, The Three Wise Men and JASA the Son of God..........WRITTEN IN PALERMO STONE!!!
And we know the Tale of The Two Tails of The Ob Harlots! Contention and ConTemption!

Atlantis is Real as God JA MN and His Wife and Your True Second Garden of Tansania ARE.......Dear Atlanteans!!!

To Know Is Immortal
The Truth Shall You Set You Free!
Lux of Ipse

The Palermo Stone story by Paulo Riven. Sunday, August 01, 2010.aD. 8492.aJA.

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 Post subject: Re: Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans
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WORLD PEACE Gods Son found on The Palermo Stone ... _Riven.JPG

4 years ago I told you all my prophecy of God's Son, JASA who was known as Philitis the Shepherd and that he was murdered Dec.10th,3474.bC actual or 2589 common. By snoferu and khufu upon the altar of The Temple of Fire in saqqara district that snoferu the khaka upper egyptian king took over. JASA being the Son of God prior to JASA II or jesus the christ. Where both were murdered for the satanic ritual of empowering satan for dominion of turning Umans into H-umans!

I told you that ALL of God's True Son's were named JASA and that 5480 years had passed since I rescued your holy sang real of the Oval Port to Evermore and Ascended God's Son while the other duality 7 light year in size evil energy of spirit fell and descended into The Pit of The Calling in Kenya as my Google Earth factual photos provenance our truths.

Get ready because the Truth is going to hit you right between the eyes of reality!

Prophecized and Proven just as Atlantis, God JA MN, His Wife, your second Garden and everything else is!

To Know Is Immortal.

The Truth Shall You Set You Free as I have for my Love for You All and foremost for God,His Wife,His Son (The Trinity) and all His Atlantean Children as you are!

Aside of Khaka heads like the ZMO families and members headed for the Pit of The Calling!

Peace Be With You who are worthy of Amen whether Good or Bad but never ever Evil!!!

My Truth of your Planet,it's Histories,God and His Wife and Sons,your Garden of Avila and The Secret of Carina Nebula is why God loves me as I do Him and his Family and why He followed my research to witness His Name on top of the Atlantean Great Pyramid,Twin to The Red.

Thus my Truth's are why I AM the Obsidian Dragon Slayer and Ascender of The Son.

Just As I AM the Opener of The Ways of Amen and the Revealer of Revelations.

Names must have meaning and merit the reward.

Thus you can see why Nostradamus and the Bible Code predicted me or why my face is upon your Garden of Avila on the Babe.

God's Reward to me! No money,no lusts, no nothing. Just for Me and you to Remember Him by!

Blessed are those who follow in the way of Amen!!!

Ave Maria!

Witness Your Eyes and Then Bare Witness.


Paulo Riven
AeJor MN

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Maerea Tajeru

According to the Tehenu or Libyan Palette,the first Egyptian settlement upon the western Nile Delta of Maerea consisted of 7-10 Nomes. TaJeru being the name for the Delta Nile. Today our modern scholars call this Merimda Beni Salama,a major Pre-dynastic settlement of the western Delta,about 50 kilometres north-west of Cairo.

The 7 nomes visible on the Tehenu Palette consisted of;

top left to right; #5 Calypso Goddess,#1 or #2 Twins,#7 Stork,#8 Owl (All appear as Beloved of Amen)
bottom left to right; #3 Double Falcon Papyrus plant, #3 Scorpion Temple or Breadloaf, #3 Lion Risen Arms


The district of Maerea included Alexandria,Sais,Buto,Naucratis,Imu (kom-el-Hisn),Hwt-Ihyt (foremost household),Prosopotis,Memphis (Mennefer),Tanta,Al Mansura,the Fayum and Saqqara.

"The earliest known Neolithic settlement in either the Nile Valley or Delta is that of Merimda on the western Delta margin of the desert, whose beginnings date from between c. 5 000 - 4 800 BC and are represented in the basal layers of the 180,000 sq.mile site. The site,with a 2 metre cultural deposit,is situated on a low rise above the modern floodplain,thereby overlooking the Delta floodplain and is set against low hills of a sandy Pleistocene 60 metre terrace." (Tour Egypt Monthly, Vol II,#3,March 1st,2001)

The districts of Maerea remained populated for about one thousand years until about 4000.bC.During this phase pottery was being made,often with quite sophisticated designs ( a fine polished red wear with blackened tops).

Kom el-Hisn is at the edge of the Delta and west of the city Tanta,about 12km south of Kom Gi’eif (Naukratis). Here a large mound covers an ancient town probably called Imu (Jamu). From the New Kingdom onwards,this was the capital of the 3rd Lower Egyptian Nome, known as the ‘Libyan or Western Nome of Maerea’. The town of Imu is mentioned in numerous ancient texts and replaced an earlier and important provincial capital in the region called Hwt-Ihyt(foremost household),whose location has not yet been discovered and is known to date back to Dynasty I.

The site of Kom el Hisn was visited by Petrie in 1884 and surveyed by F Llewellyn Griffith in 1885. The monuments were later mentioned by Georges Daressy and excavated during the 1940s by Egyptian archaeologists, A Hamada, M el-Amir and S Farid. When F Llewellyn Griffith visited Kom el-Hisn, most of the mound was still extant with visible mud brick fortressed walls averaging 350 feet by 200 feet and the foundation of a pylon.The town of Imu was occupied at least from the Old Kingdom and mentioned in texts since the Fifth Dynasty. The main part of the mound is now covered by the ruins of a temple built by Senwosret I (Sesostris) of the 12th Dynasty.

Critical evaluation,tree ring calibration and statistical analysis of 95 radiocarbon dates of predynastic sites in Lower and Upper Egypt provide average estimates;

Lower Egypt Delta
Early Merimdean Fayum Neolithic 5200-4500.bC
Late Mirimdean Fayum Neolithic 4500-4000.bC

Upper Egypt
Badarian Neolithic 4400-4000.bC
Early Naqada 3750.bC
Hierakonpolis 3550.bC
Late Naqada 3450.bC

African Archaeological Review Vol.3 #1,95-115
Radicarbon chronology of Neolithic and Predynastic sites in Upper Egypt and the Delta
Fekri A.Hassan

Let us take into consideration my theory of the Royal City of Atlantis being built at Josephine Seamount ca.5128.bC from my interpretation of the nine thousand years by a 2.45 divisional factor of recorded successive generations for Atlantis as preserved by Plato ca.360.bC from Solon ca.570.bC.
Evermore we realize from Radio Carbon dating and geologist reports that Lower Egypt thrived prior to Upper Egypt of which most likely became settled as the Tasian cultures of Maerea. TA meaning Earth,Land,Terra or Tara alike Tajeru or Atlantis as the "Foremost of God JA MN's Island of Earth or HAt.ta.Ntr.Iw."
Where Atlas or HAt.Ja meant "Foremost Ruler or King of JA's Lands".

Alike the Red,White and Black stones common for Atlantis,we notice that "sophisticated" red and black topped pottery was a common footprint of Maerea and also having been settled around the apex of our Royal City of Atlantis. As provenanced,Khenti-Amenti Rosetau or Foremost of the Western Island of Atlantis was not only recorded in the Egyptian story of the Sun's Journey for the Am-Duat, but also according to the Field Measures of the Am-Duat,pointing precisely to the Atlantis Royal City at Rosetau Josephine some 500 miles before the Straits of Gibraltar and exactly as Plato preserved. To further provenance this very fact, Atlantis Rosetau was mirrored exactly alike at Maerea Saqqara as evident by the Am-Duat's picture of usurper Sokar the horus follower and not of Amen's Falcon. This picture portrays the Tatenen primordial mound of Atlantis mounted by the head of Calypso (Cleito) looking Eastward and surrounded by an oval rectangular Canal that was bordered by two Lions (Maia). The Atlantean Twin Pyramids,the Great and The Red also bordering the Canal while the collossal statues known as Memnon,would have been centered at the Canal to Greet the Sun in Saqqara Rosetau. Evermore,the Sun would journey home to Atlantis Rosetau at Josephine Seamount's Royal City that was exactly as mirrored in Saqqara Rosetau. The evidence clearly seen on my NOAA US NAVY, Google Earth Satellite Atlantic Ocean picture,where we do in fact see 2 pyramids (one toppled) the Oval Canal,the hill of Calypso,concentric rings and the fortressed wall that would have been at the ancient coastline and Rosetau entrance for the Canal to Atlantis Royal City of Evanor.


Paulo Riven
August 07,2010.

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A reply to LuciferHorus of David Icke forums for your wisdoms.

Lux of Horus;

I commented;

"Even the God's or Lord's must abide by this Law of Free Will, where evil seeks to deceive you of your Free Will by confusing you with truths and lies, or deception."

Lux of Horus your response;

"This is essentially the Thelemic position; however if human will is ultimately the same as divine will, we have absolutely no need for the thousands of religious laws of the world's religions."

I don't believe that my statement has anything to do with the Uman will as being the same as our Divine will. Of course Umans planetary wide would achieve true Ascension of Spirituality if their wills were focused on the Divine Will for the purpose of the message of God,His Son and followers. Thus the reason for Religion or Spirituality in the first place. Or simply to be compassionate and good towards others and yourself and contribute to Umanity for the betterment of survival and continuance.

The point being as you yourself stated Lux,"the thousands of religious laws", is that this is quite simply what it means. That The Law of Free Will is simply a Law that the God's agreed upon and that Umans should seriously also follow and not that Umans are literaly on a par with the intelligence of the God's of course! Just that we should strive along the guided path by the higher beings.

As I stated,outside this black universe is the white universe of our Creator Amen and His Wife or JA MN as my research and personal experiences provenance for the past 5500 years at least. All things being created from the White Universe and the Oval light being the Umbilical cord to that Universe. As we have seen in my Carina Nebula picture,the hermaphrodite duality of satan/sekhamet were trying to defeat the rising Son JASA to attain the Sang Real,Holy Grail,or Chalice of God's Communion with us in hopes of closing the Oval Port for our Spirits worthy of that Light. Be ye Good or Bad,Gay or Lesbian,but never evil is allowed to enter nor can they face the light. This miraculous scenery was going on for 5480 years since khaka snopheru (snf=blood) and khaka uphu murdered JASA,the Son of God on Dec.10th,3474,bC at 8:08am when Venus and Mercury aligned to form the bright star. The Crux constellation being upside down and Jupiter high above in Draco the Serpent Dragon.

In January 2006 and since "The Truth Shall Set You Free" as stated by JASA II (jesus),I revealed that Truth combined with the Divine Will of God JA MN (AeJon for modern times is also acceptable,or Aeternal Jon/JAO). Thus satan the ZA began it's descent into the Pit of Kenya. Then other revelations were revealed both externally and internally.

One thing that is certain is that the Light (White) and the Fire (Black) must co-exist in our Universe,or the Good with the Bad or Order out of Chaos or Chaos out of Order. In other words God JA MN and The Dark Lord Phanes or Phater(father) of ZA. Those Beings exist in their own realms. God in the White and Phanes in the Dark where first came the Light and then came the fire as the numbers and alphabet also portray. Alpha-Bet being a Judaen clever disguise of Israel's House,where the truth as the Falcon of Egypt also states,or the letter A is of AMEN. The Hawk being the symbol of Horus that replaced the Falcon as you know for the purpose of exchanging the Golden Orus for the Black Horus or Khaka kings along with Alien Voodoos of Nyama and Yoruba through upper egypt. Khaka being simply the title for PHaraoHs of PHanes and Zathanel HatuptaH. Thus PtaH usurping Min alike Ausir and Aset or PHonecian ties with upper egypt.

ABCD 1234 = God's Family of Light in that order of Man,WoMaN,SoN and Daughter.

5 is Change or E-ternity.

FGHI or 6789 being F=PH=Horned Serpent=PHanes or Lord of Fire in that order and mirrored as above. Geminii Secret.

Where C = Christ or Kristos or Golden Orus or 3.

Where H = Hades or ZatHanel HatuptaH or Black Horus or 8.

As we also know for Egypt the J or DJ is the hieroglyph of the Snake while the F or Ph is the Horned Serpent hieroglyph. Notice the the two familes of 4 and 5 = 9 numbers? Where 6 is Phanes and 9 is God's number also because All came from God Amen and the 1 God or A was bothered by the 8 H or satan = 9. Thus Yin Yang, 6,9 or the two entwined serpents. Everything is encoded of the magical 9. Men,women,buildings,pyramids,etc.

Thus the Pentagram Satanic Ritual of The Sun or Am-DUA-li-T-y exchanging the 3 by the 5 for the 8. The 5 being transformed into the hexagram or 6 pointed solomon star for the demon portal of the beast = 8 or 888. 666 being the star also as the servant and the phater of satan. 6 being Phanes. Aleister Crowley (crows ley lines,crowds) himself even stated this for the Ritual of the Pentagram about the field transformation.

Phanes,unlike what his son became, is not evil but the symbology of Chaos,disorder,darkness or just plain Bad things can happen within the dark realms where fire exists. Satan becoming evil either of his own accord or because of something that happened to him and gave him his Duality or KHABA spirit of evils. Hathor and Sekhmet,Cain and Abel,Horub and Herub,etc.

Either due to he was born a hermaphrodite from some act of sin,or they used him as a child in a satanic ritual and cut off his John to make him a YAHM is what I believe and discussed with satan who was also trapped and blinded by that unholy star.

Thus the ritual of circumcision...see?

What we are born with is God's Divine Will aside of being infected by Sin or an intervention. What we alter of ourselves like tatoos,etc is not Divine Will and a defacement of our Temple of Spirituality. Being ugly or beautiful,fat or thin makes no difference for beauty is in everything. Being hideous or evil looking is another story of self sins or inherited sins.

So as you can see Lux, it was not only God's Truth's that set us free and descended Satan to be reborn with Golden Hair,a white robe and a blue sash to return to his Father Phanes and play as a reborn child in his room up there with his toys once again, but also by me telling Satan his truths that neither side could deny was he also set free to be reborn without evil.

Quite a story I must admit and understand, bound within this skin of self Uman Wisdom as I must do of my Own Free Will aside of God's Nudge on my right shoulder to Witness His Name JA written on top of the Atlantean Great Pyramid of Cairo.

In other words figure everything out for myself was the challenge and still is for the Law of Free Will. Neither Light nor Fire allowed to interfere.

The Great miracle being I the 5 and Master of the two Serpents,thus SS also being in my last name and a Mn by birth on All Saints Day on a part of Atlantis Azores once known as Jesus Christ Island in the times of Columbus or the Mark of the Sun on my right leg that is fading within my time here.

As you can see Lux,not only is it that Nostradamus newly revealed pictures of 3 or the bible code predict me, or that I am also a 3 born of 5 (two brothers michael and jose died as infants first) but also my initials P.J.T.C.M portray JASA the Christ!

That is why I am the 5 who in reality Ascended the 3 and the 8,although the evil descended unto the Pit of The Calling in Kenya.

You could say a new and indestructable embodiement of Christ is born this time around combined with both good and bad and that no longer will their satanic rituals work to empower that 7 light years size cesspool of evil energies that once was and toppled our Earth twice along with other galactic star systems like the 4 hidden planets of Orion or Carina Nebula.

Ironicaly as you may or may have not noticed,my twin brothers michael and jose also symbolize the Golden Orus and Black Horus,Cain and Abel, etc or JASA the christ also being termed as JOSE alike JAO,JOA or JON. (John).

Mica Hell being fire stone and Jose being Light. Maybe satan's real name as a child boy was also Michael as portrayed by St Michael? Michael being "he who is like God".


As you know Michael commanded God's armies to battle against satan.

Isn't that ironic? The inner child battling the external forces of evils.

I think I'll aks my Papa Ja Mn to send Phanes a Playstation for Michael to play in his room up there! :)

Be With Lux of Ipse.

Thanks Lux, maybe one day you'll have a boy's room too!

Be Good Be Bad but do No Evils!

Paulo Riven
Sword of Avila

Obsidian Dragon Slayer

White Dragon

August 8,2010.

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People ask me, “Isn’t this against the God’s of Islam or other nations?”

There are many Lords, but only One True God Creator! This is something that everyone around this Planet needs to seriously realize! Regardless of religion! This is the Greatest Message of Planetary Peace! Not only did the Son’s of God JA MN or AMEN call upon Him by the Name of Amen, but also your revelations in the bible tells you this as well!

Revelations 19:4. And the four and twenty ancients and the four living creatures fell down and adored God that sitteth upon the throne, saying: AMEN!! Alleluia!

In truth and not being comical, only forked tongues would deny this very fact as written 5500 years ago on the Palermo Stone and Preserved in Egypt's temples, monuments and history!


Jainism, the largest and oldest religion in the world, although also effected by people's interjections like all other religions are, is at least 12,000 years old and was worshipped by millions around Europe, Asia and Africa prior to the bible being "falsely" improvised in 444.bC by the lies of those "self chosen" Judeans where the term for Jews came from. Jews are not a race but a title, just like all the other lords are in fact titles.

JA MN is a Name of many meanings in many different cultures. In Europe they called Him JOVE.

The photos and all evidence you can see in my website including the Palermo Stone FACTS or His Name of JA written on top of The Atlantean Great Pyramid of Cairo, Twin to the Red of Saqqara Rosetau and His Image inside on the airshaft Stone plug.

JA MN or JAO because of the seed of life or Orb atop His head that they changed to mean Ra, is AMEN, MIN and I AM.

He was disguised as "the hidden one so be it", when they changed His Falcon for the Horus hawk and the Khaka Yoruba voodoo pharaohs of upper Egypt where the Hebrews originally came from, slaughtered the Atlantean Maerea, Tejataru people who were there at least 1000 years prior to upper Egypt’s barbarians of "thou shalt be put to death" with kenyan yoruba voodoos as they still in fact do today for the ZMO (Zionist Masonic oligarchy)! That is why the pharaohs and exodus of Khaka Uphu (khufu), who was cursed for 150 years by God and Menkaure or any pharaohs names are not listed in the bible to disguise their ugly and hidden truths! Aside of Sheshonk, who is around 600.bC.

Djoser being the "disguised" pharaoh prior to the cannibalistic, self proclaimed god huni, father of snopheru (snf = blood), was when Joseph interpreted the "Dream Stele" or Sehel Stele of the 7 year famine and he was vizier to Djoser. Scholars of course denounce this fact for the "mainstream ZMO" or Zionist Masonic Oligarchy that controls 3/4 of your world today and all it's ugliness and world wars or 911, etc.

Menkaure was finally forgiven and allowed the Hebrews to leave Egypt where upon they went to Chanaan only to return as the Hyksos and slaughter once again the Egyptian families that fed them! Then they returned to settle Joppa's Jerusalem.

The golden temple of Solomon and house of horrors in the woods of Libanus being designed and architected by satan disguised as Nathaniel the prophet with his son Zanub. Just as his embodiment was in the earlier Khaka pharaoh Ranubkha with his son Zanub 5500 years ago also! Satan being ZAthanel HatuptaH and why the bearded and evil ptaH was seated along with osiris, isis and horus. That is why Seth (Tejati-Mene's twin son and firstborn) killed Ausir and sent his body afloat to be found in Phoenicia. Thus Cain Slew Able, Set slew Osiris and Horus slew Set...see?

Outside this entire black universe is the White Realm of God Amen and His Wife. Kingdom of Light.
The Black universe is the mirror or second "Geminii Secret" of God's family.

ABCD or 1234 being God and His Family and in that order of Papa, Mama, Son and Daughter.
That is why the Son is the Trinity or 3. The Holy Spirit in reality is God's Wife. God Creates, His Wife Breathes life and spirit into us.

5 is change or E or Eternity. That is Law.

FGHI or 6789 being the opposite family of the Darkness. Kingdom of Fire. Bad but not really Evil.

Why? White and Black, Light and Darkness, Chaos and Order, Order and Disorder must exist.

Both families agree by the Law of Free Will. That is unchangeable Law. Evil tries to deceive you of your free will by mixing truth with lies or zeitgeist such as their 11th master law of “Do what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the law” or 11 words just like the 11 degrees on the freemason square (9:11).
Evermore, by HOLE of that law ye shall surely WILT...see?

Evil or Satan, was an abomination of the Light and the Fire! Something Satan’s PHater, the 6 or F or PHanes was not proud of and very disappointed for his fallen son. But something changed Satan into evil. Either for being born an hermaphrodite out of sin, or what I believe was that as a boy, they used him in a satanic ritual and snipped off his john to make him a yahm. Thus the ritual of circumcision...see? The evil hexagram star also trapping and binding him here and as a duality of male and female evil spirits of the greatest hatreds. Thus PHater or Father has HATE in it and mother is not a moth! Papa and Mama is in fact the correct term.

FACT: First came the Light Then The Fire.

Now as you may also notice the two Families of 4's or entwined Serpents plus the 5 make up 9.
God JA or the snake as in DJ for Egypt being the 9 while the horned serpent or the F / PH being the 6.

Satan was the 8, the 88 or the 888 in reality. The number 666, being servants of its Phater Phanes lucipher the Lord of Fire or the Darkness. Satan being Zathanel Hatuptah, an anagram for Hat of a Putah or harlot, or simply ZA. H and Z being the 8's or fallen son drawn or the letter Z (26=8) for ZA being drawn by the Egyptian ankh in Linear A. The H being the two pillars of Umans H-arnessed with an Adam-onite Iron Chain of Cain (Khain – Khaka) to turn them into Humans see? We don't say H-Umbilical cord, do we?

Now the God 1 was bothered by the blasphemy 8 = 9....see? The 6 and 9 being yin yang, black white, chaos order etc. Thus God is forward and evil is backwards or flip flop.

The same reflected by the temple of Solomon that Satan designed and disguised as Nathaniel the prophet with his son Zanub, just as it was 5500 years ago for Ranubkah and it's son Zanub of upper Egyptian Yoruba kabbalah voodoos that they still use today to control you and is the undertone in most of everything today by the Zionist Masonic Oligarchy who rules 3/4 of your world. Same as it was 8,492 years ago or 5480 years ago when they murdered the first son JASA by a satanic ritual in 3474.bC on Dec.10th. The Golden Orus for the Black Horus see? Same as they did in truth with JASA II or jesus, who died for their sins of murder of khaka voodoos and not for you to feel guilt or shame. Be ye bad or good, gay or lesbian and not evil. The two pillars of Joachim or Boaz are in reality the two pillars of JoAb and boAZ or the God 1 (JAO MN) vs the 8 (ZA zathanel) with the twin OB Harlots of Isis Veiled...see? The 72 lies of Osiris, the 72 Rabbis, the 72 lies of “virginal” ob harlots. In reality 72 demons for the 9.

The Golden domed (nbw = nibiru = gold) Temple of Solomon having been in truth and not designed but "furnaced" or furnished by the "bloodsmith" Hiram the Gilian of Gadoan Tyre. Same as he also furnished the horror house of Libanus in "holley’s' woods of Red Cedars and Red Pomegranates with flesh hooks, shovels, spears, swords, daggers, iron webs, iron chains and lava pools of fire as written in the bible's kings. Solomon having murdered a priest in the temple itself, as well as the rightful heir and king of Joppa, his brother Adonais the Eldest. The prophet Nathaniel making sure Solomon alike David followed his intentions for Satan. The same embodiment of the prophet or one of the 3 wise men (the bearded one) who deceived JASA I in 3474.bC to go to The Temple of Fire in Saqqara and why priests, nuns, judges, etc, wear Black. Same as Jesus said that “one of you shall betray me at the crows call”. Thus the Wall of The Crow in Cairo near the Altered Great Atlantean Pyramid. The other 2 pyramids of khufu and khafre (middle) and Menkaure (small) being added to point on purpose to Orion and the Jackal star of Sirius. A Jackal or Anubis not having any soul. This is also why when Sirius rises at night, the animals are very afraid and the jackals and crocodiles are crazed with fury for their Draconian spirits from Orion. Where Satan came from after destroying the 4 hidden planets as he did to Carina Nebula’s star system also. The blue reptilians with red eyes. The Mande Mali Dogons amphibian alien gods from the lake who left their footprint as the Richat Structure and taught them the evil black soil magic of Nyama Voodoo, then went to Kenya to settle as the Yoruba Voodoos they taught the Massais as they did in Dodona, Tansania near the Garden of Avila, and then to Upper Egypt’s Nubian barbarian Khaka rulers as Qabbala, then finally the Hebrews taking it to the Arabians and Sinai as the voodoo Kabbalah. In Egypt they enstated these 8 amphibian being gods as the Ogdoad, then onto Sumeria and Babylonia for their amphibious beliefs and relics for Baal or the “Bad Spirits of Sun Worship and bloody satanic sacrifices”.

In 444.bC, 128 RAbbis (Sunworshippers, human sacrifices of bad spirits RA-BaALS, babbelled tower, forked tongues) sat at a meeting of the Great Council of the Synagogue because they were worried about their pro-PH-et telling them of Alexander's fore coming and revenge upon the people of lies of JOVE (JA MN). Thus they proclaimed themselves Judaen Jews and the false Lord of vanities, murders and blood sacrifices Yahweh along with what they brought from Babylon during their 620.bC capture there and the truths about their earlier Egyptian origins from khufu and the upper Egyptian voodoo khaka Nubian PH araohs. Same as the ancient Goat worship of Mendes or Azazel for the Hebrews and why they keep a horn of oil upon the altar, that Solomon killed his brother Adonais for taking. That is why no pharaohs are named in the bible or the exodus properly with khufu and menkaure where Joseph also served as the vizier for Pharaoh Djoser and interpreted his 7 year dream as recorded on the Sehel stele and denounced by mainstream ZMO scholars who rewrite your histories and suppress them. Djoser being a disguise for them to remember where Joseph was around JASA I.

Our truths and writings of JASA I, the bright star, the 3 wise men, the Christian Cross, the temple of fire where they murdered JASA as I foretold 4 years ago and recently discovered and revealed by me, being written in FACT on the Palermo Stone 5500 years ago. (3474.bC where 885 years are missing, thus 2589.bC)

As you can see clearly, Satan was just an abomination of the light and fire. He began falling on January 12th, 2006 and fireballs appeared in India shortly after and his "Pit of The Calling" in Kenya's Voodoo lands of the Rift Valley, can be seen in my Garden of Avila page in my website. The “Red Hats”, Red Shields or Red Dragons, or Rothchilds also have their “Giraffe Estate” in Kenya, no doubt! Just as it was no coincidence that George W Bush was reading a Pet Goat story in a Voodoo Class while the innocent and ignorant children “Chanted”, planes hit building! ZMO 911. Two undeniable numbers of God and Satanism or the blowing of the Azazel demon horn for the Yom Kippur. The Azazel Goat being released into the wild full of evil and sins, while the innocent Lamb was brutally slaughtered! The Hebrews also account for the new lunar month by the first “Horned” or crescent moon for their calendars of ZA or zaba, thus the sabazaeus (zeus) or sabaceans and sadducees alike the Judeans or “PH-ilos of clever Phalsifications”. Jesus’ name also being a voodoo title for “He-Zeus” and not His real name of JASA or even JOSE.
(Joseph ring a bell? Djoser?) JASA 2 (jesus) having been a satanic ritual alike 3474 years prior to JASA-1.

The Son Jasa being returned to JA MN, and Satan Zathanel descended and re-ascended as the boy he once was (Michael or mica hell = firestone) with golden hair, blue sash waist belt and a white roman tunic to play in his room with his Phater Phanes Lucipher the Lord of Darkness and the Fire. As you can see the purpose of the Zayims or Zaionists was to continue to enslave satan for self servitude for them and over you and the reason for the satanic ritual to empower Satan’s 7 light year energy of size filled with the evil energies of human beings or mortal aliens either by their sins or acts of evil such as wars, 911, etc. Thus your 7 days of creation’s meaning or 7 day work weeks. While for us Sunday we worship God, but the Hebrews of course worship SAT-UR-Day. Or Satan’s days of their captivity in UR Babylon with the Baals in reality at 620.bC when they also added 4 more books to the fancy Moses story or injected the Babylonian myths into the Bible with those of their khaka uphu origins from Egypt and Nubia’s Voodoos from Kenya. Thus the Black Hands and Black Suns or Khemet or KHAmet for the burnt lands of Egypt or the burnt faces of Ethiopians as classical terminologies.

No longer does or will the ritual work on God's Son's anymore, for the New Christ is filled with the Truth of both The Light and The Fire and the Oval light or your Chalice of God's Communion, holy grail, Sang Real, once again protected and preserved for your ascensions of whom are worthy to enter the Oval light.
The Umbilical Cord to that White Realm of God and His Wife. We don’t say Humilical cord do we Umans? Ye who are good, bad, gay or lesbian can and will enter, but ye of Evil or the ZMO’s NEVER!
The only possible repentence being the conversion to our Truths just as Our Christ is filled with both truths and for us to devote and accept our Truth’s of our True Creator and Master of both the Light and the Fire realms, JA MN or AMEN and His Wife, His Son and Daughter. Thus they are 4 and you are Created in their images as we all are. God or Papa JA MN Creates while Mama, The Light of Beautiful Self (Lux of Ipse, Leucippe, Maat, Maatakare, etc) Breathes LIFE into us and gives us our Souls. As it was for eve to have been Named LIFE in our second Garden of Edem’s Creation in Tansania, known as Avila, the ancient name for Africa.

The First Garden having been on God’s Island of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean just as Her Royal City that was constructed around 5128.bC can still be seen and mirrored by saqqara rosetau in Egypt at my Josephine Seamount. That is until our interventions of 6482.bC and 3925.bC (3040 common).

8,492 years unto today have they filled you with lies, again at 5480 years from 2006, and 2454 years from 444.bC when they gave you a book that the more you understood the more you hated God. A God they blamed for destroying our Earth and demanding human blood sacrifices as Yahweh. Thus Yahweh is not love but hatreds in disguise to ruin JA MN or AMEN. The Ruse of the Salem witches, JA-ru-salem.

Christ never was the king of the Jews nor born there. He was the King of Earth and ALL and the Egyptians were his chosen of Lower Egypt’s Maerea Roots from Atlantis! A Gnostic script ca 140.aD records our Christ stating that the Egyptians were His Chosen and why He also escaped to Egypt. After All that’s where JASA 1 or Philitis the Shepherd was born. God Amen favors no one, but All of His Children upon His Earth and especially those who are worthy of Him. Evil or the ZMO or Phalsiphiers of Him, He sees NOT and has an enmity towards them and their 7 churches of Phoenician, Pharaoh Voodoos. Not the 7 hills of Rome! Although the Vatican is Corrupted by the ZMO and Satan as all religions are!

I Am the 5 who Ascended the 3 and descended the 8 by revealing our Truths and Their Truths to each of them.

Complicated, but in time you will know these greatest of messages for planetary peace.
It's a long and fascinating story. Most you can find in my website.

God's wisdom is seldom understood! God and I make a great team!
Thanks for the nudge on my shoulder JA MN!
My Free Will is Aeternaly to and for JA MN!

The White Dragon of both S-erpent-S
Sword of Avila
Obsidian Dragon Slayer

Lux of Ipse
Spirence Above All
To Know Is Immortal
Ignorance Is Strength

Thanks. AeJor Mn, Paulo Riven. SaJaRa

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Amperes Seamount is just south east of Josephine or the southern side of the Horseshoe Abyssal Plain. It is thought by geologist to have once been a large volcano that sank 12,000 years ago.

Elephant bones, beach sand, rocks that were formed above water, etc, are some of the things that have been dredged up or discovered around Amperes, Josephine and the Gorringe Banks or Ormonde Seamount as part of the Josephine family. Josephine lies on the Madeira / Torre ridge that is some 1000 miles or so long in a southwest / northeast fashion.

Generally, islands in the Atlantic are dated around 125 million years ago, where we can also calculate due to the 2cm per spread of the Atlantic-Mar that the Atlantic formed some 150 million years ago.

The tips of some of the HorseShoe Seamounts being reached a mere 30-40 metres below and also indicative of having once been islands above the water and our common proposal of 150m of Ocean rise over the years since 10,000.bC, or some 300 - 450 feet rise in sea level.

Naturally, Josephine lies in the vicinity of one of the greatest destructive areas for the Atlantic, with the spreading Mar on the western side, the Azores-Gibraltar African, European plate ridge practically running right through Josephine. The huge Transform fracture just north of the Azores-Gibraltar ridge as evidence of great land mass changes. The fact of one of the largest seismic-earthquake volcanic zones alike Indonesia and Java, then you have the never ending undertow of the Mediterranean below from the Gibraltar Strait, and of course methane gases from lava chimneys adding to it's destruction. Then there is also comets, meteors or astroids falling from Space and landslides of coastal regions.

Seems like the inevitable was bound to happen as it did and covered over by millenias of Ocean floor change and deposits. Amazing that we even can still find evidence or suggestive reasoning of people and lifeforms 5000 metres below!

Important to note that Oceanography and deepsea research is but a mere child of some 50 or so years of age, with but a handful of serious expeditions like the Soviet Russian Academy of Sciences.

Craig Whitney of the New York Times, published an article in the May 21st, 1979 edition titled; "Soviet Scientist Says Ocean May Be Atlantis", from his interview with Deputy Director, Prof.Andrei Arkadyevich Aksyonov. It appears that this was the result of an earlier expedition from photos taken by Vladimir I. Marakuyev some 2 years prior.

These photos claim to show man-made stone walls, steps and building forms at a depth of about 200 feet in the Atlantic Ocean at Amperes Seamount, some 275 miles southwest of Portugal's coastline.

Prof. Aksyonov stated to reporter Whitney Craig, that he was not able to show him the photographs due to Marakuyev being sick with a heart condition and interned at the hospital and that the photos belonged to Marakuyev. He also stated that he thinks they will be published in one of our scientific journals soon. Apparently, Marakuyev not realizing what the pictures contained until he developed the film in 1977 from the Sea Vessel research Ship, the Moskovsky Universitet.

Prof. Aksyonov also stated that in his personal opinion that they are man made stones and that someone with the right equipment, could go down 60 metres and retreive the evidence. Craig Whitney reported that the discovery was published in Europe earlier in the spring and viewed by Danish colleagues. A total of 8 pictures claimed to have been taken by Marakuyev.

One picture reportedly showing 8 stones, four square and four rounded in aline about 3-4 feet long and acclaimed by specialist to be a typical wall from antiquity. Another photo showing 3 equally spaced stones as a staircase. Prof.Aksyonov also cited the 1755 Earthquake of Lisbon and tsunami that left part of the city forever beneath the sea as an example of what happened to Ampere Seamount or Atlantis.

Article by Paulo Riven.

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.111.[R]. Adam and Life by Paulo Riven.[R].111.

Adam and Life (eve)
Cain (may have been a son of the "serpent" wizard or alien outsider)
A Daughter (Cain's Wife)
Lamech - 2 wives Ada and Sella
Jobel and Jubal
Seth (Adam & Life)
Maleleel II
Mathusala II

Multitudes of Sons and Daughters born.
Genesis 6:2, God says their days shall be 120 years because His Chosen Men went into women of normal men.
Contradictory because even after the flood many great years for individuals are also recorded exceeding 120 years.
The Earth being corrupted (obviously because they came from Cains' bloodline), God plans the Flood.

So after the Flood, 8 people re-populate the Earth. Noe, Sem,Cham, Japeth and their 4 wives. (cf:Egyptian Ogdoad)
Basically, the flood lasted about a year, Noe being 601 when it ended, the Ark landing on the Ararat Mountains somewhere.

Gen:8:21; 21 And the Lord God smelled a smell of sweetness, and the Lord God having considered, said, I will not any more curse the earth, because of the works of men, because the imagination of man is intently bent upon evil things from his youth, I will not therefore any more smite all living flesh as I have done.

(God breaks his promise and smites Sodom and Gomorrah afterwards. Before you get angry with God, just remember, this is not the Real God nor are these his chosen people. They are all offspring of Cain with the exception of Seth. So you see Seth or Seti of The Egyptians, really isn't the bad guy!).

Noe lives 350 years after the flood and was 950 years when he died. Contradictory because the flood ended when Noe was 601, thus 951. Obviously they would mean since the flood began. So much for meticulous scribes!

So now, all generations are of Adam's "truer" lineage !;
Gen;5:3 "3 And Adam lived two hundred and thirty years, and begot a son after "his own form, and after his own image," and he called his name Seth"

Sem(1st King)_______________Japeth(2nd King)_____________Cham(3rd King)
Assur _____________________Magog__________Aschanaz___Mesrain_____Mesrain_____Saba
Lud_____________Cainan IV__Jovan____Jovan__Thorgama___Chanaan II___Nephthalim__Sabatha
Aram_____Aram__Sala_______Elisa_____Elisa II___________Sidon_______Enemetiim___Rhegma_______Rhegma
Cainan III__Uz____Heber_____Thobel___Tharseis___________Chettite_____Labiim______Sabathaca______Saba
_________Gater___Jektan_____Thiras___Rhodians__________Amorite_____Chasmoniim__Nebrod (nimrod / Babylon) 3885.bC?
_________Mosoch_Elmodad____________________________Girgashite____Phylistiim____Plain of Senaar
________________Saleth_______________________________Evite_______Gaphthoriim__Cities of; Orech, Archad, Chalanne
________________Sarmoth_____________________________Arukite_________King Assur builds Ninevi, Rhooboth, Dase (Great City), Chalach
________________Saba II

Bricks began to be made and the Tower of Babel was built in the Plains of Senaar.

Sem at 100 Fathers Arphaxad the 2nd year after the flood (lives 500 yrs More)
Arphaxad 135 F 400 M
Cainan 130 F 330 M
Sala 130 F 330 M
Heber 134 F 207 M
Phaleg 130 F 209 M
Ragau 132 F 207 M
Seruch 130 F 200 M
Nachor 179 F 124 M
Tharrha 75 F 205 M
Abram (AbraHam)_______________Sara
Nachor II_______________Malcha (wife daughter of Arrhan)
Arrhan________Arrhan____Malcha II
_____________ Lot______Jescha

These dwelt in Chanaan in the district of Charrhan (205 years Tharrha resided in Charrhan)
God tells Abraham at 75 to leave Charrhan.
A famine occurs and Abraham goes to Egypt with Sara. Abraham tells Sara to say he is her brother.
So Pharaoh takes Sara for his wife, God inflicts severe curses over Pharaoh and his house because of Sara.

Abraham, Sara and Lot go back to a place between Baethel and Aggai by the Red Sea where he built an Altar to God.

Genesis 14:13
And it was said to Abram, Thou shalt surely know that thy seed shall be a sojourner in a land not their won, and they shall enslave them, and afflict them, and humble them four hundred years. 14 And the nation whomsoever they shall serve I will judge; and after this, they shall come forth hither with much property. 15 But thou shalt depart to thy fathers in peace, nourished in a good old age. 16 And in the fourth generation they shall return hither, for the sins of the Amorites are not yet filled up, even until now. 17 And when the sun was about to set, there was a flame, and behold a smoking furnace and lamps of fire, which passed between these divided pieces. 18 In that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, To thy seed I will give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates. 19 The Kenites, and the Kenezites, and the Kedmoneans, 20 and the Chettites, and the Pherezites, and the Raphaim, 21 and the Amorites, and the Chananites, and the Evites, and the Gergesites, and the Jebusites.

So God tells Abraham about the enslavement and Exodus and that it would be 400 years, and in the fourth generation they will leave. This has to mean that the 4 generations was 100 years each.

So Agar AN EGYPTIAN concubine bears Abraham’s first Son! Ismael. Abraham was 86 years old. Interesting to note the Septuagint says that God told Abram his name would now be Abraam rather than AbraHam 100 and Sara would be called Sarrha 90. The 12 nations were given to Ismael by God. God tells Abraam to circumcise “8” year old boys, and curses non circumcised boys souls to be utterly destroyed from it’s family.

God and 2 angels visit Abraam and Sarrha to announce Isaac’s birth to Sara and that they will destroy Sodom and Gomorrha. (contradictory to God’s earlier promise)

From Adam to Cham is 24 generations x 25 = 600 years. In reality, there are multitudes of sons and daughters born, so there is really no way to tell how old Adam is other than to go by 24 generations. While in General, the Masoretic Theosophists go by 10 generations and 1656 years from Adam to Noe.

Biblical Masoretic Flood date;
=2350 + 1656 = 4006.bC for Adam.
or = 2350 + 600 = 2950.bC for Adam

Riven Flood 3925 + 600 = 4525 for Adam. (or 3640.bC)

That is according to 25 year generations, but God stated 100 year generations.

2350 + 2400 = 4750.bC for Adam
3925 + 2400 = 6325.bC for Adam (5440.bC common)

Compare my 6482.bC date for the First Great Event. (157 years of darkness until Adam)
This would have been the Second Garden of Avila in Tansania for Adam's birth. The biblical flood that comes later at 3925 did not include a re-creation because of the 8 on the Ark.
Now we have at least 22 generations until the Tower of Babel or 550 years (25) or 2200 (100)years.

In the 9th Generation from Cham, Nebrod (Nimrod) builds Babylon or 225 years or 900 years.
10 Generations after the flood + 2 years, Abraam is born, but when Tharrha is 75. Thus 302 (25 + 52) years or 977 (100) years.

Evermore, the Father's ages of having a son from Sem to Tharrha are given in the Septuagint totalling 1277 years after the flood until Abraam's birth!

Masoretic 2350 - 1277 = 1073.bC for Abraham (quite absurd, but that's what the bible and masoretic hebrews are telling you!)

2350 - 302 = 2048.bC for Abraham (25 year generations)
2350 - 977 = 1373.bC for Abraham (100 year generations)

Riven flood 3925 = 3040 = 885 missing years.
3925 - 1277 = 2648.bC (1763 common)
3925 - 302 = 3623.bC (2738 common)
3925 - 977 = 2948.bC (2063 common)

9th Generation for Nebrod and Babylon
Masoretic - 2350 - 225 = 2125.bC
________ - 2350 - 900 = 1450.bC

Riven___ - 3925 - 225 = 3700.bC (2815.bC)
________ - 3925 - 900 = 3025.bC (2140.bC)

What I notice is that prior to the flood, God's 100 year generations at 24 people appear acceptible to compliment my 6482.bC date for the First Flood and Re-Creation of Adam.

While after the Second flood, and as God stated prior to that flood, lifespans would be 120 years, we would then go by 25 year generations. This also compliments scientific and archaeological reports for Babylon and other city states arising around 3000.bC.

6482.bC - First Flood, 157 year period of darkness
6325.bC - Adam and Life Re-Created, Garden of Avila, Olkarien Gorge, Tansania
3925.bC - Second Flood of Noe, 8 people survive on Ark with Animals. (3040.bC common)
3700.bC - King Nebrod and Babylon city states (2815 common)
3623.bC - Abraham born (2738 common)
3572.bC – Joseph with Pharaoh Djoser (2687-2647.bC) 7 year famine and dream. Stele of Sehel
3473.bC – 400 year enslavement begins with Khufu 150 years after Abraham. (2588 common) Obviously due to Snoferu and Khufu murdering the Christ JASA in 3474.bC. (Philitis The Shepherd)
3375.bC - Tower of Babel in Plains of Senaar (2490 common)
3073.bC – Exodus occurs with Moses departing Egypt. (2188 common)

The First Garden of Leucippe, being on Atlantis Island, our old Middle Earth, some 10.5 million years ago for the First Man. The Island being a minimum of 150 million years old.

The Garden of Leucippe being behind the Hill of Cleito (Calypso) and The Royal City of Atlantis and visible in my Josephine Seamount map.

Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis
Aug.26,2010 (8492.aJA)
AeJor Mn
Sword of Avila
AeJon Mn our God Creator Papa and His Christian Cross written 5500 years ago on the Palermo Stone.

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Given that the evidence suggests modern generations as 25 years and God's generations as 100 years, we then have a 4:1 ratio, for 4 x 25 = 100.

Before the Flood of Noe (3925.bC or 3040.bC common)

Name_____Sire___Life_____Sire___Life (4:1 ratio)

Noah......500.......600__950_125___150____237.5 (flood at 600/601 Noe living 350 from flood-950.

10 generations
Total ......1,656....8,225_____388.8__2056.05__or___2143.55

2 yrs After the Flood of Noe (Sem = 102 when Arphaxad born)

Ismael____60?___137_____15?_____34.2___born to Abraam and the Egyptian maid, Agar.
Isaac______60___180_____15______45____born to Abraam 100 (25) Sarrha 90 (22.5)

14 generations
Dina (female)
Joseph probably born to Jacob around 60 yrs of age. (15)
Abraham 99 (24.7) circumcised Ismael at 13.(3.2)
The firstborn of Ismael, Nabaioth, and Kedar, and Nabdeel, and Massam, 14 and Masma, and Duma, and Masse, 15 and Choddan, and Thaeman, and Jetur, and Naphes, and Kedma. 16 These are the sons of Ismael, and these are their names in their tents and in their dwellings, twelve princes according to their nations.
Esau at 40 (10) takes two wives
Jacob serves Laban 14 years for Rachel plus 6 years for the Sheep totalling 20 years for his return to Isaac.
Lea (Rachel's elder sister) bears to Jacob, Ruben, Simeon, Levi, Juda, Issachar, Zabulon and a Girl Dina.
Balla (Rachel's maid) bears to Jacob, Dan, Nephthalim.
Zelpha (Lea's maid) bears to Jacob, Gad, Aser.
Rachel finally births Joseph after roughly 7 years since Lea. (Balla and Zelpha concurrently first 2 years)
God names Jacob Israel (prevailed against God and mighty with men)
Rachel dies after giving birth to Benjamin.
Joseph sold to Egypt at 17 yrs of age.
And Pharao called the name of Joseph, Psonthomphanech; and he gave him Aseneth, the daughter of Petephres, priest of Heliopolis, to wife. 46 And Joseph was thirty years old when he stood before Pharao, king of Egypt.
Joseph has 2 sons, Manasse and Ephraim
Jacob reunites with Joseph at 130 yrs of age, settles in Gesem province,17 yrs, city of Ramesses (Avaris). Dies at 147.
Joseph dies at 110 yrs.

So from the Flood to Jacob is 382.6 years according to the 4:1 ratio generations total sire age divided by 14 = 382.6 years.
3925 - 382.6 = 3542.4.bC less 7 years until Joseph's birth = 3535.4 less 17 years for Joseph's sale to Egypt = 3518.4 (2633.4)

Once again we see that Joseph is right around Pharaoh Djoser ca.2647.bC. who had the 7 year famine dream.

In all probability, the flood date of 3925.bC (3040.bC) being close to accurate as the missing 885 years also appear based on our prior Christ JASA's murder of 3474.bC.(2589).
Jasa, The Christian Cross, the 3 wise men, The Temple of Fire are all recorded on The Palermo Stone 5500 years ago.

Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis
Aug 27/2010

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The Exodus and Joseph by Paulo Riven.

Interesting to note that Pharaoh Djoser is marked by RED ink in the Turin Canon, meaning some type of importance. We know that at 30 years of Age, Joseph was made Vizier to the King Djoser and that most likely when Djoser died, Joseph became Pharaoh as Djoser Teti (Sakhemkhet). At bottom is an interesting article about Sakhemkhet. No trace of this Pharaohs body being found or in his Sarcophagus, and one of the largest and oldest caches of gold and jewellery also found. His step Pyramid acclaimed to have been much larger than Djoser's had it been finished and provenancing that this Pharaoh Sakhemkhet as Joseph, was more highly regarded than Djoser as we know because he saved "the world" from famine. The death of Joseph at 110 years would also coincide as a successive ruler to Djoser.

Dynasties 3-6 total 507 years. Dynasties 7/8/9 fell apart for a period of 141 years, which coincides with the mass populations of Exodus leaving Egypt.

If you take Huni @ 2637 less 2181 for the end of Pepi II, that totals 456 years, which is around the 400 year enslavement as told by God to Abra'am.

There is no doubt in my mind, nor can anyone change it, that Joseph was with Pharaoh Djoser and that the enslavement began with huni the wicked and climaxed through his son snoferu then khufu, djedefre, khafre, menkaure, etc. Where we know that those Pharaohs were cursed for some 150 years from at least huni to khafre, the wickedest ones. Herodotus stated 106 years of evils for the rules of khufu and khafre, where we see from huni to menkaure is 105 years only. To be expected considering the erroneous datings of Egyptian kings.
There is no other period, other than the Hyksos rule, that shows so many curses, plagues, etc as those of the lineage of huni, the cannibal satanist of khaka upper Egyptian Pharaohs.

We also know that since at least 2000.bC, migrations of Chananites settled in Gesem or the North East Delta Sinai districts of Pitho, (a southern district of Ramesses, perhaps Tharu), Ramesses (Avaris / Tanis / Hero'opolis) and further south westerly to On or Heliopolis. Cities that all predate 2000.bC but became focal around 1800.bC. The nations involved in the Exodus having built or added to these cities from their Egyptian origins. Heliopolis most likely being initiated ca.2700.bC to that of Khaka Raneb, Ra worship and the new Sun Temples and Solar Calendar.

Generaly, I thought that Menkaure was the one to have been forgiven by God and allowed the Egyptian nations to leave with Moses, but we have little choice than to accept God's statement of 400 years of enslavement, as it was also a prophecy, and leads us into the 6th Dynasty from the end of the 3rd, or to Pepi II.
The Hyksos, a mixture of Hebrews, Chananites and Hittites or Hattites, generally settling around 1700.bC, where after the Santorini, Thera destruction of 1628.bC as also testified to in the Tempest Stele, and crippling Egypt's Delta, the Sinai and the Levant along with the Aegean areas, the Hyksos alike the Mycenaens who "walked into" the Minoans, would also take over the Egyptians until 1550.bC.

This is important, because the Exodus would have had to take place prior to the Hyksos, obviously since they also consisted of Hebrews or the destruction would have freed the people anyway.

Old Kingdom
3rd Dynasty c.2688-2613 BCE

Sanakhte (Nebka) (c.2688-2668)
Djoser (Netjerikhet) (c.2668-2649)___________Joseph enters Egypt at 17 years of Age, made Vizier at 30.
Sekhemkhet (Djoser Teti) (c.2649-2641)_______Pharaoh Joseph (dies at 110)
Khaba (c.2641-2637)
Huni (c.2637-2613)

4th Dynasty c.2613-2494 BCE

Snofru (c.2613-2589)
Khufu (Cheops) (c.2585-2566)
Djedefre (c.2566-2558)
Khafre (Rekhaf) (c.2558-2532)
Menkaure (Mykerinos) (c.2532-2514)
Shepseskaf (c.2514-2494)

5th Dynasty c.2494-2345 BCE

Userkaf (c.2494-2487)
Sahure (c.2487-2475)
Neferirkare Userkhau (c.2475-2455)
Shepseskare (c.2455-2448)
Raneferef (c.2448-2445)
Niuserre (c.2445-2421)
Menkauhor (c.2421-2413)
Djedkare (c.2413-2381)
Unas (Wenis) (c.2381-2345)

6th Dynasty c.2345-2181 BCE

Teti (c.2345-2313)
Pepi I Meryre (c.2313-2279)
Merenre (c.2279-2270)
Pepi II Neferkare (c.2279-2181)

First Intermediate Period c.2181-2040 BCE

7/8th Dynasty c.2181-2173 BCE
Qakare Iby

9/10th Dynasty c.2160-2040 BCE

Meryibre Kheti (Akhtoy) I
Nebkaure Kheti (Akhtoy) II
Wahkare Kheti (Akhtoy) III

11th Dynasty c.2133-1991 BCE

Intef I (Inyotef I) Sehertawy (c.2133-2123)
Intef II (Inyotef II) Wahankh (c.2123-2074)
Intef III (Inyotef III) Nakhtnebtepnefer (c.2074-2066)
Mentuhotep I ? (c.2066-2040)

Middle Kingdom c.2040-1786 BCE
11th Dynasty (continued)
Mentuhotep II Nebhepetre (c.2040-2010)
Mentuhotep III Sankhkare (c.2010-1998)
Mentuhotep IV Nebtawyre (c.1998-1991)

12th Dynasty c.1991-1786 BCE

Amenemhet I Sehetepibre (c.1991-1962)
Senusret I Kheperkare(c.1962-1917)
Amenemhet II Nubkaure (c.1917-1882)
Senusret II Khakhperre (c.1882-1878)
Senusret III Khakaure (c.1878-1841)
Amenemhet III Nimaatre (c.1841-1796)
Amenemhet IV Maakherure (c.1796-1790)
Queen Sobeknerfu Neferusobek (c.1790-1786)

DJOSER-TETI (SAKHEMKHET) Son of Egypt? Savior of the World? Psonthomphanech? JOSEPH?
Queen Djeseretnebti ( ASENET?)

Horus Name Horus Sekhemkhet, "Horus, powerful of body"
Nebty Name Djeseti-ankh
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen Sekhemkhet "Powerful in Body"
Nomen Djoser-ti, Iteti

Manetho; Tyreis, Tyris, Tosortasis
King Lists; Teti, Djoser-Teti, Djoser-ti, Djeser-Teti, Iteti
Alternate Names; Horus-Sekhemkhet, Djoser-Teti, Sekhemkhet, Sechemchet, Horus-Sechemchet

manetho reigned 19 years
swelim reigned 16 years
turin canon reigned 6 years (again with the biennial cattle counts)
piccione 2667--2660 BCE
egyptsite 2611--2603 BCE
2649--2643 BCE
krauss 2700-2695 BCE
von beckerath 2645-2638 BCE
malek 2609-2603 BCE
allen 2611-2605 BCE
shaw & nicholson 2648-2640 BCE
Predecessor Netjerikhet Djoser, unknown relationship
Successor Khaba, possibly the same as Sanakhte
Associated People
architect Imhotep
queen Djeseretnebti
Burial Place
Unfinished Step Pyramid at Saqqara
Step Pyramid at Saqqara

Sekhemkhet is relatively unknown -- in fact, he was entirely unknown until his unfinished, buried pyramid in Saqqara was discovered in 1951. Aerial photographs of the area near Djoser's Step Pyramid showed another rectangular enclosure wall under the sands, which contained the remains of another step pyramid. it is unfinished -- only 1 1/2 steps are completed -- but it would have been an even larger pyramid than Djoser's had it been finished. It was possibly twice as high before work was abandoned, after which the site was used as a quarry for other buildings (as ar many of the monuments in Egypt).

The unfinished state of his pyramid is probably the result of a short reign, which the Turin canon gives to Djoser's successor. (but again, remember the problem with annual or biannual cattle counts, which makes most of the dates from contemporary sources difficult to interpret). With so short a time in office, the work on his funerary monuments was stopped when he died. A sealed and empty alabaster sarcophagus was found inside the chambers of the pyramid, but no trace of the mysterious Sekhemkhet was found.

The pyramid itself showed signs of great care and planning in it's design. The ground was carefully leveled and chambers under the foundation of the pyramid (132 storerooms) were connected, and the burial chamber carefully placed directly under the center of the pyramid. The floor in the main corridor leading into the pyramid was made of clay, and revealed hundreds of artifacts when it was excavated. Hundreds of smashed stone bowls, jewelry, and gold work. it is the oldest cache of golden jewelry found in Egypt.

The bowls revealed the inscription of Sekhemkhet -- and name previously unknown. Other inscriptions showed the inscription of Djoser-ti, which was then matched to the king lists as the successor of Djoser and linking the two names.

Of course, the greatest find was the sealed, intact sarcophagus. The alabaster sarcophagus had no lid -- it was sealed with a sliding panel at the foot, which has been closed and completely sealed. Many people believed it was an un-looted find, and a huge media extravaganza was begun when they planned to open it on 26 June 1954 by the archeologist responsible for the excavations, Zakaria Goneim.. The world press, prominent visitors, and other dignitaries were on-site to see the opening and (hopeful) revelation of the unknown king.

Nothing. It was empty. It is assumed that the site wa looted in antiquity and the coffin and burial chamber were repaired in the Late kingdom, which had a spurt of restoration work for older monuments. Zakaria Goneim committed suicide in 1959 -- perhaps out of embarrassment and frustration over his excavation work here.

TO the south of the unfinished pyramid, a small mastaba was found containing a wooden coffin with the body of a young (2-3 year old) child. This led to some speculation about Sekhemkhet, and whether this may have been a son. The only other attestations to this king is a relief of the king (as an adult) found in eh Sinai (Wadi Maghara), shown smiting his enemies with a mace.

Source article for Sekhemket by; ... mkhet.html

Septuagint Genesis 41:45
45 And Pharao called the name of Joseph, Psonthomphanech; and he gave him Aseneth, the daughter of Petephres, priest of Heliopolis, to wife. 46 And Joseph was thirty years old when he stood before Pharao, king of Egypt.

45 καὶ ἐκάλεσεν Φαραω τὸ ὄνομα Ιωσηφ Ψονθομφανηχ· καὶ ἔδωκεν αὐτῷ τὴν Ασεννεθ θυγατέρα Πετεφρη ἱερέως Ἡλίου πόλεως αὐτῷ γυναῖκα. 46 Ιωσηφ δὲ ἦν ἐτῶν τριάκοντα, ὅτε ἔστη ἐναντίον Φαραω βασιλέως Αἰγύπτου.

Latin Vulgate (Perseus Tufts)
[45] vertitque nomen illius et vocavit eum lingua aegyptiaca Salvatorem mundi dedit quoque illi uxorem Aseneth filiam Putiphare sacerdotis Heliopoleos egressus itaque Ioseph ad terram Aegypti

English Perseus Tufts of Latin Vulgate.
[45] Pharaoh called Joseph's name Zaphenath-paneah; and he gave him Asenath, the daughter of Potiphera priest of On as a wife. Joseph went out over the land of Egypt.

New King James Version

45 And he turned his name, and called him in the Egyptian tongue the saviour of the world. And he gave him to wife Aseneth, the daughter of Putiphare, priest of Heliopolis. Then Joseph went out to the land of Egypt.

45 καὶ ἐκάλεσεν Φαραω τὸ ὄνομα Ιωσηφ Ψονθομφανηχ καὶ ἔδωκεν αὐτῷ τὴν Ασεννεθ θυγατέρα Πετεφρη ἱερέως Ἡλίου πόλεως αὐτῷ γυναῖκα

45 Vertitque nomen ejus, et vocavit eum, lingua ægyptiaca, Salvatorem mundi. Deditque illi uxorem Aseneth filiam Putiphare sacerdotis Heliopoleos. Egressus est itaque Joseph ad terram Ægypti

Septuagint - Psonthomphanech (the correct name from the Greek)
Latin Vulgate - Zaphenath-paneah (wrong name)
Latin - Salvatorem Mundi
King James - Saviour of the World

Article by Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis
Aug.27/2010 (8492.aJA)

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I did a little research into the name of sxm-Xt or Skm Kht.
What exactly the vowels are, we can't be positive, for sA could also mean "son", aside of se.
Generally, Sekhemkhet is thought to mean "Powerful of body", but we notice a few pharaohs prior that Semerkhet (smr-Xt) means "thoughtful friend".
Where it could be Sa Mr Khet for "son-beloved-by all" Since xt also means pervading, spread, throughout.

The closest definition for sxm-Xt or skm khet is "grey haired ruler over all".
Or it could mean "Grey haired Son of a foreigner ruling over all" if we say sA-xm-xt

Clearly we can make many identifications to Joseph.
He was 30 at vizier and elderly when Djoser died to leave him as Pharaoh, where Joseph died at 110 yoa.
He was a foreigner and also the seal bearer of the king
He was made head governor, ruler, controller also.
He was an important friend to the king and the Egyptian people.
Alike the Pharaoh, most would probably have had to bow down before Joseph, even from their own gratitudes for saving them from the famine.

Another interesting fact is that Manetho called him, Tyreis or Tyris, just like he was Djoser-Teti. Tyre of course being a name relative to Phoenicia with Tyre, Byblos and Sidon.
tr in Egyptian also means, forsooth or soothsayer, that identifies Joseph as a "soothsayer" for Pharaohs 7 year famine dream.

The fact that Sekhemkhet's body was not found in his tomb, or anywhere and very little is known of him, also testifies to Joseph being taken to the Double Cave of Ephron to be buried with his father and ancestors of Abraam and Sarrha.

Sekhemkhet - sxm-Xt - Skhmkht Sa-Khem-Khet
Psonthomphanech (I have yet to study how the Greeks arrive at this name and if it does mean "savior of the world".)

xtm-khetem - seal
sA = son
ktt - be small
xm - khem-not know (son of an unkown)
xt - khet-pervading,wood,fire,things
xnms-khenemes - friend

tr - forsooth (soothsayer)

sxm - controll
skm - grey haired

xtmw-Xry-a - khetemu khirya-seal bearer of the king
XAmi - bow down

His name is found on two rock reliefs at Wadi Maghara at Synai. Inscription on an ivory plate coming from area of Sekhemkhet’s pyramid contains a name that is variously interpreted by different scholars. N. Swelim believes it is the Nebti name and should be read as Djeseti-ankh. R. Stadelman in turn claims it is a name of queen Djesernebti-ankh while in opinion of W. Helck it is neme of queen Djeseretnebti.

Incidently, when we look at these few images of Sekhemkhet, pay close attention to his false beard. Looks hebrew, wouldn't you say?



Article by Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis

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Jao Mn was changed to Ra, the Sun God, then IAH the moon God, then PtaH the bearded god of Egypt, then finaly ya-hweh or je-hovah (blasphemies upon God!) Why don't they say JA-hovah?
yahweh means nothing but a title for a lord, where anyone can be a lord! First in Gen 1:1, they called God Elohim "the powerful one" just like the muslims call him Allah, "the most high", both from Alhym for I AM in hebrew. Then in Genesis 2:4 they changed God's Name to yahweh Elohim for lord God, to be compatible with ALHM for I AM of JA MN!!!

The more ancient ones of Arabia were JAnubians who crossed over from Africa and our second Garden of Avila that they disguised as HavilaH or Hevilat, a region of East Africa on Ancient maps!

The Judeans proclaimed "themselves" gods chosen and called themselves Jews in 444.bC when the 128 Rabbi Great Council of The Synagogue sat around the table to deceive you all and preserve themselves from Alexander's Sword that would come later around 325.bC! Evil can also prophecize and see into the future as their "proPHET.s Do, those Black WiZArds of Brine.

IA in Greek is JA in Egyptian is Ya in Hebrew! yahweh is in meaning a vain, jealous, blood worshipping, murderous lord of ruins, shovels, goats,etc. Thus it was in your bible, was it not?
Commanding deaths, circumcisions, blood sacrifices, destroying your Earth and promising never to destroy the earth or people again for the fantasy of the rainbow, where upon right after it destroyed sodom and gomorrha, breaking it's promise!

We the Portuguese, alike our Egyptian counterparts are God's most chosen! Even Jose (jesus) said this in an Apocryphical seldom known scroll around 140-170.aD about the Egyptians as his favored children!

They all came from Us, our First Garden upon the Large ORIGINAL island of the Azores Atlantis, where the Azores is but a remnant of that large island that broke apart! The southern side of the Azores even shows you how it fell in that direction! The Azores reaches down to the Ocean depth higher than Mt.Everest and is a very old part of Atlantis, just like Madeira, the Canaries and Cape Verde!

One day you will understand all of this and my words of unknown wisdom upon yourselves!

Today the NWO or New World Order is the Zionist Masonic Oligarchy that runs 3/4's of your Earth, just like they have been for the last 5500 years or 8492 years and as The Vulcans of Yesterday, which is proven by my Secret of Mylo and the 9 Greek muses names!

Line them up in order then reverse them and decipher them from the latin secret message of corrupted secret societies of the Vulcans or the "H"s and Z's of Phanes Lucipher!

The Twin BLACK Iron Eagles of Hermaphrodites and Baphomets and satanic worship led by the Red Shields of Red Hats and Red Dragon friends for you today!

What do you think is the real reason for all our wars, civil wars, central banking systems, federal reserve, communism, socialism, politics, governments, 911, terrorisms, and your corrupted minds?

They are, just like they destroyed your Earth, not once but twice and murdered the Sons of God for Satan to have dominion here!

Time for you all to wake up and see the Light of Truth!

I AM that Truth!

You do not listen well. I told you that Papa God Creator JOAO MN is of the White Universe outside of this entire Black Universe, and He Has a Wife, our Holy Spirit.
For from Him All came to be. First Came the Light then the Fire.

The Linear A letters even tell you that He is not of This Earth! Look at the first letter A, the Millenium Falcon or Spaceship, if you see the symbolism.

Your problem is you don't understand the lie of the hebrew bible for their purposes of evil and the Satanic Ritual RE-ENACTMENT of what they did to my brother JOSE!

His name was not Jesus. Period! Jews Use, He-Zeus. Open your eyes!
Pontius Pilate = Bridge of Piled Ruin!

Did Jose really die for our Sins or for their sins of murder?
Who would murder such a man that wanted to spread love and joy and the word of our Papa Jao Mn?
Why would Papa Jao Mn let his son die?
Because the Evil families of Satan were very powerful upon our Earth also and hid the Son from Him.

Evermore, the Azores is a minimum of 128 million years old, not 2 million years ! That is the avereage age of Islands in the Atlantic which formed to a minimum of 150 million years ago and based by the 2cm per year spread of the Atlantic Mar.

If you know what that means.

You are blinded by your own truths just as the Americans are blindfolded by their Patriotisms and Ignorances of those who empower them as they do you.

And that bible was a part of their empowerment to deceive you of your free will and to worship them to make them rich in wealth, perversions,lusts, extortions and murders.

Obviously you have no idea who runs 3/4s of this world today and how they corrupt all manners of ethnics and religions and especially target us Christians and Catholics alike.

Do you not read the news?

Of course their are good and logical words of wisdom in the bible, but also evil and illogical words of corruption and confusions upon your selves!

Why would a bible be BLACK or Priests, Bishops, Nuns, Universities, Justice, Governments, etc?

Because you are blinded by the Betra YA ls of the Bearded Ones who betrayed The Christ both times! Judas being the last for Jose.

You are denouncing your own people, my families of our God Creator JAO MN of us Portuguese!

Port people remember? We sailed the Oceans in antiquity and spread ourselves around this entire planet!

That's why we settled most of this Earth prior to Columbus!

Are you paying attention?

You are blinded, like the others who deny with intent or ignornace what cannot be denied at all! Period.

You may be dust in the wind, but I am a speckle of Light from our First Light, and through the Oval Port we reach that Light outside of this Black Universe and into the White Universe!

I Know, I witnessed the Oval Light at 17 years of age from a near death experience!

That Is Why I caught the Chalice that Jasa dropped as you see in the Carina Nebula Photo.

The Chalice is your Oval Port that they tried to destroy as they also did you by thier bible of twisted lies with our truths.

What do you think satan was trying to do there in Carina Nebula?

Believe what you want to, for in time your grey hairs and wisdom may be fortunate to understand my words of truth.

Then how will you die and what will be your last words?

Forgive me, I didn't know?

You even have proof of my birth certificate.
Menes the first king of Egypt 5500 years ago
Mneseus the first king of Atlantis 12,580 years ago
Menestheos a great king of Europe

Mene,Mene,Mene, Forget me not for I AM!

MaN, WoMaN, uMaN, MiNd.

Oh blind one!

God is closest to Us Portuguese and the Catholics and Christians!

Who was it that baptised Jose in the Jordan, who wrote revelations...JOHN.

Do you know how many years of work you have to do just to tell you the name of Atlantis in Egyptian, where the story originally came from for the Greeks of Solon?


Evermore, here is our proof of Menes (MeneSeS) and Jao Mn.


To take up the ancient writers from New re yahweh:

•Diodorus Siculus writes Jao (I, 94);
•Irenaeus (Against Heresies II.35.3), Jaoth;
•the Valentinian heretics (Irenaeus, Against Heresies I.4.1), Jao;
•Clement of Alexandria (Stromata V.6), Jaou;
•Origen (Commentary on John II.1), Jao;
•Porphyry (Eusebius, "Praep. evang", I, ix, in P.G., XXI, col. 72), Jeuo;
•Epiphanius (Against Heresies I.3.40), Ja or Jabe;
•Pseudo-Jerome ("Breviarium in Pss.", in P.L., XXVI, 828), Jaho;
•the Samaritans (Theodoret, in "Ex. quaest.", xv, in P.G., LXXX, col. 244), Jabe;
•James of Edessa (cf. Lamy, "La science catholique", 1891, p. 196), Jehjeh;


See the Tale of The Two SerpentS is of The Light and The Fire. God Creator or Phanes Phater?

Both families OF...........................OF = Da or De in Linear A........DJ = Of God JA as in the DJet Pillar of the Backbone and Integrituous Valorus Dictorum.



ZEE......Red Pill = NatHanel DE Rothchild.....ZMO = NWO???


WE both are of The Kingdom of The Light, for first came the Light Then The Fire of GOD CREATOR.

Everything else, imitates!!!

And My Papa Has a Wife, your Spirit, Life and Love.

No man could survive without!!!

Thus you are in our image!!!

Until they inbred here with Life.(eve = evening)
Thus we too became of the Light and Fire 8492 years ago.

Thus AM I of the Light and the Fire.
Both Papa and Phater Phanes on my SideS.
For Both Sons have I returned unto dem.


Our Creator God who came here from our White Kingdom outside the darkness of Phanes.
Good and Bad.

But NEVER EVIL......unlest ye becomet a vaKHA or Cow of Two Tails.

Both Michael and Mica Hel returned by the 3 of 5.

And my filos JaSa and JoSe.

And your Sacred Chalice Well Guarded for your Oval Port to my Papa.

Just as Plato swore to Truth.


So tell me who has more Wealth?

Nathanel DE Rothchild


Paulo Jorge Teixeira DE MeneSeS.

Oh, by the way, don't forget to add 8492 years of back taXes for the Rothchilds owed to my Family and your Families.

.111.[R].For We Are of The Unity of My SerpentS.[R].111

Good,Bad but Never Evil that fell from Phater Phanes, not God, directly that is.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

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 Post subject: Re: Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans
PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:16 am 
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Posts: 116
Reply to magenta_moonshadow of David Icke Forums;

One day imagination is going to hit you right between the eyes upon your aged wisdom of grey hairs!

Then what will you say with your last breath?

Forgive me, I didn't know?

Is the Palermo Stone imagination?

Are my natural Google Earth or Hubble Telescope pictures imagination?

Is my birth certificate imagination?

Is the fact that I was born in the town of Victoria alike our Fountain of The Deep, Lake Victoria that is next to my Garden of Avila in Tansania...imagination?

Then explain to me how I could possibly know about the date, time and death of Philitis The Shepherd 5500 years ago?

Or God's Name written upon and inside the Great Pyramid?...imagination?

Is Nostradamus and the bible code prophecizing me...imagination?

These are new and modern times.

What's wrong with Christ being upto our times?

Would you recognize him if he were sitting next to you in a bar ordering a beer and talking on a cell phone?

Moderation in all things!

Thus we are!

See, that's why Satan fell and Christ survived this time around, because he is both of the Light and the Fire!

Then His Free Will made the difference as yours also does!

I chose wisely wouldn't you say for the message of the beheaded one of two?

Tell me that I Am not God's Son?

Why do I have a natural Sun on my right Shin?

Why is My Name the Same as God's and His Sons?

Only time will tell!

Do you have time to understand?

Or will denials be your choice of wisdom?

Have thee forked tongues or straightened tongues?

The choice is yours, blue pill or red pill.
.111.[R].Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis.[R].111.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:55 am 
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Joined: Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:33 pm
Posts: 116
Don't tell me you Britons of the Keltoi, forgot to look at the Stone Henged Pillar for an ancient Dragon Claw Voyage back into Time in my website. ... orbis-ship

Images are inverted color with Microsoft Paint. Save them and revert them if you like to edit.

The Left and Right Stone of The Pillar.

The Image Up Close.

The Design

The Right Pillar by Paulo Riven.

Lux of Ipse

Muslimites and Islamites and Hebrites.

Magic of the 72.

So you know ALHYM was ELOHIM was God for you. And From ALHYM came the other ALH, ALLAH.

Good for you! Then next they changed it to Lord God for Yahweh Elohim.
Genesis 2:4. Original Septuagint.

So you know that the hebrite was titled "most powerful lord", while the Muslimislamites title was "most high"

Great Wisdom! Amen, for you know the titles of the names just like Baal or Buddha or Ahur Mazda, or all the others around this entire planet.

But, I ask you, oh Wise Ones of The Atarantean Sands of JA NUBIA from Avila and across the Euphrates in Antiquity, before your Tower of Babels......

Can you tell me God our Creator's Name?

For Anyone can be a Title or a Lord, even your father or papa.

So who is Papa? Or do you know PHATER PHANES?

See or Zee?

What'll it Be?

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Bestowest my request upon your wisest of Sages of JA MN.

My Papa.
Blue Pill.

World Peace.

As Written 5500 years ago on The Palermo Stone that none can deny!


Mene,Mene,Mene---Forget Me Not For I AM.!!!


The Seed of All Life.

To Know Is Immortal
Lux of Ipse

Your King.

The Double Scorpion Falcon.

Sword of Avila
Obsidian Dragon Slayer


Master of The SerpentS

Law of 5

The 3

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:22 am 
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Joined: Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:33 pm
Posts: 116
I AM of The Light and Fire.

Twin SerpentS of De MeneSeS.

I Can Bless You or Kick Your Ass

Good and Bad

Never Evil.

As A Barbarian of Truth, I fight not with a Sword, a AK47, A BazooKA, nor a NuKAlear Bomb of Baals!

Nor Do I bang my Head Upon The Stone!

I Read it, for the Truth Contained in The Stone.

For nary a bloodshed of a mosquito and never, especially a Uman of Ja Mn!!! Amen!!!

But With Truth and Justice Doet I Battle!

For the Tongue is Sharper than the Pen!

With Wisdom For Your Survivals!

Bestowet upon me, for All My Kingdom of our God Creator Ja Mn.
Being of Validictorum, reason, logic and deduction.
I Proclaimet, that All the 8492 years of those of the Golden Coin, De Rothchilds and Friends of The Red Dragon of The ZMO, or any and every APHILiate, that gratifies the Estate of my Papa God Creator JA MN,

Is to be divided and equally of you and every planetary being worthy of my Papa and His Wife, Son and Daughter. No benefits Ever for any families of Evil and the ZMO are to be distributed and punishable by Law.

They'll get their own place. They know Where?

In that Master Order of The Twin Serpents of 4.

That these shall suffice us to never be without and that we are the end result of our dedications and compassions towards one another, and Education and Health Shall be free, along with Accomodation, Freedom of Debts and for a new and prosperous caring Planet of People towards one another.

What you need you get, what you want you pay for.

No money, just ID Card and Signature as they do for their enlsavements of you and your monthly debts!

All Forbidden in our Tri-Caria Merit System for our Future of Galaxius Atlantis, a New GalaXy of God's Wishes!

Imagine and world of Peace and Prosperity and Equality for ALL!!!

Together We Can and Will!

Unite as Umanas of Our Universe of Our Twin Serpents, the White and The Black!

For We Have Achieved Spirence!

And Lux of Ipse!

All current occupiers of homes, are now owners.

All Debt Ridden.

You cannot Grow Wheat from a Golden Coin! How will you feed your family?

TaXes are your way of caring for one another. They are our Duty to Maintain our Free Buses, Free Educations, Free Plane Fare, Free HealthCare, and most importantly.....

Freedom of never having to be without!

We Pool it All, We build what we want!

Do What We Do for You!

No more monthly debt, more time to be with your families.
Far Less Corruption for our youth.

A Guided Planet towards Peace and Aeternal Sustenance!

We know what the world Needs!

The Rest you pay your credits!

Your immediate necessities will never be turned away.

After we boost our poor countries to shine like us!

Then we can move forward!

Your King

Of the Straightened Tongue and Beardless Chin of Avila!

Unlike Obama, you can witness my Birth Certificate in my Garden.

And my Royal Bloodlines not only to Atlantis but also my Papa God Creator.



Red Pill or Blue Pill?

See or Zee?

Tickles or NuKAleery Bombs?

Paulo Jorge TeiXeiRA De MeneSeS
Nov.1st, 1961 nee All Saints Day.
.111.[R].Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline De Atlantis.[R].111.
Wed.Sept 08/2010/8492.aJA.

Lux Of Ipse
To Know Is Immortal

Sword of Avila
AeJon Mn

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 Post subject: Re: Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans
PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:55 am 
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Let Me tell you a little story about 4 families.

The Hebrew
The Islamic (Muslim = servant of)
The Christian
The Catholic.

Generally Christians and Catholics just call God, God or Deus. They don't have a specific name other than Jesus or Maria.
In any case that's two main families. There God's are number 1.

The Hebrews claimed God,Jesus,The Devil as their own Alhym or Elohim who became the lesser Lord Yahweh or Jehovah.
Another family. But Lord Yahweh is number 1.
The Islams claim Allah as the most risen alike to Alhym as the most powerful. But Allah is No.1.

So 4 families of todays 3/4 world power argue over who is God and Who is number 1?

And what ties all these 4 families who share the same books?

The Messenger and Prophet, Moses...then Jesus.

All Sharing the Same Prophets, but different Gods.

But yet they are families of the same book.

Interesting Logic.

As Amen is The God Creator Papa JAO MN, the oldest of the bunch, at least 12,000 recorded years.
Where Ah, or yah or iah or alhym or allah or ahur mazda or buddha or shiva or Africa or America or Asia...

All Ah's of JA.
The God they all fight over.
And Corrupt You.

Think about it.
Good story isn't it?
A New Chapter of Revelations after the Judgement Day?
See how patriotism, pride and ignorance have no valor?

Will they remember us or those Gods in 1500 years into our future?

That's What I work so hard for.

U 2 KN0W.......... and preserve your histories,families,gods,goddesses and beliefs.

We do not kill your prophets or messengers or sons as you did my brothers.

Why would we kill God's Son who Spreads the Message of Peace and Love?

E' Por Qoi mata a nosa filos?
And Why do you Kill our Sons of our True God?

Because you know as I do.
Or at least did who the True God Is and His Sons.
Thus you preserved Pharaoh Djoser and Joseph.

The Spell no longer Works ZAims.
Christ is both pure and unpure.

Satan fell and is sealed.

2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Good Enuf.
In truth there are 3 Main Families. The Light, The Fire (Darkness) and the Elusive third, the Evil families of the abomination of the Light and Fire.

Help Stamp out Evil.

Be Good Be Bad, Be Cool Don't Drool.

Thank you for your dedication to Atlantis and our Atlantean Preservations of those Pillars of Rosetau Amenti.

For We Are The Foremost of the Earth Land Umans.



What was Fantasy has Become and Is.

I take Plato Literally.

AeJor Mn
Paulo Riven
Sword of Avila

AeJon Mn


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 Post subject: Re: Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans
PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 7:42 pm 
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Joined: Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:26 am
Posts: 144
Location: Azores Islands, Atlantis
Not making fun but am trying to understand your presence.

Thanks Orion V.K.

We were trying to understand Atlantis and Atlantean presence.
I gave that within the first two years of 2003.
Then January 2006 came along and God nudged me.

Tis October 8th, 2010 or 8492.aJA since 6482.bC.

5480 years later since 3474.bC, The Son and Chalice Preserved.

The Garden Revealed, The Temples Found.

The Pillars of Time Toppled neath Calypso's Emerald Teal Oceania Atlantica.

The Stone of 5500 years signed,sealed and delivered.

So our Truths became known for the two SerpentS.

And the abominable third of the Light and Phire.

So my truths and my own presence must also be accepted by me.

I too am still trying to understand.

Is this all Real? Was I really born at Saint Cross of Victoria on All Saints Day?

Who Am I?


To Be Is.

Guess I won't know til tat day comet.

Will we ever understand? Will they remember Us tomorrow?

Can't say they didn't know to read this.

Bon Appetite.


We spend our lifetimes too busy thinking.

Knowing is more relaxing.

To Know Is Immortal.



I do honestly value your intelligence and I wish I had the time to study your work more.
That's why I called you Emeritus Illuminatus because you are deserving of that title. Just as Atalante is, but I know is is caught off track.

I love him as I do our friends here at AR like Smiley,docyabut,Georgeos,rich,ulf,eric,Brig, etc.

Believe me, this is the most difficult journey in my life because many have I faced and many have I overcome. And I must follow the energy as it leads me, for it is of God's Works.

I am as I am.

Nothing I can do.

But learn from you and them.

For we are all one.

Only true Genius and Wisdom can understand the words I type as a living breathing Atlantean today, and the journey that has led me along the way.

For he AM I.

A student who became a teacher.

For it also teaches myself.

For I am Learning as your are.

It's all true.

That's the most strangest part Orion.

But who believes me?

Are they afraid or ignorant or do they see as I do?

What can I say or do what has been ordained by God?

I must, I can, I will.

For the cup is neither half empty nor half full...

but full of BALANCE.

Physical and Spiritual

Spirence Is what we must be.

Luv U.

Peace Out.

Roger That.

10 4 Big Buddy.

Moderation in All Things.

So is our Christ. Some Lesser Some Greater.

Signs and Miracles.

That's all I can say.

For to say is AMEN.

Know This.

ATLAS = a ta la sa = Risen Earth Land's Son = King/Ruler/Hat.ja
Ta = Earth.
Las - Stone, Laos - People

Ramses = Ra MeSeS = King MeNeSeS (

5500 yoa Pharaoh MeneS(eS) or 12,000 yoa Atlantean King MneSeuS.

Ra = Fake Egyptian God/King

MN or MeNeSeS = Family of God.

The Min Plant.


Rameses is just a reminder for them like Djoser.
A part of their plot like your bible.

They hide my Families TruT of God. JAO MN.

Your Truths.


The Son.

The Sa.

The Sun.

Let it Shine.

On the TA.


.111.[R].Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis.[R].111.

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 Post subject: Re: Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans
PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:42 am 
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Site Admin

Joined: Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:26 am
Posts: 144
Location: Azores Islands, Atlantis
The Turin Canon states 10 kings prior to Menes who starts the Turin at 11.1
Thinis = apparent hometown of King (pharaoh) Menes-es.
Prior to Menes the Rulers or Hat.ja, (Atlas), were Maerean Double Falcon Kings like Scorpion I~II of Lower Egypt.

Menes is in reality ca.4035.bC. (3150.bC common).

10 Thinis (=Menes) kings x 10.96 years average rule = 109.6 years = 4144.bC (3259.bC common)

The 10 Thinite Kings also follow the pattern of our 10 Atlantean Kings. Perhaps even the same names were passed on to Menes and his First Dynasty.

I have already mentioned and proven how the Name of MN or Meneses are of our Family of God, JAO MN.
JAO was Jove for Europe before Zeus, and Alhym (Elohim) and Allah for Asia. The Jainists of India preserved JAO prior to the Bible.

The Missing Link is simple when you know our First Garden of Creation was on Atlantis Island and Tansania or Avila was our Second.
Primitive Tribal maps even show an onset in Europe from the Gibraltar Straites and around the Mediterranean prior to Africa’s later populations.

My translations of our Egyptian Atlantean kings to the Greek meaning also portray these facts for Atlantean King Mneseus.
MneMosyne = Greek for Memory.

Atlantean Mneseus__( memory of a great warrior, God, Jove, Minoan Sea Lord )
_________________Mediterranean, Crete ( Minos, Amnisus ) Phaesteus and Aghia-Triada = Mesara Plain

Atlantean Mneseus_____Semerkhet_companion of the gods (Egyptian)___memory of God (Greek meaning)

mniw-herdsman in Egyptian. (Shepherd)
Min – Foremost God of Egypt
Amen = JAO MN = I AM.

Atlantean____Egyptian___Egyptian meaning_____Greek meaning
Evanor______Menes____enduring, established____primeval firstborn

Evanor______Adam____Menes_____________Japetus (Wife Clymene = Asia = Cleito = Cybele = Calypso)


At-las ( laos / tlas ) = foremost father (atte) enduring, (tlas) of the people (laos) = established, permanent
A-TA-LA-SA = foremost Earth Land Son. Ruler / King / Hat.ja (Sa = Son in Egyptian)

Mn-Nes = enduring (Mn) of the people (ns). (foremost established father) it=father in Egyptian.

Hat.= foremost, front of; Hat.ns = foremost of the people. At-laos = foremost of the people

Atlas = Menes

Titan (Mountains)_____Titanis (Hills)
Cyclops (Volcanos)____Hecatoncheires (Trees)

_____TITAN_______________OCEANID_______ (3250-9570.bC)

Cronos (of Uranus) (Evanor)?_____Rhea (Leucippe)
Japetus ( Neptune? )____________Clymene ( Cleito )

Atlas, Menoetius
Prometheus, Epimetheus
Hesperus, Hesperia
Phaethon , Astris
Deukalion-1, Heliades

Antedeluvian Kings
























Notice that Diaprepes, Noah, Ninetjer, Deukalion, Xisuthrus, Ubaratutu and Chrysaor all share the 10th King of The Flood?
Is it a Coincidence we should find Deukalion or Deka Leone for Ten Lion Kings just like the Atlantis Story of a Great War and Flood where 10 Atlantean Kings perished?
Just like the 10 Fallen Kings on the Narmer Palette. Proving the Greeks were also from Atlantis, as they all were. You can also notice that Atlas by the Greek myths says his twin brother was Menoetius.

My Plato Code even tells you that Mneseus is the Main King of Atlantis.
Rameses or Ramses = King Meneses.

Just like My Birth Certificate at Saint Cross of Victoria on All Saints Day.

Or why I retain this Wisdom from God JAO MN.

Just like the Greek Philosophers wrote His Name prior to the Bible.

Egypt is a Gateway to Atlantis, our True Past. For from Atlantis Rosetau Amenti they became.

That’s why we look to Egypt for our Knowledge as it was upon Ye Olde Middle Earth (TA).

And why our 12,000 year old Atlantis Legend came from Egypt.

All Written upon the Temples and The Palermo Stone.
Prophecized by me 4 years ago.


I AM your Planetary and Galactic Messenger of Peace and Unity.

It’s not how the West was Won but rather how the West Lost… the Golden Coin of Eastern Corn Gods.

The ancients even told us about Secret Societies as proven and histories re-written by idiot victors.

That’s why they tied you to Moses.

The Christ was 5500 years ago.

Jesus was a Re-enactment on their behooved halves of bearded ones, a mirror of the First Time in Egypt.

The Cross of JAO MN, The Star, The 3 Wise Men, The Fire Temple, JASA the Son of JAO….5500 years ago written on the Palermo Stone of Egypt.

AleXander The Great Knew This just as your Library of Alexandria also did.

Rosetau Amenti Atlantis was a mirror of Rosetau Saqqara, Egypt. The Great and Red Atlantean Pyramids and Lions.

Rosetau Atlantis is still visible at my Josephine Seamount. Proven by the Egyptian Am-Duat and in Likeness.

No one can deny The Temple of Time and God JAO MN or The Sword of Avila.

I aM your True King.

The SA.


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